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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 4, 2015

Just recently there has been talk of the House of Parliament having to be emptied due to a lot of renovations that need to be done as the building is "literally falling down". Now by some similar dint there is talk of the Queen having to vacate Buck House again because essential work needs to be done. Are these coincidental or is there some other explanation? I would be grateful if our friends could comment on this. [and from another]  The 775-room building — which has not been renovated since she became monarch in 1952 — needs around $237 million of work including new plumbing and wiring, and asbestos removal, royal officials said Wednesday. The 89-year-old monarch is unlikely to become homeless as she has several other residences, including Windsor Castle near London, Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Sandringham House in eastern England in Norfolk. The Queen's treasurer, Sir Alan Reid, said maintaining the royal estate "and in particular Buckingham Palace will present a significant financial challenge" in the coming years.  [and from another]  June 18, 2015. British taxpayers face a whopping renovation fee of up to £7.1 billion to save the crumbling mother of parliaments from irrevocable damage. MPs could be forced to vacate the whole building for six years while essential repairs are carried out to the beleaguered structure. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is in a state of major dilapidation, with crumbling stonework and leaking roofs. The Commons debating chamber would still be closed for a period of two to four years while urgent repairs are carried out.

Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster (parliament) have been crumbling for decades but suddenly renovations cannot wait! This, of course, requires the Queen and the UK government to shift out of London into other quarters elsewhere. Just in time for the announcement riots. Just in time for the eventual flooding that will come from any European tsunami, however moderate, as a result of a start to the New Madrid adjustment in the US. Yes, they read ZetaTalk. Yes, the Queen intends to desert her subjects, and well ahead of the Pole Shift, and no, her public will not be told the truth. They will be handed the repair bill so the Queen can have her royal excuse.  

'Bizarre' alien planet with comet tail discovered.  22 times as massive, tail streams out millions of miles.  Sound familiar?  No mention of twisting swirls in tail. Will Zetas comment, more creeping disclosure? [and from another]  A Neptune-size planet appears to be masquerading as a comet, with a gargantuan stream of gas flowing behind it like a comet's tail. The strange, cometlike planet, known as GJ 436b, is orbiting a red dwarf star and is about 22 times as massive as Earth. Astronomers detected the giant gas cloud around the planet using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory. GJ 436b, located about 33 light-years from Earth in the constellation Leo, is a kind of world known as a warm Neptune. They are as close, or closer, to their stars than Mercury is to our sun. [and from another]  In December 2013, NASA reported that clouds may have been detected in the atmosphere of GJ 436 b.

Creeping disclosure has been evident during the past year or two, on both the alien presence and existence of Nibiru. The public has been increasingly presented with what is purported to be recent evidence of traveling planets, planets that range afar from their Suns, dead unlit suns, and planets with water that could potentially be life bearing. Of course, this described Nibiru, which has a long orbit past both its suns, one of which is a dead unlit sun, has water and is life bearing. What has not been presented to the public is discussion of the vast tail that drags behind Nibiru on its long journeys.

Finding an example of a planet with such a vast tail has been difficult, though Nibiru is not unique. The tail is due to Nibiru being a magnetic planet, so that the tail, composed of iron oxide particles, has become charged and thus is attracted like tiny magnets to Nibiru. These iron oxide particle also give Nibiru is reddish appearance. That this tail has wafted Earth in the past is in evidence in the red clay soil found here and there throughout the world, and in the red dust in the atmosphere at present. GJ426b is just a gaseous planet losing its substance by being superheated, too close to its sun, but the concept of a planet having a tail is there.

Can zeta give an answer why the sky is lit in the middle off the night at 1am, the camera is pointing North and is located in Lysekil, Sweden, latitude 58.2833° N. I have a friend that lives in Sweden and confirm this event. If is the wobble, Can we get an insight how big the wobble get, a measure, just to get an idea? [and from another]   [and from another]   The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the local summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, when the sun remains visible at the local midnight. Around the summer solstice (approximately June 21 in the north and December 22 in the south) the sun is visible for the full 24 hours, given fair weather. Although approximately defined by the polar circles, in practice the midnight sun can be seen as much as 90 km outside the polar circle. Even the northern extremities of Scotland (and those places on similar latitudes such as St. Petersburg) experience twilight in the northern sky at around the summer solstice. [and from another]  Civil twilight can also be described as the limit at which twilight illumination is sufficient, under clear weather conditions, for terrestrial objects to be clearly distinguished; at the beginning of morning civil twilight, or end of evening civil twilight, the horizon is clearly defined and the brightest stars are visible under clear atmospheric conditions. [and from another]

Twilight, when the sky is somewhat lit before the Sun rises or sets at Dawn or Dusk, is visible 18 degrees from those lands where the sunball is visible. Twilight is divided into 3 phases, with only civil twilight with any degree of brightness. This stands at 6 degrees from lands where the sunball is visible. The image captured in Lysekil is beyond civil twilight, and thus is not caused by the Summer Solstice and the proximity to the Arctic. The Sun was not expected to rise there until 4:09 am, and civil twilight is not expected until an hour before the Sun rises. This photo was captured at 1:00 am.

