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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 9, 2013

The conspiracy site Godlike Productions (GLP) was unexpectedly down, at a minimum, on February 28, 2013.  TrInItY claims this was a sophisticated DDOS attack, and he already determined who is responsible. Could the Zetas follow up on ZetaTalk for December 8, 2012, which revealed why TrInItY was under siege late last year?  Is this another warning to him about allowing ZetaTalk to be dishonestly bashed while denying ZetaTalk supporters the opportunity to post at a site that is allegedly open to all? [and from another]  GLP Has Been Under A Sustained Sophisticated DDOS Attack All Day Long! [and from another]  Sorry guys I was passed out when it happened.  Just got up and tracked this bullshit down. It's been mitigated and the packet captures sent to the FBI. Rory I know it was you.  The other guy was Ivan. Ivan is Rory's drunken Russian side kick. Ivan has been arrested and made 5k bail. Rory is next. [and from another]  I have a lot more than this but I need clearance to post it. I present to you Rory Andrew Godfrey, age 26, from Rowlett Texas. The man responsible for DDOS'ing GLP and other conspiracy sites over the last 24 hours.  Listen to the 26 meg file. In it he admits to doing this shit to extort people for money. Literally. [and from another]  January 19, 2009 Authorities arrested a US man on suspicion of threatening to kill President-elect Barack Obama based on statements he posted on a website about UFOs and aliens. Steven Joseph Christopher, in three postings to  As it turns out the threat is not the only thing this man posted on the web. He calls himself "Stevie the Playboy", "Trinity" and in some cases "god." [and from another] The popular conspiracy site Godlike Productions (GLP) hosted the weekly ZetaTalk Chat for years.  But these days it appears posting almost anything supportive of ZetaTalk or President Obama is cause for immediately being banned. GLP was unexpectedly down [December 8, 20012] for approximately seven hours recently, allegedly due to server issues.  Was this just a coincidence or was GLP deliberately taken down?  Could the Zetas address what is going on with GLP and why? Trinity, the owner, is saying he will likely sell due to a stalker he cannot shake. New owner around the corner.   [and from another]  Who Really Runs "GLP" I have frequented the site and do find it a strange place. Everybody knows about the autoban for using the words "Jason Lucas" "Tavistock" "Lop" etc. Google them if you are unfamiliar. The rumor is that Jason Lucas a spam/mal ware programmer who owned LOP, bought godlikeproductions which is a popular "conspiracy" bulletin board to spy on people. The person known as "^Trinity^" on GLP owns the site but nobody seems to know the man personally but for a few mods. GLP has lots of traffic but from my posting there, it is quite different than other popular sites. Hard to describe but something is not right on GLP and the traffic and posters often seem programmed and not authentic. "Controlling the conversation"? That's the way it feels. Like a big simulation.

Are various conspiracy sites on the Internet actually run by persons or entities working directly or indirectly for the CIA or other government intel agencies for the purpose of spreading disinformation or implanting spyware? Absolutely. The establishment, who has utilized the CIA and other intel arms for decades to serve the ultra-wealthy or corporate interests, wants these sites at its disposal for various reasons. They wish to test disinformation campaigns on the gullible public. What flies, and what meets ridicule, is determined. They wish to counter the truth with their disinformation. The truth, and its messengers, are ridiculed by paid individuals who cloak themselves in many different internet personas, so it seems the ridicule is coming from a broad base.

GodLikeProduction was purchased from Elaine after it had already established itself as a dynamo of intelligent discussion on breaking news.  It was the site to go to at the time. Reshaping it only slightly, Trinity allowed GodLikeProduction to retain its status and reputation, while simultaneously instituting the new agenda. He was already expert at both hosting disinformation and distributing spyware, both in a manner transparent to the user. Competing conspiracy discussion forums were not allowed to be mentioned, nor was any site that discussed the known history of the new GodLikeProduction owner. But while hosting weekly live ZetaTalk chats, and giving Nancy moderator rights so she could police her chats, extensive ridicule of the ZetaTalk message was, however, allowed. Meanwhile, those who were identified as fans of ZetaTalk were banned from posting.

