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ZetaTalk: Moon Halos
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002.

We have stated that as the time of the passage approaches, that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will increase, as well as weather irregularities. These are all in evidence and can be charted, so the increase is palpable. In addition, we have stated as early as 1995 that weather irregularities will include droughts and deluges, interchanging, such that it approaches snow in summer and early spring occurring in mid-winter. This has become so commonplace as to no longer receive comment. Green meteors, increasing in fire balls in the sky as meteors descend, and booms and flashes due to heaving seas and methane explosions are also increasingly reported. These are all evidences of the Earth responding to her approaching brother, to increased swirling in the core, and the trash in the outer solar system wafting in as motion inward toward the solar system is increasing.

What other effects, not yet commented upon, but occurring or due to occur, can be expected? In early 2002, a distinct halo around the Moon became noticeable, and this is directly related to increased ash in the atmosphere. As is well noted in Troubled Times, there are more volcanoes active at the current time than in the memory of man. This does not just affect the local area, as ash, fine ash, drifts upward and is carried world wide. After the pole shift, this ash will create dramatic sunsets and dawns, far beyond what mankind expects today. An orange sky will become almost the norm, so that children born during this era will be shocked some decades hence when the sky turns blue. But as the shift approaches, such halos will become more commonplace, surrounding the moon, bright lights, and cease to receive comment as even more disturbances distract troubled mankind.

Note: below added during the August 3, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have commenting about increasing illness, germs migrating about, wildlife and fish getting sick, and this is the biological evidence of earth changes. There are also atmospheric changes, such as the halo surrounding the Moon mentioned months ago, and of course the weather changes which mankind is unable to explain or predict. What caused the black blotches appearing on New Jersey pavements? Pollution in the atmosphere, not moving away as formerly, hovering, at a lower level, interacting with other chemicals, a type of congealed inversion. In other words, the weather!

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