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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 19, 2011

I have a question regarding disease, infectious tuberculosis in particular. Recently the CDC discovered a homeless shelter in Atlanta, GA who had several people with the disease and it was found during the Occupy Atlanta protests against Wall St bankers which means thousands of people are in the area of this homeless shelter. They are now supposedly monitoring these people but how would they know just how many people? My question is: is this a Black Ops ploy to infect a part of the population and watch it spread (which I gather would be considered part of the 8 of 10) or is this just an opportunistic germ making its way. [and from another] The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis. The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact. Over the last three months were have been two persons who have resided in this facility who have been diagnosed with confirmed or suspected infectious tuberculosis (TB). One of these persons was confirmed to have a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication used to treat this condition. All person(s) identified as positive have begun treatment and are being monitored to ensure that medication is taken as directed.

Drug resistant diseases are not new. In the past, all germs were drug resistant, in essence, because antibiotics and drugs like interferon were not known. The reason pharma companies constantly develop new antibiotics is because mutations occur, capable of resistance to the current drugs. Thus one has MRSA - resistant staph - which can only be treated by one remaining antibiotic else the flesh eating infection develops. Doctors are now reluctant to give antibiotics freely to patients for trivial concerns, lest this practice incite a population explosion of the resistant germs in a host where no competition exists. Beyond drug resistant germs are the germs not quite stamped out, such as polio and small pox. Backed into a corner now, these germs could start an epidemic in a world where modern medicine can no longer function.

Will this mean epidemics in the Aftertime, where plagues wipe out populations that have contact with one another? Ebola was controlled in human populations in the past by such total destruction, where all infected died so the germ could not be passed human to human. Such means of controlling outbreaks operates in the animal kingdom, and always has. Gradually, natural genetic resistance builds in the population, over many such epidemics, due to those with genetic resistance surviving while all others die. But in the 100 years where mankind will reside on Earth, prior to the Transformation, little progress in this direction will occur. Rather, survivors should not be surprised at news of an infection wiping out whole colonies of survivors, so only the bones remained to greet travelers.

Low Levels of Iodine-131 Detected in Europe. Could you please comment on the source? [and from another] Low Levels of Iodine Detected in Europe [Nov 11] The IAEA has received information from the State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic that very low levels of iodine-131 have been measured in the atmosphere over the Czech Republic in recent days. The IAEA has learned about similar measurements in other locations across Europe. The IAEA believes the current trace levels of 131-I that have been measured do not pose a public health risk and are not caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in Japan. 131-I is a short-lived radioisotope that has a radioactive decay half-life of about eight days. The IAEA is working with its counterparts to determine the cause and origin of the 131-I. [and from another] Where do 129-I and 131-I come from? Both 129I and 131I are produced by the fission of uranium atoms during operation of nuclear reactors and by plutonium (or uranium) in the detonation of nuclear weapons. [and from another] A radioactive isotope present in nuclear fission products, and was a significant contributor to the health hazards from open-air atomic bomb testing in the 1950s, and from the Chernobyl disaster, as well as being a large fraction of the contamination hazard in the first weeks in the Japanese nuclear crisis. A common treatment method for preventing 131-I exposure is by saturating the thyroid with regular, non-radioactive 127-I, as an iodide salt. [and from another] 129-I is the only naturally occurring iodine radioisotope. 125-I and 131-I are produced in the fission of uranium and plutonium by neutron bombardment in reactors and/or heavy nuclei particles in accelerators. Releases of iodine into the environment occur from both natural sources and human activity. The natural sources include volatilization of iodine from the oceans, weathering of rock, and volcanic activity. 131-I was released through weapons production/utilization, nuclear fuel reprocessing, and energy production. In the atmosphere, iodine undergoes extensive photochemical changes and can exist as gaseous inorganic, gaseous organic, or particulate forms. [and from another] Abnormal radioactivity also in Hungary, no risk seen [Nov 12] In Hungary, a higher-than-usual concentration of iodine-131 particles was registered in Budapest and Miskolc. Very low levels of iodine-131 had been detected in recent days in the air in the Czech Republic and in other countries. Poland, Slovakia and Austria quickly confirmed they too had detected abnormal levels in the last few weeks. The cause may lie in Pakistan, where officials were forced to repair a leak at the nearly 40-year-old Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) on October 19. [and from another]