This is most certainly wobble related, as the globe is tilting its N Pole somewhat to the East at this time, into the rising Sun. The Inuit, without light pollution from cities and using the stars to guide them through much of the year, have for years noted that the Sun and constellations are not in the right place. What to expect as the wobble worsens is that the swings will get more extreme, may suddenly switch about into opposition or a temporary lean to the left, ultimately arriving at the Last Weeks. Measure where your sunball rises to determine the progress of the wobble.

What’s going on with this? What about this in Montana? [and from another]  All across the country, Americans have been bearing witness to a massive buildup of military vehicles, convoys and equipment from coast to coast. An 'enormous amount of military equipment' that is being transported under the cover of darkness, via independent truckers, using unmarked vehicles. [and from another]  The military vehicle seen in the photo above was one of several recently sent by a reader in Billings, Montana who saw a convoy stopped at a rest stop and the thing that immediately jumped out to him and us is the fact that these killing machines are fully armed with the words 'security forces' written on each of them. The Malmstrom Air Force base is located 200+ miles away from where these were seen.  [and from another]  Forty-four percent of Texas voters — including 31 percent of Democrats — think that it is very or somewhat likely that the federal government is sending troops to Texas and other states so it can impose martial law; 43 percent think it is likely that the federal government just wants to take their guns.

Reports from many northern states within the US have some alarmed that the movement of military personnel and equipment is beyond participation in the southern states in the Jade Helm exercises scheduled for late Summer 2015. Is this surreptitious preparation for Martial Law? It is indeed, as the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru is still planned and firmly in the schedule. The simultaneous participation of 5 Wal-Mart stores, and their location, shows that Obama is also concerned about the New Madrid adjustment, likely to start within this year. But why would Montana be a focus?

It is not rioting among the common man, in panic over what the announcement might mean for their survival, that is the concern. It is deliberate incitement by the elite to force Obama to protect their assets under cover of martial law. Soros incites “black lives matter” riots, live Anthrax is sent out from a Utah lab, and Pamela Geller incites riots via Mohammed cartoon contests. Obama is anticipating trouble from Texas, where talk of secession is almost overt, and trouble from Wyoming, where Dick Cheney’s lair lies.

The COW appears displeased with Elon Musk and Space X intentions these days.
[and from another]  SpaceX -- which is headed by Musk -- has made seven trips to the ISS under a contract the company has with NASA. It is the first company to complete a return trip to the space station, a feat previously achieved by only governments. The failed cargo flight was carrying more than 2 tons of supplies, including 1,500 pounds of food and provisions for the crew aboard the space station. Current supplies should last for several months and resupply flights by other operators are scheduled in coming months. In late April, Russia had to abandon a trip to the ISS after its spacecraft carrying 3 tons of cargo lost control. And last October, a cargo spacecraft developed by Orbital Sciences destined for the ISS exploded just after the company was awarded a $1.9 billion contract with NASA. [and from another]  With the failures of the Orbital ATK Antares rocket and Russia’s Progress 59 spacecraft, the pressure is on. Not just for the billionaire’s upstart space company, and its streak of seven straight successful launches to the station, but the future of the private space industry that SpaceX’s improbable success has helped spawn. SpaceX is now the United States’ only way of sending supplies to the space station.

What is the message here? Space X has had several successful resupply launches to the ISS, where Orbital Sciences failed last October and Russian launches failed last Spring. As with other failed launches, this most recent failure is a definitive message from the Council of Worlds. Where in the past they have chided wealthy Russians planning to block migration into Russian lands they control, or to give them intel on survival communities so that slave labor might be arranged, on this Space X failure there was no such message.

In the past they have chided the Orbital Sciences backers for their plans to save themselves during the Pole Shift while keeping the knowledge of Nibiru’s approach a secret from the common man, and in part the Space X failures on June 28, 2015 bore that message from the Council as well. Space X has had success in resupplying the ISS, though has flounded on landing on a floating ocean platform.  Resupply of the ISS is OK, reuse of their launch equipment so as to help the elite escape, not OK.

The message now is that the elite should not expect to get into space at all. No escape. The message here is to take all hope away from such plans among the elite. They are to remain on Earth with the common man, and to the degree that they block the common man from preparing for survival with strong survival camps, they damage their own chances of survival. They can choose starving, rioting survivors or allow Obama to make his announcement and help the common man establish on safe grounds. We expect the battle to shift from attempts to block the announcement, or deny its meaning, to attempts to enslave the common man in some way. That is another fight, on another day.

