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Issue 382, Sunday January 26, 2014
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UFO Excuses

Excuses for UFOs have been around as long as the cover-up over the alien presence has been in existence. From the Roswell excuses that it was all a fuss over weather balloons and the classic dismissal of UFO sightings as swamp gas and mass hysteria, the media has been leaned upon to treat UFO sightings with distain and to give minimal coverage. Last week in newsletter Issue 381 we showed that the media suppression on the issue of Crop Circles seems to be magically lifting. Now this seems to be the case for UFO sightings.

Look to the past, during the 1991 Mexico City eclipse blitz, when thousands were present with video cams to record the eclipse and recorded a UFO. This was  undeniable, with video footage from numerous sources, private individuals, but still the swamp gas derision continued. Then in 1997 the Phoenix Lights in Arizona occurred, likewise seen by thousands and recorded on film by numerous individuals. The establishment offered their usual ridiculous excuses, but the most obvious evidence that the alien presence is real, per the Zetas, was the media suppression. Major media like USA Today waited 3 months, in step with one another, before presenting the story. Why the wait, asked the Zetas, unless they had to get permission to publish?

Mexico City UFO
July 11, 1991
On July 11, 1991, the citizens of Mexico City looked to the sky to see a solar eclipse, but instead many people saw a UFO. Guillermo Arragin, a reporter, and James Maussan, a journalist were videotaping the eclipse when they saw the metallic object. When James showed the Arragin footage on a TV show a week later, thousands of people called to say that they had seen a similar object that same day, and several also sent in videotapes of the UFO. Erick Aguilar also claimed to have seen the object while setting up his video camera to film the eclipse. About sixty miles away at the same time, a businessman named Luis Lara videotaped an object almost identical to the one that Erick taped. The Breton family also filmed a similar object eighty miles away. In this video, there was an odd, wave-like disturbance behind the pulsating disc, possibly an energy trail. Despite being one hundred miles apart, the objects in the videos were very similar.
The Phoenix Lights
March 13, 1997
The Phoenix Lights UFO incident is a complex series of events that took place on March 13, 1997 over the states of Nevada, Arizona, and possibly New Mexico, and which would quickly become known as the "Phoenix Lights" sightings. It involved sightings by tens, or perhaps even hundreds, of thousands of witnesses on the ground, and it gave rise to a storm of controversy over what had caused the event.

ZetaTalk: Arizona Coverage 7/15/1997: More remarkable than the sighting and the thousands who observed it was the reaction by the media, which reveals the extent to which the media is controlled on matters of the alien presence. Where windstorms that blow shingles off roofs are reported on the front page, what excuse does the media have for not reporting on a sighting that absolutely proves that the alien presence is real! Lack of witnesses? There were thousands. Lack of credibility? They had videos. A hoax? What could hold a ship the size of several football fields in the air, for over an hour? An illusion? The sighting was visible all across the state, and a projected image, one placed against background stars, can fool only those situated at the right angle. All in all, a mass sighting that pleased those producing the extravaganza as much as it pleased the majority of the audience, and one providing a second extravaganza, though one must read between the lines to see it. This second extravaganza is the international cover-up, which has been in place since Roswell and affects all major media outlets, bar none. In stark exception to the normal media reaction to truly newsworthy items, the media became catatonic for three months, and then found its voice! Please note, world, the best evidence for the cover-up has just been handed to you on a platter!

Compare the past to UFO coverage of the New Year’s Eve 2014 UFO blitz, an international affair. Amid the fireworks, only a single orb appeared in each instance, glowing and obvious. But the New Year’s Eve UFO blitz got astonishing media coverage. We’ve come a long way, baby! On New Year’s Eve UFO’s were reported by TV stations in Cape Coral FL,
Ashburn VA,  Sacramento CA, San Jose CA, Nevada, and Oregon. UFO eye witness accounts and videos also arrived from Germany, the Philippines, Rome Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Houston TX, and Hollywood. Per the Zetas, once again, the focus should not be on the UFOs but on the media. They have been given permission to publish!

