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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 2, 2010

I have been researching on which safe locations has the least risks. The Sierras in California is vast. I am concerned about picking the wrong spot for those who choose to come with me. Is there any way you can be a little bit more specific on what part of the Sierra would be the safest from Mountain Buildings? North, South, or Central Sierras? Is this too specific?

Regarding which part of the Sierras will be safe from mountain building during the hour of the pole shift - we do not have good news. This stretch of rigid rock snaps under compression from the Pacific, as the high sharp mountains show. Mountain building will occur throughout the Sierras. For those with homes in the Sierras, who wish to return to them after the pole shift, we have two suggestions. Travel into Nevada and ride out the pole shift on one of the former salt lake beds of Lake Lahontan, and then return to the Sierras, or drop down into the San Joaquin Valley, which is stable. The valley will flood with water pouring over the coastal mountains and rushing up along rivers that drain the valley. However, if timed right and prepared to travel quickly into the foot hills of the Sierras, it would be possible to avoid mountain building. The hour of the pole shift will involve the globe on the move, and at the end of that hour, plates crashing into one another. It is not until the end of the hour that mountain building in the Sierras and compression of the Pacific will start. Water on the move does not move instantly, but is paced. Thus those along the eastern side of the San Joaquin Valley can wait until the hurricane force winds start to die down, shortly after the big jolts have occurred, and then trek into the foothills of the Sierras before the flooding of the valley begins to affect them. During travel through the Sierras one would encounter much destruction of roadways and bridges, and for this plan to work, one would have to be prepared to travel on foot through potentially hazardous terrain in the Sierras.

Egregors are global essence. They are created by people, groups of people, or even weights of people. People create and support ability to live of egregors, but the majority at all doesn't realize it. Realize it only the few. Any generality of people has in due course a egregor. These of essence are strong, as eat energy of many, and can operate people, rebellious to suppress, destroy. Many people obey the egregore, and submit to rules which he establishes. The egregor purpose - to expand the domination, to grow, enthralling people, exhausting them in frameworks. If egregors exist, possibly, they create many obstacles for civilization development in a favorable direction. What can Zetas tell about egregors if certainly will consider it necessary? [and from another] There is said by some to be a form called Gaia, which is said to be a thought form created by the collective intent of those on earth, over time, which is said to encapsulate colaborative past and present thoughts of those on earth. If there such group mind concept as Gaia does it exist seperate to the intent of those who created it, or is this more like a concept of a psychic group mind or shared memories of those that exist right now, including both spirits now incarnated or between incarnations, who collaborate their on wisdom and past memories to create Gaia. I am wondering if Gaia is something like a network of OOB communication, but put in terms humans feel more comfortable with. Incarnated humans (or thier souls) might interact with this network unconciously, for the same reason and prefer therefore to think of it as a seperate entity.

The term "collective conscious" refers to concepts and in particular knowledge shared by a number of people, due to this information being passed among them via telepathy or body language or other mass communication routes. The evening news on TV is a good example of how the collective conscious gets updated. Information is stated, visually represented, or passed along by the body language of the talking heads on TV. WebBots tapes into this collective conscious by word association and frequency on Internet postings. There can be different collectives also. A church group, attending the same services or Bible study groups, can develop a collective, sharing their conclusions or attitudes even if never openly stated, thus. A collective can encompass a country or culture, due to mass media influence whereby those who have loyalty to a country or share a particular cultural background spend time watching TV or reading papers for that particular audience. Collectives can be vast, worldwide, or restricted, thus, and are many. However, a collective requires life to sustain it - human brains, or currently disincarnate spirits. It does not become a thing outside of itself, self-sustaining.

I am in Wales. The UK's largest historical tsunami affected the Bristol Channel (the bit that the Severn Estuary flows into), between South Wales and Devon and Cornwall - it also has the second highest tidal range in the world. I wonder how you see the pole shift affecting this particular coastline, will it be affected in much the same way as everywhere else in the UK, or is there a particular danger along this coast? I'd like to know because I live about a mile from the coast in the Vale of Glamorgan!

