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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 27, 2013

As more and more weeks pass without Obama stepping up to the plate to make the announcement has the percentage chance of the announcement going ahead gone down from 93%?  Is he starting to change his mind? It has been over 2 months since punch 1, has punch 2 occurred yet? Are there back up plans if Obama fails in his mission, other leaders/star children who will step up and announce to the world that STO aliens are working alongside?

What is the likelihood that the Obama administration will arrange for the announcement we have been predicting? 99%. Clearly, as was shown during September, 2012  when Obama attempted to use the Emergency Broadcast System and October, 2012  when he attempted to broadcast the announcement from the Oval Office, he faced formidable opposition. Wires were cut, injunctions were issued claiming a hoax, and Obama did so poorly at the first debate due to distraction that he was in danger of losing the election. The opposition even arranged to use the Emergency Broadcast System to suggest that such announcements can be a hoax, claiming a Zombie Apocalypse in February, 2013.

Numerous bait and switch sweeps were conducted to locate and eliminate from power those wanting the cover-up to continue. Obama’s golfing weekend was one such setup, and resulted in the forced resignation of General Allen in February, 2013. Two attempts to assassinate Obama likewise occurred in March, 2013. Lest the public think Obama is twiddling his thumbs and procrastinating idly, this is far from the truth. Just what steps Obama has taken over these months, and the nature and form of the announcement when it does occur, the public does not need to know. We have stated that it will be a surprise, when it occurs, and to constantly reassure the public with specifics only assists the opposition. Trust us, it is in process.

My question is regarding an article placed on about elliptical moon halos.  They admit they cannot fully explain them and simply state that something "strange" is happening in our skies the last few weeks.  Would the Zetas care to comment?  I will attach the article as this page updates frequently. [and from another]  Elliptical Moon Haloes: The moon is waxing full, which means now is the time to be alert for icy moon halos. On April 22nd, Darryl Luscombe of Sointula, British Columbia, saw an unusual specimen. Instead of being circular, as usual, this halo was elliptical: "I dont think I have ever seen an elliptical halo around the moon before," says Luscombe. "I looked up and just stared for about a minute. Then I raced inside to get my camera. I just managed to photograph it before it disappeared." Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley comments on the apparition: "There have been quite a few ellipticals seen in the last few weeks both in Europe and the US. Something strange [is happening] in all our skies!" "These unusual ice halos are much smaller than the ordinary 22 degree halo encircling the sun or moon," Cowley continues. "In the 22 degree halo the ring is effectively made by light refracting through a 60 degree ice prism. The smaller elliptical halos need much narrower prisms and we think that six sided plate shaped crystals with very shallow pyramidal ends might do the work. The problem is that such crystals are unphysical and computer simulations using them do not predict the halo very well. An alternative is the wedge shaped sections of small snowflake-like crystals. Whatever their cause, they are rare and mysterious!" [and from another]

Sundogs, which position themselves above and to the sides of the Sun along a halo, are assumed by humans to be caused by ice crystals refracting sunlight. They typically stand close to the viewer or the camera, as they clearly appear in front of objects close at hand. Thus, they are not high up in the atmosphere.  Halos can be caused by ice crystals or grease or dust in the atmosphere – all of which curve sunlight or moonlight on its way to the eye or camera. Humans theorize that ice crystals are the cause of halos and relate this to the geometry of the ice crystals, and thus are stumped when an irregular halo shows up.

What is causing the oval halos noted increasingly, particularly around the Moon? Halos have been on the increase since Planet X entered the inner solar system in 2003 because its vast tail dumped grease into Earth’s atmosphere. Grease spots on a pavement will create rainbows in its sheen, as it bends light. In the atmosphere close at hand, this bending of light will be uniform. But the grease in the upper atmosphere will be more visible on the side closer to the viewer, while not visible at the more distant size. Thus, the halo is uniform around the Moon but lopsided on one side where an additional halo in the upper atmosphere is overlapping the first. This phenomena will increase as more grease is deposited into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Presumably not all Star Children incarnated as human beings are currently in a position to perform their mission for this lifetime.  Even considering the Rule of Forgetfulness, with more than 1 billion Star Children and abundant opportunities to make a difference, the Zetas stated, "Most proceeding fade during the first battle."  It would appear the majority of adult Star Children refuse to step up to the plate although the need is great. All Star Children are incarnated by service to other souls from a density above third, so why don't more take up the challenge?  Do they think they have too much to lose (careers, homes, reputations) or are they often simply too afraid?  Is there anything ZetaTalk fans can do to change this unfortunate state of affairs? [and from another] Could the reason possibly be that most of these Star Children (and others) may not even realize what their mission is due to the natural Law of Forgetfulness?  I do realize the incarnated human body is on a “need to know” basis as far as the individual soul is concerned, but can the Zeta’s tell us if there’s any way to shed light on the mission (early on), or eliminate some of the darkness or “forgetfulness”, so there’s less of what seems to be aimless wandering around, or a distinct feeling of disconnect, for what could be a lifetime before “enlightenment” is achieved?  Seems like so much more could be accomplished if they knew what their mission was. Is the Rule of Forgetfulness still in play in 4th D?  Does the "shroud" get lighter and lighter as we move up in dimensions?

If there are a billion incarnated Star Children on Earth at present, why does it seem they are not making a difference? Where are they in N Korea, where the people are starving while war mongering dictators spend the countries treasure on weapons development? Where are they in Syria where the citizens are being murdered in the streets and the dictator even unleashes chemical weapons? Protests are not allowed, and the dictators are cruel. Where are the Star Children in these countries? We mentioned that the Arab Spring was greatly assisted by Star Children, who acted as Walk-Ins, knowing the torture and death they would likely face.  Jesus was an example of a Star Child determined to make a difference, courageous in the face of crucifixion. Is courage such a rare commodity among Star Children?

We have explained that the Earth is a particularly violent world, due to having large predators so that early man had to have great courage, including blind rage, for the troop to survive. This setting is not typical, so most Star Children do not come from a background where heroism was called for. The Earth also has a history with the Annunaki, who were giants in the eyes of men, and cruel. The Aztec practice of tearing hearts from living humans stems from the Annunaki, who did this to control rebellion in their slaves. Add to this genetic and cultural heritage the increasing polarization of the spiritual orientations. The dictatorial and cruel become more so, during their last incarnation on Earth, wishing to impress their future masters on the prison planets which will perforce be their new homes.

Enter the Star Child. Where the soul is dominant during any incarnation, the soul’s mission may be a shock to the human brain and body. The Rule of Forgetfulness is imposed by nature, and most Star Children take advantage of this so the incarnated human can get educated and assume a position in human society where they can made a difference without being crippled by anxiety. When the time comes for action, it is not just the human who might feel faint. Facing retaliation for action that might include horrific torture, imprisonment while being subject to a prison culture, being maimed, being exiled so that starvation and humiliation could result – both the soul and incarnated human can hesitate. This does not mean the mission is aborted. It means the mission is amended.