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The ads for Cover It tents can be found in many publications and there are many distributors all over the US. The company makes a wide variety of standard or custom made tents that can be used for storage units, garages or portable shelters. The "standard" fabric is said to last for about 10 years, but carries a 2 year warranty. Their vinyl fabric is supposed to be good for 20 years. They are supported by a heavy duty galvanized steel frame which is really quick and easy to put together. They also can be added on to easily for additional units later. You can get either a peaked roof or Quonset styles. The doors are zipper closures and stove pipe inserts can be installed in the roofs for wood stoves.

The greenhouse material can be had in either clear or opaque white, and it is ultra violet treated. The treating is to keep the vinyl from being damaged by the Sun's UV rays. Most plastic tarps fall apart in a short time from the UV exposure. The Cover It tents have about a 5 times longer life span. Here's some samples of some of the standard tents available, in either solid colors or greenhouse material with one zipper door. Extra zippered doors can be installed for about $30-$40 each in addition to the base prices listed below. They also they have greenhouse kits for $40. Custom Tents made in any size up to 60' wide and 30' high.


This company offers dealerships all over the US (I don't know about other countries). Here's how to contact them.

Cover It Company
531 Ella Grasso Glvd.
New Haven, Ct. 06519

(203) 781-8000 - phone
(203) 781-8005 - Fax
1-800-932-9344 - toll free

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