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ZetaTalk: Soul Mates
Note: written Jun 15, 1996.

Many lovers, when first meeting their beloved, are instantly attracted in a strange way. This isn't based on appearance, as rather than good looking the newly met attraction most often is plain or even physically flawed in some way. Aphrodisiac qualities such as great wealth or the hero stature temporarily assigned to a rescuer are not factors. Yet the lovers are fascinated with one another, want to pass the time with no others, and can think of no one else when apart. If lust were a factor then such attractions would only exist where sex is hot and the best in memory, but these attractions exist even when sex is not possible or is tepid or a disappointment. These matches, known in every human society, are sometimes referred to as soul mates, a term more apt than not, and are on the increase during the Transformation.

Spirits who have known each other in past lives frankly arrange to meet again. Of all the millions of liaisons possible between entities, these partnerships stand out as special, a lasting friendship or love affair as it were. In particular, where one of the entities is facing a difficult life lesson, they may wish for an old friend to hold their hand. These desires are known and taken into account before birth, the incarnations structured so that the two can find each other. Life circumstances may make this difficult or even impossible, so that one of the other of the entities goes through the entire incarnation with a vague sense of longing, a sense that they have not yet met the love of their life. However, in most cases the search is rewarded, with the entities speaking to each other like voices through the fog. Here I am, over here. Look for me in the book store. Look for me at the beach. Did you want to buy a puppy? I'm going to the pet store on Sunday. They make spiritual dates, and when encountering one another at last there is that instant attraction. Soul mates, together at last.

Note: added during Jan 25, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.
Humans often encounter what is termed soul mates, or souls they have dealt with before. That this could happen, given the numbers and likelihood by chance, seems unlikely. Indeed, such encounters are guided, both souls desiring this encounter, and the Spirit Guides allowing this. Often, if a soul has a particularly difficult task, or will be undertaking a particularly significant task that is of importance for its growth, having old and familiar companions is deemed an assist. However, this is the exception, less than 1% of incarnations including such encounters or arrangements. There are souls that tend to limit the numbers of other entities they can deal with, such that Service-to-Other is interpreted as concern for the group, not the larger Universe. The group, thus, is variously defined. A group might be no more than the extended family, during an incarnation, or the local community, or the country or those sharing the religious beliefs. This type of limitation is the norm, even for highly experienced Service-to-Other entities who would most definitely be considered old souls. But there are others, an example Nancy and ourselves, the team of Zetas talking to you here, who consider the larger scope. At a minimum, we include the population of the Earth, and include in our concerns all visitors from anywhere in the Service-to-Other orientation who are interacting on Earth, or will be. Thus, this is a decision, or perhaps a limitation, of the entity, whether to cling to small and familiar groups or be expansive and explorative.

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