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Issue 133, Sunday, May 16, 2009
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Moon Angels

An artifact found on the Moon during the Apollo missions is similar to depictions of the Annunaki in ancient Sumerian drawings. The only outstanding question about this artifact seems to be why NASA kept it a secret all these years. NASA is still officially denying the artifact was retrieved during its Moon missions, but former NASA employees are vouching for the story.

200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon
May 5, 2009
A noted scientist has just produced proof that the lunar surface was inhabited by intelligent life: a 10-inch angel sculpture embedded in a moon rock. Geologist Dr. Morris Charles revealed last week that NASA lab workers chipped the angel from one of the rocks brought to Earth by Apollo 11 astronauts 40 years ago, in 1969. Dr. Charles was a NASA scientist himself for 23 years but left the agency in 1987. He still maintains close ties to many of his former colleagues.

The angel - a humanoid female with wing-like appendages on her back and long flowing hair - is made of an iron compound found exclusively in the highlands of the moon. This rules out the possibility that it was dropped by a race of aliens from another planet. It's been hand polished to a silvery metallic sheen. Based on chemical analysis of the metal, geologists estimate the sculpture to be 200,000 years old which means it was made 170,000 years before the human species appeared on Earth. The Sumerians told stories of the Annunaki, winged deities, as far back as 18th century BC. Zecharia Sitchin has already shown in The Twelfth Planet that the statues of gods and goddesses from Sumer present special helmets with protuberances on both sides. Many drawings on the Sumerian plates show the gods with wings, which were not belonging to the body, but they were accessories of the flight suit, therefore the gods looked like eagle.

The Annunaki had the technological capacities that man does today, including rocket ships such as the shuttle man uses to get to the International Space Station, and flight within the Earth's atmosphere. They strapped on a booster device to be able to float over the ground on Earth. This ability was often depicted as wings, as the Annunaki seemed to be flying like birds.


The Zetas have confirmed that the Annunaki were on the Moon, using this as a communication hub to their operations on Mars. They left tetrahedral crystals on the Moon, their communication device. Their artifacts on Mars include the famous Face on Mars. That former NASA employees are daring to come forth with the truth is an encouraging sign. The coverup over the Annunaki, and over the alien presence in general, is long overdue to be entirely dropped.

ZetaTalk Tetrahedral Crystals 7/15/1995: It is not your imagination that you see tetrahedral shapes on the Moon. Yes, they are there, and yes, they had a purpose in the past. They are now inactive structures, with no reuse in the foreseeable future. What were they used for, and is there magic in the shape? The shape is significant, as it is functional. Large crystals have been used to boost communications by a number of alien races in Earth's past. The tetrahedral form simply provided the best focused emission, when energy was applied on all perimeter surfaces and converged in the center. This was one of the things noticed by the astonished astronauts when they disembarked on the Moon. This subject receives much press, and much speculation, as the rumors can be supported by faint images in amateur telescopes. What alien races used this method, and whom were they communicating to? We are speaking here primarily of the inhabitants of Planet X. This race was chased from Earth by the administrative authority of the Council of Worlds. They were quarantined from Earth so that the race of man could develop without undue influence. Even before the quarantine period they had established a communication post on the Moon, and they had a mining operation on Mars long before setting up on the Earth.

Sweden Disclosure

Following the lead of France, the UK, and Canada, Sweden is releasing their UFO files. Who has their foot on the brakes? The US, which has yet to admit that the alien presence is real, and continues to insist it is all swamp gas and weather balloons.

UFO Sweden Releases 18,000 Swedish UFO Reports to the Public Domain
May 6, 2009
Breaking News! UFO Sweden is releasing thousands of UFO files beginning May 9-10, 2009. "Besides the 18,000 Swedish cases are thousands of cases from Denmark and other Nordic countries. Thousands of US cases on micro film are too included. The archive will be open to the public domain starting with May 9-10, 2009. The chairman of UFO Sweden Clas Svahn mentions one case of special interest, a case from 1980. A cigar shaped UFO submerged itself into a mountain lake and never came up again according to witnesses.

But some former NASA employees are continuing to press for disclosure, and bravely doing their part. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell stands at the forefront in this endeavor.

Former Astronaut Mitchell Calls for U.S. to End Cover-up of UFOs
April 22, 2009
On Monday at the National Press Club Dr. Edgar Mitchell called upon the new Democratic administration under President Barack Obama to end a six-decade long truth embargo imposed by elements within the United States government and confirm to the American people the reality of an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence engaging the human race.

Scientist, test pilot, naval officer, astronaut, entrepreneur, author and lecturer, Dr. Mitchell's extraordinary career has been a constant quest to explore and understand the world in which we live. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and a Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. He has received honorary doctorates in engineering from New Mexico State University, the University of Akron, Carnegie Mellon University and a ScD from Embry-Riddle University. Dr. Mitchell has received many awards and honors including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and was inducted into the Space Hall of Fame in 1979 and the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1998.