ZetaTalk Insight 1/11/2014: Obviously the real message here is the uptick in coverage, the admissions by the media that UFOs are a real phenomenon. Why the change? As was noted during the Chualar Crop Circle coverage, issues formerly kept out of major media coverage are not hitting the front page. Editors who in the past were threatened with a job loss or worse if they gave coverage to subjects related to the alien presence are now being pressed to feature them. Understandably, many are still cautious, but when such subjects do not bring punishment, such a focus will be on the increase. Of course, there are still those whose hand was at the helm of the old cover-up over the alien presence who will try to influence this process, but this is literally a dying voice. Many, in this cover-up crowd, are dying of old age.

Circular Logic

As the establishment struggles to give the public an explanation for UFOs and the increase in earthquakes, they often resort to circular logic. Global Warming is in process even though Antarctica is now re-freezing while the Arctic melts and some parts of the world are experiencing record cold snaps. Somehow Global Warming is now responsible for this global cooling. Now Toronto booms from snapping rock are blamed on the cold spell, coining a new term - “frost quakes”.  Now we are being told that earthquakes are responsible for UFOs, as earthquake lights are interpreted to be UFOs. Global Warming is somehow responsible for the cold snaps, and the cold is responsible for earthquakes and booms from snapping rock which are responsible for UFOs. Circular logic. Now if the establishment can claim that earthquake lights (i.e. UFOs) are responsible for Global Warming, the circle will be complete.

Global Warming Caused the Cold Snap
January 9, 2014
It's pretty cold in the United States, and climate change deniers are having a field day. Thus, they keep going on and on about how, given the stunningly low temperatures recorded in the country, global warming cannot possibly be anything but a carefully constructed hoax. The historic cold snap currently affecting the United States not only does not disprove global warming. On the contrary, it confirms it.
Canada is so Cold Residents are Experiencing Loud Booms Caused by 'Frost Quakes'
January 13, 2014
Water expands when it freezes and when it expands in frozen soil it literally puts a lot of stress on that dirt and will release that energy all of a sudden, very much like an earthquake releases that energy and shifts the ground.

'UFO Lights' may Help Predict Earthquake
January 6, 2014
The mysterious "UFO lights" may occur at rifts, or nearly vertical faults as the crystalline structure of the magmatic stones, subjected to intense pressure, releases electrical energy, according to a study published Saturday in the journal Seismological Research Letters. Mysterious "UFO lights", known as "ground lights" or "earthquake lights", sometimes appear before or during earthquakes and take a number of forms, including spheres of light orbs floating through air. Some have confused the globular luminous air masses with UFOs.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/11/2014: Frantic to explain and counter the New Year’s Eve UFO blitz that got international coverage in the media, the cover-up crowd hoping to forestall and discredit the truth about the alien presence trotted forth yet another cover story. It’s all earthquake lights, from compressed rock. There are significant differences between earthquake lights and the traditional UFO display. Earthquake lights are a glow, close to the ground, and in extremely rare cases would result in ball lightning. Here the ball lightning would likewise remain close to the ground. UFO displays are high in the sky, involve multiple orbs, pulsing, moving about at rapid speeds and in formation with each other, and at times take other forms such as a large mothership or projected holographic visions. No comparison. The cover-up crowd loses, again.

The cover-up crowd is reaching for any excuses they can throw out to explain the Earth changes caused by Planet X. The Earth wobble has gotten more obvious, the Sun out of place and the weather wobbles following. The earthquake increase has been denied by reducing the magnitude of quakes and purging the quake databases, but even with these maneuvers the increase is statistically obvious. Fracking has been blamed for earthquakes,  and now the Winter temps are to blame for the booming of breaking rock around Toronto, along the spreading seaway. Will these excuses fall away after the announcement? Expect them to increase, as the cover-up crowd will become like a cornered animal, more vicious and extreme.

