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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Feb 22, 2003

Session Start: Sat Feb 22 15:44:31 2003
(BrianC1) thx Richard
(Stoic) it quarter to ten where you are Jeremy?
(Jeremy) yes
(Starstalker) Yes. She can rejoin #poleshiftdiscussion (and has been since signing off), but someone keeps kicking QueenVee off her own channel.
(NancyL) Well, I arrived bruised and bleeding :-) MUCH problems with Queen's channel as she is so successful at deflecting debunkers and they hate her so.
(Ojabun) amazing what pricks do
(NancyL) However, we HAD the chat, and the log will reflect the full discussion.
(Ojabun) pricks acting in name of crowd
(Beyond) hope this channel's not attacked
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES now, and an ANNOUNCEMENT
(Earth420) We should just kick it...
(Tizza) just shows how desperate they are really getting nowdays
(NancyL) ANNOUNCMENT: New set of images taken last night, are in the process of being uploaded to the UK and Slovenian web sites for download by the public, which goes after them by the hundreds.
(NancyL) Analysis just started of course.
(NancyL) Please all DO read the Trends page showing this to be a big time INBOUND complex
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: Alternative Explanation for Planet X
(NancyL) "Some have noticed that the orbital path of NEAT (C/2002 V1) as displayed on this NASA orbital animation site tell of NEAT (C/2002 V1) Orbital Path as bringing it within .90 au on a May 15th date this year."
(NancyL) "Not that V1 will be there at that date but that the orbital path is such that it is at its closest to earth on the May 15th date. During the May 15th date V1 will actually be some two million miles away from us on the other side of the sun. What is interesting is the May 15th orbital similarity."
(NancyL) "Some are watching for any other comets comming into solar system on the same orbit, for the purpose of monitoring it as one may expect it to end up coinciding with the May 15th date as the V1 path. It is thought that we would be seeing comets prior to Planet X as a indication that it is on the way. So the orbit is what is significant."
(NancyL) Nancy's Note: The Path page given to me in 1995 has Planet X on May 15, 2003 at about RA 4.1 Dec -7 at passage. Comet 2002/V1 is not at that point, being on May 16, 2003 at: RA 04 00.54 Dec -15 54.2 But close.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #: (Another) Alternative Explanation for Planet
(NancyL) "I find it really interesting that the Arksky posting says comet Kudo-Fujikawa, 2002/X5, is currently passing through the constellation of Hercules, but in early April it should be passing through the Orion Nebula."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: NASA Knows!
(NancyL) "Last May, 2002, I attended the Monolithic Dome Workshop in Italy Texas. This is a week long workshop, with hands on training that lasts between 8 to 10 hours a day. You get to know your fellow workshop attendees during this time, and there were about 30 in our whole group. Several were there learning to build domes for protection against the coming pole shift, others were just interested in promoting dome building in their areas."
(NancyL) "One contractor from Arizona became very agitated when a discussion of Planet X came up during a break early in the week, and for the rest of the time we were there, he continued to make snide remarks about survivalists, and "doomsdayers". I only paid any attention to him after his outbursts when I discovered why he was there. He said he had been sent to the workshop by his "clients" - a group of NASA engineers who independently had contracted him to build a Monolithic Dome complex in Arizona. "
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #4: Slowing!
(NancyL) From France, noting a 9 minute shift (delay) for Sun rise and setting, and a 1 second per day shift (delay) and increasing between real and radio-guided clocks. This has been added to the Slowing TOPIC. "The figures I use are old tables giving sun and moon risings. These are old documents I loaded from the net at that time. I compare them with official figures given on French newspapers, etc."
(NancyL) "The old figures are without shifts [changes by the Navy] for this period. A simple comparison between both sources seems to show a 9-minute shift. As I am concerned, I believe these [recent] time shifts [changes by the Navy] are not real but differences due to human actions to hide evidence [of slowing]. The old tables (assumed to be true and shift-free) I use for my comparisons are included."
(NancyL) "I continue to examine real moon phases and star movement shifts with great interest and am giving you my results. For the moment, I notice + or - 10 degree shift between expected star positions, corresponding to 24 minutes (180 degrees = 12 hours). But this figure is not totally sure because I have no real tool for measures."
(NancyL) "You can use the North Star as fix point and a visual hypothetic line rising from it and directed to the North pole. Then stay at the same place and look at a big star position compared with the line position. With software, you may see where the star is expected to be at the time of your observation and compare the both. Then 1 degree shift is equal to 2.4 minutes. I think it's a good and easy way to mesure time shift with stars."
(NancyL) "As clocks are concerned, I note an incresing shift between standard and radio guided [atomic, changed automatically by the Navy] clocks. My method is simple. I set 3 normal digital clocks equal to a radio guided [atomic, changed automatically by the Navy] clock. Few days later, the 3 standard clocks stay at the same hour/min/sec time but are not in synch with the radio guided one. For now, we loose almost 1 second per day, which is relatively important, I think."
(NancyL) End SIGNS of the TIMES
(Richard) NancyL: was the monolithic workshop run by NASA?
(Dim) One more sign of the times is the number of attacks on these logs.
(NancyL) Richard, heavens no, just that a contractor stated NASA employees had contracted with him.
(NancyL) What do THEY know that the Bush Administration is not telling us?
(NancyL) I have a couple accepted Q's for today, will post them for the early birds.
(MikeO) And apparently some of the people at the monolithic workshop ridiculed the Planet X scenario.
(NancyL) 1. Do the Zetas wish to comment on the recent fires within or around buildings, including: a night club, a refinery, or others? How many, if any, are related to earth crust movement? [NC Kingston factory, cause rubber dust; Staton Is NY refinery, cause unknown; KY factory, 26 dead, cause unknown]
(Richard) well Blair had to meet the Pope as "an out" so likely plenty ;+)
(NancyL) Brainerd, Minnesota's Mysterious Lake Water That Won't Freeze
(NancyL) "Brainerd, Minnesota, population 19,000, is north of Minneapolis and only about 90 miles south of the perpetual winter "icebox" of the United States, International Falls. There are 450 lakes within 30 minutes of North Long Lake in Brainerd. All have always frozen over each winter between mid-November and mid-April - except the west bay of North Long Lake beginning in the winter of 2001-2002. So far testing has not confirmed what is warming the half-mile hole surrounded by 18-inch-thick ice."
(NancyL) Richard, I note on the TV that Powell looks happy in being in Asia and announcing that food will be sent to N. Korea (their true goal in saber rattling) and Iraq war will not happen if they comply with UN demands.
(NancyL) I thought to myself, is it possible they are back peddling?
(NancyL) Just because 1. anti-war protests all over the globe, 2. 30 nations register their opposition at UN, 3. Turkey backpeddles on basing the northern front there, 4. UK and US public polls very much in opposition, etc.
(NancyL) My my, such a popular takeover of oil fields!