The Bistol Channel will experience tidal bore during the European tsunami. This fact is the reason our estimate for the water height to strike the UK coast was from 200-300 feet. Why this variance, unless there were factors that would affect the water height. Tidal bore occurs when the water has an increasingly more narrow path before it, and thus must rise to accommodate the press of water coming behind it. A bore does not stop until the height of the water pushes back onto the oncoming water with an equal force. Momentum of the oncoming water also is a factor. The European tsunami will be a lot of water, coming at great force and speed. For those who want specifics on just which river bottom or ravine will experience a bore, we suggest seeking the advice of a hydrologist. Models of the terrain can be built, and subjected to water force in a lab pool, for instance. Nancy and ourselves will not have time to address every nitch in the UK. For those who cannot arrange for this analysis, assume the worst case situation, 300 feet in height, and utilize the free Google Maps facility to determine if you are in the red or in the clear.

I was just wondering whether or not the Elite have set up bunkers in New England, specifically NH?

We have mentioned in the past that the elite anticipate surviving the pole shift and emerging as kings in the Aftertime from the estates in North Carolina, and from carry-on government installations in Denver and Kokomo, Indiana. John Moore, who speaks from a Navy background, professes that many from within the Navy who know what is coming have chosen the Ozarks as their safe location enclave. Reports of where the elite ran to in 2003, when they thought our predictions for a pole shift shortly after May 15, 2003 were to come true, also revealed some favored spots - Alberta, Greenbrier, the mountains of Tennessee, and NASA employees in Arizona. The elite, however, are everywhere. They purchase islands in the Caribbean, estates in the Alps, large ranches in the western US, land tracts in Paraguay and Argentina, and have second or multiple homes in as many countries, just in case. If wanting to keep a low profile, they purchase modest homes and have a servant live there to disguise true ownership. They have large yachts, and often delude themselves that they could survive the pole shift on their boats. Where they are not is in areas considered lower class or working class, or so close to crowded population centers that they could be overrun. Are they in New Hampshire, thus? No.

The Zetas mentioned how some of Earth's oil comes via "petrochemicals formed in the atmosphere during pole shifts" ../science/s38.htm How exactly do these petrochemicals become thick black oil on Earth? Do these petrochemicals rain down via big/small black gooey droplets covering the ground, hover in the high atmosphere for weeks like smog or falling fog, or dump in mile-long sheets of thick black goo? If in sheets, does it catch fire and blanket the sky with thick smoke while falling and then catch everything ablaze wherever it falls? Does it blanket the countryside and kill all vegetation and not allow plants to grow in the region for a long time? How long until plants start growing again? Does PX's tail pummel only one side of Earth, or pelt most of the entire globe by wrapping itself around the Earth everywhere equally?

We have explained that the tail will lash the Earth, wrapping itself around the Earth, so that no part of the Earth is exempt. Firestorms most often occur in the vicinity of volcanoes as this is where the petrochemicals are formed as the tail passes over them. Folklore attests that the firestorms drop like a blanket, aflame. This burns until the oxygen available to the fire depletes. This does not consume all the oxygen in the area, obviously, else there would not be reports from witnesses! The sticky oil lands on the ground, and does not linger as droplets in the air as it is heavier than air. Where the ground has been broken, shattered, it seeps into the ground. If open to bacteria and oxygen, the oil is consumed by oil eating bacteria as it is after oil spills today. Even when in the ground, in the soil, this occurs. It must be protected from the air, sealed off somehow, to be preserved. Pitch, or tar beds, have a similar process, though closer to the surface than pools of oil. Thus in the unlikely occurrence that a blanket of oil drops upon you, it will either alight and burn, fail to alight and smother the ground in sticky oil, and then seep into the ground or linger on top to be eaten by bacteria over weeks and months. Since these deposits are not over vast areas, move if this happens.

