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While looking through some notes I had from my father, I discovered a couple of very important things that we have been seeking for a long time. The first is that my father once performed some calculations based on research he had conducted into space requirements for food production. He is the source on this as all I have is a scrawled note on a sheet of lecture notes from when he taught a gardening class many years ago. The results of his calculations where simply that the food (calories and nutrition) needs for a family of six (the size of his family at the time!) would be taken care of with as little as 4000 square feet of growing space. He used (still uses) raised beds that where 100 square feet each, so that amounted to 40 beds. This calculation assumed canning, freezing, etc. as well as modest seed production for future planting. Since the growing season in Kansas is roughly 6 or 7 months long, I think it might be reasonable to halve that requirement when considering year-round production indoors in either hydroponics or containers, etc. So, for a community of 6 persons, one needs to have growing space sufficient to plant 2000 square feet of vegetables. Which vegetables? That is mostly for you to decide.

Offered by Roger.

What you have provided is vital information. This is approximately 333 sq. ft/person. Does this include sq. ft necessary for access walk paths between the 100 sq. foot plots? How wide should these paths be? Also, I forgot the optimum dimensions of the 100 sq. foot plots. Was this 20 ft long by 5 ft wide?

Offered by Mike.

That requirement was planting space only. Walkways, etc. are extra. The 100 sq. foot beds are usually 5 x 20 or 4 x 25 (in feet).

Offered by Roger.