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Issue 174, Sunday, February 28, 2010
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Submarine Safety

Given the hurricane force winds, magnitude 9 earthquakes, hail, and occasional firestorms that will assault the Earth's surface during the hour of the pole shift, where is the greatest safety? Going out to sea, especially out to sea in a submarine, is often mentioned as a possibility. Water would buffer the force of an earthquake, and being underwater would protect from hail and firestorms. Those with the funds set about to ensure they would have a private submarine, hitting the news in 2007.

Mega-rich Paying Top Price for Luxury Submarines
Jul 11, 2007
The ocean floor is the final spending frontier for the world's richest people. Journeying to see what's on the bottom aboard a personal submersible is a wretched excess guaranteed to trump the average mogul's stable of vintage Bugattis or a $38 million round-trip ticket to the international space station aboard a Russian rocket. Luxury-sub makers and salesmen from the Pacific Ocean to the Persian Gulf say fantasy and secrecy are the foundations of this nautical niche industry built on madcap multibillionaires. It isn't cheap to run silent and sleep deep. Jaubert's 10-passenger sub costs $15 million. A gymnasium is optional. U.S. Submarines' midsize model is the $25 million Seattle 1000, a three-story-tall vessel with five staterooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens, a gym, a wine cellar and a 30-foot-long by 15-foot-wide observation portal. It has a range of 3,000 nautical miles.

For those without a spare $15-25 million, seats on a refurbished Navy submarine are now available for a mere $1 million a seat. This group, formed from former Naval personnel presumably privy to insider information, makes no bones about blaming Planet X for the forthcoming problems.

Where Will You be on December 21st 2012?
The U.S. and governments across the globe have been frantically building massive underground bunkers and "doomsday vaults", without giving the public any rational explanation for their mad rush. President Obama just signed an Executive Order; the order forbids astronomers from releasing information about "incoming objects" without government approval. As many of you know, an object has entered our solar system and has begun to have an effect on the inner planets, which is why our weather disasters and quakes of late, have been off the charts in frequency and ferocity. This object is what's responsible for the sudden depletion of our magnetosphere, and has already affected earth's spin. It is believed that once the earth firmly locks on to this object's gravitational force, a "pole shift" will occur, causing massive crustal displacement.

Operation Aquarius is a team of highly trained naval officers who have used their connections, and pooled their resources to purchase a decommissioned submarine, and we are presently working on acquiring two more. All three will be specially refitted for the sole purpose of surviving the Apocalypse. Because stored food, medical equipment and supplies are of such great concern, we will only have room on each sub for twenty (20) non-crew passengers. The cost is one million dollars ($1,000,000 U.S.) per seat. Military decommissioned submarines that are still sea-worthy are not cheap, neither is the cost of refitting them to ensure they (and we) survive what's coming. After December 21st 2012, money will have absolutely no value anyway.

What could go wrong? Lots, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/21/2007: When the ZetaTalk saga first emerged in 1995, there was often talk of riding out the shift underwater in submarines, or on the water in a boat. Since earthquakes do not jolt the water but instead create waves, and boats ride the waves, why not? Being out of the wind avoids the problem of hurricane force winds doing damage to one's land based structure. This route avoids the problem of bunkers in caves or underground collapsing, where the shifting ground can trap one in a tomb. Indeed, those in submarines far out to sea are likely to find they do survive the jolts of the pole shift, along with the hurricane force winds and occasional fire storm. Humans on land near volcanoes must worry about being located within 100 miles from the eruptions and avoiding the ash that will blow downwind afterwards. A sub can avoid this if the location is carefully chosen so as not to be positioned over underwater volcanoes or vents where they could be cooked in the hot water.

Have the super rich then figured out a way to avoid being hurt during the pole shift? The problem comes afterwards, as none can avoid the Aftertime! Such subs will certainly be swept a long way from their starting point, and in unanticipated directions. In the low-lying cloud cover, volcanic gloom and constant drizzle, there will be no visible stars to guide, and compasses will be useless in the magnetic turmoil. Any anticipation that GPS satellites will be operational is fantasy as the satellites have already failed and crashed to Earth. So unless the sub just happens to find itself close to a familiar shoreline, where it is unlikely to survive the flood tides and sloshing of the shift, they will be lost. They may head out toward the center of the ocean, or wander in circles for years, never finding land. But say they do find land, and are anxious to replenish their supplies. How do you suppose they will be welcomed by the starving survivors they find on land? And how would such submarine occupants parlay with these survivors? By offering worthless paper money, or perhaps empty wine bottles?

SOHO Editing

A February 12, 2010 15:18 UTC images from the SOHO satellite showed, in a dramatic and undeniable manner, that the SOHO images are being regularly edited to edit out evidence of Planet X in the inner solar system. An animation on the Pole Shift ning shows this particularly well, as the editing has Venus jumping backwards, and then subsequently back into position. Venus is moving to the left, off the field of view, at the time.

