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Planet X: ALTERNATIVE Explanation #2

When comet NEAT V1 hit the Internet rumor mill, it was Mitch Battros of
Earth Changes TV, a NASA lacky spouting another coverup for Earth
changes, solar flares and sun cycles.  Its all caused by the Sun, so
says Mitch, basing this on SOHO images provided by friend NASA.

    There is a great deal of noise circulating the newsrooms
    surrounding the arrival of comet "C/2002 V1". There is good
    reason it should be. First I want to bring attention to the
    SOHO (solar and heliospheric observatory) photos made available
    by Nasa and JPL. ... Now, lets consider the size of this
    comet. I had to take a double look when I located the diameter of
    comet "C/2002 V". It is approximately 176,000 miles across. This is
    twice the size of Jupiter.
        Something's Up With Comet "C/2002 V1", 02/23/03
        by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

When ZetaTalk was asked to address this in the Feb 22, 2003 Live
ZetaTalk IRC Session, they stated it was just a comet: normal, dirty
snowball, small, harmless, etc. Nevertheless, on the NASA web site on
this rediculous rumor spread by their lacky, Mitch Battros of Earth
Changes TV, NASA blasted Nancy Lieder, mentioned by name despite the
fact that ZetaTalk COUNTERED the rumor, and utterly failed to mention
dear Mitch, who STARTED the rumor, proving for the discerning beyond a
doubt that NASA and Mitch Battros are snug in bed together.

    Alternate explanations for the inbound and highly visible
    Planet X complex were predicted by us over a year ago,
    but have been slow to arrive as this would have given us,
    the Zetas, another Zetas RIGHT Again! posting on sci.astro.
    They are now in evidence, en mass. Comet 2002/V1, also
    known as NEAT V1, has been noted by many to be in the
    vicinity of our location for Planet X, as viewed from Earth,
    on or about May 15, 2003. This would seem like a remarkable
    coincidence, but comets are hardly likely to be mistaken for
    the Planet X complex, which will be red, primarily, and so
    much larger than comet bodies and tails that a
    misunderstanding could hardly exist. However, the
    desperate will grasp at any explanation to confuse the man
    on the street.

    A comet has a whitish appearance, a tail or tails that
    stream directly away from the Sun, in a straight line.
    Planet X will have a distinct red appearance, with a roiling
    tail full of moons, that are more concerned with the dance
    between them than any affect the solar wind might have
    upon them. Thus, they swirl, and look like a dragon
    approaching, not a straight line tail at all. Nevertheless, we
    anticipate NASA will explain the Planet X complex as any
    number of things, or rather their lackeys, who will natter the
    word on every Internet or media source that allows their
    nattering - asteroid bunch, passing comet, unusual comet,
    Mars closest pass in many eons, or whatever. The point to
    emphasize to friends and family, or when debating to
    counter this nonsense, is that the Planet X complex is
    exactly where we stated it would be, in 1995. It will be
    tracked to that location, regularly, by the imaging ongoing,
    so cannot be mistaken for something that arrived from
    another direction. It will have the appearance that the
    regular imaging has displayed, the size of the spread in the
    moons and tail, and the brightness of the corpus in the

    Thus, the best way to counter this type of disinformation,
    which will be utterly lacking in integrity as this is the
    hallmark of NASA, is to regularly point the public to the
    images, the long track record of this inbound complex
    following our coordinates exactly, and the appearance of
    this inbound complex as displayed on the images. Thus,
    you will frustrate the plans to disinform the public, to
    their death, to the deaths of their loved ones, the littlest
    among them, babes in arms and toddlers, as NASA and
    the elite would have them die, horribly, uninformed, with
    no qualm whatsoever.
        ZetaTalk™: NEAT V1

Zetas RIGHT Again!

Planet X: ALTERNATIVE Explanation #3, 4, 5, etc.

March 29, 2003 IRC
    According to Astronomy Magazine, in May 15th/16th
    of this year, there is to be a solar eclipse, the article
    says that the moon will be bathed in a "fiery copper
    glow". Mercury also blots out a tiny bit of the suns light,
    and Mars grows bigger and brighter on the way to its
    best appearance in more than 50,000 years.

Feb 22, 2003 IRC
    I find it really interesting that the Arksky
    posting says comet Kudo-Fujikawa, 2002/X5, is
    currently passing through the constellation of Hercules,
    but in early April it should be passing through the
    Orion Nebula.