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This IS Fukushima radiation. The Earth wobble has gotten more violent, thrusting the globe violently north when the magnetic N Pole comes up over the horizon, thus placing Japan under the air normally hovering over the Arctic, daily. When the globe bounces back, this polluted air in the Arctic remains, and drifts over Greenland toward Europe due to the normal jet stream. Existing jet streams move anything put into the atmosphere about, in predictable fashion. The Fukushima radiation was carefully tracked in the months after the disaster, with a swatch of radiation swooping down across Greenland, through the North Sea and over central Europe, affecting just the countries now finding Iodine 131 in their air.

During the APEC meeting in Hololulu, United States urged Asia to do more to stimulate growth to offset the eurozone crisis, ahead of a summit in which Washington is seeking to shape the rules for the emerging Pacific region. Obama on Sunday is expected to announce a tentative free trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with eight other nations - Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is seriously considering bringing the world's third largest economy into the talks, a step that would move the once-obscure pact closer to becoming an Asia-wide trade deal. China is not part of the TPP and questioned US goals for the summit. At the same time, US President Barack Obama will use a visit to Australia next week to announce that America will station Marines in Darwin, in a sign of heightened concern about China. Beijing is boosting its military spending and capabilities, and becoming increasingly assertive on the high seas where it claims sovereignty over essentially all of the South China Sea, a key global trading route. My question is: New Zealand has tried to get a free trade deal with US for a long time but only just now US is considering it seriously along with all the other countries. What has prompted this sudden change? Has US reached the crisis point where they will consider all trades to boost their economy? China has legitimately questioned their motives. Are there any hidden agendas? Secondly, US is now setting up a new marine base in Darwin, Australia since China is looming large for both Australia and US with their increased military spending and capabilities. Does Australia and US actually fear of China? Are there any hidden agendas here? Thirdly, knowing that Planet X is on its way and hence a pending poleshift, do these trade talks have any meanings and values? With limited times, wouldn't it be more productive to talk about saving seeds, survival tactics or safe locations?

Yes China is rapidly becoming the worlds most productive and largest economy. Yes, the US has long lost this stature and the Euro is in trouble. Yes, the globe is in a second Great Depression with no end in sight. But there is more to the US wanting a free trade partnership with countries around the Ring of Fire. All these countries have port access to the Pacific, and thus in the Aftertime would presumably be able to interact via boat. The anticipation is that air travel would be ruined due to lack of jet fuel and burping volcanoes creating dust clouds devastating to jet engines. Roads and highways would be a jumble and bridges down. Land travel is a limited range in any case, not reaching across the ocean. But ocean-going ships, capable of steam power from burning solid fuel such as coal or wood, would be operational!

The US has nothing to lose in such a venture. Free trade can only encourage trade at a time when all economies in the world are struggling. Discounting the devastation that Peru and Chile can anticipate, any surviving government there, and even citizens familiar with current trade routes are likely to try to re-establish trade along the old familiar lines, thus opening up, potentially, all of S America. New Zealand and eastern Australia are expected to do well during the coming cataclysms, and are a solid jumping off point to habitable lands in Antarctica and the new land to emerge nearby in the Atlantic. Brunei is on the island of Borneo, which will survive, and though Singapore will flood Malaysia has high lands, or so the logic goes. These points open up trade to the interior of Asia, up into Mongolia potentially. The Trans-Pacific Partnership may make little sense in today's world, but when one considers the Aftertime, makes perfect sense to those wanting to control and re-establish trade routes!

