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No Windows

It will be dark and wet much of the time. What is one going to see? Especially if it's light inside. What will the light emitted from a window be liable to attract? How easy will it be for someone desperate to break in through that window? I am thinking of permanent peep holes, that stay covered most of the time so no light gets out. Most of us will have made a fortress to survive the pole shift. Why not keep it that way for protection and defense reasons. I suspect most bullets will not penetrate a monolithic dome.

One can buy, relatively cheaply these days, simple outdoor motion detectors that turn on lights. These can be easily modified to sound a door bell or an alarm and/or light a light in your survival quarters. So one would know when to turn out the lights and look through the peep holes to see if the intruder was it a curious animal or a humanoid. Domes that do not emit light, can be camouflaged to look like small hills. Most humans will walk on by. I do see, if the survival quarters are too small, then there will be claustrophobic effect and windows will be necessary. Thus, the above idea is only if one can make a sufficiently large survival quarters to feel comfortable. This would ultimately be an individual type decision.

Offered by Mike.