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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 1, 2014

This is very interesting video filmed in Brazil. I hope Zetas would like to tell us what it was about? What was this UFO doing and why above Brazil? [and from another]  Published on Jan 25, 2014. OVNI en Brazil soltando esferas

This UFO above Brazil has several characteristics, all of which show up on the video. It is fringed by lighted orbs, a type of halo. It has a series of smaller orbs hung below it, as though it were a tail swinging below. It has a large bright light in the center, which ejects a smaller light orb. The ejected orb then drops below the larger UFO, straight down and well below the swinging tail. Where UFO displays always are accompanied by a telepathic message to the entranced humans below, this message is often connected to the display, visually.

The tail represents the lower part of the S American continent, which is twisting to the side as the S America roll progresses, ripping open at Buenos Aires. Brazil will lose a large part of its habitable land mass as a result of the Pole Shift, due to flooding. This is represented in the small orb ejected from the upper part of the main body. The sudden drop indicating a loss. Where this future flooding, which will take place in the Aftertime, is not evident now, the people of Brazil are being warned to prepare for this. Thus subconsciously armed, they will instinctively know which way to migrate when the time comes. 

Interesting capability once satellites are down. [and from another]  Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns.  Defense contractor Raytheon last year touted an exercise in which it outfitted the aerostats planned for deployment in suburban Baltimore with one of the company’s most powerful high-altitude surveillance systems, capable of spotting individual people and vehicles from a distance of many miles. The aerostats planned for Maryland will have radar capable of detecting airborne objects from up to 340 miles away and vehicles on the surface from up to 140 miles away.

Reaction to our predictions that man’s satellites will be ripped from the skies during the bombardment of debris in the tail of Planet X was initially viewed with skepticism by the establishment. But when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, flaming bolides screaming across the skies increased noticeably. Where the establishment first tried to claim this was space junk, recovered meteor parts forced them to switch the story to asteroids. Fireballs are now a suppressed media event, and even when the truth about Nibiru is told, it will likely remain a suppressed event. Satellite loss has been a closely held secret, but the establishment is no longer skeptical.

Satellites are used heavily by the public for entertainment and their phone connections. The Internet relies upon satellites, and the public is provided with stunning views of the Earth from satellites. Commerce and industry conduct business via satellites, and government surveillance would be crippled without satellites. Enter the Aerostats blimps. Where at present they are used for local surveillance, a view from the sky, their use could be expanded to include relaying data from one spot to another to replace radio or TV towers downed by the cataclysms.

There seems to be internet problems going on. Is this connected to Planet X? [and from another]  A Lloyds Banking Group spokeswoman said the three-hour outage had been resolved. A technical problem left customers at the U.K.'s largest bank unable to make purchases or withdrawals using their payment cards. [and from another]  Some HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it. [and from another]  The People’s Bank of China, the central bank, has just ordered commercial banks to halt cash transfers. In short, there will be a three-day suspension of domestic renminbi transfers.  There will also be a suspension, spanning nine calendar days, of conversions of renminbi to foreign currency. The specific reason given—“system maintenance” at the central bank—is preposterous.  It is not credible that during the highest usage period in the year—the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday beginning January 31—the central bank would schedule an upgrade and shut down cash transfers. [and from another]  Russia’s top monetary authority slammed digital currencies, warning that Bitcoin use can lead to criminal charges in the country. The anonymously produced “virtual currencies” can be intended by its producers for money laundering and terrorism funding purposes, the Central Bank said in a statement. This means that Russian digital currency users can become involved in criminal activity simply by using the Bitcoin and its analogues.

Suddenly banks are tightening the rules and the reins, all in the weeks ahead of the anticipated announcement admitting that Nibiru exists and is nearby. Is there a relationship? We predicted that banks would limit their hours, limit their withdrawals, and even be closed temporarily if a panic ensued. The likely time when such steps would be viewed as necessary would be during the announcement and shortly thereafter. One of the first reactions in a populace taken by surprise by the announcement would be to stock up on food, gasoline, and cash. The banks are anticipating a run on their ready cash, which frankly is not in hand!

