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No Guns

Been doing some deep thinking lately on the subject of self defense. Even the term "Self" defense has a negative ring to it. By thinking in those terms, it would be more appropriate to call it "others" defense. Simply meaning that one should take into consideration, the entire group, not just ones self in terms of defense.

Therefore, I don't think guns are the best choice for self defense. The best self defense for others would be to read up on how to keep a low profile, and teaching others to learn as well. How to use silent weapons when searching for food, and teachings others to learn as well. Learning the lay of the land, (the most important in my eyes) and teaching others in your group to learn as well. There are lots of non-lethal methods to protect your self like using geese, that will help you and others sleep safe. Look at hungry dogs as an opportunity for food. Set safe traps and eat the dogs as you catch them. Sounds bad, but two birds with one stone so to speak. What I am trying to say here is, there are many ways to protect you and yours from outsiders. Your goal is for you and yours to survive, not to die at the hands of your own weaponry. Use your mind, it is the best defense you have.

Offered by Clipper.