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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 7, 2014

What are these discs found under a crop circle? Seems legit.  [and from another] 3 Metal discs found in the Grasdorf Pictogram, Germany 1991. The farmer Werner Harenberg woke up early in the morning of July 23 1991 to discover Germany's first really spectacular crop circle near the village of Grasdorf, Lower Saxony in the historic Teutoburger Wald Area, not far from Hannover, and indeed not far from the prehistoric site of Externsteine, part natural rock, part carvings, caves and bearing various signs of what seems like long and varied religious practices; and seeing that the straws were unbroken, as it were, harmoniously bended, he stated as much as that it could not have been made by amateurs such as had recently allegedly been at play further north in Schleswig-Holstein. [and from another]  18 inches below the ground, in three of the pictograms design symbols three large metal plates of extremely pure Gold, Silver, and Bronze, were unearthed, each containing the complete pictogram design in relief field design. [and from another]  The silver plate consisted of 99.9% pure silver, purer than sterling-silver. Furthermore, a spectrographic analysis of both plates proved that they had not been made from a cast but from some kind of conglomerate of silver nuggets and natural copper and tin pieces of the type found in Germany’s Harz forest, not far from Grasdorf. They had been produced, either by heating up to a degree that partially melted the metals - or in a low-gravity environment. [and from another]  The Externsteine belong to the Teutoburger Wald and are a natural outcropping of five sandstone pillars.  The pillars have been modified and decorated by humans over the centuries. At the top of the tallest stone is a chamber, now open. Archaeological excavations did not produce any findings earlier than the 11th century BC, other than some Paleolithic and Mesolithic stone tools dating to before about 10,000 BC. There is some kind of altarstone, which may have been once used for sacrifices, later it may have been Christianized. Directly above the altarstone a circular hole is cut into the wall, facing the direction of sunrise at the time of Summer Solstice.

It is obvious from the pictograph metal plates found at Grasdorf, Germany that the genuine crop circle placed there in 1991 has had a predecessor. The identical design had been laid in the past, and recorded for antiquity on metal plates. The metal of these plates – Silver, Gold, and Bronze - appears to be of such purity that it is doubtful it could have come from human forges. The crop circle location is close to the Externsteine stones, which include a Solstice sighting hole which would have been correct prior to the last Pole Shift.

So who created the metal plates, and what was the purpose of burying them in the ground? The purity of the metal implies they were not forged by man, nor would aliens have buried plates as their crop circle warnings are above ground and visible. The Solstice sighting hole at Externsteine was put in place by the Annunaki, just as they used the Great Pyramids in Egypt as a sighting device for the arrival of Nibiru prior to the last Pole Shift. Mankind was warned by aliens of the pending passage of Nibiru, just as they are today, of the dual 270? roll that Nibiru makes as it passes through the Ecliptic. The Annunaki wanted to document this explicit diagram while making note of key locations on the design, and accomplished this by burying the plates.

This attempted murder does not have the heat of passion, no exploding rage or jealousy, and had been planned for months. Was this caused by a possession? It also does not seem like the classic possession case. What was going on here? [and from another]  The 12-year-old girls had been plotting the murder for months. Both suspects explained the stabbing to police referencing their dedication to Slender Man, the character they discovered on a website. Weier said that Geyser told her they should become "proxies" of Slender Man — a paranormal figure known for his ability to create tendrils from his fingers and back — and kill their friend to prove themselves worthy of him. Weier said she was surprised by Geyser's suggestion, but also excited to prove skeptics wrong and show that Slender Man really did exist. The suspects believed that "Slender," as Weier called him, lived in a mansion in the Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin. The plan was to kill the victim and walk to Slender's mansion. When asked about Slender Man, Geyser said she had never met him but said he watches her and he can read minds and teleport. [and from another]  The girls were trying to impress a certain "Slenderman," the complaint read. One of the girls encountered the name on a website known as Creepypasta Wiki, which posts horror stories. Slenderman is the site's supposed leader, and to climb up into his realm, a user must kill someone, one of the suspects told police. The fictional Slenderman character is an Internet meme that often appears in horror stories, videos and images. [and from another]  They said they had planned to run away and join the Slender Man in his mansion in the woods outside of town. The Slender Man is a prevalent internet myth that has been a viral sensation since it emerged online in 2009. The paranormal creature stalks, abducts and traumatizes children for its own amusement. It can also supposedly control people and communicate telepathically. The girls said they believed the 'Slender Man' was real after reading stories about him online on a site called CreepyPasta Wiki, where users can submit their own scary stories.

