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Issue 166, Sunday, January 3, 2010
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Inuit Observations

The Inuit indians, who live on all sides of the Arctic Ocean (Greenland, Siberia, Alaska, Canada), were filmed to get their comments about climate change, but more than comments about the melting Arctic ice came out. Apparently, they have noticed that the Sun and Moon and constellations are not where they are supposed to be! In the trailer for the Before Tomorrow film, they state that the Sun is too high in the sky, and too hot, and the Earth has at the same time tilted to the North. They are documenting the Earth wobble!

VIDEO: Video Trailer

"The Tilting of the Earth Changes Everything"
November 25, 2009
Arguably, the most bizarre, fascinating and perhaps groundbreaking of all observations we've heard from Inuit is that they believe our world has tilted on its axis and this contributes to climate change. When Zacharias and I first heard this, we thought it was very strange, yet elders in all the communities we've worked in - Pangnirtung, Iqaluit, Resolute Bay and Igloolik - all believe this phenomenon to be true. As a trained scientist, I know that a key test for "truth" is the repeated replicability of a research finding, independent of who is doing the test. Hearing Inuit across Nunavut make the same observation, using their traditional ecological knowledge, seems to pass this credo for scientific truth. So what data are elders collecting and analyzing to draw this conclusion?

Elders across Nunavut have noticed that the sun and stars have changed their position in the sky. The sun is now rising higher and staying longer than it used to. Importantly, in the far north, you must remember that the sun goes below the horizon for a large part of the year, and therefore Inuit are very familiar with its celestial pattern. Indeed, Inuit we're talking with are telling us stories about how in the old days, during the dark months, they would travel the land by dog team using stars as their navigational tools. So, when Inuit talk about the sun and stars, they do so with an intimate knowledge of these systems. We've heard that the earth has tilted in the direction of the sun. Elders explain that this is why the sun is higher in the sky and there is increased and more direct heat entering the Arctic ecosystem. As Japiti explains, this has subsequently altered migratory routes of animals, warmed the ocean water, and thinned the ice cover.
Uqalurait: the Snow is Speaking
November 23, 2009
An Igloolik elder, describes that uqalurait are changing because the earth itself has "tilted" and has thrown off the consistent wind patterns of the past. The earth tilting on its axis is another re-occuring observation that we are hearing from Inuit, which they know because of how the sun, moon and stars have changed in the sky. Indeed, elders simultaneously know the complexities of the cosmos, land, wind and sky.

This is not a surprise nor anything new. Others have noted the Earth wobble, and it has been well documented.

ZetaTalk Description 11/19/2004: The magnetic poles of Earth present themselves to the Sun each once a day, at diametrically opposing times. When N. America faces the Sun and Planet X, the N. Pole is exposed in its location just above the Canadian NW Territories. As the N. Pole of Planet X is coming into play during the slow revolution of Planet X in place, the N. Pole of Earth leans away from this hose of magnetic particles, causing the Sun to seem too far to the South. This effect lingers until the S. Pole of Earth comes into view, dawn just South of Tasmania, at which point the N. Pole of Earth is out of view and negated. The Earth now attempts to move back into alignment with the Sun, the dominant magnet in the solar system, overcompensating in this wobble back to place the Sun temporarily too far to the North for Siberia and Europe.

In the News

Since there is a cover-up over the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system, this is also a banned subject in the media. Nancy no longer gets on Coast to Coast, regardless of what unfolds proving the accuracy of the Zeta predictions. The rule has apparently been that ZetaTalk has been too accurate, and too defiant in telling the truth, to be in the news. Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, and was tracked in precisely according to the Zeta coordinates. Now, in 2009, it is showing up floating halfway between the Earth and Sun in SOHO images, and in the Stereo Ahead images, confirming Zeta statements once again. Isn't all this newsworthy? It's apparently a national security issue, not to be mentioned by talking heads on television or in the printed news. Well, something has apparently changed! First, the possibility of Planet X creating havoc in the near future hit the press in India.

