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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Mar 29, 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 29 15:44:21 2003
(JPc) I'll wave at em
(GingerAle) Berdwin: Have you ever seen wind?
(Tau47) well anyone who has seen it can estimate the magnitude, just compare to nearvby styars, it doesnt have to be exact
(Berdwin) you need real proof and evidence
(Edactor) wha a coincedence
(Edactor) I would prefere to move closer to Kansas at moment
(KarenSue) Don't you think by looking around at the world is evidence?
(NancyL) I have no agenda but have several SIGNS
(Wantonace) has anyone asked Nancy id this new virus SARS is going to kill millions of people this year
(Amed) Berdwin: i dont believe, i am curious
(Berdwin) it has nothing to do with that.. they said it should be visible now.. and ta da
(JPc) yea, or higher in the mountains
(Amed) Berdwin: u assume we are all cult followers, we are much like you
(canBear) Berdwin give it some more time
(KarenSue) It is for some areas
(Amed) Berdwin: we are here because we question, just as you question now
(Berdwin) actually I would very much like to believe it all .. I've been reading ZT for some time now
(GingerAle) Berdwin: Actually, you sid that until you have seen it you shouldn't believe... have you ever seen wind? Do you believe in wind?
(Xeres) Nancy HI, There was a train derailment here in Quebec testerday
(GigV) can we hold the chat down for Nancy?
(JPc) no cult here the no cult zone
(Berdwin) but I've been doubting lately with lack of evidence
(Amed) Berdwin: well, stick around.. our hopes and fears will be realized very shortly.
(Zetaz) privet, SteveH
(Berdwin) I can feel wind
(Edactor) there sure seems to be alot of signs
(Tau47) Planet X is not the wind
(Wantonace) Nancy, will SARS kill millions of people this year?
(Berdwin) I'm going to miss the session
(NancyL) Xeres, and a trail derailment in AU too, but this does not hit the news anymore.
(JPc) all ears
(GingerAle) Tau: of course it's not... the point it that you see wind by its effects... you don't actually see the wind.
(Camagajo) Q: Now time differ seconds per 24h. When will time differ minutes per 24h; Maybe good for those with sigthings unsatisfactory.
(Xeres) NancyL : You're right only war news
(Edactor) I see that as well, they are downplaying buildings exploding and train derailments now
(KarenSue) Evidence by the predictions of what the earth will experience because of it
(NancyL) Wantonace, SARS is just another germ, natural, like others increasing illness. The Zetas described this, prediction, years ago and it is unfolding just as they predicted.
(Vandlou) back from the dump
(KarenSue) Ohio had an earthquake yesterday not one word in our news
(NancyL) InsSom, I did the mode thing.
(canBear) what about magnetic anomaly in south Atlantic ( Brazil) mapped by satellites getting stronger?
(Suhdar) NancyL, its 7 weeks for poleshift, we do not see signs of earthquakes in siesmic zones of North America - when we will see siesmic activity?
(Wantonace) thanks Nancy
(Tied2) Karensue where did you see that earthquake news at?
(Lombo243) no attack so far thats good
(NancyL) I increasingly hear from people that they are seeing minutes difference in the manual to official clocks, yes.
(Lombo243) rise limit
(Vandlou) NL: they said earlier (liza) that movie The Core was changed and the pole shift content downplayed! Comment from Zetas?
(NancyL) I have a lot of SIGNS and there is a crowd here so will start with that.
(canBear) house is full again
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1 Unaided Eye Sightings of PLANET X
(NancyL) "I live in the country, in central Wisconsin, where there is little light pollution and the air is clear of industrial pollution. The night was crystal clear, not a cloud in the sky, so around 8:45 PM, armed with printouts of Where to Look I located Orion's Belt, Aldebaran by moving in a straight line from the line drawn by Orion's belt and up a bit to Aldebaran, and the spot below Aldebaran where the Planet X complex can be located at this date."
(NancyL) "Aldebaran is a bright star with an orange tinge, but what was intermittently visible at the Planet X spot was distinctly red, and much smaller than Aldebaran. It seemed to appear only briefly, but would reappear when I glanced a bit to the side, then fade again. Very red. I had planned to use 7x35 binoculars in this search, but having found that I could see it with the unaided eye, by using the side of the eye technique, will pursue this. FROM Nancy Lieder"
(NancyL) "I was on #zetatalk tonight for about an hour and there were several people who reported seeing what they thought was Planet X with and without binoculars or telescope. Just like you, they described the location where Aldebaran and the reddish object they saw was in relation to each which fitted where to Planet X is on the charts. It looks like there is a flood of sightings going on! FROM Steve Havas"
(NancyL) "Yes, that is exactly my experience (blinking or winking in and out). Thought I was seeing things. FROM Sam, writing from a .GOV site. It seems like since it can't be hidden anymore, I saw it last night. FROM Michel, wirting from Canada."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: Alternative Explanations, GALORE
(NancyL) "According to Astronomy Magazine, in May 15th/16th of this year, there is to be a solar eclipse, the article says that the moon will be bathed in a "fiery copper glow". Mercury also blots out a tiny bit of the suns light, and Mars grows bigger and brighter on the way to its best appearance in more than 50,000 years."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: Alternative Explanation, but WHERE?
(NancyL) "I suggest you take a look at Photos from Hubble - they gave NO co-ordinates, only theories on why and what, plus they have sat on this info and photos for months." Also at Space.COM Hubble Chronicles Mysterious Outburst with Eye-Popping Pictures; 26 March 2003;
(NancyL) "Oddly, it isn't hot and eruptive in the manner of a supernova or nova ... V838 Mon did not explosively eject its outer envelope, so it remained cool throughout the event, which was observed from April to December 2002. ... The pictures were publicly released today, but astronomers have been cooing over them for nearly three months."
(NancyL) "The visible structure around V838 Mon grows from 4 to 7 light-years during the sequence [How did this happen in a matter of months?]. ... The star has now been observed with ground-based observatories, too, but researchers still don't know what sort of celestial animal they are dealing with. ... Because of the great distance, the light diminished to the point that the star was visible from Earth only with binoculars or telescopes."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #4: New COORDINATES to May 15, 2003
(NancyL) Perhaps just WHERE this exploding star is located is being withheld until the Zetas issue their latest coordinates! Then they can put that star, THERE! RA 4.13262 Dec 11.16319 Apr 07, 2003; RA 4.13113 Dec 10.23674 Apr 16, 2003; RA 4.12964 Dec 08.11571 Apr 21, 2003; RA 4.11437 Dec 03.95347 Apr 30, 2003; RA 4.09581 Dec 02.98217 May 4, 2003; RA 4.07645 Dec 00.77814 May 9, 2003; RA 4.06449 Dec -07.45183 May 15, 2003
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #5: In the News, MOTHER NATURE
(NancyL) "From an Illinois newspaper: Central Illinois emergency personnel were busy early today
(NancyL) trying to determine what caused reports of a fiery object in the sky just before midnight Wednesday. Reports called in to area police varied. Among callers descriptions: a huge fireball, a bright flash, a greenish streak and a meteor storm."
