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Issue 385, Sunday February 16, 2014
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Burning Snow

As January, 2014 drew to a close, much of N America had a shock beyond the record breaking cold. The most recent snowfall would not melt, but smoldered and blackened under flame. The burning snow went viral on the Internet. On January 30, 2014 burning snow was recorded on video and distributed via YouTube from Denver, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Toronto, Indiana, and North Carolina among dozens of other sites as an astonished public checked to see if their snow, too, would blacken but not melt. 

Per the Zetas the burning snow is due to chemical components in the Stratosphere pulled down by what the weathermen were calling the Polar Vortex over Canada and the US in January. If left alone, these components would evaporate and return to the Stratosphere, but when lit, they chemically combined with H²O to form a type of plastic. The snow smelled like plastic too, especially when burned.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/1/2014: Snow or rain will certainly wash particulates and chemicals out of the air, as is known. After a rain, the air will seem fresh, free of dust or pollen. When a heavy snow pack melts in the spring, the snow along the sides of the roads becomes almost black with the residue that had been within the snow, now concentrated so visible. What is causing this recent phenomena across those portions of the US recently affected by what the weathermen are calling a polar vortex, voracious cold fronts from the Arctic swooping in a circular manner into the midwest thence south and east.

This vortex activity is of course Earth wobble driven, with the globe divided into regions that are either too cold or too warm. Where central and eastern US has experienced a polar Winter, Europe has experienced an early Spring, and Alaska is often warmer than Florida. What happens to volatile chemicals released into the air when the jet stream is forced down into low pressure areas? Yes, these volatile chemicals are products of the chemtrail activity, which the wealthy elite employ to mask the presence of Planet X. But these chemicals are also residue from car emissions, coal and gas fueled power plants, and numerous other industrial activities as well as greasy elements in the tail of Planet X.
Clearly, the polar vortex that dropped snow on the US in the days preceding January 30, 2014 pulled these volatile chemicals into the snow that covered most of the US. What happens when this mix is subject to being heated by a flame? Where water, i.e. melted snow, is expected, the H²O combines chemically with the other chemicals to create something akin to plastic. Plastic, after all, is created from petrol products, so this result should not be surprising. Does this mean that the snow will be poisoning the soil and ground water? These volatile chemicals will evaporate as the snow melts, returning to the stratosphere, leaving no apparent residue.

The Stratosphere is the atmospheric layer above the one we humans breathe. The Jet Stream lives in the Stratosphere, and has been distorted by the Earth wobble since Planet X arrived in the vicinity in 2003. Thus, it is no surprise that it took a dip during the polar vortex of January, 2014.

With the discovery of the Stratosphere, scientists could better define the area in which weather occurs. This helps to gain a better knowledge of the processes required to develop weather phenomena such as thunderstorms and tropical cyclones.
Jet Stream
Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow air currents found in the atmospheres of some planets, including Earth. The main jet streams are located near the tropopause, the transition between the troposphere and the stratosphere.  The major jet streams on Earth are westerly winds (flowing west to east). Their paths typically have a meandering shape.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/5/2005: The temperature and density and direction of air masses can be determined, and thus the weatherman has historically offered predictions, but these predictions have become increasingly difficult, in part because of the Earth wobble which jerks the Earth about under her mantel of air, often at cross currents to the jet stream. More of this will follow, as the Earth wobble is not going away or lessening its grip. It will, quite the contrary, proceed to more horrors.

Tests made on the burning snow proved that this snow indeed contained an oily substance!

As Snow-Burning Craze Sweeps Nation, Sublimation Purification Gets Results
January 31, 2014!As-Snow-Burning-Craze-Sweeps-Nation
Multiple people in multiple locations experienced dramatically different results when attempting to singe their snow.  From the plethora of tests we have seen already, it is quite clear that snow in many areas is not acting identical to snow found in other areas.  The toxicity varies from location to location, based on countless factors.  Sublimation Purification cuts the flame out of the equation, uses heat to vaporize the water, and what is left is a crystalline structure that takes a long time to melt, and when it finally does, an observable oily residue remains on the surface of the water.

The Zetas state that the burning snow is not caused by chemtrails, in the main, but by all the other pollutants we humans produce on a daily basis. Just look at the smog over Beijing and LA lately, and the collective emissions from coal and gas burning power plants, to imagine the cumulative effect.

Beijing Smog Continues as Chinese State Media Urge More Action
January 14, 2014
China's state media have called for environmental improvements in unusually frank discussions of the country's pollution problem, as thick smog continues to shroud Beijing and other cities.
Los Angeles Air Most Unhealthy in Nation, Study Says
July 30, 2010
Just about anyone who has been on a plane in the daytime descending into Los Angeles has seen that lovely brown layer of haze covering the sky.
Air Emissions
Electricity generation is the dominant industrial source of air emissions in the United States today. Fossil fuel-fired power plants are responsible for 67 percent of the nation's sulfur dioxide emissions, 23 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions, and 40 percent of man-made carbon dioxide emissions. These emissions can lead to smog, acid rain, and haze.