Nibiru Drum Roll

Leading into the announcement admitting the nearby presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, there has been a virtual drum roll of news about newly discovered roving or traveling planets, or planets with odd orbits at a distance from their suns, or unlit stars in binary formations, or planets orbiting unlit stars. The pace is picking up! This was last covered in Issue 370 of this newsletter on November 3, 2013 when traveling or rogue planets were addressed.  Astronomers were announcing the discovery of PSO J318.5-22 which was similar to Nibiru in some respects. It has a red color (Nibiru is shrouded in red dust) and was orbiting a brown dwarf (Nibiru’s second foci is a brown dwarf), though PSO J318.5-22 was reportedly larger than Jupiter (Nibiru is closer to Earth in size).

Lonely, Young Planet Drifting in Space without a Star
October 10, 2013
The planet, which has only six times the mass of Jupiter, was identified by its faint and unique heat signature. The astronomers were actually searching for failed stars known as brown dwarfs when they came across PSO J318.5-22, which stood out because of its red color.
Nearby Failed Stars May Harbor Planet
December 16, 2013
Failed stars are known as brown dwarfs and have a mass below 8% of the mass of the Sun—not massive enough to burn hydrogen in their centers.

ZetaTalk Sol’s Binary 10/15/1995: This second foci of Planet X has not been located by your astronomers because it is dark, not lit, and does not happen to block any view your astronomers are particularly interested in. They think it empty space. Unlike the Sun, this dark twin never lit. Although comparable in size and mass, its composition was subtly different, and it has no potential for becoming a lit sun under the present conditions in your part of the Universe. It has no planets of any size to mention, though is orbited by a lot of trash. Should one wish to search for it, it stands at an angle of 11 degrees off the Earth's orbital plane around the Sun, in the same direction we have given for the approach of Planet X. Not being a luminous body, and not giving off any radiation detectable by human devices, you will be unable to locate it, but this does not mean that it is not there. Do you, like a child with his hands over his eyes, think that if you cannot see something that it does not exist?

ZetaTalk Nibiru Red Appearance 2001: If Planet X is primarily a water planet, then why would it appear to be a red planet, as Mars, which is virtually devoid of water on its surface? Why would it not, as the Earth, appear to be a blue planet? The explanation lies in the space trash Planet X has gathered. Planet X and its moons had opportunity to gather space trash, and being a magnetic planet, Planet X would be particularly attractive to iron dust. Why does this dust not settle into the atmosphere of Planet X, and drift down into the ocean and cease to be a cloud giving Planet X a reddish appearance? Given a static environment, this would eventually be the case, but Planet X is not static, it's perpetually on the move. The dust cloud is far outside what would be termed the atmosphere of Planet X, so that during the passage through the solar system, it streams behind Planet X to become a long tail of red dust, oxidized iron, which during a close passage to Earth, when Earth is caught in the tail, causes rivers and ponds to temporarily turn a blood red color and assume a bitter taste.

Then came another announcement about planet HD106906b, a planet with a remarkably long orbit, putting it afar from its sun, 650 times further than the Earth is from its sun. How is this similar to Nibiru? Nibiru has an odd orbit that causes it to sling between its two foci, which are, per the Zetas, 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances apart. Once again, however, this planet afar from its sun is described as being huge, 11 times more massive than Jupiter.

Giant Alien World Discovered where it Should Not Exist
December 5, 2013
A massive planet found orbiting a star at a staggeringly great distance is smashing some long-held theories of planetary formation. The planet, according to a study published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, is unlike anything in our own solar system. Eleven times more massive than Jupiter, planet HD 106906 b orbits a single sun-like star at a distance of 60 billion miles - about 650 times the distance Earth is from our own sun.

ZetaTalk Sling Orbit 2001: This unlit binary sun lies some 18.74 times the distance from your Sun to Pluto, at a 11 degree angle from the ecliptic, in the direction of the constellation of Orion. Though farther away, twice the distance or more, from where Planet X rides at the moment, it is a large gravitational giant, and thus between these two binaries Planet X is caught in a highly elliptical orbit. This orbit does not fit into man's astrophysics theories, and thus it cannot be described by the math used by man to describe comet or orbit behavior.