(NancyL) "In Australia: 1. a train derailment not explained by authorities. 2. a record-breaking heat-wave in Perth. 3. drought affected areas in Queensland flooded by ex-cyclone. 4. odd tides and crabs spawning out of season. In Iraq, another a freak sandstorm is in effect shutting down U.S/U.K heavy armour, helicopters etc."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #6: Weakening MAGNETIC FIELD
(NancyL) Is the Earth Preparing to Flip?
(NancyL) "Something unexplained really is happening to the Earth's magnetic field. ... In recent years, the field has been behaving in ways not previously seen in the admittedly short time it has been monitored. Some researchers think it may presage a geomagnetic reversal when the north and south magnetic poles flip. ... Scientists admit there are things going on way beneath our feet that they do not understand."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #7: ZetaTalk Site MIRRORS
(NancyL) "For the past day now,i've been unable to get onto your zetatalk site. It always comes up, network error, unable to request URL from host, connection refused. I get the same message when i try to get on the troubled times site as well. Is there something wrong,or are those sites under some kind of attack?"
(NancyL) "Lately I have been having quite a hard time getting to your website and if I do manage to, I also have a hard time getting to your safe areas or Planet X material. Are you guys having some problems? It is wierd that under one of my screen names I absolutely couldn't get to your website and I could partially use it from another website. I think someone is interfering with my right to free information. Keep up your great work."
(NancyL) Try the mirror sites: SITE1 European mirror, hosted in Slovenia; SITE2 European mirror, hosted on a fast server in UK; SITE3 Yahoo hosted, fast; SITE4 West Coast mirror, hosted in British Columbia; SITE5 hosted on the East Coast, USA
(NancyL) The troubled-times.COM and troubled-times.ORG sites are down for a couple weeks or more due to a server software crash here in Wisconsin, caused by a back-to-back power outage. The server in Hawaii is being expedited. Troubled Times mirrros can be found on any of the ZetaTalk mirror sites. Just add /thub.htm at the end of the URL.
(NancyL) END of SIGNS of the TIMES
(Xeres) NancyL: Q for the zetas: How exactly does shift from 3rd to 4th density occurs?
(Amed) Question: Can the Zeta's speak on what the current situation is in the Middle East? I am not interested in the political agendas of the players involved, but rather the workings of the 4th dimension and beyond in conjunction with this region. There has been talk about planetary grids that have been coming into alignment with Gaia right now, and my question is: What are the energies (guiding forces in 4d, 5d, beyond) doing there at this time?
(Sam2003) Can the Zetas be any more specific on when to expect daytime visibility?
(NancyL) Vandlou, so the Core movie has been changed, from last Fall's intent?
(ZetaWoLF) Nancy: Can we get comments on The Core movie it was totally changed no poleshift mentioned
(ZetaWoLF) the trailer for the movie back in January was very different
(DrCadds) Nancy: Do the Zetas have any comment on a VERY large meteor shower to come on April 7th?
(Michaells) I wondered that myself
(ZetaWoLF) I saw the movie and no poleshift mention whatsoever
(NancyL) Sam2003, I think to START with anyone wanting to see it with their own eyes should be looking in the evening, when you can find Orion's Belt, etc.
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Can the Zetas confirm if Planet X is within the solar system, and can you please not refer to the human distance table
(Sam2003) Can the Z's comment on the validity of the information presented on the March82003 website, showing a giant ark being built in Australian outback?
(NancyL) Then as it becomes a regular evening view, they can start to look for it earlier and earlier in the day.
(NancyL) It will be a natural progression.
(GingerAle) Nancy: Can you tell us why all our clocks and watches aren't off?
(Camagajo) Greetings Nancy and zetas. Q: When will those in cities with lot of background light see PX?
(Vld) NancyL: Q: will the ZetaTalk radio station be on air after the shift?
(Nuke-em) Can you explain to me why F.A.S. is rufusing to give E.S.A. and N.S.A. information on the red planet
(Vandlou) NancyL: that is what we are hearing liza fellow on this chat earlier said it was brought up on wed nite UFO chat at timebomb.2000
(NancyL) Zer, 4th Density shift is WAY out there, 100 years or so, so Q declined.
(Evo) Sam2003: zetas won't comment on that, we've tried :-(
(Endeavour) Orion sets at around 8:30 CST in the midwest
(Endeavour) so try to look around 7:00 PM
(NancyL) DrCadds, this meteror shower normal at this time, or unusual?
(DrCadds) Nancy: More than just a bit unusual, VERY large, with much eathbound debris. Making last week in Illinois look tiny
(JJCall) Nancy, Can Zetas Comment why they are not answering my call..
(Tau47) is it correct to assume that if you can see Planet X with your eyes then you don't need to use scopes?
(NancyL) Jeremy, Px was at Uranus distance on 3/17 or so, and we are seeing it now with unaided eye because it is reflecting sunlight, as Uranus does.
(Amed) Question: Can the Zeta's speak on what the current situation is in the Middle East? I am not interested in the political agendas of the players involved, but rather the workings of the 4th dimension and beyond in conjunction with this region. There has been talk about planetary grids that have been coming into alignment with Gaia right now, and my question is: What are the energies (guiding forces in 4d, 5d, beyond) doing there at this time?
(Zetaz) i already had it that way, Amed.
(Vandlou) will website be ok before shift (weeks) or will be attacked just when ppl might want info about routes out of cities etc
(NancyL) Vld, only short wave will work, and this will be local, not national, etc.
(Amed) sorry, won't repeat it again.. just wanted to make sure this question wasnt valid
(Gwilra) when Px becomes visible at dawn around 45 degrees north latitude, will it appear above the sun, below, to the right, or to the left?
(ZetaWoLF) another link on earth field flip and mentions The Core movie as well
(NancyL) Nuke, I don't understand your Q. ESA, etc?
(Sefi) Nancy, what about Px visibility on light polluted skies? are there any reports on sightings with those conditions?
(Vld) NancyL: So, will it be possible to catch anything even in shortwave then?
(NancyL) DrCadds, who is predicting this meteor shower? NASA?
(BabyR) is cafthspeaks a valid channel
(NancyL) Tau47, yes, I saw it last Tuesday, but is was a VERY clear night!
