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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2015

Is this an alien seed? If yes, what would be its purpose? I know that there are many plants around which seem quite natural to us, but are not native to Earth and were brought to Earth by alien entities. We humans like to think that we are the owners of Earth, but we are just residents. [and from another]  The never-before seen image shows a microscopic metal globe spewing out biological material feared to be an infectious agent. It follows findings that DNA capable of inserting itself into living creatures and replicating can exist in harsh space conditions. A tiny ‘plasmid’, a circular strand of DNA used in genetic engineering, was sent into space from Sweden in 2011 on the exterior of a TEXUS-49 rocket. After enduring 1,000C heat it was found to still be intact and with its biological properties when it returned to Earth. It is a ball about the width of a human hair, which has filamentous life on the outside and a gooey biological material oozing from its center. We were stunned when X-ray analysis showed that the sphere is made up mainly of titanium, with a trace of vanadium. [and from another]  September 19, 2013. The team, led by Professor   (Hon. Cardiff and Buckingham Universities) Milton Wainwright, from the University’s Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology found small organisms that could have come from space after sending a specially designed balloon to 27km into the stratosphere during the recent Perseid meteor shower. The biological entities originated from space. [and from another]  Professor Milton Wainwright and his team from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, who gathered the particle say it is biological in nature and is made of carbon and oxygen. This find comes just a short time after International Space Station (ISS) astronauts found tiny microscopic plankton on the station. Some bacteria and DNA are known to be able to survive the harsh conditions of space, and it is still unclear whether these plankton blew up from Earth or came from elsewhere. [and from another]  October 6, 2014.  It was discovered in dust and particulate matter gathered deep in the Earth’s stratosphere. Its finders say it is a “biological entity” made of carbon and oxygen - the building blocks of life. And the scientists who made the incredible find insist there is no way it could have blown up into space from our planet - and so must have originated elsewhere in the universe.

Is the Earth still being seeded with biological components? Yes, but it is not what some fear. This is a healing process. We have stated that potentially life bearing planets are indeed seeded to kick-start life. Life obviously begins naturally without such an assist, else how did the first intelligent beings arrive if not by this route?  Seeding is done to expedite life, and genetic engineering done to expedite intelligent and conscious life capable of sparking souls. Earth has regularly received microbes from Mars and the Asteroid Belt, so these are not foreign to the Earth and clearly the Annunaki traveled between the Moon and Mars and Earth without biological distress.

What type of healing is being done to Earth’s stratosphere by benign aliens working on behalf of the Council of Worlds? Earth’s atmosphere has been under assault not only by man, who pollutes the Earth’s atmosphere with impunity as well as the Earth’s oceans and soil. But beyond that, the wafting charged tail of Planet X changes the composition of the atmosphere. If electro-magnetic charge affects man and his infrastructure, it likewise changes the chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions likewise are a factor. Just what healing is in process is too complex to explain to man, who is barely beyond the stage of thinking the Earth is flat, so we will leave it for man to speculate.