(NancyL) Beyond those two Q's I will be looking for more if the moderators will take me off +m so others can speak :-)
(NancyL) Thanks Jeremy :-)
(RudyJoe) Nancy, Is it true that the Sumerians wrote about PlanetX in cuniform on clay tablets about 5 thousand years ago?
(Johnnie5) thanks.
(Mex) RudyJoe, yes
(Gig) yes they did Rudy
(KeyBoarDz) Do the zetas expect the powers that be to stage an 'event' to gain more support for war?
(Masisoar) Nancy, can you comment on Sleep Paralysis? Why people feel they are being visited by more of demon-type aliens than getting a fiendly welcome
(Tizza) Nancy : due to cyclonic winds and flooding seas will the despertion of native flora be quick to gain footholds in new climates they are suited too? ie. tropical types from northern australia will migrate south quickly?
(NancyL) Rudy, Sitchin has been very precise in his interpretations, and the ancient Summerians DID have knowledge of Nibiru, no question.
(ChiefSimi) Q: There will be a lot of people who will be alone (for example: because they are unaware of the PS), and small children whose family will die during the shift. Given that they haven't got a role in the Aftertime (old, etc.), given that their close family would be far away, given that they would sure die in the weeks following the shift, would they be assisted in dying during the shift?
(DH) is the NEAT comet part of the PX group?
(Earth420) Could the Zs comment on 7 pics that NASA was caught trying to "patch up" for SOHO dealing with the comet...
(Beyond) comment on slowing: I continue to compare radio-guided time with manual time. Continues to be the same amount off each day. the past seven months show no new deviation.
(NancyL) How do we know? Because they were aware of Pluto, etc before we were, counting IN from OUTside the solar system, as an inbound planet (Px) would.
(Hysterix) Nancy, was the earthquake today on the west coast due to PX?
(NancyL) He had that nailed, Sitchin did.
(Ojabun) have you checked out Nostradamus NancyL?
(QueenVee) NANCY: See private message, very important
(Ojabun) i trust Nostra
(Jeremy) Nancy: The Zetas have said the earths rotation will have slowed by several minutes by the time PX is visible to all (in a little over a months time). As of now, can they say how many seconds rotation has slowed by?
(NancyL) KeyBoard, Bush Admin has been trying to fake terroist attacks desperately for almost a year, but is being blocked by the Zetas et al.
(KeyBoarDz) NancyL: interesting
(NancyL) Masis, this is answered already in Visitation, sleep paralysis is, it is the possum relex being utilized by the visitors, etc.
(Johnnie5) hi Queen.
(Niburu) here comes the rain again flooding as predicted by zetas in E TN
(Dim) will the refinery explosion be used for the benifit of the elite?
(Masisoar) Oh alright :) thanks
(NancyL) Tizza, I'm sure that hurricane force winds and waves will spread seeds and bugs and whatever.
(Tizza) k..just wanted people to think about it :)
(NancyL) Chief, this is up to YOU, re helping others, NOT to be answered by ZT. They have NOT advocated suicide or murder, etc.
(Niburu) how can an extrasolor planet brown dwarf etc cause so many disturbances to Earth? Wouldn't the outer planets affect us if this thing can and its much farther away?
(Earth420) Thats a link, whats the take on it Nancy maybe?
(NancyL) Chief, this is an issue that is addressed all the time by doctors and nurses, so is not new for the PS.
(Merlin29) NancyL why talk a people for own destruction is fear people Become after ?
(BrianC1) Was the cause for the oil fire in New York addressed?
(NancyL) Earth, this NASA doctoring was addressed in last chat, but could you give me a link re being "caught" in this? I'd like to point the public there from ZT.
(Beyond) I read in the BOOK that PX contains its own light source. Guess it would need it to survive out in deep space.
(Niburu) again is the weather extremes even though this thing is beyond the orbit of Pluto at the moment caused because it is a brown dwarf with more gravity etc?
(Johnnie5) yeah. a link would be great.
(Phoenix) Are the many buildings on East Coast USA with collapsing roofs doing so because of rain, or stretching, or?
(NancyL) Beyond, this preson, who send me this info, is utterly precise! She had several methods of comparing, and used them ALL.
(Earth420) I just gave the link above, you get?
(NancyL) I believe her, and her data fits into what is to be expected during this time.
(NancyL) Anyone can DO this comparison, and SHOULD!
(Richard) Niburu: have you read zetatalk site AT ALL?
(NancyL) I also noted the full moon was a day late in coming here.
(Niburu) a bunch of zetatalk site yes but still cant figure why it would cause so many effects though so far away still
(Beyond) yes, but the question is... is time being adjusted to a new earth position
(Johnnie5) got it. thanks.
(Earth420) I emailed this guy
(Dim) Nibiru, it does.
(Richard) so imagine what will happen when its passing
(Richard) get ready !!!
(ChiefSimi) Hmm. I understand Nancy. But in case of small children... it will be a horror for them
(Earth420) Ha, was saying that someone had looked at the zeta coordinates, and nothing was there... but we should look into Planet X
(Niburu) im pretty much prepared to see this in April almost possitive it must be just from looking at the weather and trends it all fits
(NancyL) Jeremy, per the woman in France, 1 sec / day, and she has several clocks, and finds her updated clock (atomic, checking in with the Navy) gets out of line within days.
(Bailey) I am getting messes with in the rooms today, are you Queen?
(Niburu) it barely seems like you can survive somthing like this if the ocean or floods dont get you the ash or raining fire from the sky will
(Dim) Chief Simi, it will be a horror for all.
(Woogles) That is evidence Niburu, not proof. But yes, the naked eye sightings will end the debate one way orthe other.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Ok, thanks.
(Tied2) If anyone would like a copy of the zip file "All about food and water" I can dcc it or e-mail (347kb)
(Niburu) not to mention mag 15 earthquakes
(Earth420) So wanted to see if they really uncovered the pics
(NancyL) Nibiru, re the outer planets affecting us more than Px, this is explained as Equilibrium balance disruption, in Science section, go read.
(Hysterix) LA weather is so strange, it'll rain one day, be scortching hot the next, and then start to rain again!
(Richard) Niburu: we will all take our chances with this. We are all in the same boat but better those prepared than not
(Bailey) yes please Tied, or did you send it too me a few weeks ago
(Beyond) So, as PX is self-illuminated, we wouldn't necessarily have to rely on light REFLECTED off it, to be able to observe it
(NancyL) Beyond, the Navy adjusted time, so atomic clocks and computer networks are WITH them, but manual clocks and especially the Moon phases, the Sun rising and setting, the Star positions, are NOT according to where they should be on old calendars/charts!
(Earth420) Hysterix, Im in S. Calli, it is amazing, but we are getting alot of signs to back this up without needing pics!
(Niburu) Hysterix same here in TN felt like spring today for a bit now its raining again and going to get harder
(NancyL) This woman in France, very talented and utterly logical, has this nailed!
