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Long Bow

A crossbow is an excellent choice when it comes to accuracy and power, if you have a good one; however there are some drawbacks.

  1. Most states do not allow hunting with a crossbow unless you are handicapped, thus there is no opportunity to learn the skills of tracking your kill (game will usually still run for a while before they hide and die); true for bow or crossbow. Also there is no chance to learn to gut, clean, and skin the game - again learning these skills before they become life or death can eventually determine whether you live or die.
  2. A bow is usually much faster than a crossbow when you must make a second or third shot.
  3. I personally go even further and prefer the longbow, which can be as powerful as a crossbow, has much less weight to carry, and can be more readily built from scratch.

One advantage of the crossbow, however, is that a bolt, the arrow when used with a crossbow, is thicker and heavier and can thus be made more easily.

Offered by Ron.