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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Mar 24, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Are there really 15 Brits in captivity in Iran? Where were the British when captured? Who/What is behind the capture? Will they be released soon?

One of the games played when one country wants to taunt another into attack, into an aggressive stance, is to toy with the border. If this goes unchallenged, then the border is crossed, all the while professing innocence. If this invasion is allowed, then further invasions are attempted until the country under attack defends itself, and then voila there is a reason for war. This ploy is as old as mankind and greed have been around. This ploy, among others, was anticipated by Iran, who was very careful not to react when their diplomats were arrested in Iraq as terrorists, or unfounded accusations of weapons dealing to Iraqis were floated about by the US, or when the US incites their internal rebels to create a fuss with weapons the US has given them. But border crossing is another matter, and this escalates until the country is truely invaded, so where it the line drawn? At the first instance, and much publicized. As with the other instances, the world is not blind as to who is at fault, nor will Iran react. After a time, these Brits will be released, but do not expect this to be speedy. Iran understands that Britain is not amused by Blair's involvement in Iraq, and the public wants an exit, not an escalation. Iran has won this hand.

There were two separate reports in the press this week stating that consideration was being given to the option of spraying sulfur droplets in the upper atmosphere to "help moderate" global warming. I assume this is yet another cover story for chemtrails to block out Planet X, correct? What will the establishment do once Planet X is daytime visible and can no longer be covered up?

Chemtrails have increased, and are effective at blocking the view, but cannot be placed in every sky at all times. As the increasing visiblity of the Planet X complex causes more notice and talk, this ploy will no longer work. What then? The plan, as we have stated long ago, is to claim an asteroid approach, a swarm of asteroids, and as the Planet X complex is only visible during the day, sunlight reflecting off it, this claim will be made for the asteroid swarm. Asteroids are normally dark, and cannot be seen until very close to the Earth. All the talk about Star Wars shields needed to protect the Earth over this past decade were in preparation for this day. This cover will allow key politicians to head for their bunkers, and talk of Martial Law to float. But it will be the wobble, the lean to the left, that will kill this explanation, as asteroids do not produce this effect. Thus, as the truth is out on the Internet and well known world wide, certainly ZetaTalk well known world wide, the public will realize the truth and start to hold their leaders accountable.

Many individuals have spent several years trying to raise the awareness of the coming Earth changes in people to no effect and have little personal credibility on the subject left. Even if the frowns are no longer as intense with the Earth Changes that are accelerating it is still very much an uphill struggle. Is it worth it in terms of eventual effectiveness? Will there come a point that warnings or even subtle discussions will have been beneficial? My thoughts are that it may not be our role to raise awareness of individuals as it does not seem to work due to very strong denial? If it will eventually be useful to society at large to have continued to struggle with this then it is worth the effort, but if the awakening to Earth Changes will only come about due to increased Planet X effects are we wasting our energies and getting needlessly frustrated?

You know, do you not? Would you have prefered Nancy had been silent and not warned you? We have stated that those who need denial will become more hardened in this stance, and that those who can react will do so, many at the last moment. In any case, they should all be given this option!

Tony Blair has stated that he will leave office prior to May. Is this still likely to happen?

Blair will cling as long as he can get away with it, claiming recent emergency situations requiring him to linger. He only gave a date because he was pressed to do so, and is not sincere.

Can/will the zetas respond/explain the accelerating of time that almost everyone is now feeling?

Time, as a factor in the equation that controls your Universe, has not changed. It is your perception that time is running out, as you are subconsciously aware of the immense changes that will beset you in the near future. Take action, do not delay, and you will be less concerned with fearfully watching the clock.

Please help with this one Nancy. Tried to get your attention on another thread yesterday - someone else just had to see this anomaly. What is happening right now? The Sun is moving North in the San Francisco cam as we watch. Something streaked across the screen at the upper corner at 4:50 pm. What was it? A missile? Seriously it traversed across the screen with each reboot it traversed a half inch. It was a loose contained mass of light the size of half a dime with a partially diffused crescent. [and from another] Last night [Mar 22] during sunset (6:30-7:30pm) a huge orb lingered near the Sun!! With arm extended, it was 2 fingers to the right of the sun and approx 1/6 the size of the Sun. I am located near the Canadian Border in eastern WA, in the mountains. This is the first time I have been able to view it clearly from my vantage point. My guess is; since it was far enough to the right of the Sun, it was not impeded by the Suns glare. My Seattle friend went outside and was able to view it too. This person was unaware of Planet X, I have never mentioned it to her prior. So now my neighbors in this sparsely populated area also observed it last night.