VIDEO: Blooper Animation

After such a dramatic blooper, you'd think that NASA would give it up, but they are still trying to edit the C3 images at that location! Here's another, from February 18, 2010 11:42 UTC.

And yet another from February 26, 2010 23:18 UTC. No question about it, an edit line!

Why are so many apparent bloopers happening these days? Could it have something to do with the apparent passage of Jupiter behind the Sun? Jupiter is apparently moving behind the Sun in the SOHO images. I checked for a recent passage of Saturn and it took 3 weeks between November 26, 2009 through December 9, 2009 and this passage of Jupiter seems to be pacing in a similar manner. All would appear as it should. But Jupiter is an outer planet, taking many years for an orbit, and would certainly be out of place for an Earth in a stalled orbit since December 2003. It's been 7 years! The constellations can be simulated as they are overhead all the time, day or night, and can be seen when the globe is tipped to reduce the glare of the Sun, and even in a stalled orbit they can appear only slightly offset from their approximate place and time as the Zetas have demonstrated, and moving the Moon during an eclipse can easily effect apparent precision, and Venus can be pushed back and forth within the cup, well in view of the satellites for an appearance of normalcy, and little Mercury is a lightweight planet easily bullied by alien manipulation. But having Jupiter exactly opposite the Earth is hard to fathom after a 7 year stalled orbit. In addition, the Earth has supposedly been pushed back to almost the end of August position, and the calender date is now some 5 months different, at the end of February. Jupiter should be behind us, not in front of us as we look at the Sun. So what is going on here that it appears on SOHO images? The Zetas, as always, explained.

Explanation 2/27/2010: The SOHO and Stereo satellite cameras were designed to take images of the Sun - activity around and on the surface of the Sun such as solar flares, sunspots, and the occasional comet rounding the Sun. It is incidental for these satellite cameras to be capturing the progress of the other planets as they pass into or out of view, or to be capturing the stars in the background. Thus, great precision and clarity are not required of the background, as the central character is the Sun. When the Earth stalled in her orbit at the end of 2003, the establishment was taken by surprise, and thus had already issued specifics on the anticipated comet trajectories for C/2001 Q4 and C/2002 T7. They were out of place in early 2004, from where projected, but in placefor a stalled orbit. But the establishment, desperate to conceal the reality of Planet X in the inner solar system, plotted to abort other such accidental revelations. As it obvious from the many times SOHO has shown edit lines or planets lurching about that the images are manipulated. This goes beyond air-brushing out the presence of Planet X, which has lately become problematic for NASA as the tail is wafting about. Their manipulation includes the placement of light bursts where the other planets should be, on schedule. This is certainly a simple matter, and can be programmed to be included with the images before they arrive on Earth at the SOHO repositories. The occasional edit line blooper shows the operation of such programs, as a computer program cannot gaze at the overall and see slight shades differences as the human eye can do. Thus, Jupiter is passing, on schedule, behind the Sun where in reality it is not there at all!

SOHO Checkmarks

Odd checkmarks began appearing on the SOHO images within this past month. They are showing up on various images - the C2 on 2/15/2010 at 00:54 UTC, the C3 on 2/19/2010 at 13:52 UTC and on 2/20/2010 at 01:42 UTC, and on Stereo Behind on 2/8/2010 at 12:17:19 UTC images. NASA certainly can't explain these away as colliding asteroid, never before seen.

The Zetas explain that this is just another representation of Moon Swirls in the tail of Planet X.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/20/2010: These are yet another example of Moon Swirl sightings, as is the String of Pearls phenomena. The L shape, sometimes with addition lines coming from the central point of juncture, is due to minor swirls stemming from a single large Moon. These swirls are within a charged dust cloud, and when the charge differs, they attempt to stand away from each other, as static will make your hair stand on end and separate. The tail of Planet X is composed of dozens of moons the size of the Earth's Moon, much debris, and charged red dust. Depending upon the angle, sunlight can blaze off a portion of the dust cloud around a Moon Swirl, so it looks like a splash of light with a drifting tail. Or it can blaze off the individual moons in a swirl, each surrounding by its own dust cloud, so it appears as a String of Pearls. Or under close inspection, the individual moons may be visible.

Pole Shift Ning

This is a blog, or message board, called the Earth Changes and Pole Shift ning, started only last August, 2009. It has proved phenomenally successful in attracting members from around the world who take the current Earth changes and possibility of a pending pole shift very, very seriously. The rising tide of Earthquakes and volcanic activity, the twisting magnetosphere, the convoluted explanations from the establishment, survival tips and solutions, and the difficulty of planning a survival camp when so many friends and family just want to brush off talk of this nature. All this has this site abuzz with discussion. The ning has grown to some 464 members, though some 3,000 unique visitors come through every day. Of the membership, 42 different countries are represented, as follows:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Britain, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Java, Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, United States, Vietnam

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