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ZetaTalk: Star Child
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Star Child is a New Age term that has come up only in the past few years in regard to incarnations into human form by entities from other worlds. A Star Child differs from a walk-in in that the walk-in entity is not incarnated from the point of birth. As the Earth is scheduled to be a Service-to-Other world after the Transformation, at this time a Star Child can only be from the Service-to-Other orientation. When an entity from another world in the Service-to-Self orientation takes possession of a human body, it is more in the nature of a walk-in, or what some call a possession. As Star Children bring experiences from other worlds to the incarnation, they approach life on Earth differently than terran born entities. Each Star Child also approaches life on Earth differently than other Star Children, as they come from many different worlds.

Star Children are often misunderstood while incarnated as humans, simply because they have no way of communicating their vast background to their human neighbors. Imagine trying to talk to little children, who have only known the nursery, about jungles and deep oceans and the vastness of space! There is no frame of reference. Star Children seldom operate alone, but are assisted with others from their group who operate disincarnate, in the main, particularly if the Star Child is from a higher density beyond 4th Density. Nevertheless, the Star Child finds himself cut adrift, as the human body is confused and has only the incarnating soul as a point of reference. Thus, a Star Child's spirit may urge the human mind and body to a particular action that the human, mingling in human society with its limited perspective, finds absurd. The incarnation is then at odds with itself, with the human distressed and feeling lonely and confused.

Since a Star Child is an incarnated spirit from a higher density, they are more powerful than the human body is prepared to deal with. The human body finds it knows things, senses things, and attributes this to all manner of reasons because its dealing basically only with what it has perceived and learned in school and from its immediate family. So there are incidences where a Star Child has lived its entire life and the human body has never become aware of the true nature of the incarnated entity, or maybe not even be aware of reincarnation as a concept. Other Star Children are aware almost from birth of their true nature. In many cases, the incarnating spirit allows the body to not be troubled until the time comes for action and then intrudes upon the body to get in sync. Often this is very stressful for the human body. Illness can prevail, and a lot of anxiety. Thus often the human is given an out, so unless it is necessary for the human to be in sync, the human is allowed to blithely go along in ignorance.

Note: added during Jan 25, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Star Children, who are entities that were born as spirits on worlds other than the Earth, are from widely varied backgrounds. As most emerged on water worlds, this is their base experience, and they tend toward fluid social interactions as a result. A water baby can move in more directions that humans are used to, and this is an escape mechanism used. Likewise, entities that were birds in their early existence use flight to escape, in the main, and do not stand and fight. Of course, both experiences have situation where being trapped, or pressed, to confront occurs. The water baby can find itself pressed into a rock crevice, with no where to escape. The bird form can find its young under attack, and decide to enter the fray even at cost to itself. Reptilian evolution is confrontational, as in hominoids, as the creature is land based and moves relatively slowly. Thus, fainting is an escape, or a version of fainting, if flight or fight is not determined.

Beyond the base life form experience, there is the social complexity, where to say that billions of cultures are involved in the Universe to which the Earth is a part is an understatement. Of the billion of so incarnated Star Children on Earth at this time, assisting with the Transformation and Awakening, it would be fair to say that at least a million different backgrounds, including base lifeform and cultures, is represented. There is a lot of difference of opinion on how to proceed, and a lot of difference in what tasks are accepted. Some prefer to be in the background, in a support capacity. Some have specialties, and will only function in those, checking out to fall to the side on matters if the setting is not just right. Thus, for us to try to make statements as to what tasks a Star Child might assume, would be impossible, they are too varied! They are likely to be the garbage man as a CEO, a crippled child as an athlete, and poorly socialized and isolated as charming.

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