Recently, October 8 in the village of Neutrinos in southern Russia was killed two employees of the Baksan Neutrino Observatory. The next day it was reported that during an operation was shot dead the alleged killers, because at them had found documents of these employees. Baksan Neutrino Observatory, where worked these employees, is studying not only the behavior of neutrinos, but also the sun. Could our friends to answer - this murder was an accident or it has a connection with Planet X and with the work of the observatory? Who and why killed those people? [and from another] According to preliminary data, the spouses were shot dead by two men who also took away their documents. A possible association of the crime with illegal armed formations is established. A total of four suspected militants were liquidated. [and from another] The militants who killed the spouses - the employees of the Baksan Neutrino Observatory of the Institute for Nuclear Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, made at least 20 shots at the casualties. Unidentified persons immobilized Gulieva's mother, aged 84, with adhesive tape, and then shot the spouses dead. Next to the bodies of liquidated militants, operative agents found Gulievs' documents and belongings, including a passport, a driving license, an insurance policy, and two bank cards.

Why would militants assassinate scientists and run off with their identity documents? What value would an observatory have to them, that they would need entry? Identity theft is normally done quietly, without fanfare, the better to slip away with funds before the theft is noticed. In fact, identity theft in most cases does not even use the original documents, professionals creating new documents using stolen codes. Was this a lover's triangle? If so, this is not asserted. No conflicts with neighbors are asserted, and a witness remains. There is one scenario that fits the facts - the true scenario. This couple was intent upon breaking the cover-up over Planet X, and was brutally assassinated in a very public manner as a warning to others. The documents were proof that the deed had been done, so payment would be forthcoming. To break the trail, the hired assassins were then killed, and claimed to be militants. Who but the Russian government is to know otherwise?

I am looking for info on alternative electronic healing devices, specifically the Rife machine and the SE5 radionics machine. On ZetaTalk I searched for Royal R. Rife and found no comment on the man who developed the micro-frequency Rife machine in the 1930's, which is still in use today. Also searched for radionics (which I believe has been used by the CIA, so they must have thought that it has concrete value of some sort?) and found nothing there either. Hulda Clarke's "zapper" (aka "the poor man's Rife machine") was listed in Troubled Times for use in ridding the body of parasites, which could be enormously valuable in the Aftertime. The Rife machine allegedly generates patterns of micro-frequencies (their terminology), and that when these are applied physically to the body it is claimed that these frequencies can neutralize or destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, parasites, etc., without harming healthy tissue. Also, that micro-frequencies can have other effects, such as take down inflammation, stimulate broken bones to heal, help insomniacs to sleep, lessen pain signals, and any number of other benefits. How the radionics machine functions sounds a bit more "esoteric". The literature says that the machine can broadcast information into the surrounding energy field, where it then can become manifest. One testimonial claimed that by using two radionics devices in tandem, with information programmed in regarding keeping the family cornfield free of unwanted pests, that indeed the pests avoided that particular cornfield while invading other "unprotected" fields nearby. Another testimonial stated that rainy weather was temporarily halted in a certain area, to allow an outdoor event to take place without the interference of an inconvenient shower, and then the rain started up again and ran it's course after the machines were turned off. [and from another] Mainstream medicine recognizes that a mild electric current run through a broken bone will stimulate the re-growth of bone cells so that the bone heals more quickly. By definition this would be "an electronic healing device", and is currently in use today by MD's who could be sued for malpractice if it was nothing but a hoax. I personally have experienced frequencies on the Rife machine that brought on such heavy drowsiness that I couldn't keep my eyes open even while trying to fight the effect.

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Faith healers and witch doctors and those selling magical concoctions are counting on the power of suggestion. Voodoo kills because the victim believes in the power of the spell. Psychosomatic pain is a slight twinge magnified to be debilitating because the sufferer needs an excuse to avoid work or avoid encounters. Those in the medical field know that placebos given in the stead of a new pill often work as well as the real pills being tested, such is the power of suggestion. Athletes use the power of suggestion to achieve their goals, giving themselves a goal they believe is possible, thus refusing to allow the body to falter.

