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Pending the PUFOIN site hosting this interview, here are the draft answer provided by Nancy.

In January of 2004, PUFOIN hosted a Question and Answer Session with 5 self-proclaimed experts on Planet X. We polled both advocates and oppositionists. Of the 5 who participated, only one advocate withdrew during the process; Mark Hazelwood. After being asked to counter some comments from an oppositionist, Mr. Hazelwood immediately labeled PUFOIN as a disinformation web site rather than present solid evidence to counter the statements of the oppositionist. We also polled Nancy Lieder of Zeta Talk who supports the Planet X assertions. Nancy is a self-proclaimed Emissary for an alien race known as Zeta. Nancy's website offers a great deal of intriguing concepts, which make for interesting reading. Nancy also manages Troubled Times. This website offers information on the changing Earth environment and suggested preparation for these Earth changes. While it has always been the position of the PUFOIN editorial staff to relay researched and truthful information to our viewers, we can not confirm or deny the existence of an inbound space object such as Planet X. Ultimately, you (the viewer) are responsible for forming your own conclusions based on the evidence offered by the various researchers who support or debunk the existence.

The PUFOIN staff finds the Planet X debate of a continued viable interest to the viewers. We've followed up with Nancy Lieder and asked her some tough questions with a decidedly anti-PX approach. As always, Nancy answered with enthusiasm and openness seldom found with other researchers who are asked the devils advocate type questions. We'd like to thank Nancy for taking the time to be a part of our follow up Q&A. Whether you support the findings of Nancy or not, you can't discount her humble and cooperative approach when asked tough questions. Not once has Nancy become defensive or belligerent. It should be noted that our experience has demonstrated that those with alternative views tend to be quick to denounce their opponents as debunkers. Even researchers with similar preaching tend to discredit other researchers as being disinformation. One such researcher is Dr. Boylan who is an advocate for the Star Visitor. We will be reviewing Dr. Boylan in an upcoming commentary.

It is important to remember that the views of our Editorial subjects do not necessarily reflect the views of the PUFOIN staff. We believe in fair and equal reporting.

1. Nancy, you've spent a great deal of time and personal finance to develop the Zeta Talk and Troubled Times organizations and their websites. You have thousands of interested supporters who regularly follow your web site. As the self-proclaimed Emissary for the Zeta's, how did you feel in May of 2003 when the events you'd been prophesizing for years did not unfold?

Going into the role of the Zeta Emissary, I as a reincarnating soul understood this was not going to be an easy path. The goal was to increase understanding of the cataclysms to come, so that love could prevail, not fear and panic. Given the opposite goals those in power worldwide hold, that the cataclysms would be an opportunity for domination and control, and elimination of unwanted mouths to be fed, this was not going to be a cakewalk. I knew from some of the games played that the Zetas were capable of having Nancy slip and stumble, made the fool, for the overall goal. An example of this is the Hale-Bopp episode, where the Zetas correctly called the 1995 ‘comet’ a nova, and correctly predicted that the dots across the sky being drawn as the orbit of this ‘comet’ were to be connected to a real comet located by the NEAT program that tracks dark asteroids. ZetaTalk right, but Nancy thinking there was NO comet that was going to appear until in late 1997 there it was! Why did they do this? To deflect campaigns against me, which thereafter assumed I was dead in the water as the Zeta Emissary. The record shows the Zetas were right, ESO not finding any comet emissions in 1995, and so many contradictions on Hale-Bopp from the official sources, so few Hubble images released, that in retrospect this episode is not a detraction from ZetaTalk. And Nancy survived.

There are several layers of consciousness or understanding, which all who are human live with. We have a subconscious which knows all that has occurred in our life time, and a conscious that is selective about what it wants to understand. We have an incarnating soul that may or may not be updating the current physical brain about past lives or the larger view it is aware of. Thus, when we did not have rotation slowing to a stop shortly after May 15, 2003, I, as a human, aware fully only of this life span, was stunned but not depressed or despairing. My SOUL knew the larger picture, and was communicating reassurances. It took me several weeks to figure out how to proceed, which I did by starting the Signs of the Times, and dealing on the web site with what came before May 15, 2003 and after in separate sections, with an explanation that all date related ZetaTalk in the earlier sections was part of the White Lie, designed to make Homeland Security and its counterparts around the world stumble, which they did. Operation TOPOFF with over 100 agencies in the US and Canada called into action just ahead of May 15, 2003. Operation Planet X in Iraq on May 15, 2003. And Iraq invaded in time for oil resource occupation ahead of May 15, 2003. So many clues that those in power around the world were aware of Planet X and not willing to discount ZetaTalk!

Was the White Lie worth it? Look now to the mess in Iraq, where the oil fields there are worthless to those who would have commandeered both Iraq and Saudi fields, and the world no longer has any respect or desire to cooperate with the strong arm that George Bush wielded in early 2003. They made the move into Iraq too soon! And the thrust to dominate the world’s oil, the commodity of the future when paper moneys becomes worthless, failed! In the game of chess that ZetaTalk and the powers that rule the world are engaged in, this was a win! So, in retrospect, I, Nancy, feel even better for having been made the fool on the May 15, 2003 issue, when I truly believed this date was valid!

