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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 31, 2012

I think that the inner bombing, outside bombing of the people in Tokyo, Kanto area by the radioactivity from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Is it fact? Japanese Government try to diffuse rubble by the tsunami, the earthquake to various parts of Japan. The government say that the radioactivity of diffusing rubble was low, but so far, the government released false data. I cannot trust the government data.

Is the Japanese government continuing to lie about the extent of radiation pollution during the Fukushima disaster? Absolutely. They are removing contaminated soil and objects and taking them elsewhere, to be buried in sealed containers deep in the Pacific. But as we stated for the radiation that floated or was blown to the West Coast of the US, radiation poisoning from Fukushima will be within that allowed for health by the human body. The workers in the plant and those involved in cleanup in the first few days and weeks have suffered casualties, and this will as much as possible be hidden from public view by the Japanese government.

What is this great body?

What does the changed appearance in Alberto’s most recent photo imply? The angle in the Moon Swirls he has been capturing has changed, and the change is due to a changed posture in Planet X vs a vs the Earth. Prior to today, Planet X has been pointing its magnetic N Pole directly away from the Sun’s S Pole, and since Planet X is slightly to the right of the Earth, coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit, this gave the Earth a glancing magnetic blow during the daily wobble. Planet X was not pointing its N Pole directly at the Earth, but to the side somewhat. Now that has changed, to point more directly at the Earth.

What this means for the view of Planet X in the skies is that the Moon Swirls blowing out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X will be displayed in front of Planet X, not to the side. They will also be closer to the Earth. There will be more visibility, more detail on individual moons, while at the same time more red dust in the mix. The Moon Swirls may be seen from the front, or standing in juxtaposition as a long tube, seen from the side. The Checkmark Moon Swirl takes its unique posture to avoid a magnetic clash between its twin swirls, and this posture is common within the vast tail of Planet X.

Would the Zetas care to comment on whether this is the latest story being put out there to justify having to move the space stations (or even satellites and/or take them off line) due to "space junk" avoidance which may simply be a cover up for matter from the incoming PX and entourage as being the real reason and also get the images out of the public eye or if this was indeed simply what it says? [and from another]
The debris, a fragment from an old Russian satellite named Cosmos 2251 that smashed into an Iridium Communications spacecraft in 2009, passed harmlessly by the $100 billion orbital outpost. With enough advance notice, NASA will maneuver the space station, which orbits about 240 miles above the planet, to put more space between it and passing debris. The other option is for the station's six crew members to shelter inside the two Soyuz capsules berthed at the station in case the outpost is struck and depressurizes.

Of course the ISS is being threatened by debris, but it is not the space junk the establishment would have you believe. They continually refer to a 2009 collision between a US and Russian satellite, as NASA feels the public would accept this scenarios, a type of cold war remnant where these great powers still do not talk to one another well. Evacuating the ISS takes place when debris becomes too thick so that evasion by the station cannot be certain. Then the crew returns. They are of course tossing the dice, and the matter could go either way – a final evacuation and return of the astronauts to Earth, or a situation where both the ISS and escape capsule are devastated, which is the more likely outcome. 

