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ZetaTalk: Who Came First
Note: written Jun 15, 1996

Should a stranger drop into human culture from another world it would be hard to decipher all the protocols and interdependencies without a historical record. Why paper money rather than cloth woven with special threads, and why are some structures square rather than round when most building materials such as rocks, tree stumps, and caves are rounded? Such is the confusion that humans experience when first learning about genetic engineering in their past and seeding planets in general. The genetic engineering practices they learn about do not reflect, on their face, the history of these practices. Was life, at the very beginning, seeded by God, and when did the practice of intelligent groups seeding other planets begin? We, the Service-to-Other Zetas who are talking to you here, do not have all the answers, but we can share our understanding.

Life first begins as a natural result of the processes that occur on all life bearing planets - the warm soup of oceans, filled with the simple genetic components that can and do linkup in an endless variety of combinations. Humans are aware that the DNA on Earth is all composed of four simple building blocks. In other parts of the Universe such components differ from those on Earth, nor is four the magic number. Big bangs occur periodically in this or that section of the Universe, and life forming after a big bang evolves slowly. In that same section of the Universe numerous worlds will eventually produce, during the natural course of evolution, intelligent creatures capable of offering a home to forming entities. Seeding planets and genetic engineering is eventually done within a section of the Universe for the same reasons that human couples long to have children - for more company and the pride that parentage brings. The process of evolution is expedited, bumped from slow motion to fast, and the number of worlds eventually becoming life-bearing planets is increased.

In the section of the Universe to which the Earth is a part, the seeding of planets and migration of reptilian or hominoid life forms has been in place long before our time. We have been told that none of the hominoids currently visiting Earth were the precursor, but rather all are the result of seeding and genetic engineering. Of the many hominoids who contributed to mankind's hominoid structure, none were the base hominoid, which was smaller and more monkey-like than would be expected. In truth, the issue of who started mankind will not be resolved by researching the history of genetic engineering efforts, as every step back opens another history book, and on it goes. Does it matter? Live in the present, which has more puzzles than humans can even begin to address. Live for the future, which will shortly get quite lively.

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