This episode was an example of a group possession, in which a group of weak individuals allows a strong Service-to-Self spirit to influence them.  We have explained that the Melchizedek cult operates in this manner, with the Service-to-Self spirit possessing weak minded members intermittently and in turn. Unlike traditional possessionwhere the possessing spirit remains in the human who has invited it and creates dramatic chaos and violence, these group possessions are low-key and often not recognized by others. The motives in the possessing spirits differ in these two scenarios.

The Dark Knight possession, where  James Holmes had a dramatic personality change and the Miami Zombie possession where a quiet Bible totting young man suddenly ate the face off another are examples of a single possession by a highly Service-to-Self spirit intent on making an impression upon humanity. The message is that the human race cannot rely upon their friends and neighbors, cannot rely upon the good graces of strangers, and empathy and an open hand and heart are thus a mistake.

In group possession there is a different agenda, which is a slow erosion of the group so that only Service-to-Self behavior emerges. It is noteworthy that the Slender Man mythology centers around the Slender Man’s interaction with children, who are easily frightened and feel helpless to fight the adults in their lives, much less one who is tall, has many tentacles, and can appear and disappear at will. The Stockholm syndrome develops, whereby the helpless one embraces and wants to bond with their oppressor.  The girls are not psychotic, though will likely be diagnosed as such, and did indeed have their dreams and thoughts influenced by the Slender Man entity.  

The plane crash in Massachusetts that killed 7 people including the new co-owner of the Philadelphia Media Network Lewis Katz.  Was Mr. Katz killed because he was informed about the passage of Planet X and wanted control of the media to inform the public?  [and from another]  911 Calls in Fatal Hanscom Plane Crash: 'Something Just Exploded'. All seven people—including Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner Lewis Katz—aboard a private jet were killed Saturday night when it crashed on takeoff. Police on Monday released dramatic 911 tapes on Saturday's fatal plane crash in Bedford. "Something just exploded," a woman told a Bedford police dispatcher. "It was a big boom. It shook the house." The National Transportation Safety Board has launched a probe into the crash. A burning smell from the fire could be detected as far as 20 miles away in parts of Boston. [and from another]   Lewis Katz's Vision: Executive Killed In Plane Crash Transformed Sports, Media.  Katz, 72, acquired full possession of the Philadelphia Media Network, which includes the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and, within the past week. Katz’s goal was to return the Inquirer to its former glory with in-depth journalism — the same kind of work that helped the newspaper win a bundle of Pulitzer Prizes in the 1970s and 1980s. [and from another]  NTSB Investigating Cause of Plane Crash that Killed 7 National Transportation Safety Board Officials are handling the investigation into what caused a Gulfstream IV jet to crash on takeoff and burst into flames at Hanscom Field killing seven.

Was Katz killed because he had openly talked about wanting to turn the Philadelphia Inquirer onto all the scandals associated with the cover-up over the presence of Planet X? What would such scandals entail? The individuals at the helm of the cover-up over the years are nervous about retaliation by the public, so much so that numerous assassination attempts against Obama have been attempted. Lawsuits are the least of their worries, as they can claim they were operating under a National Security directive issued by Reagan. It is the fury of the public, which can take many forms and be unrelenting, that they fear. The media was suppressed, editors everywhere told to avoid talking about the Second Sun and avoiding any attention that might be given to the ZetaTalk accurate predictions. Who instructed those editors?

Obama reversed Reagan’s EO, but what did the Bush family and Clinton do? They allowed the cover-up to continue. The numerous assassinations wherein astronomers died of suspicious accidents is another story line. The first suspect will be the CIA or NSA, black ops funded by the government, and these types are known to crawl out from under the rocks to give expose reports. Katz’s reputation for forceful investigative journalism, and his recently expressed interest in his intended targets, signed his death warrant. That the bomb taking the plane down was obvious is part of the operation, as his death was to be a warning to others. Let sleeping dogs lie, and don’t dig down too deeply.

