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ZetaTalk: Individual Preparations
Note: written Oct 15, 2001

On an individual basis, the subliminal mental and emotional preparations done by many who have sensed that something momentous is about to occur, will move into the overt. Individuals who have been watching the news, seeing the erratic weather and the increasing inability of scientists to explain the changes and the impotence of governments to address the obvious implications for their citizens, will decide to take action. In the main, these individuals are not contactees, though many are as they have given The Call due to their concerns. The steps that an individual takes will differ, depending upon the individual’s spiritual orientation.

Those in the Service-to-Other have considered changes in light of family needs, such as the need for children to receive the best education, or the need for a particular family member to receive expert medical attention, or the need for employment to support the family at a comfortable level, or the need for able-bodied members of the family to be close to those needing physical assistance. Often these individuals have lined up an alternative site as a vacation home or second home, or made contacts during business trips so as to be able to move if the need arises. Those in urban areas are most likely to be struggling for alternative living, as well publicized riots in heavily populated areas have brought home the danger when times turn ugly. Those living along coastal areas subject to tearing tides or on fault lines subject to increasing quakes likewise increasingly consider their alternatives. The Service-to-Other guided individual or family will make their move not when the opportunity arises, but when the advantages to moving offset the advantages to staying. This varies, and can be no more a trigger than the loss or threat of loss of a job, or the end of a school year, or the failure of a family garden.

Those in the Service-to-Self are looking to either perpetuate their life style and control over others, or in some cases to take full advantage of the distress that many will be under to create an essential kingdom for themselves. Those attached to a spouse or co-worker or friend who is a giving individual in the Service-to-Others will try to tighten the noose, either by increasing demands or enticements. This will be accompanied by a requirement that the person being clung to report frequently on their whereabouts or intentions, so the clinging Service-to-Self individual can ensure no escape. Those attempting to setup a kingdom for themselves attempt to parlay any semblance of leadership they may have effected in their life into group formation, becoming a leader in a survival community espousing a safe haven for all comers. Here one need look no further than the individual’s past history to discern their intent. What have they done for others in the past? These would-be kings will cast their nets far and wide, seeking the gullible who can be either enslaved by the arrangements offered to them or at the very least fleeced of all their goods and money.

Those in the majority, the undecided, will take many routes depending more upon their immediate vicinity and the influences in their life than upon any self-initiated urge. If living in comfortable circumstances, young and with money and opportunities for amusement, they may just remain in their setting until surprised by the week of rotation stoppage going into the shift. They will be joined by those in the Service-to-Self who were unable to make safe arrangements for themselves, and will party, hard, into the end. If living in supported circumstances such as government housing or government employment or institutional living, it is likely that whining demands will increase. The throng of undecideds, who have migrated to supported living due to their passive personalities or lack of strong personal drive, will encourage each other until any but a whine is drowned out. Those in the Service-to-Other serving in such circumstances will be exhausted and weary, and the lot will go down as time passes due to the death of these individuals, leaving the undecided to wander off looking for other caretakers. Thus, the steps toward preparation that the undecided make, in the main, are not preparation but merely reaction.

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