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I live near one of the largest farm conglomerates in the country. They have over a 1000 acres. They plant corn and soybeans. They do not plow. They apply seed and mulch. Those rows from your childhood are gone. They handle weeds with weed killers. One of Monsanto's best customers. Seeds are put in the ground with a seed spreader - 24 across. Hard ground is handled with irrigation. Seed is applied, mulch is applied after.

Offered by John.

Aeration of the soil is necessary to alleviate soil compacting. Although some plants do require air at their roots, most find any air uncomfortable and even harmful. Plants left alone in nature do quite well without plowing or tilling. Of course these plants do not suffer from our intervention with the natural process by applying herbicides and fungicides and messing with the natural bacteria and other micro-organisms that naturally decay dead plant and animal material and keep the soil from becoming compacted. Look around you and try to follow the example of Nature. Allow your garden space to become a natural ecosystem and only interfere with human technology when necessary (by pulling weeds and applying organic repellents and/or insecticides when the harmfuls start to overwhelm). You will find that your harvest is the best tasting and most nutritious you've had in years!

Offered by Roger.