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 First, there is nothing wrong with defending yourself, your loved ones, or other innocents, against real threats to life and property. We should all "give until it hurts" in so far as sharing our resources goes, but that does not mean that we ought to lay down like lambs and let marauding criminals take what ever they please - including our lives. Next, let me say that as a military historian of the Cheyenne Indians, I can tell you that even these skilled warriors made the cardinal error of depending on their animals (in this case dogs) to warn them of intrusions into their camps. This, in spite of the fact that they knew that on their own raids, they were able to get past the dogs and steal horses (the usual object of Plains Indian raiding).

The idea of using geese as sentries is hopelessly inadequate. And when the geese begin to raise the alarm, then what? Lock the door? Yell "please go away"? I suggest that guns in the home be kept in a gun safe, with trigger locks as well. I suggest that every adult be proficient with a battle rifle and pistol. We talk about skills. Here's one: I can put a round of .30-06 tracer about a foot from someone's head at 300 meters. That will get his attention. Showing an aggressor that you have the capability and willingness to kill him may well spare you from having to do so. Do I value the lives and well-being of my family more than that of strangers with criminal intentions? You bet I do. A dead man can't be of much service to others.

Offered by George E.