2. Your message about Earth Changes and the "service-to-others" orientation is a solid philosophy regardless of its origins. Do you believe that you were oriented towards these endeavors even before your connection with the Zeta's?

The Zetas have stated that they knew me in past lifetimes, and knew me to be staunch in this orientation, almost limitless in my courage to confront Service-to-Self forces, and thus someone who could be trusted to not be bribed or intimidated. Even as a child I was deeply offended when the weak were targeted or ridiculed, and not afraid to challenge bullies. I recall singing lullaby’s as a young child to a dying bumble bee, and later in my 40’s taking a day off from work to be beside a sick sea lion, old and awash on the beach. I recall stepping into the middle of traffic in my 20’s, screaming, to create a scene when an old woman was being mugged, her purse wrenched from her hands, as alone I would have been unable to confront her male attacker. The mob that pursued the mugger and caught him told me privately they individually would not have taken chase, but as a group found the courage. In the work force in management, I pursed hiring the handicapped even though this was highly unpopular with my superiors. And though often living below the poverty line as a working single mother, needing to pay baby-sitters a good portion of my salary, our family supported a child in Guatemala for over a decade. So it would seem that being Service-to-Other was my nature, pre-birth, as ZetaTalk has stated.

3. What happened in your life that allowed you to channel the Zeta's? Do you believe that you were visited during your lifetime and that perhaps you were implanted with alien technology, which permits this interaction?

Where I was not consciously aware of my contactee status until I was 55 years of age, I was aware of becoming suddenly more telepathic in my late 20’s. I would realize who was about to phone just ahead of the phone ringing, often having my hand over the phone just before it rang. By my mid-30’s I was playing games with this ability, fascinated, suggesting to utter strangers at bus stops that they think of something and let me guess. My track record was about 55% correct within minutes. I did a bit of remote viewing, learning the parameters to put into the search and when this involved family members or friends, verifying the data received. So when it was time for me to realize my contactee status, and do recall, I was not all that surprised to find that I had allowed an infusion of Zeta DNA into my brain to increase telepathic communication with them. Telepathy with humans was a bonus!

4. Without a doubt, you've received probably as much negative publicity about your interaction with the Zeta's as you have positive. People are quick to disregard anyone with special abilities such as yours as being in need of psychological therapy. What impresses me is the fact that you've stuck to your guns and continued to share the message. Have you ever felt resentment for being the one chosen as an Emissary? Please elaborate on your answer.

No resentment, as after all I CHOSE this role, volunteered for it, and frankly expect the worst at all times so as not to waste time or energy being surprised or shocked. Every day that passes without pain or a disaster happening is a pleasant surprise, such is my attitude. However, I rant a lot. During times when I have been played the fool, so broke as to worry about my ability to continue the ZetaTalk message, I’ve ranted at the Zetas, asking for Nancy, the human, not to be treated like ‘just another incarnation’. How much can a body stand? The help that has come my way, from the larger team that is working toward shared goals that I and the Zetas have for empowering mankind with information being withheld from them, has been the result. Those helping me are not in the limelight, but quiet behind-the-scenes workers who have volunteered JUST what I needed, when I was at the breaking point. Talk about coordination! But for all those who envy my role, and would step up to the plate, the help comes AFTER the suffering. First one volunteers and DOES the action, then they get help. Not an easy path, but the rewards are immense. I hope in my next lifetime to be able to assess how effective I was, in the choices I have made, the words used, as there is no time for contemplation at present.

5. Many of your predictions parallel those of previously established prophetic events such as from the Hopi; Maya; Edgar Cayce, etc. For the skeptics out there, how do you explain away the fact that your messages could as easily be prophesized by any person with a computer and access to these ancient prophecies? What makes your predictions anymore relative than those from before?

Any valid message is going to have resonance with other valid messages, and by design. There is OVERLAP, but not complete overlap. The similarity with the Hopi is an end time of devastation and red skies as predictors, no date given, no specifics on cause of these events. The Maya calendar has a date and it ends, no precursor events or cause of the end times, and the end date of 2012 is in dispute. Edgar Cayce predicted a changed geography. EXCLUDING the May 15, 2003 date, the date related information in early ZetaTalk, it has been almost completely accurate. The place in the sky where the red object was sighted at observatories in 2001, imaged in infrared in 2002, sighted naked eye in the sky in 2003, so precise! The prediction on the weather, quake increase, volcanic increase, and the predictions just this past year on Earth wobble and orbit irregularities, astonishing! Predicted by none other! The exact steps to occur during the hour of the shift, what will occur during the weeks leading into the shift, are more complete than any other source, as are the descriptions of what mankind can do to help themselves. I my view, ZetaTalk is more comprehensive, and offers more self help, than other valid prophets.

6. It has been my observation that many researchers into UFO's or the Paranormal find their celebrity niche and capitalize on that celebrity to make money. After a while, their original purpose becomes distorted and eventually it no longer resembles the truth it once stood for. Your message hasn't changed but your regular updates and interaction seem to have seriously declined over the past year. Some might suggest that your time 15 minutes of fame has finally come to an end. Have the Zeta's abandoned you? Do you still feel them to be the same benevolent beings with honorable intentions or have they embarrassed you and you now question whether their intentions are sinister?

