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Eastern Indiana rises into the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, and thus affords some protection from flooding during the shift and the torrential rainstorms that follow for some months after the shift. As with Ohio, desperate survivors will crowd into these hills, and families afloat will arrive at dry land expecting to be welcomed and fed. A carry-on government has a base in Indiana. Near Kokomo, Indiana, in the hills surrounding this small town, burrowing goes on as the shift approaches. These power hungry elite will attempt to take over any nearby settlements. Thus survivors in or near Indiana will find themselves defending their perimeter from many onslaughts - hungry and desperate common folk as well as arrogant and angry carry-on government employees.


Nancy's Note: the Zetas have warned about disinformation on US stores of biological weapons or nuclear material, and the reasons for this disinformation, i.e. Carry-On Government plans. Indiana is one such place affected.

Offered by Nancy.

Other than meeting in Washington DC, the President and his VP are rarely seen together. This is a precaution against an accident or assassination attempt taking both of them out, leaving the powerful US government temporarily leaderless. Trips abroad do not involve both together. Meeting heads of state do not involve both together. So what would it be about insignificant Kokomo that would bring them together in this way? Kokomo, as is known, is one of the sites developed where a carry-on government could function. The infrastructure has been built, underground, through many years of burrowing and tunneling - an open secret. Clearly Denver is the first choice, and many branches of government are already ensconced there, including a large contingent of the US Military. But should Denver become unavailable, for any of a thousand different possible reasons, Kokomo would be utilized. Obama and Biden were there for a final check of the facilities.


Note Government Bunkers commentary.