(Endeavour) Uranus is extremely distant, it is barely visable in a 30 inch telescope
(DrCadds) no, just a recurring dream. That's whats brought me here lately
(Spanky) any questions about the new megavirus SARS?
(NancyL) Amed, no planetary grids, etc.
(Sirgrim) too many clouds and blizzards here to see much
(OK) Nancy: What is the reasoning behind the choice of humans to be shifted from 3'rd to the 4'th density? I mean why would we deserve such a gift when people have prejudice and hatred against each other, instead of the people of Planet X for example? Thanks
(Lombo243) Nancy: a cross or a red dot?
(Tau47) did you see it through the scope also? or i was wonderinf what the reasoning would be to not use the scope
(Redbeard) A cross?
(dBug) Hi Nancy, why we didn't see px 3/26?? And still can see it ....
(NancyL) Vandlou, expect web site and email problems anyway, due to earth changes, as well as hands of man.
(Vandlou) when will food prices and economy be so bad (crash) that it will be too late to stock up?
(Tau47) excuse me, binoculars
(Endeavour) umm, people on Nibiru are pretty bad themselves, they came to Earth and used us physically and sexually for thousands of years. What I'm wondering is why we are going to shift before them
(Sam2003) Can the Z's comment on the medical benefits of collodial silver to humans?
(NancyL) GWilra, I don't know and would have to pull up SkyMap to poke around. For me, it was slightly to the south of the Sun, and to the right.
(Matrixx69) NancyL ) The Zetas are they the same as "the greys"? or are they 2 different groups?
(Torbj) a Q: As there is now reports of the magnetic pole slovly going towards Russia... is the crust already loose?
(Nuke-em) So what do you thing will happen if the U.S. attacks Syria, will it begin as it has been written in the apokalypse
(Obany) Matrix69: check the world section for that in zetatalk
(GingerAle) Nancy: Can you tell us why all our clocks and watches aren't off?
(Matrixx69) k
(NancyL) Endeavor, but Uranus IS visible ONLY because it is reflecting sunlight, that's the point. PX complex is now reflecting sunlight.
(Suhdar) NASA pulled back articles on blue clouds and their explanation of how atmosphere affects earth axis
(BabyR) Nancy is this info correct please
(Vandlou) They did?
(Vandlou) NASA
(KarenSue) Nancy what time did you view PX?
(ChiefSimi) Can the Z's comment about: a lot of unaided eye sightings vs. not much very bright on recent pictures?
(NancyL) OK, go read ZT on Orientation, as this is key to density shifting, and the Density section. Already explained.
(NancyL) Lombo, it was a red, VERY red dot, as bright as a star.
(Lombo243) thanks
(NancyL) I was intending to use a binoc, and didn't even get it up as there it was!
(OK) ok thx
(JWilliam) I second ChiefSimi Q
(GoFa) is Px spoted yet?
(InSoM420) NancyL: can ZT talk about the recent pictures and the less than compelling evidence from it?
(Vandlou) Nancy do you ever doubt your orientation as STO when you have to take care of an ever more narrowing group of people?
(NancyL) I saw this earlier, 20 minutes earlier too, from a different location, so had two sightings, 15-20 minutes apart.
(Camagajo) Q: Is the "visible with unaided eye" date 26.3 - 11.4 equal to those who live in the country side to those in the cities?
(Tau47) would you characterise the color of the light and appearance as being similar to what a red laser pen looks like?
(SSJ) Nancy, about how bright was it?
(NancyL) Gingerale, there are SO many careful documented clock variations that this is definitive now.
(Endeavour) Nancy, no offence, but are you sure you weren't looking at Aldebaran?
(KarenSue) What time?
(Zetaz) i heard time was Sat Mar 29 15:05:01 2003
(Vandlou) What other Arab/muslim countries are seen as possibly entering into the conflict in Iraq
(NancyL) Baby, the rule is unless ANOTHER 1. predicts, 2. is accurate, there will be NO comment from the Zetas.
(Nuke-em) all is well, but i have chosen to live in a real world with real problems thus i have chosen to be a prgrmatist, I am the presence of abundance.
(Endeavour) I made that mistake twice before
(GEX) Endeavor Aldebaran isn't red
(BabyR) good advice Nancy thanks
(NancyL) Chief and JWill Q on sightings vs images accepted as Q1
(NancyL) +m me please as I start.
(GingerAle) Nancy: but why aren't MY clocks and watches off? Why is it only some clocks and watches? I'm confused.
(Endeavour) no, but it has a reddish colour
(Torbj) a Q: As there is now reports of the magnetic pole (north) slovly going towards the crust already loose?
(SteveH) Aldebaran is also pretty bright
(Endeavour) many people as well as muyself have mistaken Aldebaran as PX
(NancyL) ZT: The Sighting TEAM has had a number of surprises over the past 6 months, since the Fall 2002 imaging season began.
(SteveH) Aldebaran should be used to guage the location of where Px is
(NancyL) ZT: The first surprise was that TWO personas presented, what was termed a Red and a White.
(NancyL) ZT: This was due to the multiple light spectrums coming from the Planet X complex, more than one in the red spectrum range.
(NancyL) ZT: Where filtering FOR red was done, there are MANY red spectrum waves, and the personas represented two distinct types of waves.
(NancyL) ZT: The White, appearing on target for the coordinates, obviously bent less than the Red, which appeared more changed based on the gravity pull, the distance over the core of the Earth the rays had to travel.
(NancyL) ZT: The second surprise was that the tail wafted out from the corpus as a moving object would have a tail waft, to the side, behind the corpus, or above if the corpus was moving down.
(NancyL) ZT: The third was that the Red Persona during a period of weeks appeared ABOVE the White, due to influences man is unaware of which the light rays had to pass through during that time, on their way to scopes on Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: This was not apparent until that period had passed, and we declined to clarify WHAT the influences were as it would be far afield from what humans currently understand, a distraction from the issues at hand.
(NancyL) ZT: The fourth was that the moon swirls would be far apart from each other, like integral dances, not a singular dance behind the corpus.
(NancyL) ZT: The fifth was that as the Moons or moon clusters became visible in the images, the corpus seemed to disappear!
(NancyL) ZT: The sixth was the vast SIZE of the Dust Cloud, which was initially measured as brightness increase from background, but lately runs off the images it is so vast.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, during the last image session on Mar 23 and 24, the White Persona could not even be detected!
(NancyL) ZT: Yet distinct moons are evident all over the image.
(NancyL) ZT: But just when the corpus is disappearing in the haze, a red dot appears to the unaided eye at the coordinates!
