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Please check the Straight Jackets Scenario in which one of the fathers, sober and stoic and in charge, has the gun in his possession and goes nuts. In the scenario I paint, he just shots one person in the face, in a fit of rage and the multiple frustrations facing him (starvation, injury, worry about the morrow, and teenagers running off with their last food and flashlights). The scenario could as likely have been that he takes quite a few out before being subdued. This is what happens when folks "go postal" as the saying goes, go berserk and start shooting everyone they know, not the strangers.

Statistically, you are more likely to be shot in the home, by someone who got a gun to protect you. In platitudes about guns, folks are assuming sane and mature adults, and no fit of rage or misuse of weapons by these supposedly sane adults. The statistics are, simply, that most murder or death by the hands of others happens in the home, by someone the victim knew, and most gunshot death likewise occurs in that setting. You can argue philosophy, but these are the hard facts.

Restrictions are supposed to prevent anyone but the reliable from purchasing a gun, but this is a joke. Guns will make you free? They are more likely to make you dead. Then there is the argument that those with guns are shot to "disarm" them, and those without guns are not shot. England for centuries did not arm their Bobbies as this was more likely to escalate violence. Statistically, they were better off not carrying arms.

Offered by Nancy.