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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 25, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

National Clandestine Service to Coordinate all Human Intelligence [Oct 13, 2005] Acting on a recommendation from the commission that investigated intelligence failures before the Iraq war, the government announced the creation of the National Clandestine Service headed by an undercover CIA official. The new entity will oversee human intelligence operations conducted by the 15 U.S. agencies involved in spying, including the FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency, a branch of the Pentagon.

In line with the Bush administration’s plans to possess the oil fields of the Middle East and declare martial law within the US, the Bush administration arranged to have Congress rubber stamp this plan. When the Congress was controlled by Republicans they approved any plan put before them with a "national security" title. The theory was that the CIA would not have misadvised the president about WMD in Iraq had there been cross-agency coordination. This is nonsense of course because the CIA did object to lies being used to convince the UN and Congress that WMD existed in Iraq, as the Plame affair demonstrates. The NCS, as an overriding agency, was to be like Homeland Security - pervasive, and able to act as an all-powerful arm to enforce the will of whomever is in charge of the Executive Branch. Of course, the Bush administration assumed it would be they, remaining in control via invoking martial law or preventing the 2008 general election by some ruse. Intra-agency agendas and conflicts have prevented the NCS from becoming what was hoped for, so it is now just another layer of administration - more complication, less efficiency.

Do the Zetas foresee Obama "updating his mind" after the election to recognize the cabal's forces inside the vacating administration will be misinforming him, or is it likely they will co-opt his "bipartisan" attitude to prevent their fraud from being exposed?

It is not a matter of Obama being unaware. He is quite aware. As with Pelosi's agenda, she has choices. She could either attempt to address the country's needs or engage in partisan impeachment proceedings. One precludes the other, so she chose to address the country's needs. Obama likewise will inherit the worst situation any incoming president since FDR has had to deal with. He can choose to prosecute known crimes done by the Bush administration or attempt to build morale and economic health. He will choose the latter.

Can the Zetas admit they knew decades ago that the "hands of man" would steal the White House in the run-up to the poleshift, which is why Obama and his assistants were put in place, or have there been many of these "off-world souls" put into place just on the off-hand chance such a thing would happen? The Zetas have often said many things are "in the hands of man", but it seems they really do know more about the future than they let on?

The planned attempt by George Herbert Bush and his cronies was known for decades, yes. His aggressive plan for his eldest son's clones was certainly a clue. Some 14 living clones were born for the 3 that survived intact for the George W Bush administration. He wanted a puppet, and planned for exactly what occurred - a grab for the oil fields of the Middle East with the most powerful military the world has ever known. This was assisted by long-range plans for election fraud with the paperless electronic voting machines and tabulating machines that could swap totals in an instant from a distance by remote control. All this combined to put George Herbert's machine into place, but it was then that the Council of Worlds decided a balance was needed and approved blocking of their plans such as planting WMD in Iraq. There are many plans among the Service-to-Self that do not evolve or succeed. Obama as a Star Child was one such plan by the Service-to-Other for these times. Just as with plans of the Service-to-Self, there are many plans among the Service-to-Other that also do not evolve or succeed.

Last week the Zetas claimed that McCain has been a member of MJ-12 "most of his adult life". If so, does he read ZetaTalk, or have someone read it for him, like Hillary does? More importantly, isn't the logic of what ZetaTalk has claimed sinking in with him yet? How is it that he and the other arrogant insiders continue to disparage the ZetaTalk message? Have they been told something we the naïve public hasn't, so that they fail to recognize themselves and the negative karma they are causing by their continued arrogance?

You assume good motives in all people. Most people delude themselves into believing that what they desire is something that will benefit all mankind. This is the excuse they offer themselves for raw ambition. Palin assumes she will make a good VP and president because she desires the power! McCain was born into a privileged family, accomplished, his father and grandfather both admirals, and as such was offered an easy path he did not deserve. But such people delude themselves into believing they deserve the opportunities presented to them, and delude themselves into believing they will benefit the country, because they desire power and glory. All steps McCain has taken to gain the Oval Office, wherein he has sacrificed integrity, he excuses because he tells himself that Obama will not be as good for the US as himself. McCain also comforts himself with what he hears from his handlers, that the fix is in and will happen as planned. He deludes himself with this belief because he desires to win the election. Thus, we predict serious health problems for McCain after he loses when he is faced with reality on many fronts.