What happens when such discussion boards must change their focus? The election of Obama brought new marching orders. Harsh treatment of ZetaTalk fans, and the message, was no longer a priority. Those with one foot in the past, those who were sympatico with the Bush administration’s agenda, simply failed to institute a change. Their excuse was that the public would notice, and be suspicious. Warned that they would have to change or die, Trinity adopted a stalker, known as Stevie. That this man was then arrested by the FBI on January 19, 2009 for statements against Obama is not surprising, as Trinity learned via his CIA contacts that the FBI was seeking Stevie and simply made claims that Stevie was also stalking Trinity. All this would have allowed Trinity to sell GodLikeProduction at that time, if it proved necessary.

But the Obama administration was busy trying to keep the nation from flushing down the toilet after the Bush Wall Street crash and tarp bailout in the fall of 2008. Trinity went back to business as usual, until Obama’s plans to announce the truth about the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, in the inner solar system. Intense DDOS attacks that brought GodLikeProduction to its knees were invented as the excuse for why Trinity would have to sell and move on. Someone hated him, or so it seemed, but the attacks were perpetrated by Trinity himself. Obama set out to make the announcement in September, 2012, and the first DDOS attack was in December, 2012. Once again, the apparent success of the cover-up crowd to prevail over Obama allowed Trinity to return to business as usual.

Now the DDOS attacks are back. What relationship does this have to recent cover-up supporters such as General Allen being flushed out and removed from influence? Clearly Trinity is keeping his options open, giving the impression that the FBI will arrest the perpetrator, who is again someone who hates him - a competitor. Watch the progress of these ongoing attacks to see which way the announcement barometer sways. Or will GodLikeProduction manage to change its tune when the announcement proves the ZetaTalk message correct, all these years? Can something that dirty become clean? Trinity and his handlers frankly doubt it, and are likely to arrange a quick sale to a reformer.

Is it Planet X being pointed as Comet Pan or is it really a comet. Also, is it due to this that Alberto's current photos are hard to understand as pointed by Alberto himself. [and from another] Space Weather News for March 3, 2013  Comet Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4) is now inside the orbit of Mercury and it is brightening as it approaches the sun. Observers in the southern hemisphere say the comet can be seen with the naked eye even through city lights. Currently, it is about as bright as the stars of the Big Dipper (magnitude +2 to +3). The comet could become even brighter when it moves into northern hemisphere skies in the second week of March. Despite bad light and smog pollution, the comet's nucleus was clearly visible to the naked eye as well as a small part of the tail. Several important dates are approaching. On March 5th, Comet Pan-STARRS makes its closest approach to Earth (1.09 AU), followed on March 10th by its closest approach to the sun (0.3 AU). As Comet Pan-STARRS passes the sun, solar glare will make it difficult to see even as the nucleus vaporizes and brightens. By March 12th and 13th, the comet will reappear in the sunset skies of the northern hemisphere not far from the crescent Moon; think photo-op! [and from another]  EarthSky Facebook friend Luis Argerich in Buenos Aires posted this cool photo of Comet PANSTARRS on February 12. The comet is the fan-shaped object on the left.

Although those trying to maintain the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, might wish otherwise, trying to claim that a comet is the same as the Planet X complex is an exercise in futility. Count the ways in which it fails. Comets are tiny, though the ice in these dirty snowballs, a product of the Asteroid Belt when water planets were pelted to pieces, produces visible water vapor tails. In no way does this compare to the vast dust cloud of Planet X, which is red, not white, due to the iron oxide in the tail. The tail is charged, and swirls in a circular manner, which comet tails to not. The Planet X complex includes moons, which form into Moon Swirls that often form a checkmark relationship to each other. These Moon Swirls funnel sunlight, forming bright orbs around the Sun, which are seen naked eye by the populace. Comets do none of this.

Just found out Chavez died and I was both sad and surprised. I would remember the answer from here every time he'd make an appearance on the news, and since he was described as highly STO, been 'expecting' him to make a "decision to continue the fight"... He wasn't even 60 years old after all. Are there better things to do for this soul or maybe his haters finally managed to kill him, if protection was lifted?  [and from another] Did Hugo Chavez feel that he was leaving things in good hands?