James Cameron is reported to have recently dived almost 11km to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. ZT reported the purpose of this dive was primarily for personal verification of the words of ZT and that he would not speak counter to the coverup. The Zeta's have previously stated the Mariana Trench has collapsed, although to what extent they have not specified. Can the Zeta's tell us what Cameron discovered on this dive? [and from another]
Hollywood director James Cameron has plunged nearly 11km (seven miles) down to the deepest place in the ocean, the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific.
[and from another] The trench is a subduction zone, where the ancient, cold and dense Pacific plate slides beneath the younger, lighter high-riding Mariana Plate.  The hydrophones can be tethered four miles deep in the water column where the bottom was so far down seismometers would implode as they sank. The Mariana trench includes the bathtub-shaped depression called the Challenger Deep, to which Avatar director James Cameron plans to plunge in a purpose-built one-man submersible called the Deep Challenger. The trench is created by the subduction of some of the world’s oldest oceanic crust, which plunges underneath the Mariana Plate so steeply at places that it is going almost straight down. [and from another] In early February two of Cameron's longtime close collaborators were killed when their helicopter ignited shortly after takeoff whilst working on Cameron's Mariana Trench project.  Was this merely an accident, or was a message being sent to a Cameron, a powerful man with huge public sway who has recently purchased property in New Zealand is now going to have a look at the ocean floor for himself?  Is he not speaking against the cover up of his own freewill, or have threats been made? [and from another] [February 5, 2012] Two world-renowned filmmakers were killed in a helicopter crash in Australia on Saturday. Mike deGruy, a biologist and conservationist, and Andrew Wight, a pilot and underwater cave diver, were working with James Cameron and National Geographic on a documentary film. A helicopter carrying Andrew Wight and Mike deGruy crashed shortly after takeoff. Wight was the owner and pilot of the Robinson R-44 helicopter. Both men were world-renowned documentary filmmakers specializing in ocean exploration and conservation.

The collapse of the trench has many aspects. It is deep, but not wide, and the angle of the subducting side could change without a clue being given to those on the surface. Islands on the edge of the Mariana Plate may notice a change in the tide on the eastern and western sides of the island as the Marian Plate tilts, but the subducting side of the Marian Plate, which is under the ocean, would increase in depth with few clues on the surface. Likewise, the trench could collapse, the sides coming together in places, with few clues. This is clearly being investigated in a covert way, and Cameron is openly snooping,  but the public will not hear the results. A collapsed trench would have less depth, and the sides would be closer together. In all of this, the public is blind, while the establishment goes to take a peek.

Why would an experienced helicopter pilot, flying his own chopper, crash shortly after takeoff? High winds? A mechanical function that was missed on periodic maintenance, or a malfunction that was missed by this experienced pilot? This is as obvious as having a brake line cut on a car, though more certain to kill the occupants. The cover-up was not worried about Cameron keeping his mouth shut about what he discovered, but the extensive crew working on the National Geographic documentary were another matter. As with the death of Harrington early in the observatory viewing of Planet X in the early 1980’s, such a death of a prominent man sends a message through the community. The crash of course was not an accident, nor are there likely to be rumor emerging from the crew working on the documentary. Fear requires a hero to overcome, and both heroes are now conveniently dead.

Some time I'm disturbed by a issue relatively of well-known to all of us date, and I would like to ask the Zetas to comment on the following. December 21, 2012 is PR-date everywhere. I can ask any person "Do you know about December 21, 2012?", and he certainly will tell "Oh yes, it's date of the end of times according to a Mayan Calendar". Clearly that the mankind expects the end of this year with some alarm, and many people even prepares for any event anyway, psychologically and/or physically. So my question is, there would be by a useful thing use of this date by benign aliens? There would be here a good? I don't ask about timeline, but I just ask as far as it would be positive? Or you believe that it would be a negative thing? The mankind for itself invented date, and here seems to me that all would be in plus, both mankind and benign aliens. At least, likely would be silly not to make use of this. Otherwise really your warnings possibly could be buried together with deception of a Mayan calendar. Or I'm not right?

Conspiracy websites often speculate on the latest rumors or leaks. What is the New World Order crowd planning next? Murdering unwanted members of the populace with poisoned vaccines or by spreading AIDS, planting dirty bombs in cities in order to start yet another war on false charges, luring politicians into pedophilia for blackmail purposes, or poisoning the water supply of LA. Of course they have plotted or done that, and more. But what holds back those plans is the fear that mankind will discover and prosecute these crimes. This fear would be removed by a date certain.