Nancy and a team of trusted observers noted during a two week observation period in March that there was an intermittent lean to the West, which placed the N/S poles of Earth in a side by side alignment with Planet X which is now at approximately 139 degrees along in its 270 degree roll. This lean was brief, and unless someone was looking at the moment, would have been missed. Nancy and this team have likewise observed on two occasions a brief lean to the East, which is the start of the lean to the left we have described as being preliminary to the 3 days of darkness fortold. Please note we are not giving a date here, nor any prediction as to the pace between now and such an event as 3 days of darkness. Nevertheless, on occasion, these temporary leans, very dramattic, can be observed. There is likewise more debris between Earth and Planet X, which creates shadows on the Moon quite outside of what the clouds in the atmosphere would account for. For those astute, and watching, these are clear signs that our words are true.

I would like to know if this is a fake. If it is not a fake, is Atlantean or what?

Take note in the Worlds section, where the Zetas describe the size of the Annunaki, that they are approximately 8 feet tall with the bone structure to match. Nancy has likewise met one of the Annunaki during a life form orientation, also on the web, and described the appearance. There were no giants on Earth outside of the Annunaki, so any records purporting otherwise are fake.

In Slovenia, Winter time is by law between Nov 15 - Mar 15. During that time, cars must be equipped with winter tires. We did not have a single snowflake during this time, so many people mounted Summer tires on their cars in the past days. As soon as Mar 15 passed it started to snow! [and from another] Another Day, Another Record High [Mar 18] For the fifth consecutive day, the mercury sweated out another record high temperature. It was 94 degrees Sunday, breaking the old record for the date of 91 degrees set in 2004. Sunday morning's low of 65 degrees also established a record for the warmest minimum temperature for the date, breaking the old mark of 62 set in 2004. [and from another] Weathermen don't know what hit them [Mar 17] South Africa - Thursday night's savage storm has even the Durban Weather Office baffled as to its origin. We normally experience storms like this in the late afternoon but, for some reason, in the past week we've had two wild and volatile storms occur in the middle of the night. There are usually three scenarios under which such storms occur, which are generally caused by a convergence between two flows of air, but this does not apply here. [and from another] Monster Wave Warning Issued [Mar 20] South Africa - Durban hospitals are filling up with storm victims as rescue and emergency services prepared for the mother of all storms. We are mobilizing every resource, from surf rescue helicopters to available ambulances and even off-duty personnel.

We have warned of increasing drought and deluge, increasing temperature swing to the extent that the seasons will blend into one another, increasing storm ferocity with hurricanes and tornadoes occurring where previously unknown. This trend has barely started, as the Earth wobble has taken a new turn, just now emerging for those astute enough to be watching the skies, but about to pick up steam. We warned over a year ago of a lean to the left in the Earth, as the Earth's N Pole tries to evade the N Pole of Planet X. What kind of atmospheric swirl do you suppose such a periodic lurch would create? This will at first be blamed on Global Warming, as has been the mode, but how does a slight increased in air temp cause the Sun and constellations to be so far out of position? The weather will soon be the least of your worries.

I've totally been feeling the veil between worlds is crumbling on a scale that at most times I could only feel under psychedelics, now I can see things while I'm just sitting in my room not doing a thing. Something is right around the corner and my guess is the next couple months. When I mean I see things I don't actually see full blown entities, but more like glimpses of things moving outside my peripheral vision alot more. Another thing I've been a witness to are these squiggly rice shaped things that I can see when I stare off. They look like they're moving with intent and not just dust particles floating around. I wonder if anyone else has seen this phenomenon?

Many people, anxious to become contactees and nervous when they reach this status, are aware of their contact at a subconscious level. This causes them to attempt to ascribe a reason for their subsconscious feelings and knowledge to something solid, something in the room. Finding nothing they can point to, as no physical change is apparent, their imagination takes over. Do serious recall, and get the story directly, and you will have more satisfaction. It seems the Bushes are becoming pariahs. The University of Florida faculty voted against bestowing an honorary degree on Jeb Bush. The university president said that was unheard of. University officials said they could not recall any precedent for the Senate rejecting the nominees put forth by the Faculty Senate's Honorary Degrees, Distinguished Alumnus Awards and Memorials Committee.