(Niburu) I used to live in S Cali and the flooding of the 5 near Tejon Pass is extraordinary
(BrianC1) Will there be a particular equilibrium imbalance once PX passes the orbit of Pluto?
(Earth420) And our earthquake this mornin early
(Beyond) are you saying that the Earth is not slowing then?
(Hysterix) hey Earth: did you feel the earthquake this early morning??
(Earth420) lol
(Hysterix) funny stuff
(NancyL) Beyond, it is not an intense light like stars, NOT a star, is dim bulb, and not all that large! (4X earth diameter)
(Hysterix) did it wake you up?
(SuperiorDave) Day befor yesterday i Norther Wisconsin 43 Yesterday and today 13
(Dim) Nancy, I know that you have answered this before, but the firepiston is a device that uses air pressire to start a fire, so I have doubts as to whether it will work in the after time or not.
(Monk) did it scare you ?
(Bailey) thanks Tied I do have it
(Earth420) I couldnt go to sleep last night, stayed up till 230in the mornin, then tried to go to sleep, so no was awake
(Niburu) Mom hates all this doom and gloom talk but I try to put a positive spin on it to explain my complacency in getting a better job etc
(NancyL) Brian, the Z's have said that quakes, weather, will be lineal increase until the shift.
(BrianC1) Thank you Nancy.
(Earth420) Niburu, a job is the least of your worries
(NancyL) Beyond, I'm saying that the fact that this is OBVIOUS is now evident, if you bother to do your checking!
(Richard) Niburu: stay focused!
(IterativeDance) can water magnetic filtration be used to remove most of the harmful iron deposits from planet-x dust?
(Beyond) ok on PX being a dim bulb. but still, it should be over 100 pixels to every 1 one of its moons
(Niburu) Earth Exactly but I have to keep up appearences lest I seem irresponsible to them
(NancyL) Dim, I thought you said fire stone :-) as in a flint.
(Niburu) Nancy I hope KROQ invites you back in April like they said or May
(Stoic) Nibiru..i understand that complacency..
(NancyL) OK, I will do Q1 now ...
(Earth420) I watched the moon rise late late last night too! Was weird... oh ee oooh
(NancyL) 1. Do the Zetas wish to comment on the recent fires within or around buildings, including: a night club, a refinery, or others? How many, if any, are related to earth crust movement? [NC Kingston factory, cause rubber dust; Staton Is NY refinery, cause unknown; KY factory, 26 dead, cause unknown]
(Berten) lineal = linear?
(NancyL) ZT: Imploding buildings, which we predicted some months ago to occur in countries and lands affected by the North Atlantic stretch, are already occurring.
(NancyL) ZT: The first evidence of a distruptive stretch were the derailing trains, which got in the news in a big way when they first occurred, but recently have been suppressed though the incidence in INCREASING.
(NancyL) ZT: A track is examined, and within hours a train derails with a track that has zigged and zagged, and the reason is given as a warm day affecting the tracks.
(NancyL) ZT: These derailments happened in the US eastern states, Maryland and Florida, and in the UK.
(NancyL) ZT: Following this exploding factories came into the news, but the public can expect that as the incidence INCREASES the news will be suppressed.
(NancyL) ZT: The first dramatic incidence was in NC, the Kingston factory, which massive explosion was attributed to rubber dust, though the factory was functioning as it had for years, with no such incidences.
(NancyL) ZT: Were there not smokers among the factory personnel? Was there no dust at all, prior to this explosion, which lifted the roof much of a mile in the air?
(NancyL) ZT: Lately there has been an exploding factory in Kentucky, and an unexplained refinery explosion in Staton Island, NY.
(NancyL) ZT: Texas has had a number of odd occurrences, exploding streets, homes, collapsing buildings under construction, also over the recent months.
(NancyL) ZT: How does an earth stretch affect a factory, gas lines under a street, such that explosions occur?
(NancyL) ZT: Fittings are intended to be TIGHT, with gaskets used to seal the fitting.
(NancyL) ZT: All it put under enough pressure to ensure no leakage occur!
(NancyL) ZT: When pulled apart, unless there is a noticeable lack of pressure in the pipes, this is not noticed!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, leaking can occur, of chemicals, gasses, whatever, and an explosive mix can accumulate, waiting for a spark.
(NancyL) ZT: The dramatic explosions occur most often where exlosive material is in the area, the initial leaking and explosion sparking a larger explosion.
(NancyL) ZT: These factory or street explosions are but a forerunner of what we referred to as imploding buildings, however.
(NancyL) ZT: These are EXPLOSIONS, caused by the stretch, but not an implosion caused by structural failure under a buildlings.
(NancyL) ZT: When you hear that an otherwise solid and long standing building collapsed, for unexplained reasons, THEN you have an implosion.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(Niburu) I am not one to Bible thumb but in the bible it does say you will not know the hour of my passing etc I will come like a thief in the night. With the internet and information sharing it seems as if we can now track this phenomonon and predict exactly when it will occur. any comments besides perhaps the Bible is only one source etc??
(Obany) Nibiru: this is not a follow up
(NancyL) Nibiru, I gather that until the last weeks, uncertainty is the norm.
(IterativeDance) Nancy, you've mentioned to me that Tom Bearden is "full of hot air" - but are any of the people he mentions/endorses, with their devices, not so full of hot air?
(Phoenix) Was implosion the cause of collapsing roofs in East Coast of USA, Walmart, ToysRus, etc.
(Dim) Nancy a firepiston is a device that can start a fire without any part of it used up. it creates a great increase in air presure which ignights kindling, and therefore if constructed well enough can last almost indefinitely.
(Dowley) will any explosions be blamed on terror acts?
(Dim) Sorry , not follow up.
(Numbic1) so I take it that gas lines and such should henceforth be avoided
(Songoku) the shift is always for the 15th May 2003 or later?
(Niburu) followup where do you get the info about Texas happenings? Do you have good alternative news sites that arent silenced?
(Jeremy) Phoenix: The Toys R Us collapse was due to heavy rains and snow
(NancyL) Iterative, since the start of 2002, unless ANOTHER 1. predicts, 2. has a prediction accuracy track record, then no comment.
(Earth420) Yes, the poor people in ToysRUs today...
(NancyL) ZetaTalk does both 1 and 2.
(Dim) Will the U.S. government attempt to blame any of these explosions or catastrophies on terrorism?
(NancyL) Phoenix, oh heavens no, they had ALL that snow, and then rain, very predictable!
(Earth420) So sad
(Phoenix) So we were told...
(Domicile) How deep beneath the ground does the strechting/tearing effect have?
(MichaelCunningham) who will report these incidents if the news media is covering up?
(NancyL) Dim, if a fire starter works today, then it should work tomorrow. Unless it requires a fuel that will NOT be available.
(Dim) Nancy, it is a matter of air density, that is why I am concerned.
(NancyL) Dowley, the public is so leary of Bush and Powell claims of "evidence" that they require proof, and this they cannot generate as the Zetas et al are working against this scam.
