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ZetaTalk: Why Nancy?
Note: written Jul 15, 1997.

Of course, we and others speak through a number of conduits. Many but not all channels are valid, and some of these on occasion carry our voice. Nancy edits our words but also contributes to the content by suggesting points we have failed to cover. Nancy is unique as to her telepathic communications, though many others, seeing the success of ZetaTalk, have asked for this. It is not so much her body, or her IQ, or her age or location that determined our decision to accept Nancy's offer. She has other qualities, missing in others, and in abundance in Nancy - courage, the ability to stand up to Service-to-Self methods, absolutely, and a track record in this regard that allowed us to trust her with this mission. She has more than satisfied our expectations. Nancy is also unique because she has placed herself at great risk.

Nancy entered into an unlimited engagement with MJ12 in order to further certain goals. It was her perception that MJ12 was a highly cautious organization, and would not act or move on matters of concern to her unless they were guaranteed utmost control. She gave them that control by granting them, in essence, the ability to execute her should they deem that necessary. For those unfamiliar with what an unlimited engagement is, this is outlined in the Rules section of ZetaTalk where the rules whereby alien groups of different orientations engage. In essence, it is a no-holds-barred engagement, unlimited, so that such an engagement bound Nancy for life. Of course, it also bound the old MJ12 for their life, and when this arm of the government ceased to have official status, her engagement was at an end too. They too, as an organization, could and did die.

Between alien groups of differing orientations, an unlimited engagement means that the groups engaged can savage each other, without bounds, or manipulate circumstances, without censure, until the matter at issue is settled and beyond. Such engagements are extremely rare, and normally do not involve groups, but rather individuals or dedicated teams. Within the Service-to-Other groups, such teams have resigned themselves to death at a minimum, and more often to experiences worse than death, in order to secure their goal. These are suicide missions, and Nancy understood the risk she was under when she engaged MJ12. Several other humans had done so, and only one besides Nancy lives today. The others died at the hands of what was then the predominant CIA influence over MJ12, brutally.

Because we, the Zetas, operate under the Rules of Engagement, we honored the unlimited engagement that Nancy entered into with MJ12. Thus, if MJ12 wanted to meet with her, she was picked up and delivered to them by us, just as we would haved delivered one of our own to engage the Service-to-Self they had engaged, even if this meant the death of a friend and cohort. Nancy survived by her wits and passion for truth and justice, and an almost uncanny ability to sense those members of MJ12 who are strongly Service-to-Others. She made allies, and swayed agendas, and argued alternatives, so that many programs operating on automatic came under question and were changed. These are matters neither she nor ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas, can discuss in detail.

Thus, just as we engaged the old MJ12 in a limited engagement in the hope of making alliances for the better, and just as we gave this old MJ12 a travel service without censure or comment from us in the hope of getting beyond their deep need for control, just so Nancy went into an unlimited engagement and likewise gave them complete control over her life, should that be deemed necessary. They did not control Nancy, her thoughts and words and opinions, they simply held a death sentence they could implement any time they wished, instantly.

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