The Bush family is more hated than the media will allow the public to realize. Those who have met them personally carry more ill feeling than those kept apart. There is not a member among them that could be considered Service-to-Other, and this includes inlaws and spouses and children. To live with this clan requires undeniable knowledge of what they are about, so those of good heart are horrified and leave the vicinity long before any type of bond can be established. Children born into this clan have likewise not had a Service-to-Other volunteer at a soul level who wished to waste their incarnation in association with the clan. The child would not have been tolerated, and given the tendency toward accidents that anyone in their group has when confrontational toward the agenda, would not have survived. As this family falls from grace, falls from power, the truth of their nature and the hatred felt toward them will come out.

Per the Zeta's prediction of the awakening, France is now releasing official UFO documents. [and from another] French UFO Fever Crashes Website [Mar 23] So many people have already tried to look at the files that it has become impossible to access the site. France is the first country to open up fully its UFO files to the public. Although other countries including the UK collect data on UFOs, files can be requested only on a case-by-case basis under the Freedom of Information Act. The French will be able to access some 10,000 documents about UFOs, including photographs, police reports and videos sent in by witnesses. Only about 9% of France's UFO cases have ever been fully explained. And of the 1,600 cases registered since 1954, nearly a quarter are known as Category D - meaning that in spite of good data and witnesses, the mysterious sightings remain inexplicable.

We have mentioned recently that given the mass sightings that have been occurring, and the general warm reception by the populace, that those in power who have long wanted the alien presence to be suppressed have been outvoted. They no longer want to be left behind, to seem like the last to know. Thus, hurried admissions that reports have been received by governments can be expected, and more allowance for reports to hit the news. It is hoped, by those in power, that the public will forgive the decades of suppression. Fat chance!

Lately at night the sky seems pink, even when we have little or no Moon, what are your thoughts?

Certainly the orange smelly snow in Siberia of last month is an indication that the tail has returned. Red dust will increasingly be apparent, and as many legends fortell this as a sign of the end times, people will begin to take more acute notice of other signs. The coverup, as we have stated, is doomed, but in the US remains rigid. As the saying goes, the tree that bends survives the winds, the one unbending snaps!

Curious if you could comment on the online article that came out a couple months ago, dealing with a supposed Prof Chan of the Human Genome project and their claims that alien DNA is located in the Junk DNA. Nobody can seem to track down any verification that this man actually worked in the Human Genome Project.

There have been many studies on the human body, and the lack of DNA in apes to support what the human body exhibits. Fingernails grow continuously, but in monkeys do not, for instance. The missing link, why Neanderthal man died out, why other strains of man just suddenly lept up, all indicating what we and others have stated, that genetic engineering occurred. Thus, there is DNA in the human genome that should not be there, but this statement is not allowed to be made under offical auspices. Thus, those wanting the truth out take other routes on the Internet.

Is the pace of the puppet master's process of decapitation of the Bushies timed to lead directly into open, public discussion of Planet X and the attendant scapegoating of the Bushies for the cover-up of Planet X? Can the Bushies function as effective scapegoats once they are no longer official White House residents or can we expect open, public Planet X discussion and the Bush cabal scapegoat status to have taken effect prior to 2009 when the US presidential administration is scheduled to turnover? Or will the puppet master move for the incoming US presidential administration to be compliant to his agenda yet to have sufficient Bush cabal ties to function as a Bush proxy scapegoat?

Since the Puppet Master does not have a date for the pole shift, he has structured his treatment of Bush to be on a sliding scale, moved in relationship to Earth changes rather than a calendar date. His objectives, as we outlined, were to make Bush so irrelevant in the decision making that takes place within the US that impeachment or assassination would not make a difference. He is, in essence, removed. We have stated that two different factions will take over to fill the vacuum of leadership. The bureaucracies will simply do their job, according to statute, ignoring the high level civilian appointments Bush has made to attempt to control them. This would include the FBI and attorney generals, the military, the coast guard, and health and human services. Homeland Security, as we mentioned, has been populated with appointments that do not have the welfare of the public in mind, and thus will be treated like the White House, ignored. FEMA has likewise been compromised, over the years, by appointments of weak individuals so that FEMA could be easily controlled when the time came to declare Martial Law. As such, it will likewise be avoided. The second faction that will fill the leadership void is Congress, which will make laws with the strength in votes to overcome a veto and simply skip the signing that Bush is required to do. Everyone will move forward, while the White House stonewalls and fumes. If one looks closely, one can see these two factions already taking control. Leaks showing the law breaking done by the White House are on the increase. Congress is getting a backbone. We have mentioned that if Bush and Cheney try to use the media to force their wishes, thinking that an announcement about invading Iran is made on TV, or about declaring Martial Law is made on TV, that out of fear of showing the American public the divisions in Washington DC that they can get away with it. We have stated that if this is tried, that it will be then that arrests are made, and Pelosi sit in the Oval Office. Should this matter not be resolved before elections for a replacement President, the Puppet Master will put his weight behind his choice and ensure that a Rove voter fraud not occur, as he did in 2006.