Any fraud sells best if it includes a bit of truth. Pain can often be blocked by a mild electrical current, but such currents also cause cell death and thus devices capable of such blockage are only available by prescription. It is also a fact known to human doctors that a mild current implanted directly on either side of a broken bone can stimulate healing of that bone. It is also true that an electronic buzz, in a frequency the human ear cannot hear, will often dissuade bugs such as roaches from remaining in the room. Does this mean that Hulda Clarke's zapper can rid parasites, viruses, and bacteria from the human body and even cure cancer and AIDS? Those who are gullible, and have spent a big chunk of money for a worthless device choose to think so.

The claims made by the Rife machine and Hulda Clarke's zapper are not only false, they are ludicrous! Any radiation that would kill bacteria and viruses and parasites would also affect the human body. This is only common sense, and the obvious experience of healers throughout the centuries. Patients go septic and cannot be saved in the hospital, and all the while the doctors are ignoring a device that could save the patients? A device available on the Internet? Ludicrous! Hulda Clarke herself died of cancer, so much for her claims! The claimed benefits are all within the range of the power of suggestion, and cannot be proven one way or the other. Thus other than testimonials, which are worthless, there is no proof one way or the other. Just what a fraud needs.

President Obama launched the "Apec Travel Facilitation Initiative" to make travel across the Asia-Pacific region easier, faster, and more secure, and Singapore is among the first country to have faster custom clearance, followed by South Korea. Since we know Obama's stance is to tighten US's immigration with the completion of 7/10, is he being lenient to Singapore or he intends to make changes in his policy or some other agenda? [and from another] Singapore and the United States are working on a Trusted Travel plan, whereby eligible citizens can clear immigration and Customs faster using automated kiosks in the near future in both countries. A similar plan is to be implemented between South Korea and the US by January next year. This arrangement would link the US Global Entry Program and Korea's Smart Entry System, allowing eligible, pre-screened US and Korean citizens to clear immigration and Customs expeditiously using automated border gates when travelling between the two countries.

These agreements are not meant to open up immigration between Singapore and S Korea, but to facilitate travel to those who are already approved. Looking at the broader picture painted by the APEC Trans Pacific Partnership deals, an expedited travel arrangement is merely a way to encourage business to develop and flow between the countries involved. When discussions about the pending pole shift are being kept off any communiqués that might be tapped, and thus leaked, face-to-face meetings are viewed to be increasingly important. Phone calls are forbidden. Email is forbidden. Teleconferencing is forbidden. Face-to-face, considered safe.

This weekend, two Iranian missile bases were destroyed. Short and sweet, my question is: a. Was this an intervention by our friends to prevent Iran's attack on Israel? b. Did this occur due to natural causes resulting from the presence of PX? Previous ZT has said that oil fields would begin exploding in Iran as PX approaches. Might this be such an incident? OR c. Has Israel or the USA for that matter already begun a covert attack by making things appear as if it was just an accident? [and from another],8599,2099376,00.html For Israeli readers, the coy implication is that their own government was behind Saturday's massive blast just outside Tehran. It is an assumption a Western intelligence source insists is correct: the Mossad - the Israeli agency charged with covert operations - did it. The base housed Shahab missiles, which, at their longest range, can reach Israel. Last week's report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Iran had experimented with removing the conventional warhead on the Shahab-3 and replacing it with one that would hold a nuclear device. The Stuxnet computer worm bollixed Iran's centrifuges for months, wreaking havoc on the crucial process of uranium enrichment.

The Israelis are desperate to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Israel has brutalized its neighbors, practiced open genocide on the Palestinians, and broken international law countless times. Treaties and agreements are ignored, and the continuing push to build new settlements in territory belonging to others shows their mindset. They rule. They get to do as they please with others, criminal behavior or not. What the bully fears the most is have a larger bully or even a competing bully come to power. The Israelis fear that Iran will be as ruthless as they have been, and assume this.