Would the Zeta's like to comment on any additional background events regarding the reported poisoning of Saudi Prince Bandar? Which interested parties (Russian, Chinese, Shiite, Israel or others) might have been involved and if so why? He was apparently very involved in the Syrian conflict and then left his post in April 2014. Thereafter reports of his poisoning seem to be more than coincidental? He was reportedly close to the Bush family and also was alleged to have given Putin a veiled threat relating to the Sochi Winter Olympics. In addition, he is alleged to have had a role in the chemical weapons incident in Syria. [and from another]  Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack [and from another]  Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan will reportedly return to the kingdom within days after spending two months out of the country for treatment. The officials noted that the 65-year-old sought medical treatment in the US and rested in Morocco after a surgery on his shoulder, adding that Bandar held several official meetings while in Morocco.  [and from another]  End of an era as Prince Bandar departs Saudi intelligence post. Bandar – known as "Bandar Bush" from his 22 years as Saudi ambassador to the US – is a legendary networker and hawk. The Saudi press agency said he stepped down at his own request. (It did not say whether he would continue as head of the national security council, a less important position.) He will be replaced by his deputy at the Saudi equivalent of the CIA, Youssef bin Ali al-Idrisi, who is not a royal and therefore far less powerful. For the past 18 months Bandar had led Saudi efforts to better co-ordinate the supply of weapons to Syrian rebels fighting Assad.  [and from another]  A Lebanese media report says Saudi Arabia's former spymaster Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz has been poisoned. In April, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud issued a decree to remove prince Bandar from his post, “upon on his request" and replaced him with lieutenant general staff Yousef bin Ali Al-Idrisi  who was the deputy chief of general intelligence. The Saudi prince is known to have had close ties with former US President George W. Bush, and was an advocate of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. [and from another]  Some Lebanese media outlets quoting Saudi sources as saying that the prince was injected with an unknown kind of poison. Prince was slipped into a coma and rushed for treatment to Morocco and the United States, the report added. Medical doctors say various methods of treatment have failed to restore him to health over the past few months, it noted. In April, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud issued a decree to remove prince Bandar from his post.

Who poisoned Bandar Bush? He was certainly privy to many secrets. Being close to George Bush, and advocating the invasion of Iraq by Bush, he was aware that the excuses about weapons of mass destruction were false. He likewise is aware that 911 was essentially an inside job, to be used as an excuse for the invasion of Iraq for its oil. Thus, the Bush crowd is a prime suspect. Bandar supported an overthrow of the Syrian dictator Assad, and was fully complicit, with the Israelis, in giving the rebels chemical weapons so that Assad might be blamed. The Russians want Assad to remain, as he is an ally in the Middle East. Thus, both the Russians and in particular the Israelis have reason to be suspects.  

What weighs the heaviest, and who is most likely to be damaged in the near term by the truth emerging? The Russians consider him a mosquito, a nuisance, especially now that he is no longer in power in the Saudi regime. Assad was never damaged by the chemical weapon issue, as it was never proven to be by his hand. But Bandar’s long, long association with Bush, an insider on all the fraud they were perpetrating on the American public, looms large - election fraud in both 2000 and 2004, wherein Bush was never elected to be President; the entire 911 debacle, wherein the Bush insiders orchestrated the event to provide an excuse for a Middle East invasion of the oil fields.

Why now, when Bandar Bush held these secrets lo these many years? He was recently forced out of power, though this was announced as a voluntary retirement. The anticipated announcement admitting the pending passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X, is expected to create turmoil in all spheres, including the political. The balance of power can change, and with it allegiances. Obama, overturning Reagan’s Executive Order, has clearly won the cover-up war. The Bush crowd is down and out, Obama is on the ascendance, and Bandar is known to be subject to bouts of depression, including anger at his change of furtune.  Thus, the Bush crowd poisoned him.

Is this an underwater UFO base as claimed? Are Service-to-Self aliens reacting to pending earthquakes and deserting this base, as happened in 2012 along California coast? [and from another]  The location of the suspected UFO/USO base in Google Earth was discovered by Fade to Black hosts Dale Romero and Jimmy Church of Dark Matter Radio on the 12th of May 2014. The find was aired in Church’s radio program the next day. The topic was posted on Facebook, twitter and other UFO websites. It became a widespread topic among UFO/USO fans. Enhanced Google Earth imagery of the submerged underwater formation which creates a plateau that measures 1.35 miles by 2.45 miles wide, does not appear to be naturally figured by the ocean water. Check for yourself on Google Earth (33°59'39 N, 119°01'49 W)

Though UFOs regularly check on the status of plate borders along the San Andreas, any sightings from Malibu of UFOs coming into and out of the water are not doing an evacuation from an underwater base. This did occur in 2012, off the coast of Northern California, when ships operated by the Service-to-Self were in a panic to avoid plate movements and failed to properly cloak themselves per the directives of the Council of Worlds. This is not the case at Malibu. The underwater coastline clearly has been shaped by the coast of California being pushed up, and then washed by waves both coming and going, so that soft soil has been eaten away by inbound waves, and then dragged out to sea by the outbound waves, leaving the solid rock to stand. This is apparent all along the coastline there.