(Dowley) good
(Niburu) we need more of this implosion and collaspsing posted on tt-watch I can't seem to get these kinds of stories through normal channels
(NancyL) Numbic, explosive material, such as natural gas, is something I'd avoid like the plague, yes.
(Earth420) True, alot do not believe the media is telling the truth half the time, or get info later, contradict themselves...
(Numbic1) time to move, then
(NancyL) Nibiru, I recall hearing about this, but did not save the articles, etc.
(Numbic1) family was discusing this today
(Niburu) everybody I know the lil man on the street does not like or support Bush talk at the fast food place haircut place etc
(Richard) Niburu: go to for news articles
(NancyL) Song, May 15, 2003 is given as the date but it has always been stated "shortly thereafter".
(Erdtest) define shortly please?
(NancyL) What shortly thereafter MEANS is being withheld until later as the exact moment will only benefit the STS, per the Z's.
(Earth420) Any comment on the flu in Hong Kong... will it kill millions, become epidemic?
(NancyL) But they have stated you should be in your safe place by that date.
(Erdtest) so it could be years
(Niburu) when it comes to pets and household belongings and evacuation I guess we should just leave and not even lock up huh let the dog go and stuff -- bummer
(CM) lol
(3j) so its not May 15th??
(NancyL) Dom, the stretch affects all the way down, else a stretch would not occur!
(Richard) stop being nit picky
(Ojabun) i rather dy
(Monk) Can the zetas say how long after May 15 can the poleshift happen ?
(Monk) like before a year ?
(CM) Erdtest/3j look at May 15 as the deadline
(NancyL) Earth, increasing illness has been discussed a lot, it is natural, and will only increase, etc.
(AGreenspan) This this has turned into ZNN..ask the Z. please, if they care to comment about 2 suspicious crashes we had the past week (Mosad getting even for Kenya?)
(Zetapal) come-on guys it means like 1 0r 2 weeks
(BrianC1) NancyL: What is the likelyhood of NASA making up a story that they are having technical difficulties with the Hhubble, and therefore no pics of PX?
(Zetapal) thats all
(NancyL) 3J shortly after May 15, 2003, very shortly thereafter.
(Earth420) Oh how I am praying for the people who will die by such horrible viruses! Peace be with them all.
(IterativeDance) wait, that doesn't make much sense Nancy - there ARE humans who have determined how to harness free energy, who do the zetas think they are?
(NancyL) You should be in your safe place then, period.,
(Earth420) They are already dying
(Songoku) how many hybrid base are located in the world?
(Niburu) Do the zetas predict real bad weather / earthquakes / events in March or more so in April when it is visible??
(Ojabun) Nostra has a date of 11 May...'when the big filled theatre will go down'
(NancyL) AGreen, crashes, like plane crashes? You mean in Iran and Pakistan?
(Beyond) about the 90 percent of US who won't survive the shift?
(Ojabun) that's our world.. a theatre
(Obany) Songoku: and why do you wat to know that?
(AGreenspan) That's right, L.
(Jeremy) Niburu: There will be a linear increase on existing trends
(Redeye) Niburu, thats been answered countless times
(Dim) Nancy will there be a flood in Texas prior to the poleshift according to the Zeta's?
(Earth420) Yeah Beyond, but at least we will be able to die then, these people will suffer and die, run out of time before the shift
(NancyL) ZT to AGreen: increasingly, a combination of human distraction and worry, and magnetic diffusion and confusion, and sudden weather changes that can affect a flying plane with wind shere, planes will go down.
(Songoku) cause i want to join hybrid community before the shift
(NancyL) End ZT to AGreen.
(NancyL) Not sabotage, and I'd not get in a plane for anything.
(Johnnie5) .
(AGreenspan) Thanks , Z., N.
(Obany) well Songoku it doesn't work that way .... there is no Wanting
(SuperiorDave) Nancy, will the Great Lakes overflow their banks into flood plains?
(Obany) read ZT for that
(NancyL) Iterative, NO free energy, that is bull.
(Beyond) Earth..only a few months more
(Dim) Nancy, are planes no longer safe under any circumstances
(Songoku) ok véro
(Niburu) I am trying to figure this out from graphs and things and animated gifs but the US is pretty much going to move up north right so it will be colder everywhere??
(BrianC1) NancyL: What is the likelyhood of NASA making up a story that they are having technical difficulties with the Hubble, and therefore no pics of PX?
(NancyL) Nibiru, weather and quakes increases will be lineal, until the shift, etc.
(Earth420) Still, these people would trade anything just for one more day of life!
(Niburu) what im asking is with US be closer to the pole or farther equatorial or polar?
(MichaelCunningham) Nancy, who should we trust when it comes to the news media covering up implosions?
(NancyL) Dim, last year or so Houston had 40" of rain, so yes storms can affect Texas with flooding.
(Beyond) fair enough. we're ALL in a heap 'o trouble
(IterativeDance) it is NOT bull; energy is everywhere, the zetas have said that THEMSELVES on ur website - well, how about this: what human knows how to channel an energy flow that we could convert into electricity, from the vacuum, witrh little or no input power?
(MikeO) How is it that as soon as some people "join #zetatalk", they immediately ask a question that reveals they've already been following the discussion?
(Dim) Thank you Nancy.
(Earth420) I would... we are lucky if we make it to the shift, as 90 percent will die before, during and after...
(AGreenspan) No free energy? ZT talks about "jewish plumber who quietly delivered the goods" - what's that?
(IterativeDance) like magnetic energy, it always flows
(IterativeDance) zetas said so
(Beyond) here's to the last days...
(Niburu) I thought 90% would die during shift and after not before
(IterativeDance) bucking with time particles maybe?
(AGreenspan) Nuclear fission..
(NancyL) Superior, this is addressed in Safe Locations writeups, where 100 miles from coast and 200 feet up for oceans coastlines, only 50 miles inland and 100 feet up for Great Lakes.
(Starstalker) Niburu: Check out this site:
(NancyL) Depends upon your area, as all river will OVER their banks, etc.
(Tied2) MikeO the channel is set to invisable unless you type something
(NancyL) Nibiru, re New Geo, check the New Geo page graphic
(Johnnie5) ah.
(Earth420) Oh yeah Niburu, just all at once! Whats haoppening now, people dying every day
(Beyond) maybe I'll see you on the 'other side' earth
(Songoku) why do not destroy Columbia during the start instead of?
(Ojabun) say..what is best way to dy?
(NancyL) N. American stretches out along the new Equator, Alaska tropical, Florida (under the water, however, much colder)
(BrianC1) NancyL : Do the Zetas have an update re their stance on whether there is going to be a war with Iraq?