Following Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Milton Torres, Major USAF (ret.), related an incident in 1957 while serving in the United Kingdom wherein he was ordered to shoot down a "UFO" which registered on his radar as possibly the size of an "aircraft carrier" and demonstrated extraordinary maneuverability. He was subsequently warned by an intelligence staffer to never speak of the incident to anyone or else lose his flying status. He only spoke out when the report of the incident turned up in a series of UFO file released last year into the public domain by the British government. Dr. Torres called upon the new Democratic administration under President Barack Obama to declassify and release all "UFO" related documents in government files to the American people. In this he mirrored very similar demands previously made by former Clinton advisor and chief of staff, John Podesta, and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

When asked recently about the pace of disclosure in the US, the Zetas referred to the problem of discarding baggage from the past.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/2/2009: Both these issues come with immense baggage. The alien presence has been denied for decades, since the time of Roswell, and aggressively so. The individuals who perpetrated this cover-up are still in the main alive, and do not want egg on their faces. What would they say to the public, that the common man could not take the information without going insane or into a panic? This is laughable in view of the large number of mass sightings which have only resulted in curiosity and increased desire for contact. To save face, these individuals demand that the cover-up continue, and the discussion continues behind closed doors. It is the public that is pushing this cover-up to fall, and little by little, it will.

And pointed to the fact that the Obama administration has a lot on its plate.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/24/2009: Obama has not made any statement about disclosure, nor is this a priority on his agenda. He is trying to end the War in Iraq, trying to settle a powder keg in Afghanistan and Pakistan, trying to abort a depression in the US and in other countries affected by extension with the problems in the US, trying to negotiate a health care system for all within the US, and get the US on a footing where it will be energy independent. Where on this list do you see disclosure?

And predicted that disclosure will dribble along, and not occur with a big bang.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/17/2009: We have explained that disclosure of the alien presence will not occur as most in the public would like, with a broad explanation and admission by the governments of the world, and in particular by the US government. The Awakening proceeds apace, as anxiety around the world drops and mass sightings increase. Many governments are disclosing what they know, notably France, the UK, Chile and Russia. It is too broad a step for full disclosure as such an admission begs the question of what else the government has been hiding, and the cover-up over Planet X is not about to crack at present.

And noted that disclosure is a groundswell, and is thus inevitable.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/24/2008: This has all been beginning well before Obama is in the White House. Increasing disclosure has been in process for some years, albeit only evident in other countries until recently. The Bush administration has been resistant, but is facing the reality that they are washing out and will not be in power in the near future. It is the increase in mass sightings, and the percentage of the populace who frankly believe that aliens not only exist but are visiting, that is pushing disclosure. Obama need do nothing!

And that the reluctance of the US intel organizations, who were front and center within MJ12, to disclose is immense. They don't want the embarrassment of admitting that their claims have all been a lie, all these years.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/12/2008: There are constant meetings among countries about this issue. Many countries have taken the lead, such as France and Chile, and many others have been more open than the US for years, such as Russia. Meanwhile sightings are increasing and the public sees the cover-up as ridiculous. The reason for reluctance is that those who perpetrated the cover-up fear being challenged by their public. The intelligence arms of the US military were front and center during the cover-up, as members of MJ12. Much heated argument now goes on behind closed doors, and very little progress occurs. We expect this to be the case right up to and past the time of the pole shift. Meanwhile, sightings are on the increase, etc.

Moscow Gas Explosion

An immense gas explosion occurred in Moscow on May 10, 2009, the worst explosion since World War II. After the flames had cooled and an investigation occurred, the cause was announced. It was a poor weld, done in 1976. Odd, then, that the weld held for some 34 years!

Moscow Blaze Under Control After Gas Blast
May 10, 2009
Moscow has suffered its worst fire in decades after a gas pipeline blast sent flames bursting into the sky and raised new concerns about the security of Russia's aging energy infrastructure. The fire produced spectacular plumes of yellow flames reaching 100 metres high and huge clouds of billowing smoke were visible against the night sky. Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, said "In my opinion, 99 per cent sure, this was a technical catastrophe. This all still needs to be investigated. The cause could have been an upsurge of pressure in the pipeline, as a result of which an explosion took place underground."
Moscow Mayor Blames Poor Welding for Pipeline Explosion
May 12, 2009
A recent pipeline explosion in western Moscow was caused by poor welding work, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov said. "The cause is evident," Luzhkov told journalists in Tokyo. "Now, after investigators have completed their work, I can be certain that this manmade disaster was caused by improper welding carried out in 1976." The Investigative Committee earlier ruled out the possibility of the incident being a terrorist act. The fire, acknowledged as Moscow's largest since World War II, was put out 15 hours after it started.