The sea level map indicates that the new Texas coastline will be approximately along the San Antonio, Austin, Ft Worth line (using 675 ft. rise and 200 ft. drop). Given that the ocean offers one of the best possibilities for survival, we would like to take advantage of that situation. Using topographical map information, we see that some of the Texas Hill Country peaks (North and West of the new coast line) have the following characteristics that would seem to offer safety and desirability both during the pole shift and after:

There are many Texans looking for safe locations in their State. It would be appreciated if the Zetas could confirm that this reasoning is accurate as well as address any issues of similarity between the Stephensville elevated land in respect to Dallas (ZetaTalk Warning 1/19/2008) and the Hill Country peaks I describe to Austin / San Antonio (much smaller population centers) and any geologic issues with Blacones Fault / Llano Uplift, etc.. We would be appreciative if the Zetas could note anything we have failed to take into consideration. [and from another] The Balcones fault zone is an extensive group of faults that transects Texas on a generally southwest to northeast line, and extends into Louisiana and Arkansas. The Balcones fault is marked by the Balcones Escarpment, an abrupt change of elevation in the terrain that extends from Del Rio, through Brackettville, Uvalde, the northern parts of San Antonio, and then northeastward through New Braunfels, San Marcos, Austin, Georgetown, Salado, and Temple. The change in elevation of the terrain is quite abrupt, with the terrain north of the fault ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 feet above sea level. South of the Balcones Escarpment, the terrain is generally 600 feet above sea level or lower, declining gently for about 150 miles to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

The devastation to Texas has, until this moment, come in bits and pieces of ZetaTalk. We early made the statement that the water will roll across Texas even to "lap at the foothills of the Rockies". Our statement was also that Dallas would be flooded for weeks, and the UFO warnings about Stephenville getting the drowning from Dallas crawling up on their shore reiterated that. Our statements on the degree to which Texas will be flooded have been ridiculed, but have consistency. Maps of the area showing where a water height of 875 feet show our predictions as possible at this height. Why would we not merely warn Texans that the tidal wave along their shores was going to be 875 feet? In our experience, it is better to move to the next level, explaining what this means to man, who else does not engage the reality of the message. To state what cities will be flooded and how far the water will push gets their attention, where a mere number does not.

Why will Texas suffer in this regard when the rest of the world is to receive sloshing of 500-600 feet along their coasts during the hour of the pole shift? The S American Plate will crush the Caribbean during the hour of the shift, moving through this small plate to collide with the N American Plate, in essence. Where does the water in the Gulf go during this process? Of course it will pushes over Florida and along the Gulf states, who are anticipating the sloshing and 150 foot drop in elevation for Florida and the southeastern US to require them to be in the Appalachian mountains or foothills for safety. But Texas, as we have stated, is flat land, and offers no resistance to a wall of water on the move. Water will funnel there, finding resistance elsewhere. The Balcones Escarpment which swaths across Texas in a curve is the point where the wave will break. Here the cities of Austin and San Antonio will find themselves flooded but not at a great depth. The force of water will push beyond the escarpment where ravines allow the press of water to move forward, rushing over the high plains in places.

They say that way back in the beginning of our planet that it was one big continent and one big ocean. And since then things have been spreading out. All over Zetatalk, for years now, you've talked about widening seaways and river valleys and how many hints have there been for people to get a fishing pole, a boat and to look forward to the new abundant seas. It seems to me that way back in the beginning we were just the lucky chunk of a shattered planet that got away with a lot of water. The water ran down hill like it always does, except the hill is lost in the asteroid belt now and the water just kept running down and filling up the wounded side that we call the Pacific Ocean. So, is it that every earthquake and volcano and tectonic plate are all trying to heal the wounded planet and eventually it will really be round with it's heavy parts in balance? This is a big shift. Are we going to make it to balance this time, that is round? Wouldn't the turmoil stop then? Do planets that have not experienced shattering, orbit changing collisions still have volcanoes and earthquakes?

