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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 17, 2015

What is going on in France. I read that Hollande asked Netanyahu not to join to Paris. Have a feeling there is more to this. Could the Zetas say something about it, as to me it sounds like the France goverment is using the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the shooting at the Jewish Supermarket as an excuse to start martial law? [and from another]
 France is mobilising 10,000 troops to boost security after last week's deadly attacks, and will send thousands of police to protect Jewish schools.
[and from another] French President Francois Hollande conveyed a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend asking him not to come to Paris to take part in the march against terror. After Netanyahu insisted on coming, French made it clear Abbas would be invited as well. [and from another] France will have more than 10,000 soldiers mobilised on home soil after 17 were killed in attacks carried out by Islamist militants in Paris last week. This is the first time that our troops have been mobilised to such an extent on our own soil. Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said also 4,700 police officers would also be deployed at all 717 Jewish schools across the country. Prime minister Manuel Valls told French media that an estimated 1,400 people living in France have either joined the jihadist cause in Syria and Iraq or are planning to do so. [and from another]

In the past, it was advantageous of Europe to ally with Israel, for numerous reasons. It was a natural outgrowth for the posture of supporting the Jews at the end of World War II. Israel was linked into the western banking systems, as the western banks are heavily controlled by Jews. Europe exported goods to Israel, and this trade proved to be lucrative. Meanwhile, when Europe needed workers, they welcomed immigrants from Arab countries, who were in the past compliant and quiescent. Most of these Arab countries were run by dictators, many such as Egypt and Iraq in alliance with the West. To the work force, European countries seemed a haven. What changed?  

The Bush administration’s invasion of the Middle East, toppling Saddam Hussein (who had formerly been an ally of the US) as an excuse to invade the Middle East and grab the oil destabilized the Middle East. In the process, the Sunni leader Hussein was pummeled via a Shia leaning leader installed as the US puppet. This enraged the deposed Sunni in Iraq who developed into the raging ISIS group. They have become the new boogie. Because they are Sunni, Iran is happy to join in the battle against ISIS, but the Saudis, who are Sunni, are not. Instead, the Saudi’s have instituted a price war, with crashing oil prices.

Meanwhile, Europe’s job market crashed and the formerly welcome Arab workers were now being pushed out. Disgruntled Arabs, invariably Sunni, are rushing to join the former Al Qaeda and ISIS. To encourage trade and travel, the EU countries need only have a passport. Now Europe is faced with literally thousands of disgruntled Arabs, trained in terrorist tactics in Syria and Yemen, and Israel and the Jews they formerly embraced have become a liability. This will not end well.

In a Europe that is increasingly embracing a Palestinian State, Netanyahu is no longer welcome but is refusing to stay away. Sleeper cells throughout Europe - primarily in France, Germany and the UK – have already been primed and will erupt. The US, which has been seen as a staunch friend of Israel no matter how brutal they have been to the Palestinians, will not be spared, and they know this. The elite may have been wanting to expedite Martial Law, but they wanted it on their terms. They wanted the common man starving and compliant, not militia trained and well-armed terrorists. Europe stayed too long at the party, and it is too late for regrets.  

Here is a loop of “ionosphere gravity waves” from the dates Feb 4–Feb  7, 2015. From the Ning I know that it was a massive magnetic assault in that period reflected by Magnetosphere with unprecedented whirlpools forming behind earth, Planet X being the cause. From my understanding the ionosphere is between 75-1000 km above the crust and is having currents which driven by a variety of sources, including winds, gravity, different solar-plasma pressures, also sometimes is reflecting earth changes like the great tsunami from Indonesia in 2004. So ionosphere can reflect outside influences or events happening on Earth. Can Zeta say what exactly what we see? Why we see the concentric ripples effects centered over Fiji islands? One thing that I notice regarding tectonic crust around Fiji islands have like “liquid-magma shape” (see picture link below). From ZetaTalk I understand that is” lifting-tilting”, are related to the ripple effect that we see it on the loop above? We witnessing a softening of the tectonic crust with pressure from core? [and from another]  Uploaded on Jan 7, 2015. Video showing ionospheric gravity waves made using NCAR's Wyoming Super-Computer. [and from another]  The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan had so many potent effects, but one of the most unusual is the one it had on the upper atmosphere. This image—a still-frame from an animation — shows how waves of energy from the earthquake and tsunami propagated up to the edge of space and disturbed the density of the electrons in the ionosphere.  [and from another]  When the Earth’s surface roils with stormy weather, it causes the upper atmosphere to ripple like a breezy pond.  The above video, published last week in Geophysical Research Letters, shows three days of atmospheric perturbations 70 miles up, in the E-layer of the ionosphere—an electrically-charged region that is critical for technologies like GPS and long-range radio communication. The ripples are caused mainly by three factors: the jet stream, wind moving over mountains, and tropical storms. For example, the concentric rings undulating in the south Pacific in the video above were caused by a giant cyclone simulated off the coast of Australia. [and from another]  The video is posted to youtube , and shows ionospheric gravity waves simulated using NCAR’s Wyoming Super-Computer. [and from another]  Gravity waves can be excited when stably stratified air flows over irregular terrain. Such waves may propagate feely to considerable altitudes before being significantly dissipated or absorbed.