(Niburu) no I just meant a mass dieoff not until then surely some from natural disasters and stuff but seems like the moment of shift and actual would be the worse times
(Woogles) Ojabun: If you mean "die
(Woogles) I would say with dignity
(Ojabun) Woogles:i dont wanna run in the mud naked, running away from insane ppl
(NancyL) AGreen, we are talking re free energy to HUMAN cultures today, the plumber provided his invention for the Aftertime, to STO groups only.
(Ojabun) i rather die
(AGreenspan) OIC. Thanks, N.
(Ojabun) i doubt there be one STO person in such a chaos
(NancyL) Song, I gather Columbia was pulled apart over California and half the US so all the parts would be missing, and worry NASA et al.
(Earth420) Oh Beyond, maybe we will make it... and hold strong to ourselves and our strenghths to be brought together!
(Beyond) sounds wonderful
(ZooSpecimen) PS may happen a bit later? does that mean naked eye sighting of PX will also be a bit later?
(Dim) Nancy , is it possible that eh Zeta's have underestimated the U.S. government's ability to lose control as events unfold?
(NancyL) In other words, only 11% per the news has been recovered. They had instruments they do NOT want the public to be aware of, as the Space Station and probes are NOT up to what they public has been told.
(Beyond) need a plan B though
(ChiefSimi) How can we know the exact time of passage when at the safe place? Or should we rather rely on the Warning Signs?
(Bailey) the dread of things is aways worse that actualy experiencing them
(Mark444) Ojabun,live for others if you can not live for yourself.
(NancyL) Thus, by spewing it over land, they insured the worst worry to NASA.
(Warrior2021) Hi NancyL What the zetas comments will be on Quantum jump afther PX pass the earth?
(Earth420) ;)
(Bailey) good reason not too have too much for knoledge
(NancyL) I'm doing Q2 now ...
(NancyL) Brainerd, Minnesota's Mysterious Lake Water That Won't Freeze
(NancyL) "Brainerd, Minnesota, population 19,000, is north of Minneapolis and only about 90 miles south of the perpetual winter "icebox" of the United States, International Falls. There are 450 lakes within 30 minutes of North Long Lake in Brainerd. All have always frozen over each winter between mid-November and mid-April - except the west bay of North Long Lake beginning in the winter of 2001-2002. So far testing has not confirmed what is warming the half-mile hole surrounded by 18-inch-thick ice."
(NancyL) ZT: We have mentioned at the start of ZetaTalk that the Bermuda Triangle was a place where particle flows escaped from the core, creating for a moment a situation akin to density shifting into 4th Density.
(NancyL) ZT: And that there are several other places on the surface of the Earth known to exibit this.
(NancyL) ZT: A spot off Japan, in the Pacific, and Lake Superior region, where a large boat simply disappeared during one stormy night.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Superior, or northern Minnesota region, might be considered a hot spot of sorts.
(NancyL) ZT: The particle flow responsible for the temporary density shifting well known in the Bermuda Triangle is not known to man, but they experimented with it during the so-called Philadelphia Experiments of UFO lore.
(NancyL) ZT: They did not master this, and stopped trying due to the adverse publicity that threatened to erupt.
(NancyL) ZT: There are MANY particle flows that mankind is unaware of, to the extent that a fraction of a fraction of a percent is even suspected by mankind.
(NancyL) ZT: Some bundle, such that electrons and magnetism seem to go hand in hand, or affect each other.
(NancyL) ZT: Heat is a particle flow, affected by what mankind observes as friction, but this is only atoms affected by pressure, releasing the heat particles.
(NancyL) ZT: The increasing in the swirling of the Earth's core is evidenced by oozing and erupting volcanoes, increasing quakes, wandering hot spots, and warming ocean bottoms.
(NancyL) ZT: Heat is obviously involved! And this expresses where there are conduits for particles flows, such as the Bermuda Triangle and off the coast of Japan and Lake Superior!
(NancyL) ZT: Those observing Brainerd Lake melt are astonished to see unfrozen water in the middle of a Minnesota winter, these past couple winters.
(NancyL) ZT: However, if one considers heat particles to be associated with other particles NOT known to man, and that these particles are escaping, then some sort of logic can be applied.
(NancyL) ZT: The White Buffalo occurred, on schedule, because of eminations from the core NOT known to man, as we have stated at the start of ZetaTalk.
(NancyL) ZT: Albinos in wildlife increased thereafter, as we predicted, due to these same emanations.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the core is creating all manner of particle flow aberations, the magnetic diffusion observed by man for some decades only one of them.
(NancyL) ZT: Brainerd Lake is just another evidence of this increase.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, follwup?
(Dim) Northern Minnesota looks more and more inviting.
(MikeO) This "large boat" in Lake Superior . . . was it the Edmund Fitzgerald which was remembered in a famous song?
(Johnnie5) will we have to worry about this temporary density shifting after the pole shift?
(JohnJ) Heat particles! Logic! Ha!
(NonShlnt) This should explain the unfrozen spot on the lake.
(AGreenspan) Here's smth. for to consider.. either Lieder has some exceptional knowledge or this may very well be true - how many of you even know, or can say the name of that spot in Japan?
(Beyond) Nancy.. won't you think of all of us here, as you're watching the shift occur from above, in one of the Zetas' luxury ships?
(Dowley) density shifting is a MAJOR discovery and your saying humans walked away from this because they might get some bad press, dont sound like humanity to me..
(NancyL) Jonnie, yes.
(Niburu) Not follow up -- Nancy and Zetas do you think the people that know now and the people that will know when it is in the skies will spread the news maybe organize demonstrations or something hold up siqns about PX? I for one would tell lots of people about it maybe even get a sign on my car or something so the news is spread and ppl can prepare. Maybe talented web ppl can put together pamplets or something to get the word out. Any com
(NancyL) Jonnie, most temporary density shifting does not affect, only more PERMANENT shifting.
(Niburu) Beyond if Nancy wanted to just save her skin she wouldnt be here now telling all of us this stuff
(Songoku) what do you know about the Blue Star near the Sun?
(NancyL) For instance, re the disappering pilots who went after UFO's, Flight 19 was it?
(Johnnie5) ah. thanks.
(NancyL) They got shifted with the UFO's and of course, suffocated as there is no air to breath in 4th Density!,
(Beyond) the Zetas will protect her and rightly so
(IterativeDance) well, magetic particles move thru electric-current-conducting matter, but if the magnet and the conductor aren't moving relative to one another, no current flows; only when the relative distance between the two changes; i suppose it means we have to find a way to get magnetic energy to pulse with something else it interacts with directly
(Obany) Songoku: i don't think there is such a thing , check the transformation section and choose Blue Star
(Masisoar) No air to breath ?
(IterativeDance) the reason magnetic energy lingres around a permanent magnet is a start
(NancyL) Nibiru, hands of man so no telling, but the word is obviously getting out!
(NancyL) You know, I have NEVER promoted myself or ZT, at the start simply posted a bit of ZT on alt.alien.visitors
(Nicolas) Nancy, at what point, if any, will the actions/statements of world leaders suggest they are 'panicked' about something, and if so, what, if any clues should we be looking for to suggest such a state of 'panic'. Thanks.
