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ZetaTalk: Rule of Forgetfulness
Note: written Oct 15, 1996.

Forgetfulness occurs naturally. When an entity incarnates into a human body, the mind naturally has no knowledge of past lives. The mind develops memories from what it experiences, observes through its senses, and concludes due to the mental processes resulting from all this. Thus forgetfulness is natural, and breakthroughs where the spirit has an opportunity to relay bits and pieces of a past life rare. The Rule of Forgetfulness is not an imposed rule, it is a rule of nature. However, given that incarnations work this way, and incarnations have proven to be the fastest way young spirits grow and mature, no one is rushing forward to bring a newly incarnated body up to date on what has happened before. In fact, such a process can delay maturity or skew the eventual decision the entity makes on its first lesson, the orientation lesson. Imagine instances in life given no knowledge of past decisions or full knowledge of past decisions.

forgetting heads

Thus, forgetfulness allows the entity to move through circumstances that were similar to past circumstances, trying them out with a different approach and consequently experiencing a different outcome.

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