The grease in the tail of Planet X also has an effect! This grease has put halos around the Moon and created noctilucent clouds from the chemicals in the tail, all since Planet X arrived in the vicinity in 2003.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/2002: In early 2002, a distinct halo around the Moon became noticeable, and this is directly related to increased ash in the atmosphere. But as the shift approaches, such halos will become more commonplace, surrounding the moon, bright lights, and cease to receive comment as even more disturbances distract troubled mankind.

ZetaTalk Statement 1/24/2008: There are different chemicals in the atmosphere of Earth at this time than have been in the memory of man. It has been only during the past couple years, since the arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system, that Moon halos have been noted, or odd neon clouds.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/25/2008: We have stated in the past that occasional neon clouds or light pillars were due to atmospheric changes from the tail of Planet X. This would not be occurring without chemicals from the tail of Planet X mixing into the atmosphere. Such displays will become more common.

Remote Viewing

Telepathy is no mystery, as it has been studied by Russian and US intel agencies, at Duke University in N Carolina, and reportedly also at Courtney Brown’s Farsight Institute in Georgia. Animals have telepathy, which is why your pet knows you are about to take him to the vet and hides under the bed. The Russians did experiments, taking rabbit babies far out to sea in a submarine and when killing the babies one by one, the mother’s heart beat, back in Russia, skipped a beat. What is also known from the Russian experiments is that both sender and receiver begin to synchronize their heat beats. It is also known that holding one’s breath assists telepathy by increasing the CO² in the blood stream. Thus the reference to “breathing techniques used by the Yoga” who live in the oxygen thin air on mountain tops in order to become enlightened.

How it all Started - in Russia
Scientists in pre-Revolutionary [Russia] were studying the area of parapsychology as did later such Soviet scientists as V.M. Bekhterev, A.G. Ivanov-Smolensky and B.B. Kazhinsky in the twenties and thirties. In 1922, a commission composed of psychologists, medical hypnotists, physiologists, and physicists worked on parapsychology problems at the Institute for Brain Research in Petrograd (Leningrad). Work flourished throughout the thirties with research being reported in the literature in 1934, 1936, and 1937. Soviet interest in psi was reawakened in February 1960 by a story which appeared in French magazine Science et Vie (Science and Life). The story was entitled ‘The Secrets of the Nautilus’ and it claimed that the US government had secretly used telepaths to communicate with the first nuclear submarine ever constructed, the Nautilus, while it was under the Arctic ice pack.
At the behest of Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University, Olivia Rivers, a psychologist at Mississippi State University, conducted tests with identical twins, Terry and Sherry Young. The Jackson, Mississippi, twins were able to pass entire sentences to each other via telepathy. The girls seemed to be in constant rapport; and even when separated, each knew if the other had turned an ankle, gotten a toothache, or developed a cold. Sherry was better as the receiver; Terry as the sender. Their schoolteachers despaired of ever receiving an accurate test from either girl. Even when placed in separate classrooms the girls still used similar phrases and got similar marks. They made no secret of the fact that they helped one another in their school work, but insisted that it was by telepathy alone. It was not cheating to them, nor could anyone consider it as being unfair or dishonest of the girls. It was not their fault if their minds functioned as one.
Russian Research on Supernatural Powers and Developing Psi Psychic Abilities
March 18, 2009
Both the United States and Russia studied telepathic messages as a back up method of communication for astronauts.  Few knew of the race to inner space between the two cold war factions. Russia experimented in remote viewing and telekinesis in a haphazard fashion. Many of those that learned the PSI technique used breathing techniques derived from Yoga.

Per the Zetas only a small portion of the human population has any telepathic ability, perhaps 10%, and most of this providing only a rare contact with a close family member. True telepaths are rare.

ZetaTalk Description 12/15/2002: A telepathic person in listening mode may seem distracted, though other functions can proceed. In tune with the inbound message, the receiver's heart will beat in tune with the sender, and their brain be activated in similar places, so they are acting as much as possible as a single brain. During these modes, it is possible for the receiver to start sending, as they are in sync, on the same wave length, so to speak. Only a small segment of humankind can utilize telepathy to any degree. Telepathy also occurs during sleep, highly common, which is why many humans conclude they have prophetic dreams. They are merely reaching out, during sleep, when they are breathing slowly and not highly oxygenated, and chatting with others who have knowledge. Holding your breath, to increase Carbon Dioxide levels, helps, which is why the Hindus prefer mountain tops for meditation.

Enter Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute, established in 1995, the same year that ZetaTalk began and was published on the web. Purporting to train the public on how to develop telepathic ability, as does purported remote viewer Ed Dames who charges $250 for a kit, neither the Farsight Institute nor Ed Dames have a track record of success on predictions. Ed Dames first “kill shot from the Sun” was predicted for 1998, and the Farsight Institute was notable for predicting a “coastal event” in 2009 that never occurred. Telepathy can only pick brains, picking up information from other brains, and if it is picking up nonsense, well, there you are - garbage in, garbage out.