Are the Zeta's senses of hearing and smell comparable to humans?

More acute on both fronts, but for a complete physiological comparison, read the Hybrid section.

Are there dolphins, or dolphin like creatures on other planets and if so where?

We have stated, in the Worlds section of ZetaTalk, that the variety of life forms that are intelligent and conscious would astonish mankind, and could not even be listed were we to start typing and not stop until your lifetime were ended! Life springs forth on worlds that are carbon based, silicon based, and on worlds that would be poisonous to man. Evolution follows similar routes, but depending upon the chemical mix on the world and the extremes the lifeform must adapt to, takes many paths. Thus, every life form on your planet, including bugs and oversized bacteria, exists elsewhere and has evolved to support consciousness and intelligence. Including the dolphin type.

Does prayer to one's religion basically equal the published The Call to the Service-to-Other or is religion completely out of the equation in regards to help or assistance during and after the coming events.

Prayer is considered a type of Call, yes, as is curiosity. Be aware, however, that if you are praying for your own benefit, that this can be considered a call to the Service-to-Self! If you are praying, fervently, that others you love and care for be saved, this is another matter. Humans are taught by their organized religions to pray for self benefit, because organized religions were taken over by the Service-to-Self, imposing lots of rules that must be followed, and frustrations such as sexual abstinence, so the human becomes less empathetic and more given to rage, all of which tend one toward the self serving orientation.

How long after the Passage of X will things be normal enough to have movie studios in production.?

We have stated that human cultures will not recover after this passage as they have in the past, as the Transformation is in place and thus souls inclined toward the Service-to-Self will be taken away to prison planets to live among their own kind, and only those highly Service-to-Other allowed to incarnate here on Earth. As the Zeta/human hybrids will offer children of Service-to-Other human parent a better life, more intelligence and longer life, there will be few humans remaining after a hundred or more years. We have movie studies, but these are not what you are used to. In the high tech cities where the hybrids live today, and we, the full blood Zetas live, we have arts and entertainment. Is this what you are referring to? If not, the answer is that your movie studies will be a thing of the past!

Tests of pet food killed 1 in 6 [Mar 19] A federal investigation is focusing on wheat gluten as the likely source of contamination that sparked a recall last Friday of 60 million cans and pouches of the suspect food. The ingredient, a protein source, is commonly used as filler. The wet-style pet food was made by Menu Foods, a Mississauga-based company. The recall now covers dog food sold throughout North America under 51 brands and cat food sold under 40 brands, including Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba. The food was sold under both store and major brand labels at Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and other large retailers. Wheat gluten itself wouldn't cause kidney failure, leading FDA investigators to suspect contamination by other substances, including heavy metals like cadmium and lead or fungal toxins. Aflatoxin, a corn fungus, sparked a 2005 dog food recall.

Food poisoning is not new, and the causes well known by humans who have learned to guard against these occurrences. Botulism, which can grow in improperly canned foods. Various molds on grains that regularly attack livestock if not guarded against by good ventilation and dry storage practices, and affect humans as well. Ergot in Rye. Aspergillus, known to attack the kidneys and liver. E-coli, on the increase due to raising livestock in crowded pens rather than free ranging them, a practice that inhibits the incidence of the fatal version of e-coli. None of this is new. Human food production in the US is under greater scrutiny than the production of pet food, for obvious reasons. Law suits demanding compensation for pain and suffering and loss of cohabitation are likely to be much less costly! So what is a distributor of moldy or contaminated grain to do, given these constraints? Sell to the pet food manufacturers! As food shortages increase, risky food will creep into the food chain, especially if the inspectors are told to look the other way so food can reach the shelves and stop panic in the populace, who will start to become concerned about food shortages. What is to be done? Outside of learning to raise your own food, little can be done by the common man. In any case, the pending pole shift will change the dynamics, eliminating food distribution and food for pets. Most food will be eaten before it can molder and pesticides will be a thing of the past.

Are the bees confused by the changes in magnetism on earth? Will they get their act together or are they doomed?

Bees use magnetism to navigate, but are not doomed. They will, as domesticated creatures assumed to be able to be transported about and infected in the locales they are placed in, have heavy dieoff. But natural varieties of bees are not so abused, and will survive.

Will WWIII begin within the next 30 days and if so will the Zetas step in and stop it?