(NancyL) ZT: We would suggest that the experience of the Sighting TEAM will have a parallel during the unaided eye viewing by the public over the last few weeks.
(NancyL) ZT: Back in Sep 21, 2002 when the first images were taken, the White and Red personas were a dot only, and that intermittent on the frames, coming through however on the Summary demonstarting that they registered on all the frames.
(NancyL) ZT: That equates to what is being seen NOW, during the last week of March, at the beginning of the unaided eye sigthings.
(NancyL) ZT: What the unaided eye is seeing is the COMPLEX, as a whole, not the corpus or moon swirls.
(NancyL) ZT: The corpus, the moons, the dust cloud, ALL are reflecting sunlight in addition to reflecting light from the corpus itself, and this combined light is what is reaching the eye.
(NancyL) ZT: Soon, those gazing at the evening sky will find that they discern a tail haze, moving as during the December, 2002 time frame AWAY from the corpus in its motion in the sky.
(NancyL) ZT: The next phenomena that will be observed will be distinct moon swirls in the tail haze, such that separate streams appear to be trailing the corpus.
(NancyL) ZT: It will be at this time that the complex will become visible in the late afternoon, even when Orion's Belt is not yet visible.
(NancyL) ZT: As the complex draws closer, paralleling the experience of the Sighting TEAM, the moon swirls will become less dense, spreading out, but individual moons may be visible in binoculars.
(NancyL) ZT: The complex will take over MORE of the sky, a reddish haze widely around the corpus, but where the intensity of the complex may be decreasing, the SCOPE of the complex in the sky will be much larger, proving an approaching complex.
(NancyL) ZT: During the last weeks, motion in the sky over a period of time, to the careful observer, can be noticed.
(NancyL) ZT: Motion in the tail, the moon swirls, can also be noticed.
(NancyL) ZT: During the week of rotation stoppage, this motion, due to the closeness of the complex, will appear to writhe.
(NancyL) ZT: The fire dragon of ancient prophecy!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(Torbj) but why is the corpus dissapering from the photos but not the moons?
(MikeOH) Great new information there from the Zetas.
(Gyflex) what date in April will the Px complex be visible in the afternoon sky, and how long before the sun sets?
(OK) Nancy: There seems to be a big focus on the people of the USA in your web site, and the mentioned government contacts are again from the U.S. Is there a notion that with the most technological advencements being made in the U.S., they are seen as the sole people to be contacted or the primary focus before the events?
(Vandlou) can zetas pls comment about North Carolina spots to maybe head to if one is forced by time and $$ to retreat to NC mountains where the rich elite are going. Can you at least say where to avoid in NC? Will the Cherokees on that reservation be OK?
(InSoM420) Nancy and ZT: Thanks for answering
(BabyR) i love you Nancy
(dBug) Nancy, whay about the 3/26 date ?
(Camagajo) Q: When will the PX complex be visible before Orion?
(Redbeard) Nancy: Interesting info, I takeit this communicating doesn't come easy.
(NancyL) Torbj, this was explained and is on the TEAM pages if you dig about, as the close hugging dust cloud around the corpus scatters the light from the corpus itself, but the Moons do not have this close hugging dust cloud.
(Matrixx69) NancyL, Nicola Tesla is suppose to have said "If you only knew the power of 3's - 6's and 9's" do have any comment on that?
(NancyL) GyFlex, as you will be seeing it regularly, the exact date does not matter, does it?
(Tau47) ???
(JWilliam) Those bright lights on March 23/24 are individual moons then? or swirls?
(Torbj) ok! thanx...but that will not be the effect to us here on the ground, wathcing it?
(Bobuk) Nancy, has the hazy atmosphere the zetas were talking about started?
(Obany) please try to ask relevant questions
(NancyL) Vand, NC has been covered as well as I intend to cover any area.
(Obany) relevant
(Nenadl) When will people who don't know about Px start to notice something red in the sky?
(Sam2003) Q: When will the Zetas announce the hour of the shift?
(Steve12) Hi Nancy, could the Z's be behind the Iraq sandstorm
(Vandlou) ok thanks then
(NancyL) Added Egypt and Cairo this past couple days, as they were utterly neglected.
(NancyL) THIS is where I spend my time on Safe Locations.
(Nuke-em) the only safe location to be is with your loved ones and those who love you back
(BabyR) Nancy is there anything we can do to help you? you have given ssooo much to us and you are a real american hero
(NancyL) Matrix, yes, in the Myths section, there are NO magic numbers, period.
(MikeOH) Well said, Nuke.
(Matrixx69) Obany, mean only Planet X is relevant?
(Torbj) a Q: As there is now reports of the magnetic pole (north) slovly going towards Russia... is the crust already loose?
(Tau47) How much longer will these chats go on, assuming communcations allow, since time needed to get to safe locations etc
(Vandlou) can anyone give plants that require little light to grow with much protein and how to hook up PC and Internet via radio over the website??
(Matrixx69) thx Nancy
(canBear) will the Zs say how much the timetable is to be adjusted - now that the complex is in the system
(NancyL) JWiliam, they could be both, swirls, tight swirls, or individual moons but more likely tight swirls.
(Nuke-em) Thnx MikeOH but someone should have said it a long time ago
(JWilliam) thanX
(GigV) ZT... what is the connection between yourselves and the acient Civilazations now long lost who set up the pyrimids in egypt, South America and other myths of our long past that says we been here for a lot longer than our accepted history now tells us.
(Vandlou) keep trying Torbj
(NancyL) Sam2003, the hour of the shift is up to the Zetas, and they're not saying anything at this time.
(KingDios) I can't see PX even with averted vision, so what's wrong?
(3j) is there an approx date yet? 1 week, 2 weeks?
(dBug) Nancy, can the Z's give us a date re when px will become visible?
(Tau47) and I ask that specifically in the context of you Nancy... are the Zeta going to help you get to your safe location so you can stay longer to continue these chats, etc.
(NancyL) Q2 will be Steve's about the Iraq sand storms, whether deliberate or not.
(NancyL) Please +m me.
(NancyL) ZT: We mentioned a week ago when the Iraq invasion started that mechanical difficulties and weather problems would be the first thrust to foil the power and oil grab of those who would dominate the Earth in the Aftertime.
(NancyL) ZT: This was already in process, mechanical problems, but continued with choppers running into each other, crashing, and cruise missiles missing the country such as landing in Iran or Turkey.
(NancyL) ZT: A British plane was shot down by the US, and the extent of mechanical problems was at least double what was reported, most news suppressed.
(NancyL) ZT: A sand storm that was crippling was reported, but the lastest sand storm is being suppressed in the media, with older photos supplanting real news.