So what is to be made of the recent pronouncement by Courtney Brown that some announcement would occur in February, 2014 that would change everyone’s life from then on out? Sounds a bit like the announce predicted since June, 2012 by the Zetas, eh? The Zetas have always declined to give the date, stating that the announcement team had enough contention to deal with from the cover-up crowd without public curiosity and alarm entering the mix. But note that in the December 7, 2013 MUFON interview, which I, Nancy, put onto a YouTube vid, I mention private ZetaTalk wherein the Zetas said the announcement would occur “mid Winter” and “after the holidays”. This is at minute 10:10 and again at minute 11:30. Considering that China is a major player and the Chinese New Year is their biggest holiday of the year, running from January 31 for a week to February 7, this would indeed put the pre-scheduled and fixed announcement date in February.  So why is Courtney trying to get on record with an accurate prediction? Given all the failures, his CIA handlers hope to give him a win.

An Announcement from Courtney Brown
January 22, 2014
Something important is going to happen sometime next month, February 2014. Nothing can stop it now. There will be an announcement, and the world will change on the date of that announcement. Part of that announcement will happen on this Facebook page, right here.  In the beginning, only a few will understand the significance of the announcement, and what it means for all of humanity currently living on this planet. Some will laugh, and some will cry. But in time, the world will come to know that life on Earth changed significantly on that day in February 2014. A mystery that has confused our civilization for thousands of years will find an answer. And from that answer, a new direction for the future growth of our species will arise.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/8/2014: Courtney Brown’s remote viewing operation at the Farsight Institute of course has links to the CIA, which from its beginning has been interested in what remote viewing via telepathy could bring in the realm of intelligence gathering and subliminal influence from the mental intrusions that telepathy can afford. The Kremlin likewise has studied such use of telepathy extensively. The CIA has remote viewing squads that it employs to harass or interrogate high level targets. The public hears little of this because there are no overt recruitment campaigns as, for instance, the Army seeking enlistments at colleges.

How does the CIA locate those with inherent talent in telepathy? Enter Courtney Brown and his Farsight Institute. Under the guise of research, those with native talent are identified and the CIA notified. This is not a one-way street. Courtney gets something in return. The CIA is aware of matters in the political world well before the media is allowed to report upon it. The pending announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X in the inner solar system, is one such tidbit. The CIA is very much in the know, and hoping to boost Courtney’s book sales and Institute activities, so leaked the date to him.

Wobble Landings

Airplanes have had an increasingly hard time navigating since Planet X, aka Nibiru arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. First noticed was that the compass is no longer reliable. Then GPS became unreliable.

Shifting North Pole Forces Tampa Airport to Remodel Runways
January 7, 2014
The North Pole is shifting. More specifically, the earth’s magnetic field is ever changing, just slightly. It’s that shifting that has forced Tampa International Airport to repaint all its runways so that the numbers on them accurately reflect the compass headings they’re supposed to represent.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/18/2014: Air navigation has been having increasing problems since 2003, when the magnetic bully Planet X arrived in the inner solar system. First the compass became erratic, pointing toward Siberia as the magnetic N Pole instead of its established location north of Canada. Airports responded by painting directions on their runways, a fact which hit the press. Other guidance systems – radar and GPS – were relied upon. But radar merely tells you where the ground or large objects lie, and if the terrain is similar to that expected. A wrong location would pass notice.

Now the wobble has gotten so bad that big airliners are landing too far to the north in Missouri and Kansas! Note that both these airliners were misdirected at night, when the Earth wobble in N America would have a similar impact. Both also about 9 miles too far to the north. This cannot be a coincidence. It is, in fact, proof of the Earth wobble!

Southwest Plane Lands at Wrong Airport, Narrowly Avoids Precipice
January 13, 2014
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 landed at the wrong airport on Sunday, stranding its passengers in Hollister, Mo. It is unclear why the airplane, which was headed for nearby Branson, Mo., touched down at an airport 9 miles away from its intended destination, but it appears it will stay there for a while, since the 3,700-ft. (1,130 m) runway is not sufficiently long for the Boeing jet to take off.
Southwest flight Lands at Wrong Mo. Airport
January 13, 2014
It's the second time in less than two months that a large jet has landed at the wrong airport. In November, a Boeing 747 that was supposed to deliver parts to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kan., landed 9 miles north at Col. James Jabara Airport.
Boeing Jumbo Jet Lands at Wrong Kansas Airport
November 21, 2014
The pilot of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet mistakenly landed at a small Kansas airport not far from the Air Force base where it was supposed to deliver parts for the company's new 787 Dreamliner. The 747 intended to touch down at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, which is next to a company that makes large sections of the 787. Instead, the cargo flight landed 8 miles north, at the smaller Col. James Jabara Airport.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/18/2014: GPS has been faltering due to the wobble.  Where the GPS satellites are mostly dragged along with the globe, as the atmosphere tends to cling to the Earth beneath it, a more violent wobble will put the satellites out of position for a period of time. It is notable that two such errant landings have happened lately in the same vicinity, both times planes landing 9 miles north of where expected. The globe returns to its prior position during the wobble, so, as the saying goes, even a broken clock is right once a day. The solution is to add more identifiers on airport landing strips that can be seen from above, and perhaps to fly only during the day.