At present, the globe is uneven. Viewed from the Pacific Ocean, centered over Hawaii at longitude 175, there is hardly any land mass in sight! Turn the globe and one sees more land than water. Likewise for the southern hemisphere. Centered over Antarctica, one sees a hint of land at Australia and the tips of S American and Africa. But turn the globe again for the view from the N Pole and there appears to be more land than water again. But the new Geography will have the great plates of the Americans - N America and S America - to the north. And for the new southern hemisphere there will be the great plate of Africa and what little will remain of the flooded Europe, Russia, Australia, and Asia. Without the tugging and tearing that pole shifts engender, the Earth of the future will not experience continental drift.

This just may be natural occurrence, but if not, maybe the Zetas would like to comment. My friend said her dog cried for over an hour this morning, then a couple of hours later light bulbs started exploding in her house and one flew out of it's socket. She lives in Redmond, Oregon, near Mt. Jefferson of the Cascades. I told her that my dog has been crying for nearly two weeks now and that maybe her dog was reacting to the earthquakes showing on the seismic graphs this morning. Maybe they are not related, but an internet search didn't give much explanation for exploding light bulbs. Can exploding light bulbs be a sign of earth changes?

Electric or electromagnetic surge will explode light bulbs, and electromagnetic screech from compressed rock is indeed one of the precursors of earthquakes. This is what causes radio static near an epicenter a day or so ahead of a quake. Your anxious dogs are of course another such precursor indicator.

This in interesting. The U.N are setting up an ambassador to "greet the alien/visitors" [and from another] Can the Zetas comment on this: regarding the press conference about UFO`s closing down nuclear weapons. Is this true, is there real activity from ET`s towards military installations? And can we eventually expect increased activity around/during the pole shift concerning nuclear facilities? ( I mean for our increased safety when ground becomes unstable, jeopardising such installations) [and from another] Call it one small misstep for mankind. Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman has officially denied media reports that she was selected by the United Nations to represent earthlings in their future dealings with aliens. "It sounds really cool," Othman told The Guardian, "but I have to deny it." The United Nations has also denied the story, which was first told by The Sunday Times over the weekend and then subsequently re-reported by numerous other media outlets around the world. The idea, according to the original erroneous piece, was that the planet would have a person in place when the eventual arrival of an alien ship led to the inevitable "take me to your leader" moment. "The article in the Sunday times is nonsense," a U.N. spokesman said. It remains a debated point, however, whether the world's governmental bodies should take the subject of possible alien encounters more seriously. As AOL News contributor Lee Speigel wrote in June, some European politicians are urging the U.N. to bring the topic of UFO sightings out into the open and urge world governments to declassify documents that chronicle human encounters with alien space ships. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., today, seven retired U.S. airmen testified about their own run-in with what they believe to be an extraterrestrial ship at an English air force base in 1980.

Periodically a group of prestigious individuals comes forth for a press conference to declare that the alien presence is real, UFOs are real, and the Earth is being visited by intelligent life elsewhere. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell has asserted his personal knowledge of this for years. Country after country is opening their UFO files to the public - France, the UK, Canada, Sweden - and many allow their military to speak freely on the matter. The US has been the most reluctant, in part because they have the most to hide. They have been on the forefront of the cover-up over the alien presence since the days of Roswell. Imminent disclosure is often rumored to occur in the US, or perhaps a landing on the White House lawn, but this is not about to happen for the many reasons we have stated. We will reiterate once more that mass landings, or a public introduction of alien lifeforms by an official, will not occur. Nothing that would increase the anxiety level of the public is to be done.

We work rather from the bottom up, contacting individuals who indicate they wish this contact. This is why acceptance by the public is increasing, which the polls show. The public is increasingly comfortable with the concept of visitors from elsewhere, and the percentage of the public feeling certain that this is in process keeps rising. The establishment assumes they are in the lead in this, but they are being dragged along in the dust behind a public eager to engage the alien presence, and doing so without permission. In fact, the establishment can do nothing to stop this! They don't know who is being contacted, when, or by whom. Nor could they stop the process even if they did. Meanwhile, mass UFO sightings are occurring at an increasing rate, worldwide. Motherships, or fleets of ships forming patterns and blinking in the sky, or holographic pyramids twirling slowly over a city at night.