We have stated that sabre rattling will pick up as the end times near, as every country will experience distress in crop shortages and a restless populace. But this does not equate to wars, as without a strong food bank and the likelihood of success, war is generally not waged. Outside of the US doing what it did to invade the oil fields with an eye to controlling them all as the pole shift descended, there will be no war, we predict. This is, of course, in human hands per the rule of non-interference.

I just got an inside tip on some very strange activity! The source is completely reliable--as good as they get. A non-stop series of trucks, each packed with 40,000 lbs. of MREs, are being hauled into deep, limestone caves near Marengo, Indiana. The trucking company has a contract with the military (not FEMA) to deliver these shipments every day for an entire month. In fact, the MRE suppliers are supplying no one else during this period. These caves are taking everything they've got! Marengo is a small town of 829 people. What the hell is going on? This suggests the military is aware of and prepping for something extreme and always been a rumor of an underground base in the area.

These types of activities were reported going into 2003, in many parts of the US. It is not surprising that a resurgence has started. In that these MRE are so filled with salt and preservatives that they would almost last forever, and not need replacement, these maneuvers are not so much replacing older stocks as getting their hands on more. What has brought this about? In the past, it was anticipated by Bush that they could declare Martial Law, and thus feed the military on commandeered food stocks taken from local grocery stores or food distributors. The public would starve, the military be fed through the pole shift and beyond. Then Bush hit snags in enacting this plan. Yes, he invaded Iraq per plan to sit on the oil fields, but this all turned to rot. He is being ejected from Iraq and cannot invade Iran, and the military is fed up with him, in rebellion. Rather than being able to declare Martial Law in the US, he has discovered by trying this that his orders will be ignored. Rather than being in control in the US, he fears having to run for his life to Paraguay. Thus, any plan to declare Martial Law in the US must consider feeding the military from stores, not commandeered groceries, as Martial Law will in all likelihood not occur regardless of commands, except for small rogue units loyal to Bush. So they stock up, in areas close to the Kokomo, Indiana spot prepped as an alternate seat of government. Denver likewise will likely get additional stock.

If the Earth is making these leans to the left and right that you and the team are reporting, shouldn't there be a lot of sloshing of water happening at the same time as a result? Take a glass of water and suddenly jerk it left or right, and see the water splash around. However, I haven't heard any reports of unexpectantly high tides or waves during March. And it should be a worldwide effect, not local.

Sloshing of water depends upon the time frame, the length of time. A short lean puts the Earth back under the water where expected, quickly. There is a difference between the degree of motion also, as during the pole shift, there is a 90° turn, where the leans are more a 45° turn. Even then, we have predicted that during the shift the flood tide will slowly rise, a rising tide, not a giant wave crashing down upon the coastlines. A third factor is the rate of change, as during the pole shift it will be sudden, 90° within an hour, but the lean experienced during the wobble is more gradual, less violent, so the waters tend to move with the land. Nevertheless, higher tides, which we long ago predicted would occur during the wobble, will be experienced, and are already among you!

I was once told I am a new soul, is there any truth to this? If so, what happens to new souls?

We have stated that young souls who have not had time to reach a decision on whether to be Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self will not be allowed to incarnate on Earth nor taken to prison planets but will be taken to a water world to incarnate into a type of amphibious octopi. This will be your next incarnation.

Zeta's punkin' Bush in '03 and Rove in '06, preventing WMD in Iraq and False Flag Black Ops - priceless! Why doesn't Dubya ever seem to breathe through his nose? Does he have a lot of damage from all that blow that he did?

Brain damage, nose damage, and to internal organs, yes.

Russian mine explosion kills 75 [Mar 19] At least 75 miners are dead, a number that could rise, and at least 43 are missing after a methane gas explosion at a coal mine in southwestern Siberia. The ministry said 84 miners have been rescued. The mine operated with new equipment.

From the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea to the Aral Sea to Lake Balkhash in Kaszkhstan over to Lake Baikal in Russia, there is evidence of stretching and ripping above the mountains of Turkey and Iran and Tibet. The Mediterranean itself gives evidence that the great Asian plate is being stretched, as the Mediterranean was once a swamp, not a sea. Certainly, stretching is occurring below this line, the African Rift Valley and Red Sea giving evidence of this. We have stated that during the pole shift, a seaway will appear in Pakistan, ripping up to above Tibet. Such are the forces that are stretching land while the great Pacific is forced to compress. Was the mining accident in the stretch zone of Russia caused by earth movement? Equipment was new, the mine expected to be among the safest in Russia. When land is stretched, rock layers pull apart, releasing trapped vegetation and methane pools. Indeed, during the coming months, mining will become an even more dangerous occupation!