Thus there is the constant talk of war against Iran, on scant evidence of anything other than a desire to have nuclear power or the right to defend their country as others are doing. Pakistan has the bomb. India has the bomb. Israel has the bomb. But Iran is not to be allowed to have the bomb. For several years, Israel has been trying to force the US to engage Iran in warfare, even to the point of creating an incident so that they seem under attack and the US must rescue them. This has not worked under the Obama administration, and the current press to declare Iran a nuclear threat at the UN is not gaining traction either. Lies or even valid evidence will not work if yet another Middle East war is not desired, and no one wants this except Israel.

Now what? The Israelis are clever at espionage and raids, as their history attests, Operation Entebbe in Uganda in 1976 being one such example. They envision having to behave in the future, having to abide by international law, with a nuclear Iran leaning over their shoulder. This is intolerable to those in charge in Israel, who deem themselves in charge of the region, connected to international banking leaders by their religion, and allied with the US and other powers who are interested in dominance over the oil in the region. They have been thinking they cannot be challenged, and the thought that they might have to abide by rules intolerable. Thus, they have taken to blowing up Iranian facilities. Expect more of this in the future.

The 2011 G-20 Summit was held November 3-4, 2011, in Cannes, France; it seems safe to assume world leaders took advantage of these face-to-face meetings to discuss Planet X and the pending pole shift. Could the Zetas comment on or enlighten us regarding what occurred during this summit (e.g., what the mainstream news did not or could not report)? [and from another] The 2011 G-20 Cannes Summit is the sixth meeting of the G-20 heads of government in a series of on-going discussions about financial markets and the world economy. The G-20 forum is the avenue for the G20 economies to discuss, plan and monitor international economic cooperation. The summit resulted in little progress on the issues under discussion. Attending: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, European Union. Invited: Ethiopia, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates.

We have repeatedly stated that discussions about the pending pole shift are done face-to-face, to avoid an accidental breach in the cover-up. Phone calls or email even if encrypted, written correspondence even carried by courier - all are likely to be vulnerable to discovery or hacking and then the cover-up is broken. So great is this fear that any legitimate face-to-face meetings are consumed with talk about the real concerns, which are certainly not the economy. The economy can be discussed over the phone, after all! Imagine the G20 as a dance, where the partners come with their hopes and wares. This one has beauty and that one wealth. This one has neither, and is hoping for pity. And despite promises made, after the dance in the cold light of day after the pole shift, matters will be so different from what these power brokers anticipated.

What are the hot topics? We have seen indications that Australia has become a hot spot for the elite, with a visit from the Queen, a new US base, and Abu Dhabi investing there. Australia's ultra-right government is welcoming the elite, especially if they bring funds and muscle, as the plan is to jump Antarctica and the new land to emerge in the south Atlantic before others can lay claim. That Africa is also a target for takeover in the Aftertime is no secret. Zuma, the current president of S Africa is openly shopping for partners, and will facilitate entry into his country based on what they offer him in return. Thus those vulnerable to takeover, such as the majority of Africa, and those courting partnerships, such as Australia and S Africa, are the popular dancing partners during such conferences.

Even among those heads of state who do not yet take the ZetaTalk message as a given, a truth, there is nervousness due to the 7 of 10 scenarios slowly unfolding. The steady sinking of the Sunda Plate cannot be denied, nor the predicted crush and tilting of the Caribbean Plate. No one else predicted these moves, which are clearly proceeding exactly as predicted by ourselves, the Zetas. Those countries to be devastated, or fearful of being devastated, are most aggressive in seeking a route to safety. The Queen has already deserted her country, making arrangement elsewhere where her royalty will gain her traction. Germany and France fear their lands will be diminished and invaded - Germany during the tsunami and France during the pole shift - and would like to pour into Africa, into Libya for instance where proven oil reserves and an aquifer exist.