The situation in Saudi Arabia looks strange, to say the least. Some time ago Prince Bandar, back then head of the Saudi intelligence services, was deposed from his post due to ¨health reasons¨. That happened just about when the ISIL/ISIS caliphate was established, while it is said that Saudi Arabia has played a key role in the creation of ISIL. Prince Bandar is known to be such a close friend of the Bush family, that he carried the nickname of Bandar Bush. Now King Abdullah has died, just a few weeks after Saudi Arabia killed the price of oil, affecting not only several other oil producing countries which oppose Saudi Arabia´s policies, but also several oil producers in Saudi allied countries such as the US and the UK. Finally the throne has been assumed by the now King Salman, 80, brother of Bandar. Salman was the first in the row of succession. He is described as a man having moderate ideas, but suffering of some sort of psychiatric illness. At a first glance it seems that new King Salman will not be a very strong man. But having Bandar Bush as his brother, in a certain extent he might follow the lead of Bandar. And then the Bush family will increase its influence in his policies. It is also important to keep in mind that rumors have it that Saudi Arabia played some role in 9/11. It has also been mentioned that Saudi Arabia has played some kind of role in the Ukraine´s Orange Revolution and the financing of the Chechen rebels inside Russia. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that Saudi Arabia many times has allied with Israel on its policies for the Middle East, most of the times going against other Arabic countries. So here we have a rather complex scenario: these are very powerful guys, which may handle the global price of oil either way they please; they are close to the Bush family; they are somehow allied to Israel, going back to back with Israel on many moves. And it is very strange that King Abdullah died of some kind of pneumonic affection, which with the resources available to him should have had a cure. It all smells like someone has been clearing the way for an already appointed and desirable new successor. Has King Abdullah been deceased? Did he know too much? Has the Bush family had anything to do with these events? In which extent is Saudi Arabia part of the cover-up crowd? In which extent the war of the COW against the elite may affect the Saudi royal family? Would the Zetas like to comment? [and from another]  The motive is clear: revenge. Days earlier, Prince Bandar reportedly oversaw an intelligence operation that caused the deaths of Assad’s top generals. Prince Bandar Bush was truly a man of two clans. As Washington’s adopted son, his fate was tied to a hostile house that is famous for disloyaty and betrayal. It is generally known that Prince Bandar was one of Al-Qaeda’s chief financiers.  [and from another]  The Saudi press agency said he stepped down at his own request. (It did not say whether he would continue as head of the national security council, a less important position.) He will be replaced by his deputy at the Saudi equivalent of the CIA. Saudi-watchers say decision-making in Riyadh is in poor shape. King Abdullah is 90 and frail, Crown Prince Salman is 78. Last month the appointment of a new deputy crown prince, Muqrin, a relative youngster at 68, again focused attention on the succession.

King Abdullah was not assassinated. At 90 the repeated bouts of pneumonia were not a sign of a lack of antibiotics, but of the body’s inability to distribute them via the blood stream. Poor circulation with a failing heart is the end for many. But his death further destabilizes the Middle East. We mentioned that the Bush war in Iraq destabilized the Middle East. Saddam Hussein and his Republican Guards were Sunni, and now they have been replaced with ISIL who are Sunni. Did Bandar Bush’s role in helping Bush and Cheney pulls off 911 backfire on Saudi Arabia? This gave the Saudis bad press.

In that Bandar’s actions were not approved by King Abdullah he was removed as national security head. The Bush crowd subsequently poisoned him, fearing that his falling fortunes would loosen his lips. Now that his older brother is King, will Bandar emerge from the shadows?  We are currently in the 8 of 10 phase going into the Pole Shift. This is a long phase, full of sociological turmoil, the migration of starving and drowning peoples, panic among the elite, and shifting loyalties. Anything could happen. The Saudis, per se, are not a target of the Council of Worlds during their war with the cover-up crowd, but if they ally strongly again with the Bush crowd, they might be swept into this position.

There appears something strange in the news recently.  In image from Mars Rover shows a man fixing the Rover? [and from another] Life on Mars? New NASA photo shows workman fixing space Rover on the Red Planet, conspiracy theorists claim. New pictures have been released by NASA showing Mars Curiosity Rover. The probe is currently on the Red Planet scanning for signs of life forms. The images appear to show what some have called a 'human-like' figure. They say it shows a workman leaning over the space probe and fixing it. Add that it shows that there is proof that life on Mars does exist. But scientists say the shadows are just a play on theorists' imagination. The pictures seem to feature a human-shaped shadow looming over the probe as if they are repairing it. The shadow formed shows what looks like a male figure, who isn't wearing a helmet as his short spiky hair is visible. It also looks like the figure is wearing an air tank on his back and a suit covering most of his body. [and from another] This image was taken by Navcam: Left A (NAV_LEFT_A) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 50 (2012-09-26 13:59:04 UTC). Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Why has this 2012 image provided by NASA suddenly gone viral on the Internet, including on respected media like the Daily Mail? A bit of research on the matter shows that this 2012 photo is among many provided by NASA in 2012 showing the Rover in shadow, as the Rover and/or the camera turns to scan a different view. The shape of the shadow changes depending upon the angle of sunlight. Clearly just parts of the rover. The question is not what the image is showing, but why is the image suddenly back in the news?  The Daily Mail article quickly shifts from the Man on Mars debate to Methane on Mars. The establishment is trying to expedite disclosure, but debates about methane gas and bacteria on Mars have not grabbed the public’s attention. What to do? Throw out a teaser. Once you’ve got their rapt attention, switch to methane. 