For those astonished that we would call Chavez Service-to-Other when the US media paints him as the anti-Christ, we would suggest a comparison to the Venezuela prior to Chavez and after. US corporations stole the Venezuelan wealth, its oil, and gave little to the people. Chavez returned this to the people, as have other democratically elected leaders in S America recently. The trend enraged the corporations, and under Bush assassination of Chevez was attempted numerous times. The cancer which finally did Chavez in was not implanted by the CIA, though they certainly tried this during the Bush administration. It is a naturally occurring cancer, a result of his depressed immune system.

As we mentioned when Chavez’s cancer first became known, those in the Service-to-Other are allowed to commit suicide, if this is their wish. Chavez chose to allow his cancer to kill him. As a highly Service-to-Other soul, doing important work in bringing true democracy to his country and the S American continent, he could have accepted a healing, assistance from the Council of Worlds.  Why did he desire to die? What is not recognized by the public is the personal battle that goes on long before a hero, or leader, or trend setter emerges. Most fade away from the challenge, even if they are a Star Child with a long record of successes on other worlds.

The Earth is a particularly contentious world, due to the development of large predators in its history, so that Early Man had to battle to survive.  As a result of its history of slavery under the Annunaki, there is also a slightly higher percentage of Service-to-Self souls emerging from the souls sparked on Earth. Being a Star Child on Earth is no tea party, and being a terran born soul undertaking a challenging mission is most certainly not a tea party. If most undertaking such a challenge fade before the public is even aware of their potential, what of those who proceed? Most proceeding fade during the first battle.

Those who survive the first battle are likely to remain in the fight until the end of their incarnation, until the fight is resolved. Their mission can shrink in size and determination, however, and the majority pull back into their comfort zone as the Transformation intensifies. So we have very few sticking to their mission, and of those most reducing the mission size and promise. Chavez was in a position where he could not reduce the challenge. Venezuela was not shrinking. The desire of US corporations to rob the country was not going away. The Pole Shift with all its challenges was before him. He hopes that others will step into the fray and continue the fight, but he felt he was not up to the challenge!

A video of photos posted on Twitter by well-known actor Russell Crowe is getting a lot of media attention. Mr. Crowe's indicated the photos were taken on a balcony outside of his office in Woolloomooloo, Australia, using a Canon 5D camera with no flash. ( “Canon 5D, No Flash, can't be a lense flare because it moves , camera is fixed. The camera is on a balcony not behind glass”) Could the Zetas tell us if Mr. Crowe took photographs of a UFO/ET craft or is there a more mundane explanation for these?  [and from another]  The same process that allows poorly lit images to be recorded also overcompensates for brightly lit objects, such as electric lights. This results in the well-known effect of light streaks of moving cars seen on nighttime highways, or photos of fireworks. Indeed this exact effect can be seen in Crowe's images, which appear large because they were taken with a telephoto lens. One person has posted a fairly convincing analysis of the video, showing that the image is almost certainly a passing sailboat whose lights were accidentally captured by Crowe's camera. Perhaps the biggest clue that the UFO existed only in Crowe's camera (and not over Sydney, Australia's most populous city) is that no one else saw it or recorded it. Surely if such a brightly lit, mysterious object was hovering over Sydney's Botanical Gardens, it would have been seen by hundreds or thousands of other people — and likely recorded on at least a few smart phones. [and from another]

A careful analysis of the video and filming circumstances has demonstrated that the streaking lights in the Russell Crowe are likely a passing sailboat. The long distance zoomed view, taken across water that is open to sailboats passing back and forth, in a time-lapse photograph designed to have the camera shutters open long enough to capture light in the dark have produced the effect in the photos. A moving object appears as streaks. Where this supposed UFO is what it seems – a passing sailboat with the moving lights captured as streaks – the hoopla resulting shows that the public’s interest in UFOs, and alien life visiting the Earth, is intense.