The complicated world of paper money is such that banks are not required to hold what is technically owned to depositors in the form of cash. It is, therefore, technically impossible for a bank to payout savings to depositors, on demand. This likewise guts their standing, as to issue loans they have to have backing for the loans, and savings is one of the pillars their house of cards stands upon. For both those reasons, a run on a bank, whereby depositors try to pull out their savings, would be sharply limited during a panic. The steps taken by banks in the UK and and elsewhere are only part of the picture, as most limitations already in place have not yet hit the media.

China's Jade Rabbit experiences breakdown. Would the Zetas comment? [and from another] China's lunar rover may have experienced a catastrophic breakdown  There's a problem with the electrical motors that close the solar panels. It might be dust blocking the mechanism. [and from another]  During a lunar night, which lasts about 14 Earth days, the moon's surface temperature can plunge to minus-180 Celsius. To make it through the cold, the lunar rover must "hibernate" to preserve its delicate electronics. If a mechanical problem keeps it from hibernating properly, then the Rabbit could freeze to death.

All indications are that Jade Rabbit suffered a mechanical problem that spells doom, as the sensitive electronics are likely irreparably damaged. The broken link has often doomed mankind’s exploration of space, as the explosion of the Challenger in 1985 due to a faulty O-ring demonstrated. China will likely have the learning curve that NASA and the Russian space ventures, which started in 1957 with Sputnik, have had. China is new to space ventures, but has been surprisingly successful with its Chang'e Moon probe program started in 2007.

Was the death of Jade Rabbit deliberate, ordered by the Council of Worlds? The opposite, as the Council was tempted to repair Jade Rabbit, which was expected to provide so much fresh information, uncluttered by a cover-up, during mankind’s awakening to the alien presence. We expect a rapid recovery from this incident by the talented Chinese.

Can you comment on Matt Drude Issues Warning: “Have An Exit Plan”? Does he have an inside of what's coming? [and from another] Over the weekend the self-made media behemoth took to his Twitter account with a simple warning consisting of just four words… Have an Exit Plan. Something has spooked Matt Drudge and he’s not alone. Last year one of America’s leading talk show hosts, Mark Levin, warned that the U.S. government has been simulating the collapse of our financial system and society with the potential for widespread violence. There are countless such examples of highly influential media personalities who are issuing similar warnings. There have been insider reports indicating that a crisis of unprecedented magnitude is coming to the United States. Contrarian economists, who are almost completely ignored by mainstream media, have warned of dire consequences to the continued operation of our systems of commerce, including our domestic food distribution networks. And though it has not been reported on the alphabet news channels, the U.S. military has been actively war gaming collapse scenarios and engaging in highly suspicious exercises across U.S. metropolitan areas.

What is Drudge implying in his terse tweet to “Have an Exit Plan”? His readership leans to the right, is concerned about limiting what they consider liberal social giveaway programs like Food Stamps or Unemployment Insurance, is concerned about the losses recently suffered by the Republican Party and its Tea Party branch, is hopeful that any success accruing to Obama by a successful launch of Obamacare be prevented, and would like to see the 1% continued to be favored by laws enacted in Washington. Most will assume he is talking about potential banking restrictions, or martial law by Obama’s hand, or another Wall Street crash – all issues his readership is obsessed with.  

“Have an Exit Plan” in the context of a banking crisis would mean his readership should be prepared to pull their assets from failing banks. The FDIC in the US insures accounts up to $100,000 but for the wealthy this would not cover their losses during a bank failure.  “Have an Exit Plan” in the context of a Wall Street crash, in that a boom is currently in process and such booms can bust, would be interpreted to mean that Drudge has gotten wind of a Wall Street crash, so vulnerable stocks should be dumped. Though the threat of martial law was always present during the Bush administration, Drudge readership obsesses over the possibility of Obama instituting martial law, where edicts less friendly to the right might be assumed. Thus “Have an Exit Plan” could also be interpreted to mean physically leaving the US.  

In fact, Drudge is not addressing any of those aspects but is speaking in code to those who have heard the private rumors about Obama’s intended announcement re the presence nearby of Nibiru, aka Planet X. What he is saying, in code, is that all attempts to abort the planned announcement have failed. The elite, the ultra-right who consider only themselves in their plans and resent any social welfare programs, should anticipate the common man being informed that they have been lied to lo these many years, and resentful. The common man might refuse their dirty and tiresome jobs, and think of survival camps instead. The common man might ignore their debts and bills, essentially en mass bankruptcy.