(NancyL) ZT: There is, in short, a news blackout, pulling reporters from access and returning to the old ways of announcing ONLY what the power mongers want the public to assume, not the truth.
(NancyL) ZT: We would equate this time to the period during the Space Program when the US shuttles had mechanical problems.
(NancyL) ZT: There were months when either the shuttles themselves, or their launching mechanisms, were found to have cracks, and were under repair.
(NancyL) ZT: We stated during that time that the gloves had come off, a sharp warning to the Bush Administration that they should cease their plans to run nuclear material into space.
(NancyL) ZT: They did not heed the warning, and when Columbia roared skyward, with an Israeli on board announcing to the world that repression and abuse of the Palestinian people would be overlooked while the elite partied on, it seemed our warnings were empty.
(NancyL) ZT: We stated at that time that enformcing the Council decisions often was timed for maximum effect, a period when success seemed at hand followed by devastation MORE of a lesson than early suppresion of all efforts.
(NancyL) ZT: Our words, in retrospect, are clear when the effect of the Columbia being torn apart are now known.
(NancyL) ZT: The secret mission, carrying information deemed SO secret that transmissions from the Space Station to Earth were not done, but the shuttle used as courier.
(NancyL) ZT: All this information, and equipment proving the information correct, spewed across several US states where only a small fraction has been found.
(NancyL) ZT: In addition to NASA living in fear of this information and equipment being found, examined, and the obvious meaning reported to the public BEFORE then can jump in with a hush order, is multiplied by an independent board examining the reasons for the disaster.
(NancyL) ZT: Needless to say, they are not proceeding with the space program, and will not begin to reinstate this before the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, how does that equate to the current situation in Iraq?
(NancyL) ZT: They have been warmed, with great clarity, during these chats which are moitored well and reported back to the power mongers, that they will NOT succeed as planned in their takeover of the oil rich region.
(NancyL) ZT: The orders from the elite at the helm of this power and oil grab care not for mangled bodies of civilians or their own troops, and issued the orders to proceed.
(NancyL) ZT: As with the mechanical failures preventing the shuttles from lofting for several months before the Columbia lofted, mechanical problems and weather are being used to signal the seriousness of the Council's intent.
(NancyL) ZT: This is, as before, being utterly ignored.
(NancyL) ZT: To those who wonder IF mechanical problems or sand storms can be arranged by those carrying out the Councils ruling, it is a simple matter akin to a flick of the finger for a human.
(NancyL) ZT: Weather manipulations are easy, as air masses can be heated or cooled, affecting the Jet stream, and this has been done in the past if UFO anals are researched with an educated eye.
(NancyL) ZT: Mechanical problems in equipment relying on satellites, such as cruise missiles are, or relying on magnetic orientation or signals of some sort, are too easy to manipulate, childs play.
(NancyL) ZT: But these difficulties are being interpreted by the arrogant as truly caused by equipment failure and natural weather.
(NancyL) ZT: These same arrogant power and oil mongers are also telling themselves that the Columbia distaster was NOT caused by an administration above themselves, but by some problems with the equipment similar to the O-Ring disaster years previous.
(NancyL) ZT: In short, they are not heeding the warnings of the Council, so stronger measures will shortly be taken.
(NancyL) ZT: These measures will be, like the Columbia disaster, of a magnitude to stop the onslaught of the invasion as though the breath had been taken out of the body.
(NancyL) ZT: All will hold their breath, confused, and this delay will be such that the earth changes already excalating will catch up with the power mongers.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(3j) NancyL: for Px visibility in the afternoon, is there an approx date yet? 1 week, 2 weeks?
(MikeOH) As the Zetas suggest, this is entertainment of the highest degree.
(Tau47) given that the Zetas have stated that no regime change in Iraq will be allowed, will the Zetas comment on whether or not Saddam is really opprssing the people and doing all the terrible things we hear people on the news (iraqi expats etc), is this true or just made up by the U.S. administration or the media?
(BobS) OH DAMN! Go Z's!!!
(JWilliam) Ever seen what sand does to an engine. Motor life is minimal. This War will GRIND to a halt ;o)
(NorthStar) Nancy, how soon before public recinds approval of the war?
(GoFa) a good 99% cant see Px only a few claim....
(Torbj) a 3:Q try here: As there is now reports of the magnetic pole (north) slovly going towards the crust already loose?
(JWilliam) 3J: May 15 to June 1 2003 Passage / 7 weeks prior visible
(Gyflex) will previous ZT statements that Russia will unleach the Smallpox virus on certain segments of the US if war with Iraq starts still hold?
(GigV) Why should they heed the Council, is thier a complicent agrrement that they have to conform to the Councils whises?
(ChiefSimi) What does this exactly mean?: "NOT succeed as planned"
(N18) Since many will be dead in the US, Texas and Alaska oil is enough for the US in the aftertime. Bush is doing it purely for Isreal only.
(FrieNZ) what exactly are they going to do?
(NancyL) Note, we are NOT going to explain WHAT is being planned, nor alude to it, nor play a game of 20 questions so the "no" answers delineate the plan.
(Malakai) NancyL Do the zetas know what happend to the 40 or so troops that were discovered by the Iraqis. They appeared to have had a fierce battle due the empty shells laying around. All the dead were Americans but no Iraqis. Who did it?
(Alliya) you said the time was up to the Zetas, how is it up to them? I thought it would be up to X...
(3j) JWilliam, so about 1 week left then?
(Walt2525) Is there a possibility of a nuclear event stopping the war
(NancyL) 3J if you are looking at Px complex in the evening, a natural progression to late afternoon, then midday, will happen.
(NancyL) Tau, Saddam is no angel, but the US is lying a lot.
(Nuke-em) NancyL i guess the NSA would have a few question that you could shed some light on, but then again we already know what is going on
(Vandlou) I knew a few in a group who were being trained via meditation and breathing techniques, etc, by a channeler to get lifted off during the Shift they called it back then. How well is training of that nature proceeding with human groups. They practiced 4th density shifting and communicating with greys.
(GingerAle) Nancy: I think it's wise of you to stop giving dates... they can be so troublesome.
(MikeOH) Can the Zetas discuss why the ZT site was down so often this week?
(Stoic) Nancy, does Earth's representatives at The Council of Worlds have any contact with the arrogant ones? Is there something we should know regardless of non-interference, about how things transpire
(Gwilra) Has the elite planned to abandon the American troops in the middle east?
(NancyL) JWilliam, someone sent me a Pravda link that talked about the sand "eating" the equipment, in great detail.
(ZooSpecim) Is SARS realy a deadly disease or are people looking to escape thier incarnation? How bad will SARS get?