Yesterday there was an election in Greece that has made waves around the world. It is being portrayed by the major media as a major anti-austerity victory. Major media presents the success of the leftist Syriza party and its leader, and new prime minister, 40 year old Alexis Tsipras, as a historic event. The question that comes immediately to mind is what is really going on behind the scenes? An almost barbaric austerity program has been implemented in Greece over the last 4-5 years that has crippled the economy and people. Banks are of course über alles, receiving as bail out the majority of new loans from the IMF, while households are burdened with more and more taxes. Unemployment, suicides, business closures, hungry students at schools are all on the increase. Under the circumstances, the win of the leftist Syriza yesterday is not surprising at all. Still, when major changes such as this happen through an election, bringing down overnight a country's decades old, corrupt political status quo, I suspect, they are allowed to happen. Someone has invested in Mr. Tsipras. What role might he play in the big geopolitical picture that includes the US and Russia, Turkey right across the see, the Middle East around the corner and major oil and natural gas fields? Any comments or insights? [and from another] The radical left, anti-austerity Syriza party has won Greece's vote.” [and from another] Greece elections: Voters send a defiant message to the EU. [and from another] Likely to empower Europe's fringe parties, including other anti-austerity movements across the region's economically-depressed south. [and from another] Heaven is where the police are British, the lovers French, the mechanics German, the chefs Italian, and it is all organized by the Swiss. Hell is where the police are German, the lovers Swiss, the mechanics French, the chefs British, and it is all organized by the Italians.

Countries go bankrupt for various reasons. In 1924 when Germany had funded their war by unhinging from the Gold standard and then was thrown into a devastating depression by their loss and the punishment imposed, the government reacted by printing more money until it was worthless, requiring a barrow of paper money to buy a load of bread. In this case it was government ambitions that caused the hyperinflation. In 2002 the Argentina peso was devalued after over a decade of runaway inflation. Here again, the government was trying to keep things running by spending money they did not have.

When the European Union was on the upswing, forming, Europe had a relatively booming economy. They were importing workers. When matters changed, the more frugal northern countries took proper fiscal steps while the more relaxed Mediterranean countries went into debt to accommodate demands from their public. The poor came to the rich with their hands out and were given cash, but Greece did not recover during an enduring recession nor did the expectations of their people change. Europe was trying now to export workers. 

The pubic in Greece obviously expects more handouts, in the form of loans, so their social services can continue unabated. But this is not their money. Now what? Where all eyes are on Greece at the moment, this is not a Greek problem. It is a problem that will afflict many countries, in fact most, shortly. Governments are tasked with collecting taxes from economic activity and disbursing this to defense and social services. As the Earth changes destroy infrastructure and impact the economy, and destroy crops so that a meal costs more, demands on shrinking funds increases. This is not going to change. More and more countries are de facto bankrupt, including the US.  

This story could unfold in any number of directions, depending on choices made by man. Thus, unpredictable. Each country could be cut lose to allow their currency to hold its worth or not, depending upon the fiscal management of their central banks. The Swiss Franc unpegging from the Euro is an example. The European Union is likely to turn a deaf ear to Greece. A squalling demand from the poor to the rich impresses few, frankly. Greece does not hold winning cards, and is likely to find themselves kicked out of the EU instead. As money, in any currency, loses its value, the populace will increasingly turn to barter, which is all to the good as this is indeed the currency of the future.