(Niburu) Maybe its not advantageous to get it out too much lest they kill the messenger thats my fear
(IterativeDance) when current does dlow, magnetic energy is released as i imagine the electron flow disturbs the equilibrium that trapped the mag particles
(NancyL) I got linked to from all over, and have international fame.
(JohnJ) Niburu, the same would be true if she was here just lying to us all.
(NancyL) Have NEVER written to TV or radio stations, then just invite me.
(AGreenspan) .Just what I thought - the name of the place is Sargasso Sea
(IterativeDance) what in free space would pulse a magnetic field?
(Frank1) Nancy whats the % that PX will occur?
(Richard) Nicolas: Blair has met the Pope is a start
(Nicolas) Richard: why is that a start ?
(NancyL) The only countries I do not hear from broadly are internal China, much of Africa, and the Eskimos :-)
(Niburu) On the lying thing there is just far too much info and accurate predictions for it to be coincedence anymore I think just look at the weather if nothing else.
(Obany) NancyL: right about alt.alien.visitors
(Me) Nancy, is it possible that some of the astronauts were REMOVED by the aliens involved in the shuttle breakuo, before it exploded?
(Mark444) Nancy, no air in forth density?
(NancyL) China suppressed internet activity, Africa mostly does not have PC's, and the Eskimos likewise, I suspect.
(Richard) a way out for not going to so called war
(Redeye) frank, 100%, to be frank haha :-)
(Masisoar) How is it there is no air to breath if other entities are on earth though in the 4th density, surely they need air to breath
(IterativeDance) Mark44, there is no air in 4th Density where Earth is to go cause it is in space
(Frank1) hehe:)
(Beyond) George Noory had a caller pleading with him to have Nancy on every week or so for an update, as a 'service to humanity'.
(Nicolas) Richard: you mean Blair is telling the pope about Px, or is the other way around
(IterativeDance) they're in a framework/network in 4th density
(Honor) the Innuit of Alaska are connected to the internet and have cable TV
(Frank1) actually George said he would have her on May 15th
(Frank1) i think!!!
(NancyL) Frank1, I must say that I have never found the Zetas wrong, NEVER, and thus 100% that their predictions will occur.
(Map) people don't worry, just seek an inspiration... everything is going to be cool
(Jeremy) Massisoar: There's air in their spaceships
(Honor) they are very wealthy for the most part
(Frank1) thank you Nancy
(Beyond) think that might be too late
(Niburu) hey man on KROQ they even mentioned that some guy called the space commander they had had on the show last week was talking about PX the word does get out
(JohnJ) What about them lying to you about Hale-bopp?
(Serbeo) bnbnbnb
(Richard) no just that Blair can turn around and say the pontiff advised not to go to war
(NancyL) Me, the astronauts are dead, very, and we should all have such a quick death afforded us, my thinking.
(Me) Thanks.
(Richard) convenient backdown from war
(NancyL) Mark444, when the Earth shift occurs, the atmosphere will go with us, etc. but not NOW, no!~
(Masisoar) Though when we graduate to the 4th density, the oxygen will be converted over as well? I see now :)
(NancyL) Beyond, really! What session was that, as I'd like to listen to it!
(Mark444) thanks, Nancy.
(Nicolas) Richard: okay, I guess that could be perceived as a 'panic' reaction on the part of Blair. Thanks.
(Frank1) are the zeta's Anunakki's?
(Beyond) last night!
(IterativeDance) Frank1 NO
(Frank1) ok
(Frank1) thanx
(Beyond) George would be hurt you don't listen
(Erdtest) Noory will have her back, after May 15th
(Richard) Nicolas: that's how i read it anyhow
(Erdtest) Thats what he said anyhow
(NonShlnt) too late
(NancyL) JohnJ, the Zetas said in 1995 that what was being pointed to as HB was a nova, and the ESO bore this out as NO comet emissions found.
(Niburu) they better plan for April with this thing is in the sky to have her back
(Nicolas) JohnJ: what does Hale-Bopp have to do with anything?
(NancyL) HB then stayed in one place, as a nova does, and faded.
(Obany) JohnJ is banned, he was disruptive last week too
(NancyL) Then no "outgassing" from the supposed "comet" until a year later.
(Erdtest) Nancy, didn't you say the Zetas said that was all a lie?
(Niburu) where does one get a nice sheet of metal to make a shelter ?? cheap?
(NancyL) NEAT program tracks over 1,000 dark objects, the asteroid, and finds comets long before the amateurs do, for sure.
(SteveH) Can the Zeta's comment on how accurate J's new distance chart is?
(Erdtest) Why is it that "human" astronomers could predict the date of C/2002 V1's perihelion to within minutes, but the Zetas can't tell us when the shift will occur?
(Obany) Erdtest: check there is info over there
(Erdtest) will do Obany
(NancyL) They had one they lined up with the original HB, which was in Sagistarius, opposite Orion, for your info, so the public was suddenly looking in the WRONG direction.
(IterativeDance) Nancy, can the zetas mention what energy flow, not other atoms, will cause magnetic energy to pulse/suddenly change direction as it travels through free space that humans can play with?
(Frank1) Nancy are there any predictions you can make that will happen within 30 days to ensure us of Pplanet-X being real?
(Obany) Erdtest: read again .... they will say it later on a more exact date ... and shortly thereafter .. after May 15th .. well is that not enough for you now?
(Erdtest) So, your comments previously that the Zetas lied intentionally was incorrect?
(MichaelCunningham) but Nancy, I was observing HB nearly a year and a ahlf before it's closest approach
(NancyL) Then they dotted a fake orbit across the sky, when they had David Knisley crowing on sci.astro.amateur about how glorious it was but the amateurs could never find it unless the orbit was crossing a star cluster.
(IterativeDance) Frank1 - look to the skies!
(Nicolas) NancyL: thanks for your sincerity and honesty.
(Erdtest) Obany, but why? When mere mortals can predict with such accuracy, why can't they?
(Jeremy) Nancy: Given that light pollution and atmospheric conditions affect the visibility of PX, can they state what country it will likely be sighted by the naked eye in first?
(NancyL) They even had this fake orbit leaping AWAY from Jupiter, perturbing AWAY from Jupiter, as we have documented on the ZT site.
(NancyL) ZT: After lining the fake orbit up with a REAL comet, the orbit had so many odd adjustments that this was commented upon on sci.astro.
(NancyL) Then it started outgassing as a normal comet does.
(NancyL) The big comet the year BEFORE, Hiakowiee (sp?) was given Hubble pics without withholding, but HB got NO such Hubble pics released, except one or two.
(NancyL) There was also the disinfo about this was the comet of the millennum, had an orbit of x years that was given as something like Nibiru, 3,600 and then changed a bit.
(NancyL) Now, they had NO track record for this comet, so how could they conclude this?