Meanwhile, the public jokes about the cover-up, where sightings are jokingly called swamp gas or weather balloons in reference to the standard Air Force explanations for UFO sightings. Those in charge of the cover-up, who hope not to have to confess their long running lie and their distain for the public's ability to handle the knowledge that they held for themselves, are trembling in fear. The cover-up of course was for their benefit, as knowledge is power, and to admit that the Air Force could not counter UFOs means that they were not as powerful as presumed. Organized religion was another big beneficiary of the cover-up, so they could continue to intimidate the flock with threats of being able to damn an errant member to hell for lack of cooperation with their rules. Politicians, and the very wealthy were yet another beneficiary of the cover-up, so the status quo would not be altered and they could continue to threaten prison or the equivalent of a debtor's prison and thus keep the slave classes in their place.

Meanwhile, where is the UN in all of this? Many voices press the issue of the cover-up not only about the alien presence but also the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system. Sooner or later the public will become aware of this, and what then? The alien presence is not the larger worry, as disclosure is already occurring, country by country, bit by bit. Even the US is loosening their hold by allowing their Air Force officers to bear witness, as formerly they were under strict orders to tell no one. This is one way for disclosure to happen bit by bit - allowing individuals to testify without punishment. What does the UN have to fear in an open admission that UFOs are real? From a leaked report from a French aviation expert who attended a UN meeting on the issue February 12-14, 2008 it is not UFOs they fear but the ZetaTalk message! Individuals claiming to be in contact with extraterrestrials and thus having knowledge of "future global events" were to be branded as "charlatans". Now who could they be referring to?

During the magnitude 9 quakes of the hour of the poleshift, should we expect gas lines, propane tanks and oil tanks to be prone to rupturing and exploding? Removing and discarding/insulating above ground tanks seems doable, but I am worried about the natural gas infrastructure and the gas lines running underground, and what damage they might cause to people who have otherwise prepared wisely. If gas lines do run to a safe location that may experience gas line ruptures, what do the Zetas recommend to do?

Anyone watching the news, for instance the news on the San Bruno explosion in a distribution line close to the San Andreas Fault line, knows that gas in any form is a danger. Oil and gas refineries explode when rigid piping cracks. Oil or gas wells explode when the ground around them moves. And the gas distribution lines running under cities are no exception. They likewise will explode. Gas lines, whether along the street or within a home, are rigid. In some cases automatic shutoff valves can limit the amount of gas available for an explosion by sensing a drop in pressure, but this is always after the fact. The explosion has already occurred. Utilizing gas on a planet prone to earthquakes was a mistake to begin with, but man never thinks of the consequences when striving for modern conveniences. We have advised turning off the gas at the street, though when the street explodes and your neighbor's homes are on fire you are not likely to escape the holocaust. A better alternative is to live in an area where gas is not available, as in your rural safe location where you will be doing a form of camping while gardening. A campfire at night, for cooking and washing and a bit of friendly light before bed. Nothing explosive.

Please don't forget New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island in your discussion of how far they 'pop' up at pole shift. You have stated Maine will pop up 450 feet. Is this the correct figure for the other 3 states? You have also said Vermont will be fine, and NY except for the new water levels taking half of NY away, and probably it seems, half of Connecticut. So where is the line of pop up, and can we have figures on the other 3 states [NH MA RI].

We have stated that the toggle point where land will bounce up during the pole shift, for the New England states, and be pulled down prior to or during the pole shift, for the southern states, is Pennsylvania. We have stated that the bounce up should be prorated from Montreal to the mouth of the Seaway. Note that across from Montreal there is a rock strata emerging and running south and down into the Appalachian Mountains. Lake Champlain situated between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains of New York is along this rock strata. This is a rip point, as we have described, where the New England area will bounce up vs being held down. This rock strata runs directly south to where Manhattan Island touches the mainland. Thus, our statement that the New England region would get the bounce. Obviously, there is not going to be a cliff at this rock strata boundary, 450 feet in height. The land will slant. To be on the safe side, assume all of Maine to have the full bounce, and prorate your bounce from there to the western edge of the New England states.

