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Issue 315, Sunday October 14, 2012
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Setting the Stage

After three missed weekends in September - when the announcement was deferred because of the embassy riots, delayed because Heads of State around the world had urgent concerns, and blocked due to sabotage on the Emergency Alert System – the Council of Worlds was determined to have the announcement occur. Planet X itself became highly visible around the world, naked eye, well before the first weekend in October. This first became evident in Muar, Malaysia which is virtually on the Equator. Depending upon whether one is pointing the camera North or South, the corpus of Planet X might be in any position around the Sun. But the article and photo appearing in The Star made it clear this red orb was seen naked eye, and that the photo was captured by a policeman.

Shutterbugs Rush to Capture Giant Halo and ‘UFO’
October 3, 2012
In Muar, residents were stunned to see what looked like a reddish object near the sun at about noon yesterday. Many thought it was an unidentified flying object or UFO. Muar marine police chief Asst Supt Nordin Osman said his personnel captured the image on their handphones.

The very next day on October 4, 2012, also at noon (12:50 pm) another astonishing photo capture was made on the Malay Peninsula. A clear Second Sun sightings in the middle of the day, without filters, on the Equator! Other photos from around the world poured into the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to captures of the Planet X complex too. Videos from Los Angeles on October 5, 2012 where this brilliant Second Sun was captured just before noon at 11:00 am, showing with great clarity that this was not a lens flare. Videos capture the motions of any lens flares, and prove the static objects for what they are – not lens flares.

Then on October 6, 2012 videos taken in Australia, without filters, again showed the corpus of Planet X absolutely visible naked eye with a couple Moon Swirl orbs. Once again, the video differentiates between flares and static objects. One of the Moon Swirl orbs, which of course waft between the Earth and the Sun, even shows a shadow, which would occur when sunlight bounces off the dust cluster. Note that where in general Planet X, the corpus, is seen at the 4 o’clock position in the Northern Hemisphere (as it was in the LA photos), and where this is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere so that it is seen at the 10 o’clock position (as it was in the Malaysia photos), when photos are taken at noon and the Sun is primarily overhead, the camera can be angled in any direction so this location guide is not accurate. For early morning and late afternoon photos this is a more certain guide.

Did anyone in the major media break the story early? Of course it has been trumped on the ZetaTalk website for months, and regularly on the Pole Shift ning, but the major media has been under the assumption that the issue of Planet X was under a National Security directive and they should remain mum. All except the Examiner, which published the story, told from the perspective of the ZetaTalk blogs, on October 4, 2012. Per the Zetas, the rumor mill had the story, and was running with it!

Planet X: Is a Public Announcement from President Obama Imminent?
October 4, 2012
Pundits are amazed and dismayed at how distracted President Obama seemed to be during the recent debate. What’s up with that? Perhaps it has to do with a pending public announcement. Do the world’s heads of state know of the presence of Planet X in the solar system? Yes. Why else would so many world leaders abruptly cancel out-of-country meetings during the same period last week? According to Nancy Lieder of ZetaTalk, a pre-taped announcement about Planet X been ready to go on early Saturday or Sunday morning for the past three weekends.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/6/2012: The networks were aware of last weekend’s attempts, and have been poking around to find what the content of the tapes under guard at their broadcasting centers might be. The word “announcement” and “Obama” in a Google search of course brought up the ning and the ZetaTalk site. The rumor mill has it.

Oval Office Address

After all the problems with the Emergency Alert System, the White House decided to utilize an Oval Office Address, which is used for solemn occasions by a President wishing to talk to the nation. Those wanting the cover-up to remain in place tried every imaginable avenue to block an Oval Office Address from occurring on the first weekend in October, from attempting to cut wires in the White House control room to diverting the satellite uplink to preventing receipt of the recorded address at the network headquarters to seeking judicial injunctions against suspected “terrorism” to lost memos to countervailing directives from executives and finally, to scrambling the program override system. The cover-up crowd created endless blocks to the announcement until it was too late in the day on Sunday.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/7/2012:  On the first weekend in October, sabotage attempts had not ended, but now shifted to the networks themselves, which had likewise been guarded in anticipation of this. The frantic fragments of the cover-up crowd not wanting the broadcast to occur had time to contact board members of the corporations owning the networks, editors, major stockholders, and any judges sympathetic to their cause in order to cause enough confusion to create delay in SOME of the networks, and the rest were unwilling to go forth unless the group as a whole moved forth.

