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ZetaTalk: Likely Reality
Note: written Nov 15, 1999.

Predictions on what will happen in human society as the cataclysms approach and become increasingly clear, even shrill, in their warnings vary from the best case to the worst, and neither are correct. Between the best and worst case predictions lie reality, where families will increasingly be forced to rely upon themselves and the community they live in. The responses to increased hardship and food shortages will depend upon the community, the quality of commitment to others that the community maintains. Increasing polarity toward Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self will intensify, such that some communities share and support each other more, while others close their doors to each other with brutal indifference.

Governments, barely able to address the needs of their populace today, will become increasingly irrelevant. This fact will slowly dawn upon the government workers who have always assumed their jobs secure and their place in society assured. As government workers become disillusioned, the quality of their service will drop, so that support from one’s government becomes increasingly unlikely. To prepare, families and individual must look to themselves.

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