I have observed the Clinton's. Have they had a change of heart (soul) over losing or are they just playing a game and still hoping for Hillary to get a chance to be on the ballot?

The Clintons played a hard hand against Obama during the primary, and both pouted a long time afterwards, having lost. They had the political machine in their corner, with so many credits owed to them, or so they thought. Their supporters expected that favors would be returned in another Clinton administration and were deeply disappointed. But the Clintons are consummate politicians, and seeing that Obama was going to win regardless of their support, decided to throw themselves into the winner's corner. Had Obama struggled and not been able to pull ahead in the polls as he did on his own well ahead of the Democratic convention, they would not be supporting him as they are.

The Zetas have stated that they monitor the US carefully and pay close attention to matters and developments there this side of the shift. Which aliens monitor the UK? Which aliens monitors the EU? Do any monitor the Caribbean?

We are often asked such questions, and have a standard answer. There are over 1,000 different life-forms visiting Earth, organized into over 40 different working groups. These life-forms range from water creatures to reptilian, birdlike, and mammalian. A few are hominoid. There are multiple creatures visiting all countries, and all visiting Earth work as a large team so work sharing or coordination occurs. Thus, it would be fruitless to detail what creatures are visiting your country as tomorrow this may change!

Will Obama and the military be on the same page once he gets in office? Use of troops for relief efforts, not martial law or riot suppression? Will the rogue elements of the military shape up or be removed?

There are some high level officers who resent being pulled or pushed out of Iraq, as they buy into the mind-set of winning at all costs. But the military tolerates different attitudes as long as commands are followed, and they will be. Most of the high level officers within the US military agree with Obama and most are horrified at the stories about McCain's instability. Obama will not get any resistance from the military.

What can the zetas tell us about this coming winter, if anything?

Last winter proved to be ultra-cold throughout the northern hemisphere. We explained that this was due to the N Pole of Earth being pushed away from the N Pole of Planet X, which was coming toward the Earth from the direction of the Sun. This winter will be different, but we decline to explain in what way, or for what reason. This is, as always, to surprise the establishment in the hopes that the truth will be blurted out or mankind will conclude the truth due to their own observations.

The US dollar has strengthened against everything recently - other currencies, gold, oil, commodities, etc.. How can this be when dollars are being created by the hundreds of billions now?

Currency strength is relative, as one currency is measured against another. If stock markets around the world were not suffering along with the US market, the dollar would not be showing strength. Watch for who recovers first, to see which way the currency battles will go.

How was Nancy prepared for Zeta Talk? Did her soul encourage her body to expand her vocabulary, read and read newspapers, expand her worldview, experience specific emotional stress? I sometimes wonder that because when I was a kid instead of music I would listen to political radio and more adult things, so I wonder if Nancy was like that. And I have felt the influence of my soul thanks to meditation, follow your gut feeling and something incredible happens, but that honeymoon period ends because it was only there to make me aware of my soul and then the hell with what the body and mind wants the soul has its agenda.

We have stated that the soul rules the conscious mind and body, which is almost always the case. Nancy will tell you that she spent an immense amount of time with nature, watching how nature operates, and enjoyed climbing trees and taking long walks. She rescued animals in distress, a baby squirrel, an injured screech owl, and nursed them back to health to set them free. She has a deep love of all life, and animals of all kinds respond to her in that manner, trusting her. It is this connection with life that allows her to deal with the frustrations of her current job, which is ZetaTalk, and in being relatively poverty stricken. She thinks of the orphans of the future, after the pole shift, and personally wants to protect and shelter every one of them. Her soul, as we have explained, is highly resistant to Service-to-Self intimidation or bribery attempts. She knows what life under the control of the Service-to-Self is like, and simply won't allow this to occur if she has any say in the matter. It is a combination of these qualities that support her role as the ZetaTalk emissary. It is less that she was prepared for ZetaTalk, as that these experiences are an expression of her personality - body and soul.