The despots in the Middle East hope alliances with the US or others with military might will keep them in power, and are watching in horror as the US pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Arab Spring creeps like a cancer into country after country. They have oil to sell, and are offering this as a bribe. Russia and China have high lands sufficient to funnel their own drowning populace, and are at the least looking for a partnership with each other to ensure border control. India finds it has only its massive overpopulation to offer, and other countries are not looking for more bodies. S America has become less attractive to invasion as country after country within its borders has become truly democratic in recent years, kicking out US corporations and refusing to be a puppet or colonial governments. Overtures are made, termed "investments", which are declined.

I would appreciate the most intelligent Zetas to comment on this article. Another article states it he committed suicide. Was this a Black Ops mission and setup to look like a suicide as it is in opposition to Facebook? Also if they care to tell us more about who is watching us on Facebook as I post anti government stating they are lying about everything the Zetas state, earthquakes, flooding, ZetaTalk, UFO videos all the time. [and from another] Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the founders of the social networking site Diaspora, has died. He was 22. Nina Fiore, executive secretary in the San Francisco medical examiner's office, confirmed that Zhitomirskiy died in San Francisco. She would not say how or when he died. Diaspora, an alternative to Facebook, was founded by four New York University students in 2010. The site lets users keep control over their photos, videos and status updates while sharing them with friends. Zhitomirskiy said he wanted social network users to migrate to websites that were more transparent about privacy policies. [and from another] CNNMoney now reports that Zhitomirskiy committed suicide, according to "a source close to the company." [and from another] The group had posted a fundraiser on Kickstarter hoping to raise $10,000 to build the project, but public response was tremendous and the group raised over $200,000 in a short period of time. Over the past year the group has been steadily at work building Diaspora* and making progress. Last night before the sad news of Zhitomirskiy's passing was known, Diaspora* had just sent out a new round of invites which many enthusiasts had been waiting for with anticipation.

Did Zhitomirskiy commit suicide? Yes, and just when success seemed to be erupting all around him. This is in fact the reason, in part, for his despair. A passionate man, believing strongly in the right to privacy and control over one's destiny, he found his personal right to privacy and right to control his path threatened by the success of the Diaspora* endeavor. Investors are known to want control over their purchase, and to demand increasing rights as the need for cash infusions occur. Would these investors change the company policy? It was not so much that as demands that Zhitomirskiy and his partners relinquish control. Caught in a conflict of his own making, one he could not resolve, he took the exit.

I found this in on of our newspapers, apparantly it´s in China but what is it?,93.74211 Does it have anything to do with the elite´s plan to be remote? [and from another] My question is regarding the miles of mysterious striped grid network found in a remote location of China, via Google maps no less. Is this another one of those Annunaki markers, or is it a Chinese military site? Perhaps something else entirely? The Zeta's comment would be greatly appreciated. [and from another] Here's a new geological conundrum courtesy of the Mysterious East: A group of people studying online maps stumbled across a series of strange patterns in the Chinese desert large enough to be seen from space. The unusual white designs appear to have been etched into the ground and their creators clearly don't lack for ambition: they are over one mile long and 3,000 feet wide. The researchers have yet to identify the silver or white material used to fabricate these outsize desert grids. So why would the Chinese government - or anyone, for that matter - go to such trouble to paint such gigantic stripes on such remote territory? People analyzing the photos suggest the Chinese military may have constructed them as space-targeting grids. [and from another] A grid similar to the first one is located here.

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China's ghost cities have been in the news, as evidence that the Chinese government is preparing to move its elite from the coastline to its interior as the Earth changes progress. Are these painted grid lines in desert regions somehow related? Careful examination shows the painted grid lines follow ridges and large reservoir are nearby. One can move the elite inland but eventually food production must begin in these formerly uninhabited desert regions. China loves its rice, a staple there, and the rice growing regions in the far south of China will be affected by the cold the new S Pole over India. Can desert regions be flooded to grow rice? Analysis of the regions is in process.