I can't help but think that several events past, present and future will be used to further break down the control that the elite have over us and encourage their migration to their bunkers, where they can do not harm to the masses as the Zetas state. One significant example of this in my mind at least is 9/11. I think that we are on the verge of absolute proof of 9/11 going viral as there are many pictures, videos, and high quality scientific analysis that are available on the net proving this to be a planned demolition/event and spreading rapidly. There is a large push for this starting to rise up. I understand (and agree) with what Obama is trying to do relative to 9/11 as he cannot get too far ahead of all of this else he will be branded a nut case and/or traitor and he must play his hand appropriately as all of this unfolds. I am obviously not asking for what events will further break down the Elite or how eventual disclosure of 9/11 will be used to the good as I understand that these questions would not be answered for good reason. My question is this: given that some significant disclosures on several fronts are in our near future, how can these disclosures be used to our benefit by breaking down those groups that need to be broken down - NASA, Certain low level Elite Scapegoats, rogue elements of CIA/government, others, etc. Without damaging the faith that we have in government to the extent that it is counterproductive to a good end to all of this. A somewhat functioning government up to shift, functioning though weak economy, mitigation and management of pre shift disasters to the limited extent that will be possible, encouragement of individual preparations, etc.?

Will leaks and admissions of government or insider malfeasance in the past destroy faith in government and public officials? Certainly. Should this faith be shaken? Absolutely. Those who have lied to you in the past should not be your leaders in the future! How could they be counted upon to give you good advice, when they have been self-serving in the past? If their bloody fingerprints are on a matter from the past, this should be exposed. Then you will know who least to trust in future.

I understand that falling in love is a preprogrammed function of the body and the purpose is to get a relationship started. Something like that. But I don't understand why I could fall in love with person A, which I consider to match no way, while I don't fall in love with person B, which would match very well. Question: Does the soul make the decision who to fall in love with? What is involved in this decision process? Or how does this work anyway? Please comment.

The phenomena which humans describe as "falling in love" has in most cases nothing to do with love or empathy, and everything to do with hormones dictating procreation urges. One only has to watch nature, deer or elk during the rutting season, salmon during their runs, to see how the creature is taken over by this urge, even to the point of putting themselves in danger. We are speaking here of passionate obsession, not the long-term affection that many couples develop for each other when their needs are met or the bonding that those who are soul mates and have known each other in many past lives develop. The term "love" is also used to cover a multitude of sins, as when a lover is possessive of another, considering the other a possession, they will often claim "love" as the reason when love has nothing to do with their need for control. Those who find themselves "falling in love" inappropriately are often distressed as they are looking at societal expectations for relationships, rather than an honest admission of what the process is. An upper class woman finds herself weak in the knees when she watches her gardener at his work. An intellectual man being introduced to his bride-to-be in an arranged marriage finds he cannot tear his eyes away from a dirty street vendor. This attraction has nothing to do with social standing or even, in most cases, with physical appearance. It has to do with age-old methods by which the sexes communicate to each other that a mating is in order!

Two years ago we often watched the sky near Moscow. Three times we saw a swiftly flying in the direction from north to south UFOs. It was a small dim stars flying formation as shown in the picture. Which meant their appearance? I think that the cluster # 1 represents the fast oncoming water from north to south. We saw this twice in one night. A few days later we have seen formation # 2. He resembles contours of the Ural mountains. What can be said the Zetas?

If you are in tune with these sightings, watching them, you have opened your mind to the telepathic message being delivered. Your conclusions are on target, but there are many other warnings being relayed. A scenario is detailed during such displays, with many aspects, a complex story being delivered via telepathy. Those who witness the display, and stood in awe during the display, opening their minds, have received much information. Much of what you have received may remain in your subconscious, a type of knowledge with a timed-release point in the near future.

