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ZetaTalk: Level of Preparation
Note: written on Aug 15, 2000.

As the pole shift approaches and the earth changes heralding the shift can no longer be ignored, the peoples of the world will find themselves at varying levels of preparation for the coming horror. In most cases, the populace will find themselves barely able to get past a stunned awareness that life as they have known it will not continue before the shift is upon them. Their level of preparation will be based on where they live, their state of health, and whatever goods they can lay their hands upon in the last days.

Where an individual has taken the warnings seriously, or listened to their own counsel during the months and weeks leading up to the shift, their will be a grim enactment of a plan.

Stable communities in a safe place, in essence a survival community in and of itself, will be guarded against a flood of desperate and poorly prepared additions to their headcount. There may be perimeter guards in place, to discourage or re-direct a throng of newcomers. Outside of obvious routes, as in heading for the hills or out into the countryside from a city, such throngs are unlikely to occur. Those who have not prepared ahead of time will be in a state of panic, running in all directions, so that those trying to exit a city will find a press trying to move into the city in their path, and those trying to leave a coastline will find a crowd trying to reach the coast. Any change, in the minds of those in the grip of panic, is better than no change, so action is taken regardless of logic.

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