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ZetaTalk: Two Scenarios
written Aug 23, 2004

Today the cover-up remains tight, the participants told that the presence in the inner solar system affecting Earth orbit and weather will pass, and the primary danger is panic in the worlds populations. That the cover-up serves those in the know, allowing them to continue in their power positions unchallenged and without surprises, is not addressed. In the name of national security, global security, and avoidance of unrest and mass panic, any who threaten to break the tight cover-up are assassinated, discredited, put into compromising positions, and punished. In a world where corporations are Owned by few real major stockholders, including corporations in the media business, and where politicians are selected and promoted based on the certainty that they will cooperate with those essentially running the world on the basis of their immense wealth, the blanket of the cover-up is almost complete. The media simply does not report anomalies. Questions asked of scientists are deflected, as these scientists routinely work for grants, universities reliant on grants, for corporations directed by their major stockholders, or for government agencies under national security rules. Odd death rates among such scientists are not reported, or under reported, as is the increasingly erratic and frightening weather worldwide, the alarming number of earthquakes that rattle buildings and spit the earth open, and the threatening condition of volcanoes near urban settings.

On the eve of a likely break in the cover-up, where the establishment is unable to escape Earth for safety on Mars and has found their underground bunkers unstable and likely death traps, and where the Earth is presumed to wobble further and even potentially stand on its head for a Sunrise West, something worse than a controlled panic among the population is feared. An announcement about a presence in the inner solar system, presented first as a debate and then with increasing facts supporting the announcement, is deemed the lesser devastation to the establishment, when faced with certain and sudden mass panic in the event of an Earth tilt that would cause a sunrise in the West. A debate of the issues, done ahead of such an obvious proof that this presence existed, would include safety tips, what to worry about, what steps to take, and when. Such an announcement would validate sources such as ZetaTalk, certain to be given the spotlight as the establishment wishes more pointed predictions on timing, dates, and we, the Zetas, are holding this information hostage until media exposure is given to our words.

What would the scene be, with the cover-up in place, or with a thoroughly cracked cover-up, and how would these two scenarios differ?

Decreasing media coverage on disasters would continue, leaving local residents wondering why their stories do not make the news. This is of course already in place, the worst disasters being neglected and any new phenomenon such as fireballs thudding to Earth getting in the news only when taking the media by surprise and before a suppression order can be issued. Anyone in the public watching TV or reading the papers would presume that only their area was drowning in flood waters or being eaten by locusts and presume the rest of the world intact. The big picture never provided. Rumors would remain that, with their sources quickly changing their stories, frightened looks on faces that tell yet another story, and distractions of an increasingly inane nature instead the story of the day on TV. This runs along until something too big to hide occurs, like a sunrise in the West, after days when the Sun has either crept South dramatically or North, and the jet stream has done gymnastic feats. What then?

The public, stunned, stands in the streets, forgetting their responsibilities, leaving the job untended. The authorities, in total, are discredited, and if citizen rebellion were feared, this rebellion would be total. No jobs attended, no payment of bills, no taxes paid, no courtesy to police or those in uniform, and people moving in all directions at once. With no explanation for what is happening at hand, speculation would rule. Every rumor would have a life, creating ripple effects that would rise to flood tide levels as those who have come to doubt the authorities completely would follow where the rumor led, almost mindlessly. Stammered explanations emerging from TV or radio would be ignored, if transmitted at all in a broken system where none were attending to their jobs. It is a rule, repeated in history, that when a catastrophe hits and the establishment has not been able to predict it, the establishment is blamed. Priests thrown into the fiery pit of a volcano. Kings slaughtered before the throne they are no longer deemed fit to sit.
Cracked Cover-up
While wondering, if only on a subliminal level, why the weather has gotten so extreme and, if noticed, why the Moon and Sun seem not where remembered, those privy to debate in the media on the possibility of a presence in the inner solar system causing this would be fixated on the subject, bar none. Strong feelings, already evident where the subject is discussed, would be certain, but it would be discussion, not action. The anxiety in everyone, when contemplating the normal setting being changed, would turn to what to do, in the event. Sites long devoted to specific discussion about survival steps would get sudden media attention, and those with a reputation for calm discussion of these steps would have a microphone thrust in the face, without warning. Those unable to contemplate a life change, due to age or debility or restriction on travel, would subconsciously prepare themselves for death as they would if presented with a life threatening illness. Those able to react to the threat would look over the options, picking and choosing based on their circumstances, and look for partners among those of like minds.

While the debate raged, plans, discussion, but not action would occur. When the day comes when the location of the rising and setting Sun throws the speculation into a reality mode, each reacts as they have prepared. If the discussion has included information on when real danger exits, the point where rotation stoppage is about to be reached, then even with something as unimaginable as a sunrise West would not cause panic, as this has been presented as something folklore and prophecy speak of as preceding the true moment of catastrophe. Anger at a late notice would be defected to scapegoats put before the public eye during the debate phase, inevitably in this situation to involve NASA and those who controlled this agency for decades, and the Pope, who surely knew. Anger against the Bush administration has already been orchestrated, setting them up to be the primary demons to be exorcised when the time comes. Where deaths from shock, stroke, heart attack, and depression would occur, these would be deemed inevitable for those individuals, in the larger scheme.