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Planet X: INBOUND! Trends #6

Where the Planet X body, no longer viewed as a complex of dust and
debris and moon swirls in addition to the Planet X corpus, comes closer,
the area encompassing the corpus and close hugging dust clouds becomes
more diffuse, like M31 difficult to see when the light is scattered.
Pixel brightness over background for the corpus and close hugging dust
cloud less than former analysis.

  Date  Pixels  %OverBack
  12/13    4       75%
  01/18    9
  02/07   15       25%

However, pixel analysis of the brightness around the corpus shows this
increasing in size, inbound! On the Feb 7, 2003 images, when pixel
analysis was done, the corpus and close hugging dust cloud encompased 15
pixels on average in the frames, and 55 on the Sum! However, since the
corpus and dust cloud were moving during the imaging session, the Sum is
probably not an accurate reflection of size, where the frames would be.

TREND #6: Planet X corpus with close hugging dust cloud diffuse, but
increasingly larger.

    But when Dust Shrouding is considered, growing larger!

    Planet X appears to be approximately 9 pixels in size on
    these images.

    The resolution is much lower on these images. The small,
    faint, three vertical stars that are to the right of the
    coordinates do not even really show up on these images
    although you can see them well on the NEAT image.
    These images don't have the resolution that the Dec 27th
    and 28th images had as in those images the three, faint
    vertical stars to the right of the Jan 21 coordinates are
    visible. There was weather moving in and out of that
    area last night so that is probably the reason.

    Moon from Earth     ArcMin       31
    Uranus from Sun     ArcSec        3.75
    Px Swirl Dec 2002   ArcSec        1.54

    The pixel values are high, some are about twice the
    values of brighter star left of coordinates (much
    smaller in size of course). The surrounding higher
    intensity is defined, as are the many fuschia (purple)
        J. William

    Thus, the Planet X body is becoming more diffuse, but
    represented over a larger area, and the Moons are
    becoming more distinct, during this period.

THUS: When looking for Planet X during this time, Feb-Mar, 2003,
remember to consider the WHOLE, and avoid ...

    Not seeing the Forest for the Trees
        When a traveler approaches a distant forest, at first
        the forest itself is seen, then individual trees, and as
        the trees themselves become the focus, the size of
        the forest may be lost as the traveler stops seeing
        the forest for the trees.

Note: all trend date tabled for easy reference on the above page.