The Zetas have stated that Moscow is along lowland, near river bottoms, and as such would be considered in the stretch zone.

ZetaTalk Warning 2001: The heart of Russia, Moscow, will not fare well during the coming Earth changes. A city of old structures, massive stone and old brick, it will be subject to easy destruction during any earthquake beyond the trivial that strikes during the shift, and strike they will. The broken link effect will apply block by block, as old plumbing will burst, old walls collapse, and old wires will snap. Every resident of Moscow can expect to be isolated, no ability to communicate, no assurance that one will be rescued from a collapsed wall or building, and certainly no hope the infrastructure will be repaired, ever. Thus on foot and confused, undirected, these residents of a city long the heart of a directive government, will find they have a greater problem. At the headlands of rivers, Moscow will itself find water rising to its doors. At first, this news will come to them by the desperate homeless, arriving at the headlands with reports that the waters are rising in the rivers, coming inland from the all directions. Ultimately, the waters will swallow Moscow, drowning any who have remained there. Survival requires moving to the Urals, to Finland, or to the south to mountains well above the 650 foot above sea level required to stay above the rise of the oceans when the existing poles have melted. An ignominious end to the great land of the former Russia!

Rock pulls apart, silently, in stretch zones, and this was undoubtedly the cause of the Moscow gas explosions.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/14/2005: Confused investigators look for reasons for disasters that have their etiology in Earth quietly pulled apart, rock flakes pulled away, rather than pressed together, so that no quakes occur. The stretch zone is that sinking feeling, where support weakens, the ground sinks, and silently so. Thus gas and water mains explode, because the ground under them shifts, factories or refineries with gas line joints firmly sealed explode as these joints are pulled apart, and bridges fall as their mooring lose their firm footing.

Booms and rumbles had been heard round the world in the days preceding and following the Moscow explosion, consistently in low land which will stretch during adjustments. In Belmont, Australia on May 5, 2009. Belmont is along a river bottom, and on the coastline where several rivers converge to empty into the Indian Ocean.

Mystery Explosion - Did You Hear It?
May 6th, 2009
Fire crews came up empty-handed after investigating a mystery explosion which shook sections of Highton last night. Witnesses said a startling boom echoed across areas surrounding Bellevue Av at about 8:30 pm. Two units from Highton Fire Brigade and one unit from Belmont Fire Brigade turned out in response to a call from Taylor Center, near Highton Village shopping center, but searches in the area proved fruitless. Belmont brigade officer in charge Graham Lay said it was unusual for nothing to be found after a notification of an explosion. The incident followed reports of a mystery explosion sound in Grovedale on Thursday night.

And in Carlsbad, California on May 5, 2009, which is also along the coastline and where rivers empty into the Pacific Ocean.

Residents Report Loud Boom
May 6, 2009
The boom seemed especially powerful along the coast, where residents reported windows, doors and houses shaking at about 10 minutes before 8 p.m. Navy officials said they knew of no aircraft activity Tuesday night that might have caused the boom. Carlsbad police and fire officials said they had no information about the boom. A deputy with the Sheriff's Department's rail enforcement team said his unit had not been notified of any railway incidents that might have caused the sound. The FAA didn't record any events that would be related to the boom. Similar booms were reported earlier this year. Because Tuesday's boom was reminiscent of the sound and feel of an earthquake, people have been calling the U.S. Geological Survey, which monitors seismic activity. There was nothing to suggest an earthquake occurred.

And in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, on May 12, 2009. Oconomowoc is in an area of several small lakes, lowland in Wisconsin.

Police Getting Calls About Underground Rumblings
May 12, 2009
Unconfirmed reports of explosion sounds and underground rumblings have local police baffled. Oconomowoc Police Chief David Beguhn said five people called his department to report hearing strange sounds and feeling tremors or vibrations underground. Beguhn said officers found no evidence that any sort of explosion had occurred in the city. Officials in neighboring Jefferson County said they received no similar reports, and a spokesman at the National Earthquake Information Center in Colorado said no unusual seismic activity had been reported in southeastern Wisconsin.

And in South Carolina, also on May 12, 2009, along the coastline where rivers empty into the Atlantic Ocean.

Rumble Felt in Pawleys Island, Earthquake Unconfirmed
May 13, 2009
Reports of an earthquake in Pawleys Island Wednesday are unconfirmed. According to a press release, seismometers around the state do not show an earthquake, however, data coverage in the area is sparse and a small earthquake out to sea is still possible. While planes are not allowed to cross the sound barrier over land, they are allowed to do so at sea and weather conditions may cause that boom to travel long distances. There have been earthquake reports in years past from John's Island and Isle of Palms that did not show up on any seismometers and are strongly suspected to be sonic booms.

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