This question is a jumble of mankind’s misperceptions and poorly sourced postings. The images provided do not show gravity waves, but show electrical activity in the ionosphere. Gravity Waves are a term used by some meteorologists to explain upper atmosphere disruptions over mountain ranges, but these disruptions have nothing to do with gravity. The video provided was labeled as Gravity Waves because when the video was lifted from the Wired article it was mislabeled as Gravity Waves. We accepted this question only because Nancy had the time at the moment and to use as an example of why we will not accept such contorted questions in the future.

We are not here to solve mankind’s math problems, nor will we discuss what is wrong with their math beyond our statement that we in our math do not use the zero. We are not here to sort out for mankind where they go amuck in their scientific concepts. We have explained that the Quark does not exist, for instance, and that the speed of light is not the fastest, but this has not changed the bumbling about that mankind does. Man does not have the intellectual capacity to understand, or the knowledge base. For every subatomic particle that man is aware of, we are aware of 1,000. The gap in knowledge is that large. And to fill in the gaps, man invents theories that are ludicrous.

At base, the questioner is asking why there are ripple disturbances in the ionosphere above where tectonic plate activity is occurring. Examples given were the 9+ magnitude quake off coast of Japan in 2011 and the ongoing lifting of the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate. We have endlessly explained that squeezed rock has an electro-magnetic screech, which causes static on the radio and causes pets to run away from home. It is an earthquake predictor available to the common man. The Pacific Plate off coast from Japan had this during the 2011 quake. The lifting edge of the Indo-Australian Plate near Fiji has this on an almost continuous basis. This creates ripples in the electronic structure of the ionosphere, which is what mankind is measuring and modeling. This has nothing to do with gravity. 

I haven't seen this posted on the Ning.  This smells awfully fishy.  Did he in fact commit suicide or was he suicided like the many bankers for knowing too much? [and from another] Would the zetas please comment about the suspicious "suicide" of the lead investigator of the Charlie Hebdo investigation? To me it appears there is more to this Parisian event then meets the eye and possible involvement from the powers that be and the Council of Worlds. [and from another] French police commissioner Helric Fredou has reportedly committed suicide just hours after meeting the relatives of a victim murdered at the satirical magazine's offices. [and from another] Commissioner Helric Fredoun SRPJ Limoges has committed suicide last night in his office with his service weapon. He would have killed himself that night or in the early hours of the morning. He was single and had no children. According to the police union, Commissioner was depressed and experiencing burnout. In November 2013, the Commissioner Fredou had discovered the lifeless body of his colleague, the 3rd ranking police officer of SRPJ Limoges, who had also committed suicide with his service weapon in his office. He was also 44 years old.  The Commissioner Fredou, like all agents SRPJ worked yesterday on the case of the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo. [and from another]  I know the Zetas alluded to, though did not come out and say, the Charlie Hebdo killings were not a false flag but if Madsen's information is accurate it sure makes you wonder.  Especially when you consider the Norwegian shootings a few years ago when Norway voted to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state.  At that time Madsen said every time a country votes against Israel, terror killings happen in their country. Later the Norwegian shooter was linked to a group linked to the Mossad, and didn't Netanyahu actually threaten France before (or after) they voted to recognize Palestine?  That there would be grave consequences?  [and from another] Once again, the alleged perpetrators of the recent attacks were well-known to the French police and intelligence services. The Kouachis’ names were even included on the American no-fly list. The Kouachi brothers, as well as Coulibaly, who was also well-known to the police, were permitted to obtain weapons and other materials without tipping off law enforcement. Coulibaly actually met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009. Coulibaly was one of ten workers selected to meet personally with Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace to discuss youth employment issues. As with the U.S. Secret Service and the American president, French security thoroughly vets those who meet with the French head of state, which makes Coulibaly’s selection to meet Sarkozy even more perplexing. Coming so soon after France’s UN Security Council vote to recognize Palestine as a state and the rising political fortunes of the pro-Israel National Front, a price tag attack on France, masked as a jihadist terrorist operation, cannot be ruled out.

