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TOPIC: Self Defense

The best defense is a Low Profile, such as having No Windows to conceal your location. Having a good location and being discrete about where your survival group is going to locate is of primary importance. But in the event that a survival group finds itself under attack by those determined to rape, kill, cannibalize, or enslave, self defense is a must. Silent Weapons allow a defense that won't alert others to the groups location. The Long Bow has advantages over a cross bow or short bow. Knowing the Lay of the Land gives the survival group the upper hand. Non-Lethal defenses have Infinite possibilities, however, the Aftertime may require Vigilante justice. Arguments for Guns or No Guns can be made, Expertise is required and the Alternatives are many, plus guns can Backfire. A secure area allows the group to Sleep Safe, but Honking Geese or a motion detecting Tachometer can alert those who are sleeping. Dog Attacks from hungry dogs can be deflected.