Now we have news publishing a theory that dim stars – red dwarfs – could have “super Earths” orbiting them that could support life. These are termed water planets, and supposedly 40% of red dwarfs have such planets orbiting them. This article quotes Scottish scientists and emphasizes that these super Earths are 1 to 10 times the size of Earth (Nibiru is 4 times the diameter of Earth). Note in the artist’s rendition, the super-Earth is shown surrounded by red dust! Are we being introduced to Nibiru, bit by bit, just ahead of the announcement?

Could Super-Earths Contain Alien Life?
January 13, 2014
Massive alien worlds, known as ‘super-Earths’, could be more like our own planet than first thought. Super-Earths are giant planets that have between one and 10 times the mass of our world. About 40 per cent of all red dwarf stars – the most common stars in our galaxy - have a super-Earth orbiting in the habitable zone where liquid water can exist on the surface of the planet.  Last week, researchers in Scotland said that Earth-sized planets can support life at least ten times further away from stars than previously thought.

ZetaTalk is described by the Zetas as being primarily a water planet, though it does have land above the waves. The Zetas have called it a smoldering brown dwarf, as it emits light as well as heat from its core. This should not be confused with mankind’s terminology which would call an unlit sun a brown dwarf. In mankind’s terminology, the sling orbit of Planet X takes it past our Sun and its 2nd foci, which in mankind’s terminology would be an unlit sun, ie a brown dwarf. Planet X is a planet, operates like a planet, though smolders with light and heat. They both could fit mankind’s description of a brown dwarf, though Planet X operates like a planet.

ZetaTalk Nibiru a Hybrid 2001: Is it not possible for there to be something out there that you have not observed? A composition of a planet not quite in the mix you find in your Solar System, as you know it to be? You operate a slow burn in your nuclear power plants, which otherwise would be the fast burn of a nuclear explosion that occurs when no braking mechanism is in place. Is it entirely impossible for suns to have mixed composition? For a slow burn to be in place? For a planet to have some of the composition of a sun as well as a composition of a solid planet? This is simply not possible, and because you have not observed it, then it does not exist?

ZetaTalk Nibiru Unusual 7/15/1995: Planet X has both heat and light, generated from within its core. Life on Planet X experiences continuous day. Life that has evolved there does not sleep, but rests. The light is diffused in the atmosphere, and returns to the land surface, but emerges from the core to interact with the atmosphere only via the surface of the deep oceans, which cover the majority of the planet's surface.  Light only escapes the core where what is essentially volcanic activity under the water occurs. Of course, this would occur if there was volcanic activity on the land surface of the planet, but there is little land surface, and this long ago hardened.

The emphasis on water lately is a nexus with Nibiru also. On a water to land ratio, Nibiru has more water than the ratio of water to land on Earth.

Kepler-62f: A Possible Water World
January 02, 2014
Kepler-62f is a remarkably Earth-like planet about 1,200 light-years from our planet. The world is only 1.4 times bigger than Earth and is in orbit around a star that is somewhat dimmer and smaller than the sun. It orbits in what is believed to be the habitable region of its star. The planet was announced in 2013 as part of a larger bonanza of seven exoplanets announced around the stars Kepler-62 and Kepler-69.
Kepler-69c: Earth-Size Planet in Star's Habitable Zone
January 06, 2014
Hailed as the most Earth-like alien planet when it was discovered, Kepler-69c (also known as KOI-172.02) is an exoplanet about 2,700 light-years from Earth. Its radius is about 1.5 times that of Earth's, which puts it in the "super-Earth" classification of alien planets — those that are about two to 10 times the size of Earth. Researchers are especially intrigued because the planet orbits in the habitable zone of its star, which is just slightly smaller than that of Earth's sun. While the possible presence of water is not a guarantee of life, it does show that life-friendly environments are possible for planets that are about the same size as that of Earth.