By reading this article it is obvious that the European elite knows more. It says that the elected leaders of Italy and Greece are now replaced by unelected technocrats. Both have connections with banks, and both have a connection with the Trilateral Commission. The one of Italy as Italian chairman and the one of Greece also sits on the Trilateral Commission. It almost seems like before they talked with the G20 top they also talked about what's in store for the future. Almost like they know about the sociological and political changes and it's obvious they know about the 7 of 10. And see this as a last effort to control the masses. My feeling this is not only about the economy but that there is more at stake. With these sudden changes. Could the Zetas say something about this? [and from another] The Great Putsch: Welcome to Post-Democratic Europe [Nov 15] While no one will shed a tear for Berlusconi or Papandreou, the process by which they were overthrown is a sign of even darker times to come. Their replacement by two economists with close ties to the banking industry has effectively put Greece and Italy "into political receivership by [the] international financial establishment.". Within days, the governments of both Greece and Italy had fallen, bringing an ignominious end to Berlusconi's 17-year domination of Italian politics and the four-decade Papandreou dynasty.

The concept of being a debt slave is not new for the citizen, who is encouraged to accept the charge card applications sent to them unbidden in the mail, and to run those card up to the limit. Charge card payments are, in the main, enforced under the law so are not able to be shed except by bankruptcy. Likewise with the usual burden of a mortgage and car payments, all so one can enjoy the good life and not wait for savings to accumulate. Human societies are so run by the bankers that unless a citizen is up to their neck in debt obligations, they are not considered to have a high credit rating! Paying off your debts actually drops one's rating. Such clues virtually scream the message that human society is owned and controlled by the banksters!

Then we enter into the corporate realm, where in order to even enter the competitive world a new corporation must sustain debt, and for every growth spurt, more debt. The private company is small, at best finds a nitch, and then to grow goes public whereby control is lost to the stockholders forever. The elite, the politically powerful and the very wealthy and the Puppet Master who rely upon debt for control - all use these means to thus use corporate assets and personnel to aid their agendas.

Are politicians any less captured in the debt slavery cycle? They learn the roadmap during elections, when they depend on advertisements and accolades. Once elected, their government programs require debt, almost invariably, government bonds floated and frank borrowing from the Puppet Master for a federal reserve, for instance. The World Bank was created to suck Third World countries into debt, which many recognized. Countries in S America, going truly democratic in recent years, have wisely made a point of eliminating their debt to the World Bank as this equates to control over their policies.

A private citizen is forced into bankruptcy if life circumstances or poor management forces them into a position whereby they cannot pay their debt. Corporations likewise must shed their assets, selling them cheaply to others, or endure outside management to comply with a bankruptcy judge's edict. How does this differ if a country goes bankrupt? Bankruptcy involves a change of management, whereby the citizen loses his home to foreclosure, his car repossessed, and thus given to another to manage. Bankruptcy in a corporation almost invariably involves the corporate CEO being fired or assets under the corporation taken away and given to another corporation to manage.

And if the bankrupt entity is a country? The alternative to a change in management, forcing a head of state to resign, is to allow a country's currency to become worthless, the banana republic syndrome, whereby all the citizens suffer and anyone holding the currency takes the loss. During a global depression, unthinkable. And if a country is part of a larger conglomerate, like the European Union? Poor management of funds then pulls the conglomerate down. And if the country owes money to banks or another country via bonds and the like? How can the bank take possession of assets to cover their loss? A private citizen might own a home or car, a corporation own a factory and have trained personnel, but a country cannot simply by law sell its lands to another.

Thus, a change in management is being forced upon Italy and Greece at this time!

During the launch of the Unmanned Shenzhou 8 rocket for the first Chinese space docking with Tiangong-1 (Chinese ISS) video footage, there is a object near the 4 o'clock position, would this be Planet X or something else? [and from another] Blue Planet in our solar system near Earth? Can't be! Why no posts on ATS yet? Maybe just a lens flare? @ 3:00 [and from another] The unpiloted Shenzhou-8 streaked skywards [Nov 1] in a blinding flash atop a powerful and upgraded Long March 2F/Y8 carrier rocket in the early morning darkness and precisely on time at 5:58 a.m. Beijing time from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert in northwest China. Long range tracking cameras and on board cameras captured exquisite views of Shenzhou-8 maneuver all the way to orbit, including separation of the first stage booster, jettison of the payload fairing, firing of the 2nd stage engines, deployment of the twin solar arrays, live shots inside the capsule and beautiful views of mother Earth some 200 kilometers below.