This week, Obama had a so-called "dinner" meeting with the Senate. Afterwards, Republican senators abandoned their usual rhetoric of Obama criticism, and intransigence. Instead, they seemed as if it was a happy, productive meeting, though no real mention of specific topics addressed. And then today Sen Carl Levin announced his retirement. Can the Zetas tell us about this meeting? Was it regarding the Nibiru announcement? [and from another] In response to Kris' comment, I also wonder if, in addition to maybe talking about the pending Planet X announcement that maybe they also discussed the Predator Drone use in the US?  Because when the announcement comes and when the economy and control collapses like the Zetas have predicted, the drones would be one of the establishment's means of control.  Is this a possibility? [and from another] Hopeful tone at Obama-GOP dinner  Republican senators emerged from a meeting with President Barack Obama optimistic about the road forward toward a grand bargain to solve the country’s financial problems. Obama and the group of 12 senators met for more than two hours at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington D.C., and talked about the debt, deficits and taxes. It was one of the first meetings Obama has held with rank-and-file lawmakers in years. The dinner, which was requested by Obama, was organized by Sen. Lindsey Graham and included 11 additional Republican members of the upper chamber. The meeting was “very candid” and covered several topics including the budget and the sequester. [and from another]  Last night at the Jefferson Hotel here, Obama dined with 12 Republican senators. Everybody agreed they're not going to give a readout on policy issues that were discussed. Next week, Obama heads to Capitol Hill for meetings with House and Senate Republicans and Democrats.

What’s wrong with this picture. The Democrats and Republicans have been at polar opposite extremes since he took office for his first term in 2009. Republicans openly declared themselves the party of “no”, stating as Mitch McConnell did then, that their primary task was to cause Obama to fail at everything he tried, in order to make him look bad so he could not get re-elected. They went through the first crisis of Obama’s second term – the Fiscal Cliff – with scant compromise. Taxes on the wealthy were raised only because the exception, granted by Bush, timed out. Tax breaks for the Middle Class were kept because they were after all tax breaks and besides, the Republicans would have taken the blame had they not compromised.

Now we have the sequester, where there is yet to be any compromise. Pain on all sides. Obama cancels public tours of the White House in accordance with cost cutting needs and Republicans howl. This whole matter of legislating the matter intelligently is hardly going to happen. It is anticipated to be a blood bath every step of the way – rage and finger pointing for every furloughed federal worker, for every federal service cut back, and for every military contract canceled. Now we have a private luncheon, where the press is not present, and everyone emerges as though an aphrodisiac was in the air. Love all around. But no details of any policy discussions will be given. No press leaks. So what was discussed, that all the animosity were dispelled?

As we indicated on June 16, 2012 Obama is planning to announce the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, and made several attempts to accomplish this during September-October, 2012. When he lost the first debate with Romney, due to these distractions, the announcement was put aside while his second term was assured and the various fiscal  crises lined up to occur shortly after his inauguration were put behind him. These issues are primarily resolved, though tweaking the sequester and addressing the debt limit in late March are still before him. Meanwhile, the announcement team has been hard at work in preparations.  These include identifying the opposition, those wanting the cover-up to continue, and removing them from power. The resignation of General Allen was one such maneuver.

Obama and the announcement team are now moving beyond the announcement to planning for governing after the announcement. What to do if riots break out? What to do if survival communities refuse to pay taxes and declare independence from government rule? What to do if states themselves declare this? What to do if crop failure and food prices create starvation, at a time when food stamps themselves will be hit by the sequester? How to handle international treaties when base closures are likely to occur due to the sequester cuts. Obama decided to inform senior Republicans, as he has senior Democrats, of his planned announcement and what might result. Cooperation will be needed.

Recently our friends said that families will be ripped apart by argument as those in denial refuse to budge and those determined to survive set their plans. But many families have small children, and it can affect them. Could our friends to answer - those family members, who fell into denial and refuse to budge, will be more inclined to hold children about itself or they will want to get rid of them as a burden? Or maybe their opinion about the children will somehow change in process of increase of earth changes?

We have explained that denial will be rampant going into the Pole Shift, becoming hardened in those who cannot face the changes coming, rather than softening as the reality of the situation becomes more obvious. In essence, those in denial want the status quo to continue, for their own comfort. If a spouse argues that living in the city is potentially dangerous the one in denial will point to the comforts so close at hand and the hardships inherent in country living. The conversation goes no further. This will likely be the situation whether there are children in the equation or not. In fact, changing schools for the kids is likely to be an issue where the status quo seems more desirable than change. The kids have friends, would become the new kid after a move, etc.  For couples divided by denial, having young children in the mix only exacerbates the problems.