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Note: written on Aug 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The Zetas have commented on Hale-Bopp since it first hit the press in mid-1995. They have stated that Hale-Bopp is a fraud, designed to get the populace looking in the wrong direction, not toward Orion. The many faces of the Hale-Bopp Fraud, and what the Zetas said about them at the time, are in detail on pages linked to from the outline below.

06-Aug-95 Hale-Bopp = a nova
 Hale-Bopp is nothing more than a distant star, and will draw no closer. The 12th Planet, a true messenger of death, will not even get the attention the fraudulent Hale-Bopp is getting today. That's because it's a real threat, not a diversion.
14-Aug-95 Hale-Bopp = a nova
 Why has Hale-Bopp, at this time, decided to fragment and explode, growing in brightness? This is decidedly not the pattern that comets present, but it is the pattern of exploding stars, super novas, which become for a brief time visible, and then wink out.
17-Aug-95 Hale-Bopp = a nova
 Outbursts occur when comets fragment on nearing the Sun, being of a composition that cannot withstand the exposure. The 1993 outburst story stands directly at odds with the orbital computation, which places Hale-Bopp, so the story goes, in a regular orbit around the Sun every 4,000 years or so!
29-Aug-95 Hale-Bopp = a nova
 The diffuse brightness of an exploding star provides a fairly large area of bright points, as the mass of the star spirals outward with fiercely burning portions away from the star center, which is dimming. Just which of those little pin points is considered the so-called comet head?
26-Sep-95 Hale-Bopp = a nova
 No comet emissions have been discerned except by an Arizona friend of Hale's. These tentative emissions hardly weigh against La Silla's study, which is authoritative. Why did La Silla call Hale-Bopp an "unusual" comet, with a broad area of a supposed dust cloud not usually found surrounding a comet.
19-Oct-95 Hale-Bopp = Sagittarius unmapped stars
 This unfortunate conspiracy began with the best of intentions at the bequest of MJ12, in fact, who had neglected to update their lackeys on the latest. The conspirators were going under the prior directives, which were to focus attention away from the pending reentry of the 12th Planet into your Solar System.
25-Oct-95 Hale-Bopp = Sagittarius unmapped stars
 (Talking about the nova.) The public has been given many images of Hale-Bopp, all with slightly different backgrounds, as the light range was adjusted each time to allow or screen out certain spectrums. Thus, it appears from the photos that Hale-Bopp must be moving.
29-Nov-95 Hale-Bopp = Sagittarius unmapped stars
 (Talking about the nova.) A late summer ESO report stated as clearly as the ESO dared that Hale-Bopp was not a comet, based on the lack of comet emissions and expansive behavior. They did not publish the many concurrent findings that demonstrated that Hale-Bopp is an exploding star.
18-May-96 Hale-Bopp = star clusters or black space
 (Talking about the nova.) Why did the various major observatories around the world assume the head of Hale-Bopp to be various different things - a dark area, a bright spot, a dark areas to the side of a bright spot - all while the head was the basis of the supposed orbit tracking? Why was it necessary for the IAU to toss out 90% of the data submitted to it for the announced orbit to be found to be correct? Is this science, that the assumption overrules the data?
17-Jun-96 Hale-Bopp = real comet #1
 Take a check on where all these almost daily changes in the ephemerides are leading, astronomers of the world, as they are leading right to where a face saving comet that's a real comet is coming from. They plan to hide Hale-Bopp behind a real comet. What comet, ever, has had this kind of manipulation in its orbit?
9-Jul-96 Hale-Bopp = real comet #1
 All roads seem to lead to Gamma Andromedae, where this does not logically follow! They would marry their fraud, Hale-Bopp, with a double star, Gamma Andromedae, and what a glorious perihelion that would be! This required manipulation of the orbit such that it moved away from Jupiter, rather than being perturbed toward the giant!
16-Nov-96 Hale-Bopp = behind the Sun
 Hoagland's early conclusion that what NASA was calling Hale-Bopp was an object under intelligent control gave the conspirators a way out. Those who have spread this gossip are all firmly in the palm of the conspirators, cooperating.
24-Nov-96 Hale-Bopp = behind the Sun
 We predict that the single individual, the NASA Principal Investigator who has been given exclusive rights to Hubble pictures of Hale-Bopp, will come forward and grant the public a look at these prizes. However, these pictures will be of times long past.
1-Dec-96 Hale-Bopp = behind the Sun
 It zigs and zags without any astronomical reason, perturbing away from Jupiter, having its turnaround at perihelion tightening, all unexplained by the orbit plotters. Along the way they have also lined their fraud up with star clusters and when the orbit was in the comet belt, with faint peripheral comets that JPL and NASA spied with their equipment.
20-Jan-97 Hale-Bopp = real comet #2
 Is it not supposed to be a glorious panorama across the sky at this point? Is it not to take the breath of the beholder away at this point? The comet of the millennium? A comet of such massive proportions that it was outbursting out past Jupiter?
5-Mar-97 Hale-Bopp = real comet #2
 It is not what was advertised and pointed to in 1995. It is not what folks were advised to track through Sagittarius in late 1995. It is not what folks were struggling to see in early 1996, nor the brief alignment of a comet in June-July of 1996. It is not the many star clusters that the Hale-Bopp orbit was aligned with during its twists and turns that broke all the rules of Orbital Elements and have never been explained by JPL. And it will prove not to be what has been billed for Hale-Bopp at perihelion. Imagine what you might see with the Hubble, above the atmosphere which clouds mankind's view of his Solar System. Imagine what information is received by the NEAT program. Comets are so many gnats in the sky that NASA and JPL fail to report as they are forbidden to take advantage of their superior view in this matter.
27-Mar-97Hale-Bopp = real comet #2
The tale told by the angle of the two tails, the ion tail in particular as it points away from the Sun, shows that this comet is not at the distance claimed by the conspirators. What angle should that tail pointing away from Earth be? Is it at that angle? Here's the rub! Is this a big comet far away or a small comet much closer?
2-Apr-97Hale-Bopp = real comet #2
The single clue available to the populace is the angle of the tail which points directly away from the Sun. As we have explained, drawing a simple diagram as viewed from well above the Solar System and placing a comet in this or that position relative to the Earth and Sun will quickly show that the comet cannot be at the distance claimed!