Today I heard Arnold Swartzenegger say he is for McCain and his wife is for Obama. How can he be for McCain knowing about the pole shift etc.

You assume that all humans operate with the general welfare in mind. There are those individuals, highly Service-to-Other and thinking of the general welfare, but these individuals are rarely politicians. Politicians do not rise in the ranks if they have this mindset. They remain in office but are not dealing others the cards they want, do not make deals, and thus do not get the support that those in higher office need for the climb. Obama is an exception, and not the only such exception. If you will recall what his situation was before he ran for the office of president, he was not expected to succeed at a bid for the presidency. His success is not because of insider dealing. It is because he chose the right team and primarily because he sought funds directly from the general public. He dealt with the public, offering them a fair shake, rather than special interests. Schwarzenegger is not such an individual, though like most politicians he throws the public a bone now and then in order to stay in office.

What do the Zetas consider Hoarding? Weeks or months of food and supplies.

Hoarding is what the neighbors would consider excessive. If you live in the Arctic and the ship will not be able to get through for months, then having several months supply of everything you will need is not excessive. But if you live in a temperate climate where shopping daily is available, such stocks might be considered suspicious by those suddenly hungry and looking for stocks of food or supplies.

London residents were left scratching their heads as a mysterious pink cloud drifted over the city. Bemused bystanders in Mayfair craned their necks to witness the strange alien-like cloud that appeared for just under an hour at around 8:30pm. It hovered over buildings before breaking up. Can the Zeta's comment on this?

This has been explained away by the authorities as a reflection of city lights on a high cloud. But don't high clouds and city lights occur often, around the world? We have stated in the past that occasional neon clouds or light pillars were due to atmospheric changes from the tail of Planet X. Light pillars were flames of gas in the atmosphere, quickly burning out. Neon clouds are not seen at night, as they are highly reflective of sunlight primarily during dawn or dusk. This is not due to water vapor reflections, such as rainbows, but other chemicals in the atmosphere. This recent pink cloud over London was similar to a neon cloud, but was reflecting the lights from the city, as explained in the article. However, this would not be occurring without chemicals from the tail of Planet X mixing into the atmosphere. Such displays will become more common.

It is so obvious for anyone who looks into it that the Bush crowd stole at least the 2004 election through voter fraud, and I'm sure Obama is very aware of that. Is Obama petrified of losing this election because of voter fraud? I just imagine him being worried sick. I know I am, even though I know the Zetas are planning to counter it. (It's still hard to wrap the every day mind around that aliens are going to prevent it.)

We suggest you re-read our explanation of the steps taken in 2006 and take comfort. Obama, as we have explained, is planning overkill in order to counter fraud. As is often stated, he has multiple paths to victory. He could lose a major state to fraud and still win handily. One of his tactics is to encourage early voting, which the public is doing en masse. This has so stacked the cards in his favor in those states where early voting is allowed as to make it virtually impossible for fraud to tip the balance. Nevertheless, sites such as Drudge are trying to set the stage for fraud, by declaring McCain tightening up the polls, and inferring that the Bradley Effect will prevail. Both sides think fraud will occur, and both will be surprised when it does not occur!

General Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama surprised quite a few. General Powell served during the administrations of several presidents. How was he viewed by the Bush-Cheney crowd during those years? What sort of person is he? How did the House of Saud view him? Lastly, what was going on behind the scenes that brought about the endorsement? Would the Zetas care to comment?

Powell has always been viewed as someone who would support the chain of command, but also as someone who had integrity. Thus, in order to get Powell to state to the UN that Iraq had WMD, he was given false information by the Bush administration. If anything else showed him that an official chain of command could not be trusted, this act did. He was completely honest when stating his reasons for supporting Obama. He watched McCain and saw an erratic man, impulsive, with poor judgment. Many staunch Republicans are endorsing Obama for the same reasons. They see a complete disaster under a McCain/Palin ticket, and are serving the country first!

Is a person's hand writing and/or artistic ability strongly influenced by past lives?