To clarify, a False Flag operation is one where the country afflicted orchestrated the event so that they could benefit somehow. Thus 911 was False Flag as Dick Cheney was orchestrating the event, at the helm, though he will never be brought to justice for this. This and the US electoral fraud in 2000 and 2004 via Diebold paperless voting machines is considered too shocking for the American public to handle, and thus will be suppressed forever. The UK False Flag on 77 was done by the UK for the benefit of Bush/Blair during the Iraq war, to motivate doubters in the UK. MH 017 was downed by Kiev in an attempt to engage Europe to fight Ukraine’s battles.

The French terrorist attacks initiated by the Charlie Hebdo massacre were not orchestrated by the French government. This does not mean that the terrorists were working alone, as clearly they were part of a network. But beyond Al Qaeda and ISIS involvement, there were others who expected to benefit. Chief among these is Israel, who is always trying to get the US, and the US via NATO involvement, to fight their wars in the Middle East. Getting the Muslims to attack Jews is an obvious ploy, as now Israel is the victim and the Muslims are the antagonists. This is the ploy Netanyahu uses with Palestine. They squeeze the Palestinians and when someone finally explodes, throwing a rock, Israel invades and snatches yet more land from the Palestinians.

That said, why are Police Commissioners in Paris shooting themselves in the head? Once might be a suicide, but for this to happen twice, a year apart, is suspicious.  Was the Mossad involved? Israel arranged for poison gas to be used in Syria in 2013, attempting to frame Assad.  Who armed the French terrorists? Who arranged for the police to look away when they escaped surveillance during their many trips to and from the Middle East and purchased guns in France? Files disappeared, names were erased from surveillance lists, and money or favors changed hands. As is usual in these cases, those in the know are killed promptly to erase the trail. This is not a False Flag operation, it is Mossad black ops at the direction of Netanyahu.

It really is a new crisis for the elite every week at this point. Now their precious currency speculation is going haywire. [and from another] The Swiss federal bank shaking global financial markets, taking everybody by surprise. [and from another] The Swiss National Bank abandoned its three-year old cap at 1.20 francs per euro. We expect euro/Swiss to trade around 0.90-1.00 francs after all the stop loss orders have been cleared. [and from another] The Swiss National Bank unexpectedly scrapped its cap on the franc, sending the safe-haven currency crashing through the 1.20 per euro limit it set more than three years ago. [and from another] The Swiss National Bank in effect devalued the franc, pledging to buy "unlimited quantities" of foreign currencies to force down its value. The SNB warned that it would no longer allow one Swiss franc to be worth more than €0.83 – equivalent to SFr1.20 to the euro – having watched the two currencies move closer to parity as Switzerland became a "safe haven" from the ravages of the eurozone crisis.

In simplistic terms, for those not in the financial industry, the Swiss have unpegged their currency from the Euro, allowing the currency exchange rate to float free and be determined by market factors. The Swiss Franc was pegged to the Euro in 2011 to support the Euro during a time when many countries in the European Union were at the point of bankruptcy. The Swiss lent the European Union their strength, in essence. Now their peg promise, to hold at 1.2 Franc per Euro, or .833 Euro per Franc, had reached this ceiling and the Franc was in danger of being dragged into inflation with the Euro. This had already happened for the Franc in their exchange rate with the USD and British Pound in late 2014. The Franc had dropped in relative value.

Switzerland has been considered a tax haven for decades for the wealthy, and even where prosecuted to release their records to the IRS still has that title. Swiss banks hold much wealth for the elite, who value this location because of the stability of the Franc and the secrecy of the Swiss. But the Euro is falling in relative value, steadily, and with the threat of terrorist attacks added to economic instability, matters will only get worse. Who wins by removing the peg? Where there are many winners and losers, the European Union loses their peg and can expect to see the Euro slide.

Where the Franc has been saved from being dragged down by the inflating Euro, the sudden chaos has hidden impacts for the wealthy who store their wealth in Swiss banks. If moving their money into the Swiss banks, they now must commit more Euros for each Franc. If moving their money out of the Swiss banks, converting to the Euro, they will be given a handful of rapidly inflating Euros. As is known historically in Argentina and post war Germany, a hyper-inflating currency is not a blessing.

Was this part of the Council of Worlds war against certain elite? Absolutely. One should take note that the currency exchange rates for November-December, 2014 place the relative worth of the Euro against the Franc at exactly the peg point. One should note that occurred right after the October 20, 2014 announcement date was missed. Thus the pressure on the Swiss was applied promptly, though the Central Bank took until January 15, 2015 to react. The Swiss are not the target of the Council’s war. Those who were in the process of converting into or out of the Franc were the target.