(JohnnyU) Nancy, why is the Council interfering with man
(Malakai) NancyL were the metorites that hit the homes in Park Forest Illonois anything to do with PX
(Obany) Stoic: read the rule section on zetatalk there is info about the council there
(ChiefSimi) Why the zetas deliberately withold the info when PlanetX become visible during the day?
(Bobuk) is it that the elite don't believe that the zetas exist or that they just don't take them seriously?
(NancyL) ZT to Malakai: What is termed friendly fire takes out MORE troops than otherwise, a matter the US wishes unreported.
(Stoic) Obany:yes
(dBug) JWilliam, who gave you that 1st June date ?
(Sirgrim) wouldn't the STO zetas communicating with the powers that be tell them ZT is BS
(NancyL) ZT: Troops keyed up, tense, are likely to fire at the slightest hint of aggression, and take each other out.
(Vandlou) People and Zetappls: -can we set up a network on the assembling of a post-PS chat/net location or some such and figure out the short wave connection angle on getting it to work? Also, when according to watches that still work to send out short wave broadcasts and Net inquiries on how all are faring and advice?
(NancyL) ZT: When this occurs, it is NOT reported unless the commanders are forced to admit it.
(Obany) and Sirgrim keep your nasty comments with you, please you know what the topic says
(NancyL) ZT: The scene described is obvious, as if the Americans were winning, or even engaging Iraqi soldiers, then it would be different.
(NancyL) ZT: This was friendly fire, taken to the extreme.
(NancyL) ZT to GWilra: There has been speculation that the Iraq war was begun to REMOVE US troops from their homeland, to lessen the liklihood of a coup during the coming times.
(NancyL) ZT: There is truth to this, but to only a small degree.
(NancyL) ZT: Securing the oil interested is prime, and the expectation that the troups would simply move to take over the Saudi fields after wining in Iraq.
(NancyL) ZT: The troops are deemed an enforcement mechanism, thereafter, an occupation, despite empty words that they would be resident only until democracy could be enstalled.
(NancyL) ZT: These empty words are coming from an administration that is busy REMOVING liberty from its own people, as fast as the people will allow.
(NancyL) ZT: There are many agendas among the elite, and where a plan can mesh several agendas, it gets faster approval.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the invasion of Iraq, allowing reserves less aggressive to be the defenders of the homeland, suited MORE of the power mongering elite than not.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter to Gwilra.
(RudyJoe) Its a very sad and sorry state of affairs all the way around. Unfortunate that folks can't get along in a humane and civilized way. Thanks for your interesting comments, Nancy.
(Savv) Surely the Zetas can mess with the minds of the elites, and make them agree to publicise information on PX and the coming events, or is mind manipulation against the STO approach?
(Masisoar) The elite must be biting their lip right now... lol
(Tau47) so does that response mean the zetas are saying Saddam isn't evil enough that he should be removed, or are they saying otherwise?
(ItuBrazil) Hello, I'm trying to send a query
(Sirgrim) Nancy said that ZT is monitored by the elite, i don't see why they'd do that when STO beings are controllering them, thought it was a valid question relating to session.. sorry
(GingerAle) Nancy: I thought the goverment wanted to institue martial law? Is this a change?
(NorthStar) How soon will the tide of public approval for the war in the US make a turn-about?
(Malakai) NancyL The Americans that were discovered by the Iraqis were there for an hour before any other American troops arived. I dont think they would have all killed each other.
(JWilliam) dBug: I believe the comment was "not beyond 1st of June" for passage. Nancy comment a few weeks back. Correct me if I'm wrong.
(Youngstow) Is Planet-X still coming on May15th
(NancyL) Savv, this is a free will world, and the elite are NOT to be drones, this is simply NOT done by visitors.
(Torbj) i dont understand this wieveing thing...why can we see it with unaided eye but it is "vanishing" from the CCD:s? ( first Q)
(Xeres) The US economy is on the verge of collapsing
(dBug) JWilliam: ok.
(Jeremy32) Nancy: How much longer is the Iraq war expected to last? Will it continue right up until the shift in May?
(NancyL) The elite can make their mistakes, and deal with those mistakes in future lives, etc.
(Savv) Okay, thanks
(Obany) shorlty after May 15 not later then June 1st
(Youngstow) thank u
(Bobuk) do the elite not believe zetas are real or do they just not care?
(NancyL) Tau, there are a LOT of evil folks in the world. The child molester down the street, for instance.
(Gus12340) Ta psaxno gia polla xronia
(Sam2003) That's the most evil plan I've ever heard of
(Redbeard) There was a reference to this Iraq war as being 'entertainment'
(ZooSpecim) Is SARS realy a deadly disease or are people looking to escape thier incarnation? How bad will SARS get?
(Locomotio) What is the purpose of the govt's 'shelter in place' program?
(Owego) I thought the Zeta s said "definately not weeks after May 15"
(Owego) a few weeks ago
(Tau47) ok so they are saying we should take care of our own problems, huh
(NancyL) And Saddam is NOT the big worry for world domination, mischief in the Aftertime, that the power/oil grabbers are.
(Floating) Nancy, if somehow the poleshift won't occur despite all the facts you have and you still see it on the skies... are you ready to believe the other theory that other races have slowed the process down despite u have been told it can't be slowed down... some Israeli sources tell the poleshift might occur later this year
(Dirmer3) Will being a STO for the majority of my life ever prevail?
(RichB) Why are we discussing Iraq when shortly 90% of the people will be annihilated? Our own survival must be paramount. It doesn;t appear to be a serious matter from the discussions.
(Redbeard) I think that's a despicable attitude no matter who/what the source.
(GingerAle) Nancy: do the Zetas confirm the May 15 - June 1 window.
(Malakai) NancyL Can the Zetas confirm that the Bible code is real and that the things it contain are real?
(Obany) Floasting yeah yeah Giel Weinstein trying it again
(Sirgrim) Dirmer: you're being STO so you can prevail? doesn't sound STO at all
(Sefi) they didnt say that Owego
(NancyL) Jeremey, it will drag along, but not like it is at present, I gather.
(Owego) I'm pretty sure they did.
(Alliya) you said the time of the pole shift was up to the Zetas, how is it up to them? I thought it would be up to X... and then it was said that controlling the weather is child's play for them. Are THEY planning the pole shift? By what is said about the manipulations in the war in Iraq, one can make some scary conclusions
(Endeavour) they have said before that they are not our parents, they are guides. WE can overthrow these oppressors if we wanted to, they are as much human as we are, well, at least in physical terms
(Sefi) quote it then
(Redbeard) There's a tendency for people to trust and that is our undoing here,
(Owego) They made it sound more like days
(Jeremy32) Nancy: right, thanks.