Mr Minister, will Planet X hit Earth?
December 18, 2009
Heard about the monster planet 'X' heading towards Earth at a speed of 20,00,000 miles a year and could hit anytime after 2010? Our MPs have. On Thursday, this was one of the questions they posed to the government, which found itself at a loss for answers. An question, "Whether it is a fact that planet 'X' is heading towards Earth at a speed of 20,00,000 miles a year and may come close or collide with it anytime after 2010 to cause destruction like earthquake and tsunami?" Apart from details, they wanted the government to enlighten them whether this had any links with the Mayan civilization calendar and whether the Government was taking any preventive steps. Minister of State for Science and Technology Prithviraj Chavan's reply was brief: "There is no factual basis for this (question)."

So much for telling the people of India that the highly accurate Zetas have predicted the country will be pushed under the waves during the hour of the pole shift. How would the government cope with a mass exodus situation, and how would their neighbors deal with a mass migration? Then I, Nancy, was pleasantly surprised to find myself juxtapositioned opposite NASA in the Cleveland Examiner. NASA's WISE explorer is going to be searching the sky for infrared objects over the next 9 months. Could they be inching closer to admitting they found a heat generating object right at their door step, cloaked in a dust cloud and jerking the Earth around with its immense magnetic field? Ah, they found it, and are now WISE.

NASA's WISE Observatory: can it find Planet-X (Nibiru) and avert a 2012 disaster?
December 14, 2009
On December 14, 9:09 a.m. (EST), NASA launched into space a Delta II rocket caring the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer or WISE. According to a NASA Mission page on the WISE launch, The mission of this 1,485-pound satellite is to " uncover hidden cosmic objects, including the coolest stars, dark asteroids and the most luminous galaxies." Could NASA be looking for Nibiru - also known as Planet-X? It is widely believed by many that something catastrophic will happen on December 21 or 23, 2012. This date marks the end of the 5,125-year Mayan Long Calendar cycle. One can only speculate as to what missions the WISE satellite has beyond those publicly stated by NASA. We can only hope and pray that the world's governments are actively looking to find and eliminate any and all threats to the planet: threats both from within and without.

In 1995, Nancy Lieder receive messages from the Zeta Reticuli concerning an object passing through our solar system causing a pole-shift which would lead to the destruction of humanity. The date of doom was original set for 2003. After 2003 came and went, a reinterpretation of the Zeta messages revealed that 2010 rather that 2003 would mark the end of life on this planet as we know it. Many today believe that the Zeta Reticuli messages actually refer to the Mayan calendar's cataclysmic event of 2012. The object passing through the solar system is actually Zecharia Sitchin's Nibiru. Nibiru was described as a star by the ancient Babylonian astronomers. Sitchin says Nibiru was a planet whose inhabitants came to earth 450,000 years ago to search for gold and to create a race of homo sapien slaves. According to Lieder's sources, the death object is 4 times the size of the earth. Her website has actual photos of Planet-X along with update messages from the Zetas.

The article, quoted in part above, also displayed some actual photos of Planet X, aka Nibiru, in the article, while pointing folks directly to the ZetaTalk website.

Actual Photo of Nibiru from the website
"Photos from the General Public, Starting Late March, 2003 "

But wait, there's more! Not a day after this Examiner article published I received an email requesting a phone interview. Sun Media, which publishes 14 different newspapers in Canada, wanted the personal view. Not a week later, this article appeared in many of those newspapers, in some cases alongside a report on the webbots view of potential 2012 disasters.

The Threat of Nibiru Looms
December 21, 2009
If there's one person who may escape what 2012 has in store for humanity, it's Nancy Lieder. The mild-mannered, rapid-talking rural Wisconsin mom believes 90% of the human race will be obliterated by a close encounter with an unmapped planetary object, dubbed Planet X or Nibiru. After earlier suggesting the event would take place in 2003, she's now reluctant to pinpoint an actual date, but believes by the end of 2012, many people will be convinced our governments are not telling us about the threat of Nibiru. But just when humanity faces off our darkest hour - including the passing planet turning Earth end over end - Lieder figures she won't be around to feel the ground shake. "I'm not sure I'll be here," she says, adding; "I may be taken ... to live in one of their (domed) cities."

