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We plowed the little garden up every year. I gathered leaves every year and put them down the middle of the rows until the plants got high enough. Then I put them around the plants later. I remember one year it rained continually, if it wasn't for the leaves we wouldn't have gathered anything. If it is dry weather the plants will stay moist longer. We didn't plant for several years then but continued to mulch. I told my husband to gather the grass or leaves in the catcher and throw them on that piece of land. I'd throw my peelings and egg shell on the ground also. I told my husband that I was going to plant like the Indians and just poke a hole in the ground. My husband made a pencil shaped edge on an old shovel handle. I would drill a hole with this tool and drop the seed in the hole. It works well, the garden did very well. It is an easy way to plant.

Offered by Ivy.

I believe that some Indians also would deposit a dead fish in the soil with the seeds. I know my Dad showed me this one time when we were planting corn in the backyard.

Offered by Jon.