New CC at Baltic Farm, near Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire. Reported 26th September. Would the Zetas comment on it?

This crop circle is depicting, from right to left, the gyrations that the Earth will go through during the last weeks. First, the Earth will attempt to lean away from Planet X in the Lean to the Left. Next, during the 3 days of darkness, the globe points its N Pole so far toward dark space and also down for the 6 days of Sunrise West, that it seems a split from its normal posture. This is represented by the waving line and little dots, which show the globe to the left (Lean to the Left) and then the right (extreme swing during the 3 Days of Darkness). Likewise the globe is shown upright and then almost upside down during this time. If those gazing at this crop circle have not heard our complicated explanations, what they do understand is that contortions are in order.

Having been passed almost a year from the publication of PX capture on Stereo, claimed valid by Zetas in SOHO Says So but defined by NASA a Mercury passage, I would like to know if in this actual case the "object" is still PX complex or not.

Why is Mercury showing up as a type of double planet in 2010, when to the right of the Sun, when in 2009 when to the left of the Sun is appeared on the Stereo images as a single planet? The double image is caused by the familiar blooming effect, where light from Mercury not only streams on toward the Stereo Behind satellites but some of this light veers toward Planet X. Planet X pulls this light to the side so that it appears to be coming from the direction of Planet X rather than Mercury. Yet more evidence as to just where Planet X is located, confirming our assertion and blasting holes in the erroneous arguments of those who arrogantly claim is it can only be viewed from Antartica or is out in dark space or perhaps is near Jupiter. The facts are consistently on our side.

We've been reading the of the "Roma" expulsions from France for several months now. This seems to be a beginning of the kind of actions that will be taken by countries prior to the pole-shift. Can you ask the Zetas if this is, in fact, a hidden agenda by France with these Roma deportations? [and from another] Roma expulsions: EU to start legal action against France [Sep 29] The European commission today ordered France to comply with an EU directive on the free movement of EU citizens or face legal action over its expulsion of thousands of Roma. Some 10 million to 12 million Roma live in Europe, the EU estimates. They face widespread discrimination in housing, jobs and education across the continent. As EU citizens, they have a right to travel to France, but must get papers to work or live there in the long term. Most are being sent to Romania.

Roma is another term for Gypsies, and this has been a targeted minority group for centuries. Hitler exterminated the Gypsies along with the Jews, and many countries are suspicious of Gypsies because their traveling caravans are associated - rightly or wrongly - with stolen children and goods. It is not surprising that this group would be one of the first targets for expulsion by those European countries who had welcomed immigrants during their labor shortage days. Those immigrants who had been well behaved as guests will be the last to be expelled. Those who have had a high crime rate, the first. The rationale for expulsion will be many. In this case, France is claiming they are "illegal immigrants" who have setup tent cities, a type of "permanent home" that requires visas. Crime is also cited. Legalities will always trail action, so the expulsions will be carried out and be accomplished before any official order to halt can be uttered. We have warned that travel restrictions will be imposed when the Earth changes become more severe. Expulsions of immigrants no longer wanted is likely to precede this, in some areas, but the motivation is the same. Land owners, those with assets to protect and borders to secure, want to eliminate the poor wandering over their borders and invading their land!

Will the Zetas step in again in November to ensure that the elections will not be rigged by the republicans? Or will it be a policy of non inference? I believe there is a war going on in America between the Service to Self vs Service to Other. I am hoping the Service to Other wins because it breaks my heart to see so many people suffering, going hungry and homeless and there are forces in the US that wants to eliminate all safety nets. I just can't get over how our MSM is pushing this narrative that there is a growing number of people who believe that Social Security and Nedicare should be eliminated and that they are pushing the attitude that you should be on your own. The YOYO's. You're on your own suckers. It is so scary nowadays.