(NancyL) Zoo, please read the Increasing Ilness writeup from years ago in ZetaTalk.
(Tau47) can the zetas comment on what part of the population has now seen Planet X?
(Sirgrim) Obany: apology accepted, please pay closer attention to chat so you can tell what's a followup
(Endeavour) Asking the Zetas to do everything will be laziness
(NancyL) It describes what is happening exactly.
(Endeavour) and selfish
(OK) RichB: I tried to make the same point that with the supposed global event coming up, the talk still seems to be where X is right now or how war will end and stuff
(Obany) Floating : well i see you ain't that person .. but ... you sound like him
(Tau47) i meant that to say without any optical aide
(Torbj) Please explain to me... why can we see it with unaided eye but it is "vanishing" from the CCD:s? ( first Q)
(NancyL) Floating, those Israeli sources have ZERO credibility! NO prediction track record!
(Redbeard) I would like the increasing incidence of 'SARS' the respiritory disease addressed.
(Ranier) NancyL: how long will the war last?
(Xeres) NancyL: Another sign: American airlines filing for bankrupcy
(NancyL) My Aunt Maud says the moon is made of green cheese! Must be so, because someone said it! See my point?
(Tau47) mmm, cheese
(Pie) ow started allready? damn...
(Floating) ok
(Nuke-em) Ranier if they go into a house to house war then the war will take many lives and much longer time
(NancyL) Alliya, where did I say the timing of the pole shift is up to the Zetas? Quote please?
(Endeavour) Wallace and Gromit proved it's made of chesse!
(Nuke-em) they stated that the war would be over in 72 hours
(Owego) So, nothing the Zetas say should be considered true, Nancy?
(Leftfield) Quit picking on Nancy; the truth is the truth, open your eyes!
(Ttal0n) the truth is the truth? Really?
(Nuke-em) i wonder what has gone wrong, or is it that the Bush administration just plain lied to everyone
(NancyL) Alliya, what was said was sand storms and mechanical problems in Iraq war are childs play for them, NOT the shift.
(KarenSue) I think Nancy meant that the time to "tell" about the pole shift not cause it
(GingerAle) Owego: I think Nancy is implying she thinks the Zeta's have a track record of accuracy.
(NancyL) Tau, very few have seen Px with unaided eye, and those with scopes, etc are few.
(Vandlou) NL you just phrased it wrong you didnt mean to say its up to the zeta s but read the log was confusing
(GingerAle) Nancy: do the Zetas confirm the May 15 - June 1 window.
(Owego) I thought the Zetas said that they could prevent the shift, but it was not considered
(Leftfield) YES
(Tau47) Nancy when I manage to see Planet X without optical aid it will be time for me to send you some money to assist your efforts, so i want to knoow how long that will be.. and i am serious here i am looking but have seen nothing so far, for sure anyway.
(dBug) Nancy, why we still can not see Px?? What about the 3/26 date?
(NancyL) Torbj, re-read the log on the vanishing Px corpus, it will come to you.
(NancyL) Nuke-em, WHO said the war would be over in 72 hours? Bush?
(Xeres) NancyL: A way for Z's to punish Americans is making cruise missiles behave like boomerangs
(Locomotio) Believe Nancy was referring to it being 'up to Zetas' to announce hour of the shift.
(StormWind) can anyone tell me when we'll be able to see PX clearly in the night time sky without using any device?
(canBear) will the Zs say how much the timetable is to be adjusted - now that the complex is in the system
(ItuBrazil) Nancy, could the Zetas say something to Brazilian people, who are traditionally familiar to spiritual matters?
(NancyL) The hour of untrue statements (the Zetas said ... bla bla untrue statement) has started.
(Pataluha) lol
(Stoic) Xeres: that occurred to me too.. boomerang nukes
(Ttal0n) nobody said the war would be over in 72 hours except for the media
(Pie) my grandpa lives in Brazil
(Pie) cool
(Owego) Maybe you should re-read your logs Nancy
(NancyL) Please note all, just because some debunkers STATES that the Zetas said this or that does NOT make it true.
(Ttal0n) and so-called experts working for the media
(Endeavour) Brazilians are also noutorious for being superstitous
(Alliya) [4:26pm] NancyL: "Sam2003, the hour of the shift is up to the Zetas, and they're not saying anything at this time."
(RudyJoe) The stars and bars at the Pentagon told the troops that... that they'd be welcome as liberators with flowers. The troops found out the hard way.
(Endeavour) I know there are misspellings
(Xeres) Stoic: not nukes just standard xplo
(Ranier) quote! Owego!
(Ranier) errr
(NancyL) Owego, it is not allowed, as the Council considers the passage a natural thing, like tornadoes, which WE as humans are to learn to help each other through.
(BobbyE) Nancy have u seen X yet?
(ChiefSimi) Why the zetas deliberately withhold the info when PlanetX become visible during the day?
(Ttal0n) they are being welcomed
(Stoic) Xeres... yeah
(Owego) But they can doit, correct?
(NancyL) canBear, the time table will not be adjusted, I don't understnad your Q.
(NancyL) Owego has an adolescent chip on his shoulder.
(canBear) all hinges on May 15 but this was then a best guess only right
(Owego) No, I'm serious
(BobbyE) Nancy what do u think about the latest images?
(Striker) NancyL: what is the 'blob' which our sun is orbiting made of?
(N18) Alliya: Nancy meant mentioning the exact date/time of the shift is up to the Zetas.
(Xeres) Stoic: Just that they can have a taste of their own "medecine"
(Tau47) is the Leider street address current if we want to send you cash, flowers, etc?
(Nuke-em) once again Baghdad is being bombed at this moment innocent men women and children are being killed why cant anyone do anything for this invasion
(Owego) Either they can change the course of PX, or they can't
(Torbj) ahh... understand now... we see the complex total down here now... thx!
(HBO2) GingerAle: May 15 / June 1 was confirmed by Nancy on Lou Gentile last night
(Vandlou) I dont wanna be a doomsayer but economy is real bad and evidence its being hushed: my friend bought a car and then TWO times they said redo the sales contract cuz we ll give you a lower interest rate (0.4%) but never tore up old contract - believe they are padding their acctg cuz NO Sales being made (much)
(StormWind) dates for PX visibility...anybody?
(Stoic) Xeres..yeah
(BobbyE) Nancy are u afraid of PX?
(NancyL) Alliya, this was stating that a prediction on the hour when the shift will occur will NOT be forthcoming until the Zetas damn well chose to make it.