It is not, technically, that the networks refused to comply, but the balking was phrased as “questioning the legitimacy of the request”, i.e. was it perhaps the result of terrorism or a hoax. This was all a delaying tactic at best. Memos were lost, countering instructions given, and confusion and hesitation abounded.  Given paperwork from the Justice Department, the networks finally allowed the tapes to play only to discover that the override over regular programming no longer worked. Since 2010, Obama’s last Address, the connections had once again been scrambled.

An Oval Office Address is seldom used, and then only on the most solemn occasions. Certainly the near presence of Planet X qualifies, but in the past the solemn occasion was out in the open and already known by the public. This time, the  cover-up is in place.

Oval Office Address
An Oval Office Address is a speech made from the Oval Office in the White House by the President of the United States. It is sometimes considered the most solemn setting for an address made by the President, often delivered on or during an occasion of national disaster. Some previous addresses include John F. Kennedy's 1962 news of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Jimmy Carter's 1979 "Malaise Speech", Ronald Reagan's speech following the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986, George W. Bush's Address to the Nation on the evening of the 2001 September 11 terrorist attacks and Barack Obama's June 2010 speech addressing the issue of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Africa Rolls On

The African roll was last covered in Issue 275 of this newsletter on January 8, 2012 when the African roll tore an internet cable off Kenya. At that time the simultaneous pinch in Nigeria and the stretch in the African Rift valley were already evident.  

Nigeria: Scores Still Missing
August 15, 2012
Scores of people have been declared missing in the aftermath of the flood that cut off roads and destroyed the Shendam Bridge.
Nigeria: 3-Storey Building Collapses In Lagos
August 1, 2012
The building just collapsed this afternoon around 1 p.m. without giving any signs of having developed serious faults.
Nigeria: 3,000 Displaced, Death Toll Hits 47 in Jos
July 25, 2012
Meanwhile, there are fears of a possible cholera outbreak within the area affected by floods.

Uganda: The 25 Mile Crack Across the Mountain
August 24, 2012
The Prime Minister's office that has already carried out an assessment to ascertain the risk on Mt. Elgon and the surrounding ridges in the mountainous areas, including the 40 kilometre crack across the mountain, however, insists that the people have to be moved.
Kenya: Fear Spreads in Village of Landslides
August 21, 2012
Calamity has struck Timboiywo village, with its otherwise scenic and breath-taking slopes of the Tugen Hills. Two people have been buried alive and more than 5,000 others rendered homeless.

The pinch in Nigeria and pull in the African Rift valley occur because the African continent is pushed into  the Mediterranean and lands to the east of the Red Sea, though this will eventually occur during the African roll. MODIS satellite images show that the separation at the Straits of Gibraltar and at the Sinai Peninsula has not yet occurred. Thus the bottom part of Africa is being pulled to the west, thus the pinch and pull.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: This time the African Plate will drop away significantly, slipping to the south during the roll. This movement is possible because as the South Atlantic Rift tears open, there is room for the tip of Africa to slid into that void, thus dropping the entire African Plate as it rolls. The African Plate not only moves to the south during this process, it also further to the west, although the southern portion of Africa moves more in this direction more than the parts abutting the Mediterranean. The roll will incite the Arabian Plate to roll also, to some degree, as across from Egypt there will be pressure, but further down the Red Sea there will be a tearing apart, inviting the Arabian Plate to migrate in this direction.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/4/2010: The roll will incite the Arabian Plate to roll also, to some degree, as across from Egypt there will be pressure, but further down the Red Sea there will be a tearing apart, inviting the Arabian Plate to migrate in this direction.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/1/2011: Where the Sinai Peninsula is considered part of the African Plate, the Red Sea is clearly ripping open. Thus both the Red Sea at the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba tearing up into Jordan will rip open, leaving the Sinai Peninsula positioned like an island with few direct attachments.

Political Connections

Per the Zetas, Israel has for many years expected the US to go to war with Iran. This was true during the Bush era, when Bush tried to order the US military to do so, and they refused.

