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ZetaTalk: Certainty
Note: written during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Many who are well aware that our predictions on the weather changes, and how they would affect crops, are utterly true, still point to a grocery store with food stocks and claim them all false. The weather affect on crops clicked in during the year predicted, 2000, and were reported in the media, then hushed, and only now leaking out as to the extent of this as the establishment is busy with their own worries. Did we predict that all humans everywhere would be starving, not a crumb to eat? Hardly, but this is the criteria placed on those who cling to denial. As long as a cracker is available to be eaten, somewhere on Earth, our predictions is false. Likewise, our prediction that quakes would increase in both Richter and frequency, in a linear manner, has been proven true only recently, as the quake increase has been large enough to come to notice. We also predicted that under reporting would occur, and quakes in remote places simply not reported, which has also come to light very recently. As long as the establishment dropped quakes from the database, or under reported, or gave overview statistics not supported by the actual quakes, we were accused of having given false predictions by those desperate to deny.

And in like manner, even though we have reported that this inbound planet will approach during the last months, that quake increases will continue to be linear, not exponential, and tides higher than normal, not flooding inland in towering waves, the desperate to deny want certainty and drama. The effects of the pole shift are magnetic, and occur during passage. Prior to the passage, the effect of the inbound planet is like one bug tugging in a spider web, to another bug caught elsewhere in the web. There is reaction, even if the two bugs are remote, and if the one bug were to be able to crawl about, closer to the trapped bug, the vibrations and effect on the trapped bug would be felt more strongly. But nonetheless, we are talking, in the bug/web analogy, about twitching in the web, vibrations, unless and until the traveling bug arrives at the trapped bug. Then the drama begins! Flailing legs! Buzzing wings! Both bugs injuring each other in their frantic interaction, perhaps.

Thus, it is at the moment of passage that the Earth most reacts, and prior to this, it is twitching, so to speak. The earthquake plates locked down, as the Earth compressed, due to a mechanism mankind does not understand. This was demonstrated in the increase in deep quake, in prior decades. Once the plates were locked down, surface quakes ricochet to other surface plates, the domino effect that manifested in 1999, per our predictions. Now the increase in quakes is manifesting to public notice. What does all this indicate about the Earth's reaction to the inbound planet? The core is responsible for this, as the changes in patterns in the swirling core are manifested in increased volcano activity, and increased quakes as the plates, as we have recently described, are showing the shift pattern now, not just a domino effect. The stress on the plates during the shift will be such that the Pacific will shorten, the Atlantic widen, and earth changes on the surface are now showing this in stretched earth along the Atlantic, quake reverberations along the Pacific. How will this change, in the next months?

More, and stronger, such that cities will become problematic to live in, and obsessed with cleaning up the last quake damage and horrifically worried about the next. The increased core swirling, by a core most responsive to the approach of a magnetic giant into the neighborhood, also is heating the earth's plates, causing melting poles, melting glaciers, and rising seas. This is occurring, but under reported at present, but like the under reported quakes will burst into the public eye when cities along coastlines are inundated by several feet of water, their streets awash. How will this change in the months going into the shift? Higher tides, more inundation, and more frantic city managers. Until the planet hoves into view, is approaching so rapidly that the earth is slowing by minutes and then hours a day, and then stops in rotation, there will not be any more than linear increases in what we have described.

Those who want a horn to blow, certainty, and are demanding this, are simply not processing information. They are children, wanting black and white and unable to be comfortable when having to think for themselves. They are lost, during the shift, in any case, and will be found wandering around, lost, afterwards, demanding of some stranger that certainly be brought into their lives.

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