These are qualities that are controlled by genetics, not the soul. Handwriting is controlled by the fine muscles of the hand, and the pressure exerted by the emotions felt by the human body. Artistic ability is, as is musical ability, found in family lines. The soul, influenced by past lives, may press the incarnation to use the ability for certain purposes, but the ability is genetic.

Do you think the government will try to force farmers (under the guise of national security) into joining different Ag programs and raise foods they don't want to grow? I'm wondering about this because I read on that (1) ag land is the only real estate steady in price or going up and (2) because of the credit crunch shipping is backed up and that back up includes food.

At present the US government has no plans to force farmers to grow certain crops. They are letting the market press of supply and demand control this. Higher prices for food will encourage farmers to grow crops, as is shown by the price of good agricultural land.

Obama has talked about the need to increase troops in Afganistan and even perhaps to excursions into Pakistan if "necessary" - even if opposed by the Pakistanis. Is he being "sincere" with these statements, or is he saying these things to either 1: win over moderates and lukewarm Republicans, or 2: say these things in order to "please" his elite (Bryzinski) sponsors and not "tip his hand" that he's really just "going along to get along" - while looking for "opportunities" to act more STO while surrounded by STS?

Obama knows that unless he attains office, he cannot do anything for mankind. His competition with Hillary was not easy, as she far and away had the Clinton machine and was expected to win. Likewise, as the first African-American presidential candidate competing with a war hero, his path has not been easy. He wants to end the war in Iraq, and the strongest argument is that troops are needed to go after Bin Laden. Whatever the situation turns out to be when he takes office, or when Earth changes devastate the homeland, he will not be faulted for having made this argument.

Lately I've been in and around YouTube (as many people are doing these days) watching various video's that people have recently posted that deeply describe various conspiracies that took place in recent decades - the Clinton's, for example, involved in drug dealing, money laundering and the like. Now, although the Zeta's mentioned there will be no impeachment of Bush, but once Obama takes office, can we still expect to see much more of at least some of these "cronies" surrender themselves to the public and admit their dalliances, thus blowing the lid off of many cover-ups?

You are anticipating criminals to present themselves for prosecution? Not likely. Such individuals end up having “accidents,” caused by those who were involved in said crimes with them.

Speaking of conspiracies, the next question I have is one that should have been asked last year - being it was the 70th anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster. Most people now know it was not the hydrogen that exploded and caught fire, but rather the aluminum-based paint it was coated with (essentially Space Shuttle SRB fuel) and so it was doomed from the very start. Was this an accident or was it deliberate? If deliberate, was this an assassination and/or was a cover-up in place?

The Hindenburg disaster was an accident, not deliberate, regardless of cause.

Are beings living in 4D or higher pretty much aware of who they were in their past live?

We have stated that densities higher than 3rd density are aware of their souls more than of their physical existence. This of course includes past lives, which is a memory of the soul.

I do mean to sound disrespectful, but I have wondered why I don't get a strong feeling of "love" from the Zetas. They state they are here to assist us. Why? The messages seem helpful, this is true. But there are many groups stating they are trying to help us to transition in this upcoming time of change, by helping our species to evolve. However, they sound calming, loving and less fear provoking. Am I being lured here by their soft tone? Are the Zetas not generally an emotion based species? Is there something here I am missing? Something doesn't feel right?

You fail to feel love because you are not connecting to anything but your normal context of human love or furry pet love. You want to be in control, and will not allow yourself to get past your fear of the unknown. This is not an uncommon reaction, and occurs when one race of man first encounters another, or an intelligent species which assumed it was unique in the Universe encounters the reality that they are not alone in this regard in the Universe. Get used to it, and expand your mind. Your emotions will follow.

Would the Zeta's like to comment on the orientations of the Microsoft boys, AKA Bill Gates, and Ballmer etc. I and probably others might be curious to know of course as they do have quite a bit of power influence and wealth. I'm especially interested in Gates as he is now working within a foundation that is "hopefully" going to do some good? Anyway, just curious I guess. I like to try to see the good in people these days, but also understand things may not always be as they seem.