ZetaTalk Statement 3/8/2008: Israel is frantic to retain dominance in the vicinity, with her neighbors. What's a tyrant to do? They hope to beat down those they have oppressed to the extent they are literally exterminated. What they are doing, of course, is increasing rage, which they will have to deal with at some point in the future.

ZetaTalk Statement 6/21/2008: Israel realizes that the Bush administration has only a few short months left. Israel and Bush/Cheney have tried innumerable times to trick the US military into a confrontation with Iran. None of these attempts have worked.

ZetaTalk Statement 1/10/2009: Periodically, Israel goes to war against their immediate neighbors, gains territory or control over territory, and then steps back so the press from the international community does not become extreme. In between these wars, they encroach on the Palestinian communities, building settlements even if such building is illegal, and taunt the Palestinians or immediate neighbors so as to have an excuse to go to war again in the future.

Where are we in 2012? Still in the same place. Israel wants the US to go to war for Israel, and never mind what the US interests might be. Meanwhile, they will continue to bully the Palestinians.

Israel Leader Says US May Not Act Against Iran
September 14, 2012
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insinuated in an interview that Israel cannot entirely rely on the U.S. to act against Iran's suspect nuclear program, a sign that the Israeli leader is not backing down from the sharp rhetoric that strained relations this week with the Obama administration. Some have charged that Netanyahu's comments were aimed at helping his longtime friend and Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, in his November election showdown with President Barack Obama.
Israeli Leader Makes Case Against Iran on U.S. TV
September 16, 2012
Mr. Netanyahu, who also appeared on the CNN program "State of the Union", sought to link the violence with Iran's nuclear ambitions, arguing that Iran's leaders were driven by the same fanaticism that enraged the protesters. Israel has its own nuclear weapons arsenal, though it has never publicly acknowledged it. Asked specifically if he felt that Mr. Obama's Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, would take a firmer stand toward Iran, Mr. Netanyahu demurred. Mr. Romney and Mr. Netanyahu, who are friends, worked together briefly in the 1970s at Boston Consulting Group.

Since Obama has refused these demands, Israel has confronted Iran's nuclear ambitions on its own, conducting black ops raids to blow up nuclear installations.

ZetaTalk Statement 1/28/2012: The agenda that Israel set years ago, during the Bush administration, is still in place. Their plan was to force or manipulate the US into fighting a war with Iran, fighting for Israel. If Israel could not induce the US to start the war, they would draw the US into this war by sparking a conflagration that Israel could not escape. Israel would attack Iran. Iran would counter with an attack against Israel, and the US would have to rescue Israel. How will this work out for Israel? They are currently running raids into Iran to assassinate experts and blow up installations, and can certainly keep this pressure up. The US has made it clear they are not going to be drawn into a war for Israel ambitions, nor does Obama plan to invade the Middle East as Bush did, for oil. Thus bluster and saber rattling will continue while the Earth changes create so much havoc in the area that all talk of war is drown out by more immediate concerns.

Recently, the death of an Iraqi satellite mechanic was an obvious warning, per the Zetas - don't sell technology to Iran.

Did French Alps Murder Victim's Secret Work on Space Satellite Contract make him Prime Assassination Target?
September 12, 2012
Iranians, for example, are desperate to acquire cutting-edge technology which they cannot legally obtain. If somehow they were either getting it from Mr Al-Hilli, or hoped to get it from him and he refused, they would not think twice about killing him. 'Also bear in mind that the Iranian intelligence service works in tandem with many private companies and this is a very lucrative market. None of Mr Al-Hilli's businesses appear to have been making much money, something which has raised questions about how he financed his lifestyle.

ZetaTalk Statement 9/15/2012: Who would kill a satellite mechanic? What would the motives be? Clearly, looking at the difference between the man's lifestyle and income, extra income had come from somewhere. The Israelis are concerned about Iran obtaining technology, and concerned enough to send their black ops into Iran to blow up facilities. These were missions they did not publically claim, but let it be known privately that their hand was on the operation. Technology, sold to Iran and likely to allow the Iranians to put up their own satellites to spy on Israel, signed the death certificate on Al-Hilli and his family, who were killed, execution style, as an example to others. The guilty will never be prosecuted, though scapegoats may be prosecuted to clear the case from the police rosters.