(NancyL) It was an attempt to see how gulible the public was, and they proved to be pretty gulible, but not entirely.
(NancyL) Thus, your're getting 2002/X5, 2002/V1 introduced now, and Mars being so very bright this May 2003!
(NancyL) And the rumor mill adds to this. I've got folks writing asking me about the comet that is supposed to be 2.5 Jupiter size that will pass in 2003!
(NancyL) This is of course not NASA or JPL or the MPC that is issueing this, its Internet hype.
(NancyL) Jerremy, visibility depends upon clear skies, etc, and good exposure.
(NancyL) I get asked this a LOT, just when it will be visible from this or that town.
(NancyL) I suggest they do what I did, buy a copy of SkyMap or similar program, enter location, date/time, and constellation wanting to be viewed.
(Jeremy) I personally suspect that some countries will have an earlier view of it
(Mex) It's spelled Hyakutake, FYI
(Niburu) What do the Zetas think about the power or prayer. Can we cause a 4th dimmensional shift sooner and not have to experience this cataclysm if there is a critical mass of consciousness??
(NancyL) If it is NOT on the horizon, will say so, and will show you WHERE in the dome over your head at that time you can expect the object.
(MichaelCunningham) There were no comments concerning the valid orbit of HB Nancy, only you questioned the orbital math on sci.astro
(Frank1) Nancy with may 15th right around the corner will you be willing to come to this chat more often?
(AGreenspan) Correction - Sargasso Sea is in the N. Central Atlantic (But IS associated with what the Z's were talking about)
(Serbeo) will there be fire storms durring 2nd. passage of X?
(NancyL) This will NOT be a complex as large as the moon on first sighting, but this will grow over the 7 weeks.
(Lombo243) shit we had an earthshake
(Kreartor) Nancy, is this difficult process a
(Niburu) yes not much is mentioned about second passing of X but isnt it only a few years later?
(Richard) Niburu: you need to read more of the zettalk site. All your questions have been answered already
(Frank1) Nancy will PX be as big as the moon?
(Kreartor) of PX a natural process in our evolution
(NancyL) The Z's have suggested that those serious about viewing check the TEAM image pages, and get familiar with the size of the current complex, the appearance, etc.
(Dim) Nancy, will the Elite control of the area around California be tenaceous or will there be roads that will be passable in either direction?
(IterativeDance) Frank1 only right b4 passage
(Frank1) when we see it with our naked eye
(Frank1) oh i see
(Frank1) thank you
(IterativeDance) Frank approx 1.5 month
(Frank1) will it be red?
(Tied2) Nancy are firestorms more likely to happen close to active volcano's?
(IterativeDance) ballpark
(Obany) MichaelCunningham: enough about HB now ...
(Niburu) if I ask the question its because it isnt clear and I want the zetas to comment I have read most of zetatalk
(NancyL) Keep this up, and get familiar (right now, just a fraction of Jupiter size, 5-7% or so) so you will know what you are looking for!
(Frank1) yippie
(IterativeDance) no yippie, all shitty
(Obany) Franl check ZT it has been answered already see the what's new section
(IterativeDance) poleshift = shitty
(Frank1) poleshift = new beginning
(Richard) Niburu: but we would be here all day answering the same answered questions with your Q's
(IterativeDance) yea
(Kreartor) Nancy, is this difficult process of Planet X a natural process of each humanity or our planet is an exception?
(NancyL) Hale-Bopp and ZT on same, and this includes what was said by NASA, JPL, ESO, sci.astro, etc.
(Starstalker) Lombo243: where are you (re:earthquake)??
(Zetapal) after pX is viewable in the sky, would the zetas joina few of us at my house one night for some entertainment, consider this an invitation, RSVP
(Niburu) how about the second pass question then I really havent seen that one addressed
(NancyL) Nibiru, the second pass is a non-worry.
(Niburu) because of the density shift?
(ZooSpecimen) poleshft = ctrl-alt-del
(Richard) Niburu: opposite side of Sun
(NancyL) Planet X is natural to our solar system, as are the other planets.
(Frank1) Obany how about a FAQ page?
(Lombo243) star center of Europe 5.5 on richterscale
(NonShlnt) Zoo lol
(Frank1) does zetatalk already have one?
(Numbic1) that's what zetatalk is
(Jeremy) Frank1: There already is one in the Troubled Times section
(IterativeDance) getting magnetic fields to pulse, or get trapped/released in some sorta rhythm, HAS to be possible with some particle flow we have access to!
(NancyL) ZetaPal, you don't need the IRC or me to post an invitation to the Z's, just give the Call.
(Redeye) it has a search engine Frank
(Niburu) oposite side but we are seeing earthquakes, weather etc and its not even at Pluto right? do you see my reason for asking opposite side of Sun but still in solar system should have effects
(ChiefSimi) Q: If someone inadvertently gives the Call, and he/she suspects that maybe the Call was given (he/she reads ZT); can the Call be withdrawn BEFORE the contact takes place?
(SuperiorDave) Brainerd Lake Melt -
(Frank1) yes but a FAQ would be best
(MichaelCunningham) there has been discussion of having another starparty at Nancy's home before the predicted date
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: We have some new distance/speed HUMAN calcualtions on the web now, as the Table of Distance by Robert was not valid for close in.
(Frank1) like zetatalk could have a top 20 question page
(MikeO) The USGS lists a 5.0 earthquake in France at 20:41 UTC.
(BrianC1) NancyL: Can the Zetas comment on the accuracy of J's table for PX distance and times.
(Richard) Niburu: will be affects but not as bad as what's coming in next couple months
(Zetapal) I was just thinking maybe we could organize something a little more formally, a party !!!
(NancyL) Robert assumed an exponential increase in speed all the way to the sun, which the Zetas commented upon as being incorrect in 2001.
(Jeremy) MichaelCunningham: Do you plan to attend that?
(MichaelCunningham) Jeremy) too far to drive from LA
(Lombo243) may debunker join too?
(Obany) pleas no chatter about star parties etc...
(NancyL) They said that it is FASTER up to Saturn's orbit, then floats through the solar system Saturn's orbit diameter, in 3 months.
(Tied2) lol
(Niburu) thank you all and esecially Nancy!
(IterativeDance) yes thank u nancy
(NancyL) So, J provided the math and ran up the numbers, so now has the NEW data, and references the OLD.
(Zetapal) Obany's off the list
(Erdtest) that's a pretty darn fast "float"
(BrianC1) NancyL : Why is there a zetatalk IRC session if all we have to do is give the Call? I don't understand unless it is to let the concious know.
(Obany) Zetapal: off the list?????
(CMafk) hehe
(Obany) what do you mean by that Zetapal ???
(Mex) he means, you're not invited to his party ;p
(Richard) invite to party Obany
(Zetapal) duh
(NancyL) Yes, but it brings Px into our solar system faster, and then it slows down a tad to deal with all the crowded Ecliptic particle flows during the passage.