Many highly wealthy individuals begin to give to charity, for a number of reasons. Most often the reasons are not the reasons given. Primarily, they hope to deflect anger. They hope the public does not get enraged when they realize their immense wealth if they see they are involved in charity work. Secondarily, they are deflecting beggars. As surprising as it may seem, those wealthy people who do not give to charity are assaulted by more aggressive demands. If the wealthy person already has a charity established, those making demands are directed to their charities, and thus they are relieved from having to address the demands from the public personally. Third, the wealthy individuals may be trying to buy their way into heaven, hoping to avoid some type of bad karma in the future. And last, there are those who are genuinely wanting to make a difference in the lives of others.

When Biden said that Obama would be tested in the first months of his Presidency, was this a subtle sign that they will start devulging information once they are elected regarding the Pole Shift?

No. He was referring to the normal testing that a new administration receives. Other countries will explore the limits. This is normal between countries, and normal between parent and child, and normal between student and teacher, etc.

There have been a few top military officials from different countries meeting secretly lately. What are they meeting about? I have posted the Finland meeting below. [Oct 21] The heads of the United States and Russian militaries met unannounced on Tuesday in Finland, the Finnish Defence Command said in a statement later in the day. According to the statement Admiral Michael G Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, met with General Nikolai Makarov, his Russian counterpart, for talks at the Königstedt manor house in Vantaa, near Helsinki. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP) the meeting was initiated by Russia. The military leaders discussed Georgia and other points of disagreement at the luncheon, which was hosted by Admiral Juhani Kaskeala, chief of the Finnish Defence Forces.

The US gambit in Georgia, as we have explained, was to try to assist McCain during his candidacy by presenting a situation he would feel comfortable discussing. He did, in fact, have a ready answer while Obama was on vacation and took a more cautious route. Had Georgia resulted in a confrontation between Russia and the US, McCain would have had a talking point, but the Georgia assault fell apart when the US military did not rush into Georgia to confront Russia. Russia is gradually withdrawing. These discussions are intended to normalize relationships again.

It was reported that Air Force Two landed at the Adirondack Regional Airport this week for a secret meeting with many generals and admirals of the West's militaries (Italy, France, Germany, etc) What was going on? I just happened to notice that the area was quite near the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway. [and from another] Powerful generals and admirals from some of the most powerful nations on Earth are reportedly meeting somewhere in the local area this weekend after flying into the Adirondack Regional Airport in Lake Clear on Friday. Among the passengers of a large Boeing 757 airplane with "United States of America" printed on its fuselage were top members of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and their counterparts from France, Germany and another country, possibly Great Britain. A top military delegation from Italy flew in on a separate Falcon airplane.

There are many changes underway that require planning and a coordinated response. One is the obvious effect that the economic crash has caused. The US can no longer afford to be warring away on many fronts, and will retract back to defending the homeland, even vacating many bases around the world that the US currently mans. It is also clear that Iraq is kicking the US out of its country, and many of these countries have troops in Iraq. Many questions arise. Will Iraq break down into civil war or manage to police itself? Will some other country try to invade and snatch the oil? The possibility of any one of these countries having to declare some type of martial law due to rioting during economic crisis, or a lack of food, is also much under discussion.

My question is about the state of Mankind's evolution itself. With all the stuff going on right now - economics, that "expected" Oct 16 alien decloaking non-event, all the talking outside of media information on the internet. Do the zetas see mankind as making any significant progress beyond what brought all our problems into existance? Or are we all still woefully entrenched in what can only bring us more great things to have to overcome.

Mankind will not change in the short term, but the Tranformation occurring wherein Service-to-Self souls are not allowed to reincarnate on Earth and undecided souls likewise are relocated will mean that mankind will seem to become more democratic, more caring, as the years pass. Most current incarnations can last up to 100 years, a life span, and most alive today who will survive the pole shift are not Service-to-Other. Thus, in the short term, the apparent boondoggle that is mankind's lot will continue, only to be supplanted by the hybrids who will provide the physical bodies for the future incarnation of Service-to-Other souls on Earth.

There are a lot of near earth objects scattered from the belt by the passage. There are reports of two expected impacts. This is also listed in the bible, which does have a track record. Are the Zetas allowed to tell us of anything incoming? I mean they told us of Nibiru, are they allowed and will they tell us before an impact occurs? Or do the rules forbid them of warning us?