How would the war hawks in Israel, who are determined they will be the only nuclear power in the Middle East, react to Obama's continuing refusal to engage? Perhaps getting the US embassies attacked would help. Per the Zetas, the real hand behind the insulting video that depicted Mohammed as a womanizer and child molester was the current administration in Israel, Netanyahu at the helm, though this is unlikely to ever be proven.  Both India and Pakistan both have bomb, and have territorial disputes, yet no nuclear war has broken out. This is also true for Europe, Russia, and China. It would not be the end of Israel if they ceased to be the only nuclear power in the region.

Identity of Mystery Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Confirmed
September 12, 2012
A man who claimed he's the creator of an anti-Muslim film that's sparked violent protests in Libya and Egypt may not be who he says he is. The mysterious "Sam Bacile" claiming to be a California real estate developer and an Israeli Jew who raised $5 million for the film from 100 other nameless Jewish donors.
Protests of Anti-Islam Film Around the World
September 14, 2012
Anti-American protests have been under way in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iran and elsewhere in the past week, set off after the posting of an anti-Islam video on YouTube.

ZetaTalk Statement 9/15/2012: Who was behind the low-budget film so insulting Mohammed that it spurred the embassy riots? It is indirectly the producer, Nakoula, who bears a grudge against Muslims and is a shady character convicted of numerous financial crimes. But the funds reportedly came from scores of Jews, and the pseudonym used, Sam Bacile, was described as an "Israeli Jew". Is Israel's hand in this spurt of violence? Without doubt, and the almost simultaneous flap over Netanyahu's incessant demands on Obama is not a coincidence. Netanyahu wants the US to go to war with Iran, so that Israel can continue to snatch land from the Palestinians. This has backfired on Netanyahu, as initial reports were that "Sam Bacile" developed the film with millions from Jewish investors, and is himself an "Israeli Jew". Now linked to a debacle that killed a US ambassador and having encouraged Romney to make a foreign policy blunder, Netanyahu is further behind than ever.

A chapter in the Finegan Fine story, called Political Connection, depicts how the expectations of those with political connections will clash with reality going into and after the Pole Shift. Those who are ruthless, and used to making angry demands, will find themselves ignored.

Finegan is expecting that the buildings hold a short-wave tower. Finegan is turning dials this way and that, holding his ear close at times. Suddenly the radio crackles and a strident voice can be heard. "Mayday. Mayday." Finegan replies. "What's your location?" There is a pause, as apparently this is the first response to the call in some time. The man can be heard over the radio talking to others in the room. "Got someone." Then, talking into the radio mic again, "Florida, sinking fast. We need rescue. We've tried to raise the coastguard. Can you send some boats or choppers? Who are you anyway?" Finegan is rolling his eyes skyward at the unrealistic requests, knowing that these people did not pay attention to all the warning signs and failed to take action on their own when they should have. "I'm a private party and don't run boats. Can you see the mainland? Do you have something at hand that will float?"
Finegan is aware that they can see the mainland and are not as helpless as they imply. He is used to former captains of industry and lazy city folk and politicians demanding they be treated in the manner to which they were accustomed and is having none of it. The man in the flooded buildings again talks to his companions. "Not a boat. He's asking if we can do it ourselves. Yeah, well." Finegan continues. "You got bottled water there? Water coolers? Any empties?" The man is missing Finegan's point. "Yeah, we're about out of drinking water. We need help here, dammit!" If they are ignoring his point, Finegan is ignoring their demands. "You got extension cords, wire, around the place? Wire some of those empties together, like a raft. Turn a table upside down on top and wire that too. There's your boat." Finegan hears the discussion on the other end. "Wants us to do it ourselves."
A window just above the waterline has been broken out. A couple men, one of them portly, are pushing the water bottle and table raft out the window, easing it down into the water. The women behind him look alarmed, as they are clearly being left behind. Suddenly, the radio, which is still in Finegan's hand, crackles. "I think this is the button here. Hello?" Finegans says, "I'm with you. Are they sending the raft back for you?" A frantic woman says, "They left us! Those were the only bottles we had. They left us!" Finegan says, "I'll be over to pick you up shortly. Is there anyone else there, stranded?" The woman replies, "Just the 3 of us. He kept saying the coast guard would come if we got in trouble. Kept saying it was all arranged." She is seething. "I'm giving that man my notice!"