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Have lost many of my lettuce plants to slugs already. From a seed catalog which came yesterday:”'slugs are a primary pest of lettuce and can damage plants at any stage of growth. Quality lettuce cannot be grown in slug infested areas unless they are successfully controlled.” I am baiting them with empty beer bottles. Assume this pest will proliferate in the aftertime with wet soils. Salt will also kill them.

Offered by Toni.

Slugs can be controlled with a natural predator called "Decollate snails". They eat the eggs and the young of brown snails and slugs. Once the population is reduced they then eat yellow-brown leafs. They are much smaller and you almost never see them. They may eat young seedlings so you will need to protect them, but they don't eat larger plants. They will eliminate the population of brown snails and reduce dramatically the population of slugs. My own personal experience is it may take 6 months to a year or so to bring slugs under control. You can buy or order them from any good nursery. Armstrong has them.

Offered by Mike.