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The Shenzhou-8 traveled east, almost parallel to the surface of Earth. Documented in excruciating clarity for the Chinese masses, a matter of great pride, what appears in the videos are not flares or glitches. The launch occurred at dawn, with cams looking to the west at the booster rockets showing the night sky. As the final booster separation time approached, a cam on the nose cone [1] showed the rising Sun, with no booster trash or blue object visible. Then the separation occurred [2], with a cam on the last booster looking eastward likewise not showing a blue object as the separation was just occurring. Then as the payload slowing drifted forward [3], away from the separated booster, one sees the blue orb in several stages, always getting smaller [4], always at a different location [5] vs a vs the Sun and booster hardware. The blue orb is the payload, wrapped in its blue solar panels [6] as yet unfurled.

Here in our little town in the Southern California mountains, all of a "sudden" in the last 6 months, there was Uranium discovered in our water. Until recently, we had the purest water. It is reported to be 6 units above the safe limit for consumption. Is this due to the magma roiling and possibly Underground nuclear testing in the past by the U.S.A.? [and from another] Uranium was discovered in 1954 in the Sierra Nevada of Kern County, along the Kern River about 30 miles (50 km) northeast of Bakersfield. Two mines, the Kergon mine and the Miracle mine, made small shipments in 1954 and 1955. Uranium occurs as uraninite and autunite in shear zones in granodiorite.

When rock fractures, as is occurring in the N American continent while it is stressed into a bow, ground water follows new paths through the fractures. Substances that previously washed away and were disbursed will temporarily be in the ground water, thus. It is known that the Sierras east of Bakersfield, in southern California, contain uranium deposits. There are pockets throughout the region. This is the source.

Could our friends to comment on the newly emerging crop circles in Ipuacu, Santa Catarina, Brasil?

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Where the S American continent can anticipate a 90° crustal shift, the 7 of 10 scenarios, the S American roll, will alter the landscape. S America is bending, pulling apart so that the seaway at Buenos Aires will be expanded. But as the flooding along the Rio Parana shows, this area is being stretched also and will stretch along the curve south of Rio de Janeiro, the 30° swatch on the crop circle. The large circle to the right is the Buenos Aires stretch, and further south along Argentina, the next circle to the right. Will there likewise be a stretch in the Amazon? This too is indicated by the circles to the left, but not as significant as the coastal area.

Could the Zetas please comment on this mummy found in Cuszco? A local anthropologist is claiming it is non-human: [and from another] Cusco: Found Andahuaylillas human mummy [Nov 11] Announced the discovery of a mummy with no human characteristics. the body is 50 inches tall, triangular head, eye cavity too large, open fontanelle, which is only characteristic of children up to 1 year and has molars, which show that there is a tremendous gap that is not common in humans. Spanish and Russian doctors have come and we have confirmed that this is indeed an extraterrestrial. It also has the front split skulls and that does not exist in any ethnic group in the world, as only found in the Andes of Peru, like the Inca bone is a triangle on the occipital and exists only in the Andes of Peru.

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This is a legitimate alien skull and skeleton. The dissimilarities to human skulls are not only the elongated skull, but the crack down the center of the forehead, which is nonexistent in human skulls. The size of the canine teeth is likewise disproportionately large compared to the space allocated to all others. At greater than 4 feet in height, this was not a deformed child, nor do the deformities fit those common in humans. There is a reason legends inspiring stories such Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull exist. These were hominoid visitors to South and Central America, revered, and thus if a body was inadvertently left behind, carefully buried.