(Kreartor) Nancy, do the zetas say something about the Alcione Rings, another phenomenon that is going to occur with our solar system?
(AGreenspan) Reminder: Z's talked about Houston being in trouble "well before the shift" - should be any day now, one would expect.
(Jeremy) I'd like to say to everyone who still has doubts about the coming pole shift: make some modest preparations anyway for an emergency. You have little to lose..
(Obany) as if there will be such a party
(Frank1) Nancy how old are the zeta's?
(Niburu) I've pretty much known since I was born that I would see the end times or Armagheddon etc and that I had some kind of mission, finding out about poleshift and cross referencing finally fit the puzzle together. Irrelevant to chat but stated anyways as some others probably feel the same.
(NancyL) Brian, the Call is personal, the IRC is public and conscious.
(Tied2) star party?? is it BYOB bring your own binoculars?
(IterativeDance) Brianc1; i like it cause it is more direct then waiting 4 our brains to sort it out
(NancyL) AGreen, yes, I'd not be in Houston either!
(Nicolas) you know with all the people in the world and the significance of what is about to occur, I would think there would be a heck of a lot more people on this chat; where is everyone ?
(Gig) Like me Niburu
(Frank1) go to Ohio
(Niburu) Nicolas I bet they will come when it is in the sky
(NancyL) Nicolas, many read the logs, and much info is taken BACK to folks, delivered to other mailing lists, etc.
(SuperiorDave) Thank you Nancy.
(Mark444) Niburu, i feel the same way.....
(Starstalker) ditto, Niburu.
(NancyL) You can expect that when the visibility period starts, there will be lots of noise about "I can't see anything!", on purpose.
(BrianC1) NancyL : Can the Zetas comment on the accuracy of the new PX distance tables?
(Richard) Niburu: feel like you have been here before?
(Obany) talk about it and i will kick you, not a ban just a kick .. about this star party
(Frank1) Nancy would you consider coming to this chat more often?
(NancyL) Just go look for yourself, and it will become increasingly evident.
(Erdtest) Nancy, have you looked yet?
(Beantown) Did Tom Ridge try to alert the public with duct tape and water?
(Niburu) Richard kinda like that episode of star trek tng when they keep repeating same event and data finally figures it out or a bit like the Matrix
(Richard) Erdtest: what a DUMB question
(Nicolas) well i say prepare for the worst and hope for the best
(Erdtest) why?
(NancyL) Do I understand correctly that it will move to be in the late evening from the dead of night, and then into the afternoon?
(Gig) guess he won't learn
(Niburu) incase interested teh Bible does reference PX in revelations check verse 7
(NancyL) I know that when Orion is "in the Sun" in the summer, one must get up pre-dawn to see Orion in the Fall, so assuming the opposite for the Spring.
(Erdtest) coordinates will be visible until late evening on April 1st
(Dim) Moderators have been doing an outstanding job, keep it up. Thanks.
(Erdtest) almost to 11:00PM
(NancyL) Frank1, I only have so much energy, so no.
(NancyL) Erdtest, I've NEVER looked in a scope in my life, and would not know how, no.
(KimbrianAfk) Orion is quite bright here in the midnight now
(KimbrianAfk) Denmark
(NancyL) However, in April, I'm going to be looking in the evening, late afternnon, yes.
(KimbrianAfk) hi Dim and all others
(Niburu) yeah if its coming from Orion I will see it for sure Orion is bright here too in TN
(Humvee) Dim private chat:
(BrianC1) NancyL : Do the Zetas have anything they would like to comment on that hasn't been brought up here yet?
(Frank1) what if by some chance it isnt there?
(NancyL) Nibiru, when do you see Orion in the Spring? Late evening?
(Obany) are there no serious questions left... important ones?
(Zombryo) I think, because of the great amount of human loss (approx. 90%), all of the survivors will be lonely. How could a solitary survivor give help and love to others, if there will be no others?
(Niburu) or what if it comes from another direction or is too far below the ecliptic to be seen? The zetas state the area so it should be there early April like a bad April fools joke
(Redeye) Frank, dont prepare and get caught out, your choice
(NancyL) Frank1, given the constant affirmation that the Zetas are not wrong, I'm not even thinking about it not happening.
(Niburu) yeah start of night time about 10 or so its there
(Humvee) early morning (re:Orion)
(Johnnie5) i can't think of any good questions. i wish i could.
(Frank1) interesting
(NancyL) Zomb, you won't be alone. Hardly.
(Niburu) well right now anyways could be wrong but that constellation I do know
(Frank1) i mean i have prepared but not like i should
(NancyL) Humvee, you see Orion in the early morning now?
(Richard) Obany; is hygiene covered within zetatalk site?
(NancyL) Humvee, only in the Fall is it early morning.
(Humvee) no as we get to Spring it will be later in the night now mid nite its sort of straight up
(Nicolas) all the best everyone.
(NancyL) Richard, a good Health section on Hygiene, yes.
(Redeye) Richard, its covered breifly in the survival booklet on Troubled Times
(Obany) on the Troubled Times yes for what i know
(NancyL) Click on the icon that shows a smelling man :-)
(Richard) thanks!
(Redeye) np
(Richard) Nancy : is the icon holding his nose :+)
(NancyL) There are amazing hygiene suggestions! The one I liked was how to wipe your rear using a pine branch.
(Redeye) lol
(Richard) ouch
(Redeye) owwwwww
(NonShlnt) mmmm
(Zetapal) Nancy - if we all sent the z's a letter and we all signed it, would you pass it to them?
(Stoic) yow
(BrianC1) NancyL: Do the Zetas have any comments on how we can help ourselves "grow up" quicker and easier?
(Dim) I'm with Zetapal.
(Gig) did that been there in survial traiing make sure you wipe in the right direction
(NancyL) Bend the branch down so it swipes up and BACK and then walk off! Next rainstorm washes all.
(MikeO) Zetapal, if we want to send the Z's a letter, they already know the contents before we write it.
(Ricky2772) the movie "the Core" (based on a poleshift) is about to be released.... perfect timing...
(NancyL) Well folks, it is running late and almost 3 hours for me altogether.
(Ricky2772) is it a coincidence or what?
(BrianC1) NancyL : I think I remember the Zetas comment that many humans don't meditate properly. Could they clarify?
(Obany) to bad the other session was messed up etc
(Stoic) Ricky when to be released?
(NancyL) I'm signing off. Thanks to you all for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(Ricky2772) March I think
(NancyL) Thanks to our loyal cops who dealt with a heck of a lot today!
(MikeO) It's GOOD that the other session was messed up. It shows us what's out there.
(NancyL) I will get the logs up fairly early tomorrow, God willing.
(Zombryo) By Zetas. I will give you a Call tonight! :-)
(Jeremy) good session today, not much reason to kick or ban
(NancyL) Good night (or good Day to you Aussies) to you all!
Session Close: Sat Feb 22 17:20:21 2003