What of the ISS, which for today does not get its fresh supplies? The ISS has an escape pod for the astronauts on board, who can leave by this route whenever they choose. The ISS has been used for space based studies, which was to assist the elite during future travels to Mars or the Moon. What can survive in space? What is the effect of low gravity on life? None of these studies benefits the common man on Earth, nor was it intended to do so. Since man, in his present form, and in his present immature spiritual development would not be allowed to travel in space, the ISS is irrelevant. It is best it be closed down, and the astronauts returned safely to Earth. 

After the sudden decision of the Greek prime minister to call for a referendum regarding Greece's place in the EU, what followed was exactly what the Zetas have already predicted for most countries, albeit in a smaller scale. Closed banks and strict withdrawal limits for atms, rapidly diminishing goods in supermarkets and fuel supplies etc. The question is, who is hiding behind these moves and what is the purpose of this political and economic drama which seems to have worldwide impact? Is it a rehearsal for similar maneuvers in other parts of the world, a result of the elite's desire to increase their control on the common man as a response to the council's war against them, or just a precursor of what is very soon to follow in the rest of the world? [and from another]   Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras put his own position on the line, saying he would respect the result of the vote but would not lead a government to administer "austerity in perpetuity. If the Greek people want to have a humiliated prime minister, there are a lot of them out there. It won't be me."  [and from another]  [and from another]  Greece will become the first developed country in history to fail to repay money owed to the International Monetary Fund. Greece will also become the first eurozone country since the single currency was formed in 1999 to miss a sovereign repayment. The ECB has already said it will not give the Greek banks any extra funding to replace the rapid outflows of domestic deposits. European banks and investors have been steadily reducing their exposure to Greece over the past five years. Economic theory suggests depressed states get a boost when they devalue their currencies because their exports instantly become more competitive. But Greece is not a very strong exporting nation. Greece’s top export is refined petroleum, which is priced in dollars and it relies on imported oil, which is also priced in dollars, all meaning that this industry would get little benefit from depreciation. [and from another]  Greece became the 10th member of the European club in 1981. Its early membership of an EU that now numbers 28 countries. This is a clash of democratic mandates — pitting Greek voters’ desire to ditch austerity against the voters (and taxpayers) of other EU countries, who want to see their loans repaid and are loath to let an unreformed Greece continue to benefit from EU money.

The story of a country going bankrupt is not new, as history has many recent examples – Argentina in 2002 and Germany in 1924. The result is well known. Creditors must write off the debt, anyone holding the now worthless currency finds it falling in value, a sudden and unstoppable plunge, and those who had savings or pensions or cash set aside find all this has vaporized. Such is the lot of paper money, even if it is in electronic form these days. This story, of a country or bank or any entity going bankrupt will increasingly be in the news. The outcome is certain, though will be resisted by creditors and those who have the illusion that they are wealthy.    

In the short term, for Greece, the outcome is written. The Euro is itself in danger, having been unpegged from the Swiss Franc recently and falling in value. With 28 member states, it cannot simply hand out money endlessly to a profligate when many of its member states have a lower standard of living. After decades of being coddled, the citizens and politicians of Greece are assuming that being stubborn is a winning stance. The shock has not even started. The suddenly called referendum is to save face for Tsipras, who can then claim he gave the people what they wanted. It will certainly not sway the creditors. Why should it?  

We have predicted that the world will go on the barter system. Albeit in stages, gradually and at first only in certain locals or markets. Paper money – bonds or banking balances or printed currency or credit cards – will all be dropped. They will not be honored. For the wealthy, this will be a shock to realize that they have no worth. They will expect that their lands and homes are an asset until hordes overtake them and ignore the supposed masters. They will expect that hired militias will support them until the militias take the liquor and supplies and leave the rich with nothing. The common man, quietly gardening and tending goats or chickens, will be spared this turmoil.

This simulate is doing now?  And how to explain Elongation of Venus? [and from another]  Venus and Jupiter: Together at Last. The two brightest planets are gliding closer together in the early evening sky, and their celestial dance culminates with an ultra-close pairing on June 30th. [and from another]  In Copernicus's heliocentric model the planets orbit in circles around the sun. One may wonder how Copernicus determined the order of the planets and the size of their orbits – after all, he had no benefit of pictures from spacecraft or even a telescope. He determined these things by measuring elongation. Elongation is the angle between the sun and a planet as seen by an observer on earth. [and from another]  Venus is said to be at greatest enlongation when it passes either of the two points along its orbit where it appears at greatest separation from the Sun.

A simple fact lies behind the apparent precision in the skies presented to mankind for more than a decade, in order to maintain the Element of Doubt about the presence of Nibiru and the alien presence. The precision is maintained primarily by the fact that light bends, and bends readily. In all instances such as eclipses or as the days pass, there is evidence that Nibiru is nearby and that the Earth has stopped in her orbit. There is also ample arranged evidence, for those who would otherwise go insane, so they can cling to the notion that the Earth is flat, or whatever their emotional need requires them to believe.  

