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Mitch Battros

Mitch Battros of ECTV has always asserted that the earth changes are due to the Sun, clinging closely to NASA images from the SOHO. Where he spreads utter nonsense on the internet via his newsletters, asserting that an object several times the size of Jupiter (comet 2002 V1, NEAT, second below) is rounding the Sun, he is into uttering threats at anyone who does not support his Line of Disinformation (first below)!

Re: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - SOHO Is Down; And Maybe For Good
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 10:02:25 -0500
From: Mitch Battros <>
Organization: Earth Changes TV
> You may remember the old computer term GIGA. (Garbage in-Garbage out).
> It speaks volumes of you when you use zeta, beta, theta, pudding in
> pie as your resource.
> Geoff and Caroline Cole wrote:
>> There's are a series of early morning photographs taken by someone 
>> at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), one of which is: 
>> ../teams/rogue/nancy113.htm 
>> If you will notice (contrary to the attacks on what is seen) a full moon 
>> is never seen in the same section of sky as a rising sun, since the 
>> moon's glow is just reflected sunlight, so a full moon (as this is claimed 
>> to be by the attackers) must always be in the opposite. Planet X?

>> Mitch Battros wrote:
>>> Okay miss freak. Put up or shut up. Lay out your evidence, or come 
>>> forth and state it is nothing more than your "conjecture" based on 
>>> aliens, guides, and the bogeyman. I know it is hard to break away 
>>> from a cult following, but it would do you and your family good. 
>>> Remember, Zeta aka Nancy is facing a lawsuit, perhaps you will be next.

>>> Geoff and Caroline Cole wrote:
>>>> It's Planet X, my dear man. When are you going to admit it?

>>>> Mitch Battros wrote:
>>>>> I am unsure of the cause other then to say it is part of a natural cycle. 
>>>>> Not a eleven year cycle as Nasa would have us believe, but a "Mega 
>>>>> Cycle" which occurs in the thousands of year range. For the 'planet-x' 
>>>>> community, I will go on record once again to say, I have seen no 
>>>>> evidence whatsoever which would indicate a planet the size of Earth 
>>>>> or even the size of a simple large asteroid (5 miles diameter) anywhere 
>>>>> in or near our solar system. Those of you who believe in the zeta cult 
>>>>> will just keep on believing. I am not here to dictate what "your truth" 
>>>>> is supposed to be. I can only speak of "my truth".

Mitch led the disinformation campaign re comet 2002 V1, NEAT, announcing to the world via his newsletter that he had personally measured the comet at twice the size of Jupiter:

Something's Up With Comet "C/2002 V1" 
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
There is a great deal of noise circulating the newsrooms 
surrounding the arrival of comet "C/2002 V1". There is good 
reason it should be. First I want to bring attention to the 
SOHO (solar and heliospheric observatory) photos made available 
by Nasa and JPL. It appears there may have been a grave mistake, 
or another cover up by the United States Space Agencies. First 
take a look at the photo which is circulating the internet. 
Note: when viewing the SOHO photos, remember to reverse the east 
and west limbs. This does not affect north and south. You can see 
comet "C/2002 V1" coming in from the north and coming around the 
western limb. As the comet heads down towards the western side, 
we see a tremendous CME (coronal mass ejection) explode from the 
Sun, directly towards the comet. No one disputes this fact. However, 
what we can see clearly in this next photo is the photo had been 
turned upside down. That's right, upside down. Photo:
This means the CME is directly Earth bound. If this is correct, 
watch for sudden windstorms to occur. Also watch for huge and spectacular 
Aurora's which may come down to 35 degree's latitude. Keep an eye 
on the Kp index and GOES for spikes in geomagnetic flux. Now, lets consider the size of this 
comet. I had to take a double look when I located the diameter of 
comet "C/2002 V". It is approximately 176,000 miles across. This is 
twice the size of Jupiter. Twenty two times the size of Earth. 
Remember, the size of the last known "planet buster" asteroid 65 
million years ago was bout 6 miles in diameter. Any celestial orb 1 
kilometer or (.6 miles) is considered a great danger to Earth. This 
would mean even a small particle from the tail of this comet could be 
devastating. I do not believe there is any danger of a near miss, 
however, there is no doubt in my mind, a celestial orb of this size 
coming into our solar system will have an effect on ever planet. Just 
what that will be, no one in the science community really knows.
This story is only beginning to develop. I believe some of our 
astronomy colleagues will be coming forward with new information in the 
coming days. Hmm, nothing like a war to distract a person looking to 
the sky's. But perhaps this surge of energy we witnessed last Friday 
will continue. Perhaps an invasion of Iraq can be avoided, while at 
the same time safety of all counties can be secure. Again, only time 
will tell how this plays out.

Then blaming NASA for a doctored image on its web site! Mitch bases his information on NASA, and now it is discredited? We certainly know that Mitch is discredited, as a comet twice the size of Jupiter is hardly likely.

Sometimes We Have To Eat A Little Crow; Comet 'C/2002V1' Facts
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
I have just completed my interview on our ECTV "Live"
Radio Hour with Dr. Tom Van Flandern. Dr. Van Flandern
spent 20 years at the U.S. Naval Observatory, where he
became the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch. He
is also a NASA astronomer and consultant. It was not
far into the interview when I realized I had been
duped. Now having learned the facts, I will be the
first to admit it. I believe it is more important to
publish the facts, then to save my little hurt pride.

But wait, there is more. It appears NASA themselves
were caught off guard as well. Nasa appears to be just
as anxious for publicity as any other news agency. They
may have been a little to anxious getting the story out
(just I as was guilty of), prior to closer examination.

This is what we think is extremely
possible a grad-student or apprentice inside Nasa were
practicing their new found imaging skills on a 'not so
unusual' comet. This comet just happened to be named
"C/2002 V1". The photo's and trajectory of comet C/2002
V1 are real and original. What our friendly Nasa
grad-student or apprentice did, was super-impose the
imaging to highlight the comet and its path. It would
be as if you took a snap shot of any item with a
background, then pulled the item away from the
background so it would be larger and easily noticed.

It was the same as if you put your hand out at arms
length with any background such as a colored wall; then
bring your hand towards your face. Try this right now
to get a quick understanding. The size of your hand
never changes, but it looks ten times larger the closer
you bring it towards your face. This is what in fact
happened. This incident may very well have been an
innocent act. Or, it could have been a grave joke on
Nasa, me, and everyone else.

The idea of grad-students might explain the upside-down
and the wrong year on the second photo. What is a bit
unsettling, is the fact Nasa themselves bought off on
it. The photos I have shown you are indeed authentic
and from Nasa. What happened next, were eager reporters
and inside Nasa public relation employees who saw this
image and jumped all over it. Guilty!!! :-)

Here are the links which clearly show they originated
from Nasa itself.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Well what about the CME? This too, is real and
original. However, the distance between the Sun and the
comet is vast. It is quite possible the two are
unrelated. It is also possible, they are. What one has
to consider is the distance. It is nowhere near what it
seems in the photo.

Here are the facts: Comet C/2002 V1

The size of the nucleus (the solid center of the comet)
is approximately 0.5 to 0.7 kilometers. 1 kilometer =
0.6 miles
The size of the coma (this is the glowing snowball) is
indeed the size of two Jupiter's. Approximately 293,000
kilometers or 176,000 miles in diameter. All in all,
this was just another near miss comet we have seen
almost 500 times from the view of the SOHO satellite.

If this was the I Love Lucy show, I would say to Nasa
"Luucccy, (Naaassssa) you have lotof esplaining to
do". The taste of Crow feathers might go better with a
little mud pie!