What type of “Exit Plan” would the elite have in such an instance? Certainly the rise in the price of Gold has been inspired by financial jitters, but the Drudge warning is not about finances, it is about social adjustments. If one is living in a penthouse in New York City, an “Exit Plan” would be a secure location out of the urban nightmare that might ensue during riots. If one can see that the suburban  mansion might be invaded by angry hoards in the near future - in a panic after looting all available food stocks from the local warehouses – then an “Exit Plan” is to move to the bunkers, elite enclaves where food stocks are well protected and the address not known publically. Drudge is telling his readership, the wealthy readers who comprise his inner circle, to brace for rioting as a result of the announcement, which appears certain to occur, and soon.

I have seen quite a few videos (its getting more attention lately) about this and it is incredibly strange ad was wondering if the Zeta's could comment. People have been burning snow? And reports are that it is giving off a burnt plastic smell when a heat source is given to it. Further there are reports that it is not melting correctly? Many are calling he snow fake, like a Styrofoam type of material? Is this another Nibiru suprise / counter to the cover up? Is this a new development in the 8 of 10 scenarios? Is this a natural phenomenon? [and from another] Denver 1/30/14 Pennsylvania 1/30/2014 Georgia 1/30/2014 Toronto 1/30/2014 Indiana 1/30/14 North Carolina 1/30/14

Snow or rain will certainly wash particulates and chemicals out of the air, as is known. After a rain, the air will seem fresh, free of dust or pollen. When a heavy snow pack melts in the spring, the snow along the sides of the roads becomes almost black with the residue that had been within the snow, now concentrated so visible. What is causing this recent phenomena across those portions of the US recently affected by what the weathermen are calling a polar vortex, voracious cold fronts from the Arctic swooping in a circular manner into the midwest thence south and east.

This vortex activity is of course Earth wobble driven, with the globe divided into regions that are either too cold or too warm. Where central and eastern US has experienced a polar Winter, Europe has experienced an early Spring, and Alaska is often warmer than Florida. What happens to volatile chemicals released into the air when the jet stream is forced down into low pressure areas? Yes, these volatile chemicals are products of the chemtrail activity, which the wealthy elite employ to mask the presence of Planet X. But these chemicals are also residue from car emissions, coal and gas fueled power plants, and numerous other industrial activities as well as greasy elements in the tail of Planet X.
Clearly, the polar vortex that dropped snow on the US in the days preceding January 30, 2014 pulled these volatile chemicals into the snow that covered most of the US. What happens when this mix is subject to being heated by a flame? Where water, i.e. melted snow, is expected, the H2O combines chemically with the other chemicals to create something akin to plastic. Plastic, after all, is created from petrol products, so this result should not be surprising. Does this mean that the snow will be poisoning the soil and ground water? These volatile chemicals will evaporate as the snow melts, returning to the stratosphere, leaving no apparent residue.

Kind of odd. Suicide or not? [and from another]  Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old JP Morgan bank executive, died this morning after he threw himself off the top of the bank's European headquarters. On Sunday, former Deutsche Bank senior manager, William 'Bill' Broeksmit, 58, was found hanging in his home in South Kensington. Both deaths have been ruled non-suspicious by the Metropolitan Police. Two top ranking American bankers working in senior positions in London have committed suicide in the space of two days.

Coinciding almost exactly with tightening restrictions on savings or ATM withdrawals in the UK, these supposed suicides look highly suspicious. Neither was a suicide, but will never be proven otherwise by the careful assassins who left no trace of their handiwork. The withdrawal restrictions were to test the public’s tolerance for restrictions on what is essentially their own money held by the bank, a matter which will likely become critical after the announcement admitting that Nibiru exists and is positioned for a passage past Earth. To survive, banks will need to hold onto savings, and hoping to preserve their opulent lifestyle many in senior positions want to stifle all criticism of their roles.