We have stated that the Council of Worlds has plans for the Earth as a home for souls in the Service-to-Other in the future. They will not allow a NEO impact that would destroy the Earth. None such is pending, in any case.

I have been noticing that future commodities price such wheat, corn, soybean, etc. that trade on stock market exchange have been declining dramatically in the last few months and yet, per the zeta, the world is experiencing food shortage and crops failure. My question is, was the decline in commodity price due to the hedge funds and mutual funds are facing large redemption from investors that forced them to sell just about anything to return cash to their clients or was it over supply in the market or was it because of the coming election? Last week on ZetaTalk Live, someone stated that there was a meeting about agriculture emergency. Will we see higher commodities (food) price after the election and after the stock market stabilized? My feeling is that food price will go up much higher in 2009. Can the Zeta comment on this?

During the current crash, many assets are becoming devalued. Housing has dropped dramatically from its inflated price structure, and may still drop some more. Stock has not finished dropping. What you are seeing is not that food crops are devalued, but that their prices were overinflated previously. Yes, being forced to sell is what is causing the lower prices. Those involved in one crash are trying to save themselves from bankruptcy, so are selling to meet their obligations.

Nancy, you have been taken to physical 4th density. Can you describe what it was like?

It is transparent to the traveler, meaning that one does not sense any difference except that conversations with the soul are done more readily.

Is telepathy Gravitic, Electromagnetic, or does it use another group of the 387 particles (or Bosons as humans call them) to relay information?

None of the above. Telepathy is supported by several particle flows, none of which mankind is aware of, and thus mankind has no name for them.

The sun appears to be setting in the extreme south west. It used to set in the extreme north west. Have the Zeta's adjusted the earth's tilt or position? The change seemed sudden and apparent.

This is a matter Nancy is currently exploring, as she has noticed that reports on the wobble have changed. We will let her post her request for measurements.

The last time I checked was in March, 2008. That link will give you examples of what I am looking for in your research.

Last winter we had the entire northern hemisphere pushed away from the Sun by the hose of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X. Siberia had record cold and N America too, in fact the whole northern hemisphere.

Last summer we had a distinct wobble, with many people reporting the Sun too far in the north, at least for sunrise. I received email on this steadily and saw postings too. But now these reports have STOPPED. Something has changed.

We may have a repeat of last winter, where the entire northern hemisphere is pushed away and all have less sunlight – i.e. a colder winter. OR we may have a more violent wobble, a stronger figure 8. OR we may have what the Zetas have described as a complicated kind of double wobble, not just a standard figure 8 but a bobble back during the wobble or some such (what a nightmare to try to chart). OR we may have a lean to the left, slightly, where the arc across the sky from sunrise to sunset will be less extreme in both hemispheres, and without the push away of the N Pole as the N Pole will be pushed away to begin with. The lean to the left is supposed to begin as we move into the 3 days of darkness, when Planet X moves (from our view) more to the right of the Sun or another way of putting it, the Earth moves to the left of Planet X. The final extreme is that the Earth essentially falls on its side, and then swings its N Pole away into the 3 days of darkness. The Zetas have NOT stated how long the lean to the left will last, nor when it will start. Typical for them, the process gets described but not the dates.

What measurements entail is having a firm N/S/E/W direction landmark, like a street you are sure goes N/S or a survey with N/S indicated. Don't use a compass as they are erratic these days. It's OK if you don't get the exact moment of sunrise/sunset or whatever as I check against Skymap and can see how far to the south or north you are regardless of time of day. The arc in the sky is measured more around noonish.

Going around the horizon, consider dead north to be 0 degrees, dead south 180 degrees, east 90 degrees, west 270 degrees. Dead overhead is 90 degrees with horizon considered an altitude of 0 degrees. So sunrise might be 92 degrees on the horizon with only 5 degrees above the horizon. High noon might be 80 degrees up and approximately 170 degrees around the horizon to the south.

Thanks for anything you can do! Looking forward expectantly to your replies.