Did the Z's say Baikal was on a fault?  The article mentions dry conditions this last year and over use of the water, (just as authorities claimed to explain the Dead Sea) but I'm wondering if Baikal it's losing water from below.  For only one summer and fall of 23% reduction of lake inflow, this report seems like a pretty drastic situation for a lake that holds 1/4 of the world's fresh water! [and from another]  The power-saving and water-preserving mode is recommended due to a decrease in Lake Baikal's water level, which now stands at 456.07 meters above sea level. The critical indicator for the lake’s minimum acceptable water level for economic activity is set at 456 meters. A similar situation was recorded back in 1982, when the level of Lake Baikal dropped to a record low of 455.27 meters. The flow of water into the lake last summer and autumn reached only 67 percent of the usual amount.

The Lake Baikal region is in the stretch zone and as such is being continually tugged apart. As we have stated, the Eurasian Plate is more vulnerable to ripping open in what we have predicted will become a new inland seaway up along the border between Pakistan and Iran and thence up into the lowlands just to the east of the Ural Mountains. Lake Baikal accumulates from rains and snow in the water shed surrounding the lake, and empties from several rivers which are dammed to provide hydroelectric power.

As a land locked lake subject to rainfall variance, it will drop and rise to a surprising degree. The current low level was reached in the past, in 1982, before Planet X returned again to pull the plates apart. Lake Baikal will not be drained, as once the water drops to the level where outflowing rivers are not being fed, it will cease to drop. The dams will cease to produce power. The more likely situation will be an increase in rainfall, as the Coriolis effect will curl winds up from the new Equator cutting through what is now the Arctic, and thus coming across an expanse of water, the air will be water laden when hitting land.

Would you be interested in commenting on this. Cramer worked for Kollsman Inc (owned by Elbit Systems). Elbit systems is an Israeli-based defense electronics company. [and from another]  Milford man dies in Saudi Arabia, family believe texts point to murder.  Cramer was in Tarbuk to work with and observe the Saudis using thermal optical devices the company manufactures, which can be installed as part of missile systems. Cramer called three times between 2:40 and 2:50 p.m. on Jan. 14. A copy of a text message that Cramer sent to a friend reads: “I think something bad is going to happen to me tonight. Please contact state dept. ASAP. Bad things were said in Room 315.” [and from another]  Christopher Cramer, 50, was found dead on Jan. 15 after a three-story tumble from the window of the Sahara Makarim Hotel in the city of Tabuk, where he was staying. Cramer was in the region for Advance Defense Systems of Kollsman, providing technical assistance for a demonstration and sale of a TOW anti-armor missile system. [and from another]  Elbit Systems Ltd. is an Israel-based international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. Elbit Systems has approximately 12,000 employees, the majority of whom are engaged in engineering, research and development and other technical areas. On September 3, 2009, the Norwegian Pension Fund's ethical council decided to sell the fund's stocks in Elbit due to the corporations supply of surveillance systems for the Israeli West Bank barrier. One of Denmark's largest pension fund administrators PKA Ltd announced it will no longer consider investing in Elbit. In March 2010, a Swedish pension fund not wanting to be associated with companies which in its opinion are violating international treaties, boycotted Elbit Systems for being involved in constructing the Israeli West Bank security fence.

Who killed Cris Cramer and why? He works for an Israeli held company, which has been cited by Scandinavian countries for its participation in building walls to imprison the Palestinians. Since Elbit is an electronics company, not a construction company, Elbit was certainly not cited for lifting blocks. Cramer was killed because Israel has their spies infiltrating Elbit operations, and overhead Cramer express sympathy for the Palestinians. Cramer was in a position to know the extent of Israel’s cruelty and cruel intentions toward the Palestinians via their so-called security fences.

The Saudi’s have expressed a desire to build walls around parts of the Kingdom, so the Elbit team was assembled there. Netanyahu is under attack with European countries voicing their support for the Palestinians. Obama is refusing to meeting with Netanyahu in March when he comes to meet with the US Congress. We have stated that a Mossad signature is to break the trail, killing all in the know. Chris Cramer will not be the last to die suddenly. A nervous Netanyahu may assume a scorched Earth approach, until the Mossad has had enough of him. Even they may find themselves in danger.