Just as the press to get the public to think in terms of energy self-sufficiency, or Michelle Obama's victory gardens in the back yard, there is a press for the public to at least think about the possibility of social networks such as Social Security and Medicare falling away. No politicians can take this stand, but the talking heads can address the issue under the guise of a "trend", such as a Tea Party trend or platform issue. Of course, when the last weeks commence, social services will be in disarray. The mail or automatic deposits will not go through due to human error or due to immense distractions, problems with electronic networks, and people just not showing up for their jobs. By this time travel will be difficult if not impossible, and any bills that go unpaid likely no longer an issue either, but the expectation of what the future will bring for those unaware of the coming changes will be a sudden shock. Oldsters living with a large extended family, where loving arms wrap around the aged as they do the young, are in the best situation. The trend in many industrialized countries, however, is for the generations to live apart, the aged in an assisted living facility, the children in various parts of the country busy with their jobs or education. Once again, those in non-industrialized countries, where the entire family lives in close proximity to each other and gardening for food is a given, will be better off.

Thanks to addressing Northern Island M9+ EQ, tsunami for USA. I would like to know tsunami (by Southern Island EQ, by Northern Island M9+ EQ)

Will Japan itself have tsunami during its great quakes on the South Island? Where the North Island is on the great N American Plate, and thus generates a tsunami toward N America when the Pacific Plate pushes under it, the South Island has a complex plate joint. The Philippine Plate is pushed under the South Island but rather than have the rise of the South Island force a tsunami toward N America, the tsunami will be forced upon the South Island. This is because the Philippine Plate is tipping at the Marianna Islands side, rolling the water thus against the South Island. Japan is well protected by a tsunami warning system, and these tsunami are not outside of what Japan anticipates, overall.

Is what will mark the 7 of 10 going to be a short event, hours, ten hours or a long process, several days, maybe a week long?

Large plate movements, such as described in the 7 of 10 scenarios, are preceded by much activity. The trend is unmistakable. For the tongue of Indonesia, there has been a tipping of the Indo-Australian plate. Not only has the plate been driven under the Himalayas so that India in general is sinking and New Zealand in general rising, it is tipping sideways so that Pakistan is sinking and the plate boundary along Sumatra and Java finds these islands in Indonesia sinking. This is in the news! Certainly it is in Nancy's newsletters. For the S American roll, the Andes are being hammered and the islands in the Caribbean just above the border with S America are showing the stress by gas explosions.We have explained that a plate movement large enough to "shock the world" will not be a creep. Precursor quakes of a magnitude 4-7 should not be considered the 7 of 10 incident. This is true for all the scenarios in the 7 of 10 holographic presentation. Japan regularly has significant quakes, almost daily, and these are not the large quakes of a magnitude 8-9 that will precede the New Madrid adjustment. You will know when the 7 of 10 hits, and it will be sudden and large. Any attempt to get us to comment on every relatively minor quake, for perhaps a hint on timing, will be ignored.

It seems that the Russian wealthy elite know about Planet X and the immanent pole shift, this BBC news story is reporting the building of a "space hotel". A four-room space vehicle, they say will be ready for 2016. If they know about the pole-shift/Zetatalk, why announce 2016? (My guess is that this date is a blind against a secret 2012 launch and that the "Hilliard in the heavens" is already constructed). Do the Zetas have any comment on this story? [and from another] This latest plan is not the first time a space hotel has been mooted. In 2009 the Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort said their orbiting hotel was on target to accept its first paying guests by 2012. In 2007, Genesis II, an experimental spacecraft designed to test the viability of a space hotel, was successfully sent into orbit by Bigelow Aerospace, a private company founded by an American hotel tycoon.

Do the wealthy hope to ride out the pole shift up in space, away from exploding volcanoes, monstrous tidal waves, and magnitude 15 earthquakes crushing cities and bunkers alike? Absolutely. Will this succeed? Not a wit. If the lashing tail of Planet X is going to tear satellites out of the skies, and shred the ISS, why would it leave the floating abodes of the wealthy intact? But the arrogant elite are not listening to us while formulating their plans. Too bad for them!