Shall we list the attacks on my ability to get the message out? Going into the May 15, 2003 date, for more than a year, I held IRC chats, but the chat logs show the coordinated attacks that made this impossible. Disruption was one thing, but takeovers where someone else was posting as Nancy was the goal. I ended the chats to prevent someone from becoming the pretender. If you don’t read it on the ZetaTalk website, on a chat log, Nancy did not say it! Nevertheless, to this date, I hear via email that I was in a chat and said thus and so, or in a private message session and said thus and so. It has always been the goal of those debunking the ZetaTalk message to have an effective take over. For awhile, this was Mark Hazelwood, who lifted the ZetaTalk description of the pole shift and was promoted via Art Bell. At the present time, Ed Dames is describing Planet X on Art Bell in a manner identical to the ZetaTalk description, but no mention of course of Nancy or ZetaTalk. There has been a concerted effort to make ZetaTalk disappear, a banned message, a discredited message. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears, it may not make a noise, and if a messenger is banned so that all but the most courageous fail to promote the message, it has been silenced, or so the hope of some. For those wanting the regular message, the Lou Gentile monthly updates are a source. It did not STOP, it has been BANNED.

7. There have been many solid arguments against the Planet X scenario that you've preached on Zeta Talk. One of the strongest oppositions is Jason Martell. He has compiled a rather informative website, in which he bases his observations on historical findings. One could say that his observations are supported by fact while yours can not be traced back to anything concrete. How do you explain the overwhelming evidence provided by Jason Martell when your own Planet X claim has thus far proven to be off-target?

Jason Martell, in a debate with me, repeatedly fell back to the statement that the public should ‘go ask NASA’, trust NASA, check in with NASA, and relayed that he was welcomed at and visited JPL sites. Trust NASA when the Hubble images are withheld from the public? Trust NASA when the Face on Mars is not revealed by the Mars probes? Jason limits his arguments and excludes anything but what his authorities proffer. He’s a NASA mouthpiece. He does NOT include the current Earth changes in any of his statement. All is normal? Melting poles, melting from the bottom up, more volcanoes active than ever, earthquakes so under reported and even then at record levels, earthquakes in Poland and Argentina where they historically do not occur, record number of hurricanes and typhoons this year, the wild weather the Zetas predicted, the increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity the Zetas predicted, the reddish object incoming just WHEN and sighted WHERE the Zetas predicted, the SE United States sinking just as the Zetas predicted. The standard debunk for Planet X supposedly missing is that all the photos on my site are lens flares. I invite the public to look them over. This is what Jason, the lap pup of NASA, is NOT addressing. Jason of course would omit that the Zetas were RIGHT about the magnetic orientation of the Sun, where NASA was wrong, as reported to them by their very own Ulysses probe! Their explanation for NO solar reversal at the end of 2000, after they had announced this? The Sun has 2 south poles, or perhaps it is 2 north poles, on occasion. In other words, NASA, like George W Bush, cannot be wrong!

8. My final question is specific to your continued prediction about the arrival of Planet X. You've continued to argue that PX is still in-bound. You've pointed to photos which have shown what could be a planet. You've been accused of tampering with images and wild goose chases. What is your final word on the Planet X scenario? Are we to expect Planet X to pass near the Earth and cause everything from crazy weather to poll shifts and usher in this 4th density? If so, when will this event take place? Your message is rooted in concern for the well-being of the human race. You want people to be sheltered and to survive. If the Zeta mislead you before, which obviously caused serious fall out among many of your trusting followers, what would you say to those people and the rest of the world, which might help them to be prepared for the eventuality you have preached?

In their goal to PREVENT Martial Law from being imposed, in the many countries that could suffer this going into the pole shift, the Zetas have woven a fabric designed to trip those in power who would enslave and hobble the common man. The White Lie of the May 15, 2003 date was the first, and this resulted in an EARLY thrust into Iraq that prevented the oil grab in the Middle East from succeeding. The second was withholding the fact that the orbit of Earth would HALT when encountering Planet X in its path, and stall for months. If Homeland Security’s level orange was called on May 20, 2003 in response to the specific Zeta dates given on the Lou Gentile show on May 16, 2003, it was next called on Dec 21, 2003 when the Earth and Planet X were approaching each other in their orbits. Among the overlap in ancient prophecies and folklore are indications that MORE than rotation stoppage and a pole shift occur, and this lately has been given flesh in new ZetaTalk, putting this into a comprehensive script the common man can grasp. Sunrise from the West, and 3 days of darkness, and just HOW this can occur. There may be more cards to be played, in the game where those in power on Earth are kept off balance, so that the little man can be free to seek safety when the time comes, and not be required to shelter-in-place along coast lines or river basins where they and their loved ones will surely drown.

This concludes the PUFOIN follow up of our 5-part Q&A regarding the Planet X debate with guest, Nancy Lieder of Zeta Talk. We'd like to thank Nancy for taking part in our January 2004 series and sharing her experiences with us during this follow up.