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ZetaTalk: Telepathy
Note: written on Dec 15, 2002

Telepathy is both specific and general. As someone who has telepathic ability can tell you, it can also be voluntary or visited upon one. We will use the analogy of a radio, which can be tuned to various radio frequencies or turned off entirely. A radio also requires a broadcasting station, from which many radios as receivers can listen. Radio waves go long distances, as do the brain waves responsible for what humans call telepathy. If someone with telepathy ability can receive, theoretically, from all broadcasting brains, how to the receiving brain sort it all out, and not get overwhelmed? The receiving brains are in essence busy with their own business, so the incoming is treated as noise in the main. Where the incoming strikes a cord with the receiving brain, such as a familiar scene or mutual concerns, the receiving brain may decide to listen. When this occurs, it is as though the dial on the radio were being turned, and the volume turned up likewise. The receiver concentrates on the inbound signals, not allowing itself to be distracted by internal concerns of the self.

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