With a date certain they would expand to include mowing down unwanted members of the populace in the streets with cooperative members of the military. Mothers with babies in their arms, old men, all would be shot dead and left to rot in the streets. At point of gun, the remainder would be sorted out into camps – the healthy or skilled to work, the rest to be fed to dogs as entertainment.  Anyone who thinks that mankind cannot stoop so low should explore what history reveals. The NAZI death camps. Genocide by machete in Africa. And the torture chambers that oppressive regimes so love to use. Given a date certain, those who are held back by the fear of prosecution would not feel constrained.

The date will thus not be known until the Last Weeks approach, as by that time each individual will  have their own agenda in action, and the minions the New World Order counts on to do their bidding will no longer be listening. Soldiers will not be concerned about Court Martial and imprisonment for disobeying orders when the end of the world seems at hand. Nor will bribes work when money seems to have no value when the Earth is splitting open and moaning. The New World Order crowd will retreat into their bunkers, to snarl at each other in frustration. Then the date can be known, for certain.

Establishment invented for itself a trap (as it appeared). And now it seems that they try to move an event for 15-20 years forward (making the video and calming people), thereby pointing to the future as you, the Zetas, said some time ago that they maybe will do so. Really they begin to do so? Can we now expect from them new campaign for distribution of new date of the end of times? Or will they now only calm us concerning December? Any comments. [and from another],0,5154185.story Mayan writings do not predict the end of the world when the calendar cycle ends in December - but according to the producer of an upcoming documentary about the Central American civilization, they do make the sobering prediction that three-quarters of the earth's population will be wiped out in the ensuing 15 to 20 years. with the cooperation of the Mexican government, the film will reveal for the first time a chamber inside the Mayan pyramid at Calakmul - which, he added, Mexico has named "the Temple of the Mayan Extra-Terrestrial Inscriptions." He also said that the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala will bring together all 650 of its members for a scene in which they will expose their 3,750-year-old sacred books for the first time. According to the Mayan Council, archaeologists have been lying to the world and covering things up. They don't know how to read the Mayan codices. These sacred books will encourage humans to explore and colonize other planets, just like the Mayans did.

In what appears to be a move by the Mayans themselves to take charge of their own legacy, they will be producing a documentary to explain what the Mayan legends actually say. They do not say that the end of the world will occur just because their Long Count calendar is ending a cycle and starting another. They do predict catastrophe, with great dieoff of the Earth’s populace as a result. Mankind is doomed, they say, and must leave the Earth as extraterrestrials have in the past. And this per hidden chambers to be revealed in the documentary. What of this is fact, and what of this is hype? Some of this has been said before. In particular the statement that the Mayan Calendar per se does not predict the end of the world. But for the rest, why wait until 2012 to reveal it?

The key piece of evidence just being revealed is the chamber the Mexican government is opening to the public for the first time. This does indeed indicate Annunaki space travel, their evacuation as a result of the quarantine the Council of Worlds imposed. And in cooperation with the US government in their long running cover-up over the alien presence the Mexican government kept this sealed lo these many years. This is certainly not the only such archeological evidence of this nature. It was not a change of heart in the US government that has opened this chamber, but members of the Mexican government who have watched the signs, are acutely aware of ZetaTalk and the accuracy of our predictions, and made the courageous decision to put fear of a date (December 21, 2012) on a more realistic footing.

Thus, while the Mayans get proper publicity with a newly opened chamber, Mexico is getting proper publicity to their concern that people prepare for the future, the time of the Pole Shift and the Aftertime.  Something will be causing 75% of the populace to die over the next two decades. There are no specifics, but given the current trends in extreme and erratic weather, crop failures and death from flood can be presumed. And if the documentary is to focus so closely on some contact in the past with extraterrestrials, who “escaped into space”, presumably the affliction the Earth will have to deal with shortly comes in from space. This too can be the presumed conclusion. Is the establishment pleased with this forthcoming documentary? They would prefer the December 21, 2012 date come and go with no further comment but were not asked for their opinion.