Light bends. Venus is caught in the cup, which means that is does not go behind the Sun in a round orbit but is being pushed back and forth within this cup, trapped in front of Nibiru. Venus is looming, being captured on film looking like a large smarmy pink orb. It has come closer. None of this negates the need to continue the Element of Doubt for the weak hearted. What is elongation and why will this be continued, thus? Elongation is looking at a planet from the side when it is at the edges of its orbit from the Earth’s point of view. When supposedly behind the Sun it should be fully illuminated, so this is arranged. When in front of the Sun it might appear as a crescent, so this is arranged. When at the far edges of the supposed orbit more shade than sunlight is expected, and this also is arranged.

Would you be interested in commenting on the TPP? American & Canadian media coverage of it has been virtually non-existent. And has the backing of the big corporations. With the pole shift & the lead up to it, would this boil down to a non-factor, in the main? [and from another]  As negotiations continue, WikiLeaks has published leaked chapters of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership — a global trade deal between the United States and 11 other countries. The TPP would cover 40 percent of the global economy, but details have been concealed from the public. A recently disclosed "Investment Chapter" highlights the intent of U.S.-led negotiators to create a tribunal where corporations can sue governments if their laws interfere with a company’s claimed future profits. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warns the plan could chill the adoption of health and environmental regulations. [and from another]  The Trans-Pacific Partnership — a cornerstone of Mr. Obama’s remaining economic agenda — would grant broad powers to multinational companies operating in North America, South America and Asia. Under the accord, still under negotiation but nearing completion, companies and investors would be empowered to challenge regulations, rules, government actions and court rulings — federal, state or local — before tribunals organized under the World Bank or the United Nations. [and from another]  The program was set to expire on September 30, 2015, but thanks to the bill President Obama is signing, we will not only extend TAA, but restore key provisions that will help support tens of thousands more workers each year. [and from another]  President Barack Obama signed a bill giving him "fast-track" powers to conduct and conclude trade legislation. The bill was approved by Congress last week after months of contentious debate and several difficult votes. In addition to the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), as the fast-track bill is officially called, the president signed the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) act, extending aid to US workers who might lose their jobs as a consequence of free-trade deals. The two bills were originally bundled together. The bills were voted on separately and approved last week. TPA clears the way for Obama to finalize the negotiations with 11 other Pacific Rim governments that are aiming to establish a free-trade area to compete with China, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP.

We have resisted addressing the TPP, despite endless requests for comment, until the bill was passed and signed into law by Obama. There is more to all this than meets the eye. Obama was of course intent upon replacing the soon to expire Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), due to expire on September 30, 2015. But why include the carrot of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)? This had Republican’s salivating, as it seemed to open vast areas for corporations to plunder, the 1% seemingly given open season.

Yes Obama was demanding powers, where Congress could not alter the terms of any treaty, but free-trade deals are surrounded by lawyers on all sides, so how bad could it get? The Republicans are also assuming that one of their own would gain control of the White House, as Hillary is loaded with baggage and with over a dozen Republican candidates, surely one of them would catch fire. Most in Congress signed the bills without even reading them. So what is Obama up to with the TPA?

Where is it written what can and cannot be included in a free-trade agreement? One assumes no tariff, which traditionally balances wage differentials and tax burdens. What is to stop Obama from arranging cooperation among Asian countries to relocate citizens from drowning countries to lands better able to sustain them during and after the Pole Shift? What is to stop Obama from acting as a King Solomon, negotiating peace and immigration between countries, using free-trade with the US as a carrot? What is to stop Obama, within the laws granting the Executive Branch latitude, accepting immigrants from Asia as a condition of a free-trade agreement?

It is this more than rainbow \ does not have a rainbow color? It is Planet X related? Interplanetary event or light bending! This is recorded at Sydney Airport 17th June 2015  [and from another]  The colors of the second rainbow are inverted, with blue on the outside and red moved to the inside. The second bow appears dimmer or cloudier because much more light is released from two reflections, and both bows cover a larger portion of the sky. It is rare and unlikely, but three or even four rainbows can be seen on occasion, but only if they are reflected off of the earthly objects.

Double or multiple rainbows are recorded on occasion, and are no more mysterious than single rainbows. Water droplets in the air break the light into its components, like a prism. Where there are more water droplets in the air over a wider area, multiple rainbows are possible. Obviously over the Sydney harbor there was opportunity for water vapor to be in the air. Clouds are in the skies, so the water droplets were close to the ground. Most often, rainbows occur high in the air and at a distance, but in this Sydney capture one of the rainbows occurred close to the photographer so the colors were spectacular on the video.