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ZetaTalk: Attack the Messenger
Note: written during the Apr 19, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

ZetaTalk has had a tumultuous history, with those embracing it demanding perfection, within the guise of human understanding, and protection, as though the messenger had responsibility for sanctity from the impact of the message, and vicious attacks by those not wanting to hear the message in the first place. Thus, friend and foe are hardly discernible. Human astrophysics states that Planet X could not have an orbit such as we have described, a sling orbit past two foci, back and forth, rather than round and round. Yet Planet X is approaching dead on toward the Sun during the reign of ZetaTalk as the prime messenger, exactly as we have described. Human astrophysics also states that the speed of Planet X during its rapid approach from the mid-point between its two foci until it enters the solar system just months ahead of the passage is not possible. Yet within the reign of ZetaTalk as the prime messenger, this has occurred exactly as we predicted.

As part of the debunking campaign, it was asserted that since Planet X is a brown dwarf, and human astrophysics only applies such a term to gaseous planets many times larger than Jupiter, it would be monstrous when within our solar system. Thus primed, many demand that ZetaTalk explain why it is not filling the skies with its size in the weeks before the passage. Those embracing ZetaTalk but demanding that the message be rewritten to comply with human astrophysics or human understanding are not embracing the message or even thinking clearly or for themselves, they are simply demanding a lack of conflict. "Tell me what to believe, and reconcile every statement with every other statement", they cry, as they cannot or are unwilling to sort the facts out for themselves, being infantile in this regard.

Likewise those demanding protection, rescue, are infantile. The one delivering the message frightened them, so is responsible for replacing the fear with comfort. Here again the human is not taking responsibility for themselves, but is stomping their foot like a child, expecting others to rush in and act as a parent. If the weatherman reports a storm, do they call the weather station and demand delivery from the storm? In fact, this is their first impulse, to utter “What are you going to do about it!” when bad news is announced, but they have learned by derision to suppress this impulse in human society. Their prayers are regularly pleas for improvements in their own lives, demands made of God to fix the dilemma he has placed them in. Since we, the Zetas, are presumed powerful, and interactions with aliens not a settled matter in human society, they are trying for what they can get.

Those who attack the messenger because the message is uncomfortable are in fact making an understandable, though primitive, response. The mosquito stings so you slap the mosquito, the apple is sour so you fling it into the bushes, someone reeks of body odor while attempting to kiss you and you give them a shove. Push it away, the child’s first response to something offending, with no further thought about repercussions. Adults, in human society, are supposed to be logical, entertain facts, digest, discuss, and conclude. They most often do none of this, but simply react, as a child, to the offending substance of message, rejecting it. These are not leaders of men, as this type of reaction makes them scarcely suitable for any life but swinging from trees, but as Internet access is granted to anyone, they write email and post their simplistic reactions on message board. “Go away, you’re crazy, I don’t want to hear it”, they cry, and when the shift occurrs will be found huddled in some corner making these demands still.

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