Who will the public blame when they realize they have taken out mortgages on properties in cities due to become unlivable, along the coastlines and in low lying areas? One day the senior banking executives are encouraging the status quo, encouraging the public to become indebted to the bank, and on the next day savings withdrawals are to be restricted and, no doubt, homes foreclosed if the mortgage payments are not made. This forces the public to live in unsafe areas, to work jobs in unsafe areas, or lose their investments entirely. This was of course all by design by the elite of the world, who want the common man to continue as their debt slaves.

This article appeared today in the news. I have lived here all my life and have never seen anything like it. I would like to know the cause of this. Any information would be appreciated. [and from another]  These pillars are caused by mild, thawing temperatures that are followed by a flash freeze like the drastic drop in temperature we have seen this week. Organic matter in the water causes the creation of the foam and a crack or hole in the ice allows the foam to push through. In this case the Hammond family walked their cattle through the area where the waterway is located and researchers believe it’s their manure that contributed to creations.

Foam is a natural phenomenon, as anyone living along the sea shore can attest. Sea form mounts up to astonishing heights at times, frothed there by wave action and a combination of organic components on the beach. Cooks making an omelet take advantage of the foaming process by whipping eggs into a froth. It is the cohesive quality of the organic components which enable the foam, so that they cling to each other even when separated by air bubbles within the foam. In the case of the Alberta foam spires, the water in the spires was being frozen after formation, so the spires had staying power.

There has been extremely rare phenomena occurring recently in N. America, including "snow rollers" in the northeast, large "ice balls" in Lake Michigan and an inundation of tumbleweeds in the southwest. All these events appear to be wind and temperature related, perhaps associated with a more severe wobble. Would the Zetas please elaborate? [and from another]  Conditions have to be perfect — as in, frigid, snowy and windy — for the Mother Nature-made snow sculptures to form. The bales of snow were scattered across several states [and from another]  As the so-called "polar vortex" slowly releases its frigid grip on the Midwest, it's leaving an odd sight in its wake: gigantic, spherical ice balls that have taken over Lake Michigan. [and from another]  Some agriculture producers are trying to mow or “shred” the prickly balls of dried-up Russian thistles along fence lines. Apparently, the weeds grew in grassland that hasn’t been grazed in years, getting a boost from rains in September that were too late for crops but not the weeds.

Tumbleweeds are nothing new, though their proliferation may be for some locales. Drifting or packing snow is also nothing new, as children building snowmen know that a large ball of snow starts with a small ball, rolled across the landscape. What is new are the winds that are changing the landscape for astonished humans, who wonder what next? The jet stream is contorted, not the usual pattern. The Earth wobble has air layers and air masses in turmoil, colliding and interacting in ways not familiar to humans. These shocks have hardly begun, as the wobble will get more extreme! The sand dunes of the Sahara and tornadoes dropping frogs miles from where they were collected are known to man. Our advice? Be surprised by nothing.

I have no way of verifying the images but if it's true, the structure of the snow looks very different to normal snow crystals [and from another]  Snowflakes Under An Electron Microscope Look Oddly Man-made, Industrial [and from another]  Contact between a snow crystal and the supercooled droplets results in freezing of the liquid droplets onto the surface of the crystal. This process of crystal growth is known as accretion. Crystals that exhibit frozen droplets on their surfaces are referred to as rimed. [and from another]  A non-aggregated snowflake often exhibits six-fold radial symmetry. The initial symmetry can occur because the crystalline structure of ice is six-fold. The six "arms" of the snowflake, or dendrites, then grow independently, and each side of each arm grows independently. Most snowflakes are not completely symmetric.

Snow is formed in freezing air where water droplets such as rain drops have not yet formed. Rain forms in humid air, H2O collecting around a dust particle and then, due to weight, falling. If rain has not formed, then H2O becomes crystalline during the freezing process, gathering other freezing H2O molecules as it does so, forming the beautiful and symmetrical snowflakes so familiar to humans. Anything other than H2O will skew the process, producing deformed snowflakes. This is a well known phenomena in the formation of a type of soft hail called rime or graupel. Air pollution, not only from man’s industrial processes but also from wood fires and volcanoes, as well as recent pollution from the greasy components in the tail of Planet X, are increasingly creating deformed snowflakes.