(Amed) Nuke-em: people die. accept this has a fact of this life and you will feel better.
(Ttal0n) the only innocents being killed, are being killed by Iraqis
(GingerAle) HBO2: okay, thanks.
(edoeimai) Nancy, is there any marking or 'taging' on the bodies of humans, belonging on either SO or SS orientation, that is being placed by the Council or others?
(NancyL) Chief, so folks will go out and start LOOKING.
(NancyL) The best way to SEE it in the day is to be looking at it each night!
(dBug) Nancy, why we still can not see Px?? What about the 3/26 date?
(Owego) ??
(Nuke-em) good question Edoeimai
(BobbyE) Nancy will u be taken up just as Planet-x is arriving?
(NancyL) Each evening, then you know where it is, and when you start in the last afternoon, even before Orion's Belt is visible, you are looking in the right place.
(BobbyE) I mean are u a STO person
(Mugada) what can be done to stop feul containers fron exploding
(GingerAle) dBug: I believe that Nancy has said that many HAVE seen it... so she considers your question irrelevant. You can probably stop asking.
(ZooSpecim) Have the Zeta's given us all the information they can give us or is there more?
(Mugada) fuel
(NancyL) If the Zetas made a prediction on the day it will be visible in the last afternoon, light polluted as the sun has not yet set, then lazy people will not go out and start looking UNTIL that time.
(Bobuk) Nancy, the strange atmospheric conditions, haze, more light less light coming through, is this hapening now?
(Owego) What about J WIlliam Dell circling a star seen on the DSS images, was that a mistake?
(Amed) NancyL: When I asked a previous question on possible grids manifesting around higher densities of this planet Earth, you mentioned that the Zeta's said no such grids exist. Then I realized that you once said the Zeta's are as spiritually advanced as we are, thus, since we cannot detect one.. I guess the Zeta's, who outweigh us technologically, but are mere infants spiritually can't perceive everything.
(Nuke-em) gia to boutso klegame ine h fasi
(NancyL) It is to force participation, not childlike demands made of parents, in effect.
(Torbj) Is this Q unrelated?... As there is now reports of the magnetic pole (north) slovly going towards Russia... is the crust already loose?
(Sefi) Owego is digging and digging for more!
(Owego) I'm curious
(BobbyE) I can light my farts on fire!!!!!
(Ttal0n) T R U T H
(Sefi) yeah sure
(NancyL) dBug, what are you talking about? I saw it myself Tuesday evening, twice.
(JWilliam) Owego: That was a Star, correct.
(NancyL) There will be those who say "nothing there" when it is landing on their face.
(Owego) Thanks J William
(canBear) Nancy what you described I saw too on Tues and wednesday
(KarenSue) And I know people just like that :)
(Vandlou) is it on ZT what star is the other foci of PX?
(Xeres) Torbj: Magnetic poles always moves around. It's normal.
(finalshow) so could we see it right now?
(KingDios) Nancy, stars cannot be seen in daylight, correct? Yet PX can, so must be brighter than stars, yet it is more difficult to see than the stars. Explain please.
(NancyL) Bobuk, atmospheric weirdness will be happening all along, started BEFORE this Q was posed to the Zetas some weeks ago, so YES.
(dBug) who in this chat room actuallt saw it... i think its less than 1%...
(Bobuk) thought so
(NancyL) canBear, I gather than many have.
(Emmanuel) i think ppl are chosing not to see because it's too close for comfort
(3j) so is it 10 days left until it's visible in the sky for even the blind?
(Obany) dBug:
(Alpha369) Anyone else saw PX besides Nancy?
(NancyL) I've heard from many, in any case.
(GoFa) Nancy what other bases do the zetas have beside the one in the Gobi desert
(Owego) lol Emmanuel
(canBear) if only all asking would have looked for themselves
(OK) does ANYone know about an astronomy site where we can know where each of the stars shown in your web site can be spotted according to the location on earth
(JWilliam) Owego: You may see my further analysis on my website for March 23/24 when it is up next week.
(Tau47) can the Zetas comment on efforts to image using CCDs in high end consumer digicams?
(Nuke-em) so i guess a casual nite of wine and dine with zetas would be out the question
(CyberVViz) btw, free fitsviewer for MS WinXP:
(ZooSpecim) i can't look for Px it's cloudy and will be for at least a week
(BabyR) i have a telescope and i will look tonight
(Michaells) lol
(CyberVViz) :-)
(dBug) ok, the fact is: I want to see it...
(Owego) OK J WIlliam, I'll look
(Xeres) Torbj: Wahat is not normal is that the speed of move has ACCELARATED in the last 12 years or so
(Obany) check here for the sigthings page
(Torbj) Xeres: soo... the crust is always on the move then!?
(NancyL) Yes, many just go more firmly into denial as it comes close.
(Endeavour) hopefully the clouds will lift tonight, there is some sun coming through right now
(Owego) And many just look and see nothing
(Xeres) Torbj: Not the crust the magnetic poles
(canBear) Owege try again
(NancyL) Well folks, its been the hour.
(BabyR) its clearing here in Austin
(Owego) try what canbear?
(Manzour) Nancy, should it not be daytime visible by now?
(Tau47) specifically, can the zetas comment on how many seconds of exposure needed for a 5x zoom ?
(NancyL) I was on Lou Gentile show late last night, and am still sleep deprived :-).
(Obany) and it was a good session
(Ranier) Owego: you have to know where to look
(GingerAle) Nancy: why do you only give your faithful one hour per week?
(Xeres) The mag poles are below the crust
(Owego) I know where to look
(MikeOH) A truly satisfying hour of ZT, thanks to Nancy and Field Commander Obany.
(BabyR) Nancy please know how appreacted you are
(NancyL) Also had a good 15 minutes with KROQ in LA Friday morning.
(NancyL) All heard that they should go out and LOOK, and where to get info on when, where to look, etc.
(Torbj) Xweres...the magnetic poles are fixed...when crust moves u messure it as them moving!
(Redrick) I am late where can I find today log?
(Endeavour) going to look tonight if I can
(Vandlou) KROQ is that archived??
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk.
(Locomotio) Just waiting for clear skies...
(Manzour) We sure will see you next week Nancy :)
(KingDios) Oh boy.
(Ttal0n) shows over huh?
(NancyL) Thanks to our loyal cops who make these sessions possible!
(Manzour) But PX, NAH
(Savv) Thanks for answering my question
(NancyL) See you next week!
(Tau47) keep us updated on what you see Nancy
(Masisoar) Was a good session :-)
(Owego) J William, any idea on when the next images will be taken?
(Obany) check here for the sigthings page
Session Close: Sat Mar 29 17:11:24 2003