She's referring to extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system. She says she is, through implants in her head, in almost daily contact with the space beings, who watch over her. "This is not the nattering of a crazy woman in Wisconsin," the 68-year-old retiree argues. Indeed, her story, which she first posted on her website in 1995, has since been embraced by 2012 end-times believers across the web. She's become a doomsday den mother to groups as far-flung as Asia and Russia. While her three grown children most often change the topic when she brings up her work as they phone to check up on her, the twice-married Lieder has taken a practical view of skeptics and non-believers. As well, she's developed a rather nonchalant attitude toward the end of the world. "I did my crying early," she says.

The Zetas had long predicted that ZetaTalk would be in the press prior to the last weeks, giving several reasons for the surge in popularity.

  • a track record of accuracy that gives assurance to those listening to the advice that they can survive if proper steps are taken, thus encouraging personal survival plans;
  • the assurance that the common man, the poor man, can not only survive better than the rich man, but will survive better than those with wealth, thus reducing resentment against the wealthy;
  • a long history of preaching survival techniques that are simple to acquire and perform, thus virtually arming anyone listening with the tools and means to survive.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/26/2007: Imagine a hypothetical situation where the Second Sun is not just sighted at sunrise and sunset, but during the day also, by many. Chemtrail fog no longer clouds the view, as just as the Sun can shine through clouds or fog, so can this orb. What reason would the establishment give, that would be a tenable excuse? A solar flare? Is this the end of the solar system, the Sun unraveling? A flaming asteroid approaching Earth? Panic would ensure, assuming an impact. They know they must close the gap! The Internet will not be stopped, may be blocked at points, but is like water flowing around blocks, was designed that way, to find alternate routes. They know this, and are planning for such an instance, in which case you may see Nancy on CNN talking about eating bugs and weeds!

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/9/2007: The hand which owns most of the media outlets is the Puppet Master's hand. He is interested in having the public educated on what is coming, and educated on what to do about it, so that strong survival communities emerge. Most certainly the Puppet Master is aware of ZetaTalk, and as a member of the former MJ12, is acquainted with Nancy too. It is in the plans to have Nancy speak to future issues, and how to survive, in the media, at some point, as we have repeatedly mentioned.

Prediction 10/6/2007: Even if the quake incidence and magnitude were removed from public view altogether, how to explain the mining accidents, collapsing bridges, landslides, water and gas main breaks? They are pinging here and there at present, but will soon become a thunderous chorus, so many incidences will be happening. Will the establishment shut down the press and cut the phone lines to keep panic down? Obviously this technique would not work. The Puppet Master knows that the time when honesty must be out there, to calm the public, is at hand. He knows that explaining survival techniques is one means of quelling panic. This is why we have predicted that Nancy will be pushed by the media into the public arean, as she has a long history with these techniques.

In addition, The Zetas have stated that they will not provide information that the elite would want, unless the common man is informed about what is coming, and informed via ZetaTalk, rather than some mouthpiece the establishment puts forth.

ZetaTalk Condition 11/7/2009: They fear the ZetaTalk message. Until the establishment, worldwide, is ready to be honest with their public about possible earth changes, the cataclysms as we have described it, there can be no additional information relayed by ourselves.

Snow Circle

A remarkable snow circle appeared in Holland, undeniably genuine. There were no footprints in the snow, or tracks that man or his machines would have left. The circle were laid by removing an inche or more of snow, rather then melting the snow down, or compressing it, demonstrating that tromping feet were not the means by which the design was laid.

Holland - Biggest Snow Circle Formation Ever
December 21, 2009
The extreme cold of the previous night (during which the rings appeared), the lack of footprints, and the fact that the "missing" snow is not piled up anywhere in, or anywhere near, the formation - all of which seem to rule out mechanical creation of the rings.

What could all this mean? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/26/2009 This is a genuine snow circle, not done by humans. Snow was chosen as the medium due to hoaxes done in Europe recently. Humans would not fail to leave traces, and would compress or melt, rather than remove, the snow. Likewise, covering foot prints with artificial or manufactured snow would be obvious, by appearance if not by other means. What is the message here? That the alien presence is real, not hoaxed. That there is an intruder in the solar system, to the right of the Earth and between the Earth and Sun. That the Earth is in a squeeze, and cannot escape.

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